Getting Healthier Is Eating Nuts And Peanuts

And especially those who eat nuts live longer new research it was established that the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases decreased.
Drinkers nuts before it was determined that the risk of death was low, but those with higher socio-economic strata from the research that is performed on people.
Research was performed on three large cohort.
One of these cohorts 71.764 low socio-economic strata of African and European descent from America’ s Southern Community Cohort Study SCCs in the two other cohort 134.265 total in SWHS and Chinese living in Shanghai (Shanghai Women’s Health Study) and the SMS (Shanghai men’s health study) within the scope of the research.
How much of the food they consume nuts was determined with questionnaire participants.
Half of America while eating the peanuts, only peanut consumption in China in the LI group were evaluated; more men than women eating peanuts.
The average follow up time 5.4 years, which is SCCS in the survey, with 6.5 years 12.2 years, with total SMS and 14.440 SWHS has been identified as the person in research.
The consumption of nuts in all three cohorts and total mortality rates (mortality) between race, gender, body mass index, smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes, hypertension and diseases such as obesity, independent of an inverse relationship is found.
Accordingly, the risk of death overall in the USA most of those who consume 21 percent more nuts in China, li had 17 percent less risk in the group.
Deaths from cardiovascular diseases, these rates are respectively 38 percent and 23 percent.
The consumption of nuts or peanuts cancer and diabetes-related death risk was not found a significant relationship between.
Nuts why useful?
The unsaturated fats in nuts, protein, fiber, vitamins (B1, B6, folic acid, E), minerals (magnesium and zinc), antioxidants, fanatical, arginine, phytochemicals and staff.
All of them also have anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory effects it does have cardiovascular health benefits.
Half of the weight of nuts (48 percent) of the oil, and most of that single-or multi-unsaturated type.
Stay away from processed nuts
This is a randomized controlled trial for lack of a cause-effect relationship does not reveal, but the results are reasonable and logical and is compatible with the results of previous research.
Peanut is cheaper, especially because the socio-economic situation is not good and may be preferred by those who.
Not to salty and must be careful not to exaggerate the amount of raw nuts, roasted and packaged to have not been the ones that should be preferred.
Let’s see the result
Pomegranate juice reduces hardening of the arteries, every day of drinking yesterday, I wrote that leads to regression of plaques in blood vessels.
In this study, I, too, I strongly advocated “living healthy, being away from had nothing to do with the type of diseases,” reveals once more that it is the truth.
With dozens of Cardiology over the world to mention that it didn’t allow side effects cholesterol drugs (statins) are the most virile in the study, even if only helps so much.
Peanuts you a pill, the decision is yours.