Water Foods That Meet Your Needs

Your body is approximately 60% composed of water, a small amount of water-loss even your mood, your energy and affects your mental function. We are in need of large amounts of water for a healthy life, not being able to be consumed enough water is a common problem. If we lose too much water our body loses the entire balance. When you’re dehydrated loss of electrolytes sodium, which is of great importance for your body and also increases.Perspiration, urine and feces, with even breathing, even when our body constantly loses water.
The main reasons for being dehydrated: warm weather, enough fluid intake, excessive exercise, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and diseases such as diabetes, burns, mouth sores, certain skin diseases and some drugs women who used menstruation, pregnancy and lactation, stress, irritable bowel syndrome , aging, travel to high altitudes, alcohol consumption, and low-carbohydrate diets (together with liquid carbohydrates our body stores it, so when I cut the carbs sudden weight experienced a decline due to water loss)
Your lost plenty of water some symptoms include increased thirst, dry mouth, swelling of the tongue, weak, falls, dizziness, palpitations, blur in mind, fainting, inability to terleyem, decreased urinary excretion of the urine in the color koyulasmad.
A portion of your daily water needs water and other drinks as well as fruits and vegetables you can afford. Another common point of foods that are high in water content, keep you full with less calories. The fruits and vegetables while meeting the water needs of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients in our body allows you to get to their natural sugar content.
All other solid foods containing higher water Cucumber, skin irritation, or swelling contains vitamin C and caffeic acid which is good for swollen eyes and sunburn is the reason why it is applied against. Cucumber in a bowl a glass of water to quench your thirst may resolve until. Cacik cold yogurt soup or consumed as a liquid if you can get more.
Bell peppers is composed of high amounts of water, yet vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, beta carotene, and folic acid to meet the requirement of one of the best options. Contains the color of the bell pepper and plenty of water, but especially peppers Yesil comes first.
Lettuce is 95% water, contains a higher rate of all the other salad greens. Iceberg lettuce although lettuce contains a little less than water, folate, vitamin C and beta carotene than the value of many times more. Sandwiches and salads in addition to meat dishes like meatballs with bread instead of lettuce to consume bulgur is a good option.
Spinach %water contains around 91. Vitamins A and C, lutein, potassium, fiber and is a rich source of folate which strengthens the brain. Contains plenty of vitamin E, which protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Allows you to lose weight while meeting your need for water because it is very low calorie.
Radish varieties add color to the table with its bitter sweet taste and color, while water is rich in antioxidants and it also meets our needs.
90 %water containing Broccoli , fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C in a store. Activate enzymes that protect the body and cancer-causing substances contains substances which enables it to be disposed of.
Celery mineral salts, amino acids and is rich in vitamins, because it is more effective than drinking a glass of water for your body. Celery also contains very few calories as foods with a high ratio all the water, fiber and keeps you satiated with the amount of water. A high water regulates the rate of stomach acid, heartburn and acid reflux for good.
You can eat vegetables rich vitamin and mineral content pumpkin is one of the best water supply. Folate, potassium, vitamins A and C rich.
Eggplant contains fiber and plenty of water. Buttering with high amounts of fat from French fries do not prefer.
Water and lycopene-loaded tomatoes breakfast dishes, salads, sauces and sandwiches is indispensable.
Don’t let the pale color fool you, cauliflower, and 92% water contains. You can consume boil and steam.
Water melons contain large amounts of vitamin C, found in abundance in red fruits and vegetables, cancer-fighting antioxidant called lycopene is rich. Contain lycopene than raw tomatoes more. That cause thirst calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, the need for addresses.
Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries and strawberries and drink plenty of water 91 than it comes in the first place. Mix yogurt and consumed post-workout is an ideal food. While quenching your thirst with strawberry, vitamin C and folate meets your needs, when consumed regularly , cleans the vessels. In addition to consuming fresh yogurt with great hair they have can be used in salads and cakes.
Grapefruit-90% water contains. And fat burning it is helpful to reduce cholesterol, keeps you satiated. Slice or squeeze fresh juice for breakfast can be consumed in the meal or Dec.
Intense aromas of melon on the side, although the amount of water and low in calories, higher in nutritional value, are rich. A large proportion of vitamin A and C meets our needs.
88 %water, which are Papaya, rich in fiber and has a low calorie level.
Mango other fruits that contain plenty of water. A, B6, vitamin C and are rich in fiber.
While meeting our water needs Apple lowers cholesterol, helps in weight loss, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, and some cancers can have a protective effect against.
Orange is 87% water and contains vitamin C for our daily needs.
Juicy, delicious Pear-approximately a quarter of daily fiber, 6 grams fiber near the water so that it meets our needs keep you full for a longer time, can help to lose weight.
If you love sour foods like lemon and lime, you will be pleased to know that they contain at least 92 percent water.
Yogurt in %water between 85-88 facility. Calcium, B12, riboflavin and a good source of probiotics, your body’s electrolytes, potassium loss, and resolves to the content of my lineage and gives energy.
Fruits and vegetables, as well as do not forget to drink plenty of water, freshly squeezed sugar-free juices and milk are the best options to keep stable the amount of water in the body. If not to drink the water if you can add a slice of lemon or orange into the water. Salt and added sugar you can consume mineral water. If you’re paying attention to your weight even if the amount of sugar is added sugar and calories juice extra high note. Vegetables, chicken or meat broth, prepared soups, your water consumption will increase your need for calories and sodium as well as lower addresses. Pay attention to your caffeine consumption. Coffee, tea and cola drinks, caffeine has a diuretic effect and causes more water to be thrown in. These drinks do not prefer water to meet your needs.

What is folic acid Which is found in foods and

Polat and folic acid is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin group, known as vitamin B9. Folate is found naturally in foods, folic acid is a man-made synthetic vitamin is, both serve the same function.
Folate is vital for the proper development of the human body. DNA, RNA, cells, blood and nerve cells especially they are involved in the production and regeneration of many and helps the body function to work properly. To help the formation of red blood cells with vitamin B12, because it is necessary to consume a regular amount.
Anemia is known to be effective against heart disease and stroke. Has a protective effect against colon and cervical cancers. Memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, age-related hearing loss and eye prevent disease, reduces the effects of aging, weak bones, restless leg syndrome, sleep problems, depression, nervous and Nov pains, AIDS, and North view is used against the disease.
In sufficient quantities in your daily diet vegetables, fruits and legumes in if you are giving your daily folic acid needs, you’re probably karsiliyors. 400 mcg of folic acid daily about the need for adults, but especially women who are pregnant or lactating pregnant or lactating it is recommended that you consume higher amounts of. In infants, central nervous system defects, and prevents the formation of certain heart disorders. Low-risk tavsandudag that may occur in the infant, the protective effect against neural tube birth defects such as cleft palate and problems is quite high.
To be taken before pregnancy, folic acid should begin at least 3 months and are not stored in the body because it is a vitamin that should be consumed on a daily basis. The production of DNA and new cell formation is to help for those who want to get pregnant because it is of great importance. Most pregnancy doesn’t turn out as planned, the majority of birth defects folic acid deficiency during the first 6 weeks of the pregnancy occurs. This often is equivalent to the period you do not even know that you are pregnant, so especially with the possibility of having a child is an important vitamin in the daily diet of women.
Smoking, alcohol and certain drugs such as birth control pills may reduce the levels of folic acid. Ulcers, liver disease, lack of kidney dialysis can also be caused. Vitamin B12 deficiency also causes anemia of folic acid deficiency such as. Mostly not much sign, but can be seen on blood tests. Fatigue, paleness of the skin, cracks in the rim, the depression, and it can be cut to the quick of breath.
Eaten as a snack raw or steamed fruits and vegetables that contain folate. Because folate is a water soluble vitamin in the vitamin content when cooked will be reduced.
Foods that contain high amounts of folate and what will it affect?
Polat, from Folium leaf and folic acid is derived from the word Latin mean, and this indicates that you should eat lots of leafy vegetables Yesil us first. Spinach, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, celery, parsley and lettuce are rich in folate types. Okra, asparagus, mushrooms, beets, corn, carrots, tomatoes, and cauliflower are abundant in folate include.
One of the best sources of folate legumes that we can meet our needs. Lentils gets first place, her kidney beans, chickpeas, beans, Yesil peas, Black-Eyed Peas and red beans, followed by Mexican.
Many fruits contain folic acid but avocado, papaya and strawberries are the fruits richest in folate. Citrus fruits, especially oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, and lemon contains high proportions of folate. Grapes, melon, banana, raspberry, mango and pomegranate are also good sources.
Eggs, beef liver and kidneys, yeast, wheat bread, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, almonds, peanuts and other foods that are rich in folate. Limited in terms of the consumption of vitamin A in pregnant women it is recommended to keep the liver, excessive vitamin A intake, especially during pregnancy can be dangerous.

5 Foods That Increases Hunger

Hunger, insulin resistance or blood sugar was very high only, and then the fall resulted in a situation in which it is not. Hunger, desire to eat, which allows the unfolding of the circulatory system, pancreas, brain, stomach and intestines as a result of physiological hormonal released a request for interaction with eating. Hunger; suffering from weight problems under control that should be taken when implementing the diet first should be the goal. Doyara teach the person eating end fat, on a diet slimming is the most important way that will ensure success. Most overweight people have been eating constantly hungry for food, he says. Except for a few special metabolic problem appetite can be controlled. Or lower the selection of calories fiber-rich foods in a very successful manner, preferring toughness with transport can be provided. But I’ll explain to you the five food fullness by blocking signals to the brain even though the stomach is full, how much you take yourself and causes you to feel more hungry. For this reason, I suggest to be careful to trap for these five appetite control food:
1. Salty Snacks: salt is a scientific reason for the request to come out of a sweet tooth after eating. To end the rise of blood sugar created by the body excessive sugar, salty food will be directed to. Watching television or at the computer potato chips, popcorn, and greasy and salty popcorn, pretzels, and salted nuts when you begin to eat, the desire to eat constantly increases. The reason for this is these foods fill your stomach enough to eat, we are also blocking the signals of satisfaction in the brain, salt, and simple carbohydrates that contain protective additives.
2. Ready fruit juices: fruit juices are healthy when it comes from the idea that our minds immediately. If you want to drink fruit juice, fresh fruit shake and consume immediately. But ready, a generous amount of sugar added, pasteurized, extended shelf life by adding vitamins and fresh fruit and drinks all created a perception of participating in the aroma of insulin sensitivity causes. Also pancreas, brain still trying to wrap satiety mechanism that prevents it from receiving the signals give rise to. Ready to fill your stomach juice; 10 minutes later you’re starving again.
3. Alcohol: alcohol is the most unhealthy beverage that triggers hunger. When they consume alcohol, which is a hormone that triggers hunger and leptin is also secreted in abundance. For that reason, the fields of alcohol constantly feel the need of eating something. Alcohol in the body by increasing the electrolyte causes the reduction of water loss. Accordingly, by disrupting nerve transmission to the brain the feeling of satisfaction go limp.
4. Refined grains: the bran of cereal grains and sugar, separated from all ready prepared by adding all the satisfaction that do not provide a risky food. Research show that people are achieving satisfaction when you eat cereal. Nutritional scientists reveals that those who prefer refined breakfast cereals suffered from this problem. Oatmeal and whole-grain cereals, by creating volume in the stomach increases the saturation. Also the refined ones, the intestines are absorbed quickly and raising your blood sugar too satiety signals reaching the brain prevents the mechanism of pancreas to warp again.
5. Foods that are made from white flour and sugar: a lot of research, and put sugar in their tea two or three slices of white bread at every meal until even those who eat 80 percent of 40 percent shows that it takes it easier to lose weight. Flour made from white bread, pastry, cakes, and Cookies, not necessarily regularly people who ate weight have struggled to lose weight sooner or later and it is reported that you’re having problems. Again, studies people who ate bread made from flour and pasta has not been purified they get full more quickly, more antioxidants hinders the body’s fat storage ability by taking the fixed points of and bowel problems. For this reason, whole wheat grain that has not been purified so not whole wheat, oat, cracked wheat, bulgur and pasta from Whole Wheat Flour, Bread missing from the diet, you shouldn’t.

Health Of The Day
Healing Potion
For those with high blood pressure lowering blood pressure, potassium content is very high, I would like to share my drink prepared with fruit nectar. About 140 calories and 60 grams of nectarines is equal to a large. Therefore we will prepare, that has the effect of lowering blood pressure quickly I will suggest that you drink a special drink once a day.

1 large skinned nectarines pitted
Very small piece of fresh ginger
1 teaspoon vanilla

Put the fresh ginger and squeeze the juice and nectar solid juicer. Mix with vanilla and ready to service you.

Scientific Notes Of The Day
Calories is a unit of the fuel to be obtained from food. Our body provided nutrients for calories from sources of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol. Carbohydrates and proteins 4 per gram, fats 9 alcohol 7 calories to give you energy. The calories we take our body; fat, glycogen and protein in the form of stored fats and glycogen store energy in them and the main short-term acts as the energy store. Proteins, however, after prolonged fasting is used for energy purposes. The transformation of carbs glycogen in the body cost is quite high. Developing this metabolic events in the liver 3 grams for every 1 gram of glycogen to store water should be added. When storing oils that need water, they won’t even hear it. In this context when we look, it is my scientific opinion; it does not take similar weight calories certain foods when eaten at the same rate, and that you are not to store fat.
Calories Important
The complex structure of storing calories calories from different foods has on the human organism and similar saturation, metabolic rate, brain activity, blood sugar balance and other hormones, depending on the study will enable the body to store fat in very different ways. Same calories in different foods that are different speeds, and in the form that we know is absorbed from the intestine. In this case, a lot of the calories from the food we eat, our bodies lose weight eating less than the daily calories spent, that is a fact. The food is basically carbohydrate, fat and protein ratios; much consumed in the correct amounts to illness if eaten, when it manifests itself in the form of protection. For that reason, primarily in every moment of your life eat less, choose foods low in calories but high in nutritional value, the basic principles to make.
Source: http://www.sabah.com.tr/saglik/2014/08/23/acliginizi-artiran-5-yiyecekten-uzak-durun

What Are Foods That Reduce Iron Deficiency?

Food habits and lack of nutritional anemia, iron minerals and so has nothing to do with your selection. For genetic reasons, to correct an iron deficiency, even we try to live with the food choices, you can reduce this problem. The maximum amount for tea / coffee and consume enough foods that contain vitamin C increases your problem a lack of iron.Especially health problems ,Surgery, Obstetrics and much blood you gave during the periods increases your risk of anemia. Yourself sluggish, you feel tired you don’t want to wake up in the morning. Eat a healthy diet ,with enough fruits ,vegetables, and consume foods such as red meats a lack of iron reduces your question.
Iron deficiency if you have questions, if you don’t have allergies to eggs and eggs for breakfast every day for about 5 minutes, when you make boiled or omelette chopped salad ( peppers , dill, parsley and 1 teaspoon lemon juice) along with you must eat. Eggs and cheese supply calcium less portions should be preferred. Eggs shouldn’t be in the meals you consume beverages such as tea and coffee.
Also red meat is rich in iron mineral content of a food. Necessarily the extent of a main meal servings you need at least 3 times per week you must eat. Red meat in the main meals you prefer yogurt ,buttermilk foods that contain calcium such as along with opt ..you shouldn’t. Especially red meat and eat lots of salad with freshly squeezed orange juice increases the absorption rate of iron minerals. Anemia helps to reduce your problem. Eggs also .like tea and beverages such as coffee, after meals, you shouldn’t opt you eat red meat.
In winter, the village salad and the meal on our tables as our preferred Yesil-leaf parsley, spinach,swiss chard,green onions,arugula, dill, vegetables such as high in vitamin C..helps to reduce iron deficiency because it is. Minerli especially iron containing eggs, red meat ,lentils together with nutrients such as Yesil ..definitely should be preferred. Anemia is the reduction of the problem for each day, 1 serving bowl, 1 salad or as a dish should be consumed.
Citrus lemon, orange,tangerine and grapefruit with vitamin C improves the absorption of minerals iron helps to reduce anemia. Because vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, you should drink water every day. You must eat at least 2 servings fruits from the citrus family of fruit of your choice.
Grapes and berries which is made from molasses for iron deficiency anemia helps to reduce. However, because of the absorption of iron during digestion herbal mineral content is affected by iron minerals. For this reason, you must add the molasses when you will consume 2-3 drops of lemon juice.1 tablespoon molasses for breakfast because it is high in sugar to provide the weight control should be preferred.
Dry bean varieties that contains iron minerals herbal nutritional Yesil mercimek highest among. 2 times per week and may choose a soup as a meal. You can add 3-4 tablespoons of boiled salads. Yesil mercimek, eggs and red meat along with a salad like that ..you should choose dark leafy Yesil.
• 2 eggs ( boiled)
• 2 tablespoons boiled lentils Yesil
• 2 tablespoons of shredded wheat
• 1/ 2 chopped orange
• 1/3 bunch of parsley
• 1/3 bunch fresh dill
• 2 finely chopped green pepper
• 4-5 leaves of spinach and diced lamb
• Dick chopped 4-5 lettuce
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• 1 teaspoon sumac
• 1/ 2 teaspoon salt
Preparation: all the greens in the salad bowl of salt, sumac and lemon juice, mix. Over the lentils, wheat, oranges,sliced green peppers and add the egg.Before serving add olive oil.

Super Foods Of 2015

It enables you to pay more of the nutrients in pineapple that occurs in the body. The pulp of the fruit to have a high amount increases your sense of satiety. 2 Zone 1 serving fruit instead of fruit varieties as you can eat.
A food that is high in vitamin and mineral content. Contains nutrients necessary to ensure weight control. Potassium – protects and enhances immunity because it is rich in vitamin A in the body tissue, Nov. 100 grams ( ¼ pieces ) 1 slice of sweet potato instead of bread you may prefer.
Decrease the amount of harmful bacteria in your body and strengthens your immunity and provides.1-2 cloves of garlic fresh and dried a healthy diet for all seasons, salad,soup, and you must add it to your meals. If you want to eat raw food you must eat to protect your stomach.
The cure for every disease in black seed which help to improve immunity, vitamin and mineral content. By increasing skin cell turnover,protects your hair and nails. Eat healthy and to be protected from diseases you must add it to the foods you eat oatmeal every Day1.
Quality protein, omega-3 and other minerals and is rich in fish tissue to protect your heart health.. provides a variety of your Nov. You need a main meal servings at least 2 times per week in every season, the extent of grill,oven and steam cooking you must eat.
Your body with the vitamin and mineral content increases resistance. the amount of pulp and the protection of your digestive system to decrease fatigue and allow more than. 2 Kiwi, vitamin C daily will meet your needs.
To pay off more of your body helps. Helps to strengthen your immunity against cancer. Reduces the occurrence of flu and the diseases that are linked to the winter season. Add 1-2 teaspoons of herbal tea your tea and your water every day allows you to live healthy.
Quinoa also
High amounts of protein, vitamin and mineral content. Of those who do sports, and grain food group for weight control you may prefer instead. Does not contain gluten, therefore the gluten intolerance ( celiac disease) is a grain that can easily consume people. Kinoa 2 tablespoons 1 slice of grain bread, you may prefer instead.
Strengthens your immune,vitamins, minerals, and pulp a quantity. Ensures the operation of your digestive system healthy. Salad,soup, and 1 medium, you must add to your meals at least 2 times per week.
Vitamin,mineral and fiber content allows you to increase the resistance of your body because it is high in. At the same time, by increasing the rate of cell renewal your skin,hair and protects your nails.By adding the juice of 1/2 lemon 1 liter of water in your body allows for your blood circulation and speed up the dismissal of the overpayment.

Foods That Reduce Office Stress

The work environment,intensive meetings waiting for you files. It prevents you from snacking and also eating a healthy diet, the demand for both is increasing. You must learn to choose the appropriate healthy foods for life to make this situation work. Your portion size to reduce stress is important and order a meal. And inadequate skip meals–unbalanced diet increases your stress.
Mainly carbohydrates in your diet to increase your motivation ,not your business performance if you make the right food choices is reduced. However, do you walk in sufficient quantities will help you reduce your stress.
Cocoa protect heart health, serotonin ,dopamine improves emotional health like..balancing the level of hormones. Allows you to reduce stress and increase your motivation. A sufficient rate of cocoa for chocolate with 60% cacao and higher dark chocolate with a ratio you should choose. Weight control provide healthy portions and to the extent of 20 grams of dark chocolate to your should not exceed.
Reduce your stress and increase a feeling of fullness that contains vitamins and minerals. Every day, you can choose what should be included in the Dec, but the sugar content in dried fruit is high. You need to pay attention to the serving size to provide weight control. 2 dates, 1 serving of fruit. You need to increase your motivation to the extent of servings you must eat.
Coffee a sense of fullness numerous studies, show that can increase concentration and performance. To reduce stress, 2-3 Cup you can choose. To achieve weight control, low-fat dairy, surupsuz ,no sour cream types of coffee you can drink. If you are experiencing sleep problems and fatigue, you should choose the types of decaf coffee.
Your immune protection with the probiotic structure , ensures that your blood sugar will increase your energy and daily balance is preserved. For this reason, your job performance and your motivation increases. In the office Dec meals of oats, fruits and oil seeds (walnuts,flax seed, etc.) you can choose. Dec you prefer to drink 2 glasses of meals every day to reduce your stress will help.
Among oilseeds, protecting brain health, improves emotional hormones, and reduces stress vitamin-mineral content. Gut and satiety, reducing your need for a snack will help. You should adjust the amount of servings as 7-8 pieces to provide weight control.
• 1 cup yogurt + 1 banana + 2 tablespoons oats
• 2 pieces of wasa Rye + 1 slice of low fat cottage cheese + raw almonds 5-6
• 1 Apple + 1 cup yogurt + 1 Tbsp flax seed
• 10 ounces dark chocolate + 1 cup low-fat milk with coffee
• 2 dried dates + dried apricots 4 + 2 Walnut

Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!

Reputable medical journal in an article published in the Lancet series, politicians, the World Health Organisation (WHO) by printing to ensure that your children eat unhealthy foods to encourage people to take measures to prevent were asked.
The world’s leading obesity experts, obese children, growth retardation that leads to “unhealthy food and beverages” of new initiatives is a condition for the cessation of marketing activities reports.
Article of any country in the world in the obesity epidemic be reversed, only that has stopped the increase in obesity in the USA and UK, but underline that it is valid for a poor family.
According to the WHO, in 2014, more than 39 per cent of the world’s population are overweight and also 13 per cent are classified as obese; 42 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese.
Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!
Lobstein and his friends in the government who’ Children by printing what sweet drinks and unhealthy foods to be tasted ever wants to take radical measures.
Experts impose stricter regulations on the food and beverage industry, food companies promoting their products by lactating mothers have been taken away from them against similar measures be taken against unhealthy foods that stipulates that.
The goal of the food industry article, especially the children, with emphasis on “Companies only have direct impact on the dietary preferences of children, they do, flavor and brand of abuse in adulthood earned in the first year of life, they provide the passage”.
More beats, more money is spent
According to the article, children in the USA consume more calories today compared to 30 years ago and the weight is 5 pounds more than 200 per day.
100-calorie energy food the cost of 56 cents, and accordingly the extra money spent on food per day children 1.2 $ in one year and 400$’ s on.
50 million school children in the USA of 20 billion dollars a year in much of the food the amount of money spent.
The majority of these children in adulthood, they continue to eat more, and considering the food and beverage industry in the USA for $ 60 billion turns out to be a Sunday.
In the article, this is a big market for the food industry in order to lose measures that will reduce the sales of tobacco and alcohol industries reported that they go strongly against it.
People are just sated belly, but they are fed
Unhealthy diet “obesity” with “developmental delay” brings.
People are belly sated, but their bodies do not feed.
Research students from poor families compared to children from wealthy families, are obese and shorter shows.
Excess weight and obesity, “diabetes”, “heart” and “cancer” creates a risk that costs are very high and long lasting treatments for many diseases.
Food is too important to be left to the food industry
I found the article in the Lancet is particularly important in the following matters:
A: the food supply by multinational food industry, the commodity market cannot be left to financiers and speculative.
Two: for the protection of the health of children in food controls, under the control of commercial competition and fundamental changes in the preservation and promotion of healthy foods must be made.
THREE: today’s food industry, people are biological, psychological, social, and economic sensitivities by using eat unhealthy foods.
To break this vicious cycle, the regulatory activities of the government and the industry needs to exert a greater effort.
FOUR: the government, the multinational food companies marketing unhealthy food to kids should take measures to protect that lead against the policies.
Five: the nutrition labels on the packages providing access to healthy foods and junk foods and by making the right choice by taxation and the sales of unhealthy foods with deterrence initiatives must be provided.
SIX: the sale of unhealthy foods to children in schools from expanding the exploitation of sophisticated marketing methods that increases the sensitivity of the children should not be allowed.
SEVEN: a health care system struggling with obesity to be designed better, with the support of civil society should be provided.
Let’s see the result
I’m trying to tell for years “being health, prevention of diseases, the type of it’s not about” the fact is, the scientific world finally begin to be expressed and I was very happy to be seen by.
A: first for Healthy Living “Food and to be in good health” is a basic requirement.
Achieve this and control citizens “the business of government”.
TWO: processed and package food and drinks without ever so as much as possible, but of course I made the necessary checks should be brought to the citizens of.
Mothers, if you can keep your children away from foods and prepared foods, your child will be healthier both physically and mentally.
People are increasingly “unprocessed milk, the eggs” the increase in demand, many of them “yogurt at home to do it himself” promising developments.
THREE: research fitting in with the “egg fast food and cigarettes are more harmful than” next to last “he’s manipulative scientists” and the sky to the ground, unable to prepared foods, the industry who could not bear to be a single word “supply specialists” series, we invite you to be inspired from.



These Foods Don’t Forget Breakfast!

“Don’t push yourself while making breakfast. From the table, unnecessary, excessive stomach dolmus don’t get up,” said Dr. Fevzi Ozgonul, 8 food for breakfast sine qua listed. If you are using your physical senses after breakfast, you must never not feel discomfort. If after breakfast if you feel discomfort when getting up from the table, you are doing something wrong.
Should be consumed for breakfast, essential nutrients are as follows:
Breakfast, it must be necessarily carbs that are required for your daily energy. But it more whole-grain bread or a slice of a slice of pie with plenty of material as, or a lot if you like it, it is wise to get half a bagel with. If you prefer honey and jam if you keep idling for very excessive loads of sugar your digestive system. Our goal is to strengthen and to state that your digestive system can digest the food that you eat.
Dairy Products:
You should always keep your breakfast, such as cheese, milk products. How much sand and cement at a construction site, in addition to other breakfast items for breakfast if lime is also needed in addition to dairy products there is a need for. The amount of cheese according to taste and can vary according to the needs of the person. Therefore, without depending on the amounts and types of what kind of cheese is important to you to take your place at the breakfast table.
Olive is an important food for breakfast. The type and amount of Olives and is entirely personal. Time may vary depending on the person’s request within even.
We sine qua non include eggs again. If our body if we want to get rid of our belly and hips requires the consolidation of the structure. For this reason, which are the building blocks of the body protein is important. Eggs are one of the most important sources of protein to your breakfast table.A soft-boiled egg, whether you want to fry it if you want, you can fry too. You can consume eggs in a variety of ways. You can even make you hold to make an omelet menemen. Even you can catch many different cooking methods such as poached eggs by using a different taste.
Dried Apricots:
For breakfast, dried apricots, dried figs or dates, you must eat. If you have a problem with constipation, you can eat those things every morning, 2-3 of my pieces. If you don’t have constipation problems but it will take you 2-3 days.
Facilitate digestion as well as extra greens for breakfast and to meet vitamin and mineral needs is important. Note Yesil vegetables and vegetable proteins, and carbohydrates are a source of. How cesitlendirirs our breakfast, and makes it easier to digest and various nutrients being received by virtue of the configuration of the body itself will be facilitated.
A breakfast with seasonal fruits is one of the imperatives of the sort of. It is best to eat the shells along with any seasonal fruit thoroughly after washing there is no inconvenience to us. Fruits is mentioned as a store of vitamins and minerals if they contain too high a percentage rahatlatirl fiber with digestive function. For this reason, we at our breakfast table to make room for the little fruit is important for our healthy diet. Already a handful I would recommend to not eat more fruit.
Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut:
This oil is a source of cholesterol that is contained in the seeds and phyto balance blood cholesterol levels, and both contribute to the production of collagen and elastin fibrils. Because it contains high energy at the same time we eat less bread, pastry by pastry type dessert and our request will prevent a lack of food. When we made this kind of setting ourselves on the variety and quantity of breakfast very good and our structure provides our bodies doyari I eat breakfast and in the evening again.


13 Foods To Reduce Stress While Fasting

Physical hunger during Ramadan, we may be limited in coupled with everyday stress. To cope with this situation, that would reduce stress, 13 food! Part of the flow of life regular stress, caused many large and small events that stress us in our everyday lives we can live. These effects will be a bit more in the month of Ramadan. Physical hunger, our body coupled with it who want to fight everyday stress, this by releasing cortisol. But remain at consistently high levels of cortisol, increases the desire to eat, especially women, with carbohydrates and sweet foods while trying to get this request in the beginning gives rise to the emergence of many problems, including weight gain. For this reason, especially in the month of Ramadan we could be eating. We consume products that are supported with research into will support us to reduce stress. Energy, helps you focus on the refreshing foods that you can help yourself by consuming your daily life. Here, the foods that reduce stress…
1. ASPARAGUS: although the smell is a bit interesting, because of the high folic acid relieves. You can evaluate different recipes that you will look it up online.
2. AVOCADOS: rich in glutathione which is the most powerful and most important antioxidant in our body. Especially in the older ages observed in the intestinal absorption will assist in burning some fats that are causing damage. Avocado is also a very beneficial antioxidant called lutein to the body, contains. Rich in beta carotene which turns into vitamin A and stored in the liver as needed. Contain more folic acid than vitamin E and other fruit. There are plenty of B vitamins in a zone. Although this might seem like just a fruit, its nutritional value every day due to the consumption of rich but should be limited. Two slices will be enough.
3. Blueberries: rich in anthocyanin, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. You can read many positive benefits especially for distraction. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and vitamin C derivatives such as are quite rich in terms is very effective in coping with stress. In the month of Ramadan is a fruit highly effective for those with attention problem.
4. CASHEW: Sometimes that prevents our crisis can be designated as a delightful snack. Being rich in protein and fat consumption requires to be controlled, the frequency and intensity of. Cashew, a very good resource for zinc. Low zinc levels can cause depression and anxiety. Our bodies are not equipped to store a steady amount of zinc every day because it will be useful.
5. Chamomile tea: a natural tranquilizer that can be recommended before going to bed. One study with 57 participants supported with this anxiety disorder for 8 weeks, scientists gave chamomile products, and it has been observed that there is a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms. Of course, the most convenient and effective for us to calm down and Thing before bed as it is to consume chamomile tea for a good night’s sleep. After 10 minutes in hot water, television, telephone, and similar stimulants can enjoy a drink in a peaceful corner close and you can and observe the effects.
6. Chocolate: antioxidants beneficial for heart health benefits of chocolate for mood proven an undeniable connection. A new study at a university it has been observed that increases in depressive symptoms for both men and women drinkers more chocolate. Dark chocolate lowering blood pressure and relaxing effect. The reason for this contain two important antioxidants. You can allow yourself to consume dark chocolate a week easily. Of course, to avoid weight gain, provided that you spend your calories.
7. One of the sources of the powerful antioxidant in garlic. Free radicals cause aging and cell damage which would be caused by the chemicals in garlic that help in the Prevention of the effects. Is known as a very good natural antibiotic. It strengthens the immune system. Host cancer allicin hold with colds, it protects against heart disease. The most important to stress damage the immune system is weakened. This immunity will help us significantly for the recovery of garlic.
8. Grass fed beef: meat consumption is one of the most important factors that should be considered in nutrition. Natural grass-fed beef, with the grain besleneninki according to both antioxidants as well as vitamins C, E and beta carotene, as it is richer. Also added hormones, antibiotics, and different does not contain chemicals. It is two to four times more low in fat and contain omega – 3. A recent study in the UK natural grass fed cattle who eats the flesh of the blood of the volunteers in omega – 3 fatty acids, an increase in the level of omega 6 fatty acids which are harmful in a significant decrease was observed. This difference, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, depression, effective in the Prevention of intestinal diseases, which implies that. In this way, a natural meat a bit hard to find and can be expensive, but you can be sure that is worth it.
9. YESIL TEA does not contain caffeine, although it contains teanin is an amino acid that is named. In a study of a university, are protective against cancer, enhancing mental performance, brain booster, and supporting the effects of the decline have been observed. It is recommended to drink two cups per day.
10. Oatmeal oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate which is feel-good serotonin secretion helps. Serotonin not only has antioxidant properties, soothing and at the same time creates a feeling that can help you to overcome stress. Studies have shown that children who ate oatmeal in the morning are more attentive. Compared to other grains, is rich in beta glucan.
11. ORANGE: portable-carotene. Especially the discovery of a positive effect against cancer and more by taking the minimal dosage that will emerge and side effects to be insignificant, the importance of this vitamin increases even more.
12. OYSTERS: the most common feature being aphrodisiac. Zinc is actually a store you could call. Oysters are usually served as an appetizer has half of the nutrients needed daily, we can say that we need to take.
13. Walnut: the nuts that we all liked the taste mostly happy to know that the mental development of supports. Especially it is necessary to prevent memory loss. Alpha linolenic acid omega-3 fatty acid and other polyphenols that is rich in walnuts reduced the signs of aging even in animals consuming some researchers at a University found.


Refreshing Foods In Hot Weather

Watermelon for the summer-season you could say cheese. Watermelon vitamin A, C and are rich in antioxidants. Watermelon according to experts, reduce the body’s temperature and therefore gives a feeling of coolness.
95 %lettuce enables you to restore the fluids lost from the water. Drinking water when you’re not tired of leaf lettuce you can eat.
Fresh Mint:
Creates a feeling of the coolness of fresh mint. You can add mint leaves salads or drinks.
Cayenne Pepper:
Cayenne pepper cools, don’t say that! Runs and allows natural cooling mechanism to cool down spicy food sweating.
Fruit Cocktails:
Heat of alcoholic beverages consumed in the short-term although it gives coolness the body is actually dehydrated, leaving in the long run it won’t work. Fruit cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with you can cool off more easily.