First Day Of School

Your child is growing up and life on being titrenile any attempted so far is taking its first steps. His game right now, apart from objectives, activities, and responsibilities. The first day of the course will not be easy. Exercise into her new life in the most important task is of course, if you will fall…
Every child could hear little concern
Undoubtedly the safest home environment for children and family. The outside world have legitimate concerns about whether it is safe. For this reason, with varying degrees of intensity from child to child each child of the school can be intimidated by. Separation from family anxiety, my fear causes you to experience difficulty in children to adapt to the new environment. Some children worry about their parents thinking they will not get themselves out of school. The youngest group also will go to school or get involved in that might scare him. From kids to elders can experience damage from anxiety.
Anxiety may cause physiological disturbances
Children’s fears, at the instant of separation, don’t come, don’t cry, and parents may show behaviors such as into the hands of a tight hug. In some children, this condition in addition to physiological disturbances may also occur. Fever the child may, such as nausea and fatigue it can cause problems.
Changes in social life of the school can increase anxiety
In recent years, concerns much more intense than in the past the school children live. Increasing the concerns of parents of the dangers in the outside world increases, and the more protective of their children they treat in daily life. In addition to this, each of their children what they wanted to be done School are among the reasons that are hard to match.
Measures to be taken before the opening of schools;

Emotionally and psychologically prepare your child for school.
In the first few weeks tell her that it is normal for some to live in stress and anxiety. Talk to about this before they start school.
Have we checked your child’s physical and mental health. Children’s doctor, dentist and eye doctor checkups if you need to interview a psychologist organize together.
Sleep and meal times to reschedule before school starts at least a week ago. Try to limit hours spent in front of the television and the computer. During the summer months in these periods may increase. However, the opening of schools requires the reduction of this time period.
Of course training materials that can enhance motivation. Go school shopping together and respect his choices as much as possible.
Share with the rest of your student years. Sharing this might help to give them advice.

8 suggestions that must be followed from the first day of school.

Go together. Go with your child to school. Acclimate to reduce anxiety and try to chat with him.
Meet with the teacher. Meet with your child’s teacher your concerns and can help reduce your child’s anxiety and reduce. In this regard you can develop a long-term relationship with the teacher.
Be patient. Grew up and your child can stay in school without you. But no doubt needs some time. Don’t expect him to adjust immediately.
Don’t compare to someone else. Look at the other kids and say, “Look, are you afraid?” do not say, or brother, sister, don’t compare her with.
Reassuring make. Trust you to him a few days later at school, highlight how it would make himself feel more comfortable.
The school and the teachers don’t talk about in a critical way. Parents attitude towards school and learning are shaped with the thoughts of your child. Parents can look too cold to be critical of the student teacher.
Try to reduce your concerns. Students who don’t want to go to school in body temperatures, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain may experience physiological disturbances, such as. In these cases, frantically every time ‘ oh, well don’t go to school today sick’ or say you Helter-Skelter take her to a doctor instead of a more dispassionate approach.
Don’t do the child everything he wants. Every request expects to continue these behaviors in the house the kids made at school. Would it be too disappointed when that doesn’t happen. No one is as concerned as you are with him outside the House. The child must get used to this situation over time. The school the child Re-if necessary with publicity and promotional initiatives, an hour before, then half a day to go to school at the end of a full day may be provided. If possible, the child sitting next to the mother for a short while, can help your child adjust to school. However, despite all these efforts, discuss this with a specialist if the child fear of family is decreasing. Parents certainly desire to support the child should remain at home.