Your Review What You Eat For Healthy Teeth

The best thing we can do to maintain our teeth for a healthy smile. Fillings, root canal treatments, teeth cleaning, etc. with treatment, your teeth like it used to be it might be, but to protect them from decay and staining is Cheaper, painless and easy method. Regularly brushing, flossing, and mouthwash with tooth-friendly diet can support healthy gums and a bright smile.
To prevent decay and maintain oral health, it is very important that you eat what and how often. When you consume certain foods, changes in your mouth begins immediately. Bacteria in the mouth, especially carbohydrates and sugar converts to acid, and this acid attack the tooth enamel and the decay process starts. Are fed unhealthy also increases the rate of tooth decay. While the invitation what foods tooth decay, which prevents the formation of plaque?
While consuming many starchy and sugary foods and drinks in your mouth, not yourself alone means you can afford to feed the records that may be causing problems. Plaque in the form of a thin, transparent layer that covers all of your teeth is bacteria. When you eat starch and sugar, feed the bacteria in your mouth and teeth to produce an acid that does damage by attacking begins. The teeth of hard enamel on the surface of the melt and the repeated attacks can cause tooth decay and plaque. Plaque also can produce toxic substances that are damaging to the bones that support the gums and teeth.
Candies, caramel, cookies, cake, bread, pasta, rice, chips, cookies, crackers, French fries, bananas and dried fruits stick to your teeth and feed the bacteria in your mouth and it stays there for a long time can cause acid production to increase.
Pickles, sodas, energy drinks damage teeth when consumed consistently, such as acidic foods, especially sugary drinks damage teeth smoked slowly because it takes longer.
Wine, coffee and tea stain the teeth causes. We need to consume sugar with tea and coffee as much as possible. Alcoholic drinks reduces the production of saliva and dry the mouth.
What are the best foods for dental health?
Increasing the production of saliva by chewing sugarless gum helps to clean teeth. Saliva, a natural acid produced by bacteria in the mouth to throw as a method of protection works. Constantly chewing gum can cause jaw problems, but too should not be exaggerated.
Saliva and food particles in the teeth and cleans works such as water or acid. Florida also protects you contains minerals that damage the teeth. Water, milk and unsweetened teas are the best drinks for your teeth. Black tea contains polyphenols that prevent plaque and kills bacteria Yesil or damage.
Milk and other dairy products contain calcium which is of great importance for healthy teeth and bones. These minerals strengthens enamel business. Dairy products by increasing saliva production neutralizes acids in the mouth. Protein, calcium and phosphorus acids prevent. Especially cheese varieties contain caffeine, a protein and a good dribble of manufacturer, repairing and maintaining of the tooth enamel has a very important role in Kasein. The melted enamel in acids can replace the minerals calcium and potassium.
Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables improves digestion, regulates cholesterol, and almost create the effect of a detergent in the mouth by increasing saliva production because it requires more chewing, they are useful to your dental health. Saliva is the best natural protection against cavities and gum disease. After 20 min after eating sugars or starches, saliva begins to reduce the effect of enzymes and acids attacking the teeth. Because saliva also contains calcium and phosphate, bacterial acids and helps to repair damaged due to the mineral layer. I like to eat out a plate of spinach or beans. Aching occurs in the mouth as saliva is divided into small pieces and fibrous foods, while the outer surface is clean. Apples, pears hard fruits and vegetables such as high water content reduces the effect of sugar they contain. Strawberries and apples contain malic acid a natural tooth whitener called. Tomatoes and citrus fruits like orange and lemon is acidic, it should not be consumed in excess amounts. But at the same time although they are acidic, because it contains acids that increase the production of saliva can protect tooth enamel and helps remove large amounts of water.
Can have a significant impact on dental health. Bacteria accumulate in the tissue that connects bone and teeth cavities may cause damage to the inflammation occurs. Omega 3 fatty acids is anti-inflammatory and are found in especially high amounts in flax seeds and fish. Omega-3 Good Fed, inflammation and infections, and thus are better protected against gum disease.
Some substances in cocoa, reduces inflammation and decay it creates a protective effect against wear. Unlike other snacks, even if sugar was added to chocolate milk, increase the risk of caries observed. Dark chocolate because it contains less sugar may be preferred.
A, C, vitamin D, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and nutrients is vital to oral health, such as Florida. More saliva your mouth produces while eating pieces of food stay in your mouth and reduces the acid production, so eating sweet food with food. After 20 minutes the saliva cleans the mouth and teeth largely produced the food, but always something to eat that are open to the back teeth bacteria. Limitlemel meals to prevent cavities, tooth decay should stay away from foods that will cause meals Dec. Eating a balanced diet, be careful not to consume food that contains sugar and starch between meals. When you want a snack, chew sugarless gum , cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt or fruit prefer to eat.
Outside of your diet for the health of your teeth and gums you need to pay attention:
Regularly brush your teeth, choose toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is recommended to brush at least twice a day and 30-60 minutes after a meal. Floss once a day to clean it. Every day gargle. Go to the dentist twice a year. Teeth very strong and resilient. But teeth with fillings or a root canal is weak. Hard things break, it can cause it to fracture and crack. Break the ice, olives, be careful when eating foods such as broccoli core. Avoid unexploded corn kernels.


Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit During Ramadan

Eleven months Sultan of Ramadan come, welcome! We live in both physical and spiritual purification and renewal occur during the month of Ramadan major changes in our dietary habits, meal is reduced and we start changing our hours to consume different foods. The month of Ramadan is the right time for you to learn a good eating habit. When they’re forgiven for harmful substances out of our bodies, our digestive system, blood circulation, relaxes and refreshes our liver. Corresponding to the summer days, especially Ramadan, the month of fasting, Sahur and Iftar for you to have a healthy requires you to be more careful about what they consume.
As a result of the reduction of the meal and having to open a long time, your metabolism will slow down. But with a balanced and adequate diet in addition to mild exercise, you can slow down your metabolism and prevent weight gain. With Ramadan due to the sudden change in diet in healthy people, low blood sugar, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, drowsiness, heartburn and various health problems such as constipation can occur. So the importance of balanced and adequate nutrition in the month of Ramadan.What should be considered well in order to stay healthy and fit during Ramadan?
Carbohydrates for quick energy, protein, and consumption has increased while vegetables and fruits for our sweet will remain in the background. But the month of Ramadan healthy and fit, to pass, we need to continue to receive the vitamins and minerals that we need daily. Foods that are high on the glycemic index raising your blood sugar by temporary energy suddenly instead of bulgur, whole-grain, whole-wheat products, high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables stand out from the crowd.
As a result of prolonged starvation we should consume more food than normally, its way faster to consume can be dangerous to health and can result in weight gain. Fasting for a long time and slow down the digestive system can cause constipation. So, vegetable dishes, salads such as fresh and dried fruits and plenty of fiber foods should be consumed. Thoroughly with small bites eaten food trampled to death, and to give them the right of the food you eat, and also it is important to facilitate digestion. At one time large portions, instead of one hour after iftar, eat smaller portions.
Meals fatty, salty, spicy, heavy meals should be avoided, and care should be taken to use oil in cooking. Fried foods should be avoided, baked, boiled or grilled cooking methods should be preferred.
The last meal instead of breakfast and Sunrise, which is of great importance and definitely should not be overlooked. Didn’t get up before sunrise, or just with water to ward off your blood sugar to fall more quickly during the day, the feeling of hunger, and weakness can cause. Sahur overly greasy, salty, sweet, if you consume heavy meals, such as bakery products, will cause you to gain weight and have digestive problems and dehydration within days. Egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, full-grain, whole-wheat bread, low-salt cheeses, nuts, fruit or raw vegetables and breakfast dishes such as soup, olive oil, yoghurt and light meals such as salads can be consumed.
Suhoor and Iftar at a time, eating large amounts can lead to blood pressure and digestive problems. Light but nutritious foods should be preferred, the iftar meal is partitioned into 2. After opening the iftar with water, dates, content and nutritious in soups less salty olives and cheeses can be consumed. After 15 -20 minutes if the Dec low-fat red meat, chicken or seafood, legumes, and salads can be eaten in zeytinyaglila. Ramadan pide of the table are the sine qua non, but not too much.
Recommended for a healthy life eating less frequent but the layout of Sahur and iftar during Ramadan with Dec although it may seem difficult to apply it is recommended to consume at least 2 more meals. TV, celebs, and Iftar after iftar 1-1,5 Dec, you can protect your health by consuming meals at two hour intervals. Again this Dec meals in moderation, nuts, fruit, yogurt, and nutritious foods such as milk should be preferred. Those who cannot give up dessert with a milky, fruity desserts and ice cream, we recommend you to go for.
Summer Ramadan with the arrival of a protracted day and your body will cause the warm air to increase the loss of minerals and water thoroughly. That you drink at least 2 liters before sunrise Samarkand milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, herbal tea, sugar free soda, sugar-free or low-sugar fruit juices and compotes should be consumed plenty of caffeinated drinks should be avoided as much as possible. Even if you’re not thirsty, your fluid needs daily to meet before sunrise Samarkand, often liquid should be taken.
The couch after the evening meal to take a nap instead of a mild-paced, short-term strolls, you can speed up your metabolism and digestion.
Growth and Development-age children, pregnant and lactating women, those with chronic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney fasting and it is undesirable to those with diseases of the digestive system, should be consulted with your doctor about fasting if you have health problems.

In The Month Of Ramadan Healthy Shop

More full in the month of Ramadan, fasting and more healthy to your shopping list so you can keep your food choices must be healthy. You eat, you drink and the foods cooked in fat –sugar ratio should be balanced.
Add enough olive oil or butter 1 teaspoon per each person you allows you to prepare meals with a balance of fat. Drinking tea , coffee and other drinks free of sugar and helps control your weight choosing.
Create a weekly meal menu. Allows you to identify the nutrients you need to take.
Do your shopping after iftar when you are creating your shopping list to provide weight control.
You may not eat in the shop as you can do open-note that you’ll prefer that you don’t buy the foods you need.
Shopping for healthy fruits and vegetables according to the season, should be on your shopping list.
Healthy food shopping list the variety. Therefore, grain, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and fat in the you should choose the group of foods every day.
1 piece of rye bread
1 kilogram wheat or legumes
1 liter milk and yogurt
1-2 kilograms of fruit varieties
500 grams of meat types
1-2 pounds vegetable varieties
7 eggs
250 grams low-fat cheese
200 grams olives less salty
1 package dates or dried apricots
1 liter of olive oil

Refreshing Healthy Drinks For The Summer

Carbonated and fizzy drinks experts are pointing out that some of your losses at every opportunity, instead of diet drinks that will refresh you and benefit your health as well as add to your list. Extreme heat and humidity coupled with the need for fluid increase much more during the summer months, some beverages, and pump up your metabolism, strengthens your immunity and provides many benefits far from the heart and cancer. Type of refreshing, healthy beverage that you can practically prepare your home and Workplace 6.
Yesil tea lemonade cool off with and get fit! However, sugar is definitely keeping notice. Yesil drink it without sugar tea lemonade is also perfect for speeding up your metabolism. How will you make it? Here are the ingredients: 1 litre of water, 4 tea bags, Yesil, chopped ¼ bunch fresh mint, 1 finger-sized fresh ginger (chopped) 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. If the materials are ready here is the recipe: boil half of the water and turn the heat off. Yesil tea bags, add ginger and mint and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Place them in a chilled pitcher. Add the remaining water and the lemon juice. In the days after cooling in the refrigerator by adding lemon slices to eat.
Strawberry smoothie: an extremely easy to prepare vitamin drink-Strawberry Smoothie. Prepare yourself, with this mixture you will have will satisfy your need for both sweet and also refreshments. Well, how do you do it? Here’s the recipe: 200 grams of strawberries, 1 cup milk, 1 cup yogurt, 5 ice cubes. Put it in a bag of strawberries in the freezer and let it sit. Yogurt, milk and whisk in a blender. Add in the strawberries and ice cubes and stir. Put it in a cup of this mixture and enjoy.
Best fit 6 pack: Ste serinletmen summer days as well as featured as a store of healing your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism you enhance the mixture to 6. Ingredients; crust cinnamon 1 pinch of mint, 1 pinch turmeric, 1 thin slice lemon, 1 pinch of jasmine. All the ingredients are boiled in water and cover for 10 minutes ilimis brew. It is then filtered and consumed as a tea cold.. throw pieces of ice into this recipe thanks to both cool off and your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism will speed up.
Kefir: kefir is a natural antibiotic, and also to cool off and strengthen your immune system is an excellent choice. Thanks to the probiotic bacteria that it contains, facilitates digestion by regulating your bowels, heartburn, gas and constipation have problems such as. It keeps you satiated with protein values. Kefir, which can be consumed with the addition of ice, then either at your workplace or at home give ample room for your table.
Buttermilk: buttermilk is one of the healthiest beverages. While maintaining your body store protein, B12, B6 and is one of the most important sources of vitamin B2. Fluid flow helps to maintain the balance of the body is one of the most important minerals for heart health and potassium, which allows. Especially on hot summer days as a refreshing healthy with the addition of fresh mint leaves and ice you can drink it.
Water with a slice of lemon mint leaf: of course, one of the most healthy beverages, even water main. Drinking a glass of water 15-30 minutes before meals and pump up your metabolism and calms the stomach. Feeling thirsty, thirst is the body’s gave the last response, so susamad not necessarily your water. Thus, the satiety center of your brain, you will be warned. By adding lemon slices and mint leaves if you are having difficulty in drinking water, while increasing your sense of coolness and pleasant aromas thanks to a drink of water, you can make it more enjoyable for yourself.

12 Food For Healthy Sleep

Now if you have a sleep problem you don’t need to dertlenmen.
According to research published in the medical journal called Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine you “soundly” put to sleep to dietary recommendations (1).
According to the research, the foods you eat can affect sleep.
Saturated fat and sugar rich foods with fiber-poor ones are more unhealthy and often leads to awaken you from your sleep.
26 35 13 male 13 female average age of normal weight, which research was performed on adult.
These 5 days 9 hours (7 to 10 in the evening in the morning) sleep in the laboratory for 7 hours and 35 minutes per day on average, and the woman they slept.
Participants in the five-night “polysomnography” they were followed up, during this time, brain waves, heart rate, breathing and oxygen levels, eye and leg movements were recorded.
The data of the participants, on the fourth day after eating the food prepared by a nutritionist, and were evaluated on the fifth night, after eating all the food they want.
Of the respondents of the study applied to a controlled diet in the first 4 days, 17 minutes, 5. after being allowed to eat what you want Day 29 minutes they were asleep.
Foods affect your body clock
Research of sugary foods with the body’s internal clock affects the body’s core temperature and melatonin secretion at night shows the change in.
A lack of sleep raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and it also is known to increase the appetite.
Thus, not only awake but also have an incentive to have kept unhealthy foods unhealthy foods is going to introduced to a vicious circle.
Without enough sleep, the hunger hormone known as “the bride” and this leads to increasing the amount of eating more.
According to research, how much uyunur the very next day, less calories are needed.
These results, Healthy Diet, Healthy that shows how important they are for sleep.
Here are 12 food for a good night’s sleep
Peas: very low in saturated fats, fiber is very rich. 0.1 grams of saturated fat and 7 grams of fiber in a bowl of peas and staff.
Artichokes: artichokes are sugar, 1.3 grams of saturated fat is zero. 7 grams of fiber. It is also beneficial the stem of the artichokes.
Black-Eyed Peas: one cup has 3.9 grams of sugar and 0.4 grams of saturated fat in black while the amount of fiber 29 grams. How much you eat, the better you will sleep.
Lentils: lentils contain 0.2 grams of saturated fat while a tablespoon of sugar and 1 gram fiber does not.
Broccoli is a stalk of 0.1 grams of saturated fat, 2.6 grams of sugar and 3.9 grams of fibre include.
Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts in a serving of 0.1 grams of saturated fat, 1.9 grams of sugar and 3.3 include Gmail
Raspberries: raspberries has 8 grams of fiber in a bowl of sugar and 5 grams of saturated fat.
Avocado: an avocado 2.9 grams saturated fat, 0.4 grams sugar, and 9 grams of fiber. Not ideal, if it still is not bad.
A cup of blackberries blackberries and 9 grams of sugar 7 grams of fiber, but has zero saturated fat.
Oatmeal: in a bowl, on average, 0.5 grams saturated fat, 1.1 grams fiber and 4 grams of sugar.
Pears: a medium pear 6 grams of sugar and 17 grams of fiber, zero grams of saturated fat they contain.
Whole wheat pasta: unlike standard spaghetti, whole wheat spaghetti saturated fat, 1 gram of sugar and 6 grams fiber.
Let’s see the result
A: all of these foods are healthy, especially from the vegetable class, I have one thing to say to those.
Provided in moderation, whole grain products, thanks to the vilification of saturated fats but I disagree.
On the contrary, the effects of saturated fat on blood sugar for healthy sleep to keep satiated for a long time and are not “essential” I believe they’re.
Here “healthy saturated fats” saturated fat in the USA because I’ve got to say that the mention of sausages, salami, ham and processed meats such as it is understood it is not possible for them to claim to be healthy.
TWO: the other wrong, every separate organ, every function of the body for the diet to be recommended!
Healthy living is a whole, and every organ and body function separately for if you give a diet, you would not be able to find the way home.
Fed like a man, like a man live!

Research News in the media:

10 Suggestions For Healthy Eating In Ramadan

Olcay dietitian in Peace, without destroying our health by providing a variety of nutrients to keep healthy and what we need to do fasting told;
Hot and humid weather dehydrates: Especially along with an increase in temperature and humidity in the body, sweating is more. However, increased fluid between the hours of Iftar and sahur with your needs to complete 2-2,5 liter (10 to 14 cups) of water are required.
Tea, coffee and fruit juice consumption should be reduced: excessive tea and coffee consumption would increase the body’s fluid needs because in the month of Ramadan the consumption should be restricted. Buttermilk can be consumed as a source of mineral water and also liquid. However, the consumption of fruit juices and carbonated beverages should be restricted. Especially weight problems, or low blood sugar values needs to be run out of juice in the height of living. It is suggested that due to the caffeine and sugar in fizzy drinks to be consumed.
Important to get up during the meal: to get up before sunrise during the month of Ramadan while fasting, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet. Didn’t get up before sunrise, or just drink water and sleep, prolonged fasting 20 hours on top of the duration of poses. As a result, the fasting blood sugar fall faster in the days that causes inefficiency.
Breakfast should be a conservative tough Sahur: Sahur until the time of iftar the meal calorie content in consume foods with more unhealthy than the body makes. The suhoor meal is a light breakfast that contains high quality protein and are the property of Tok holder on the content of the egg will help reduce the feeling of hunger until the inclusion of Iftar. At the same time, the consumption of fruit during the day will help to ensure the support of essential vitamins and minerals to the body.
3 should be placed in between the Iftar and sahur meals a day: during the day the AC to raise the metabolic rate of physique for a very long time falling in the period between Iftar and sahur food should be consumed at least three meals a day. 1 bowl of soup opened with the iftar meal that will be given at least a 15-20 minute break and then the main meal when it is consumed indigestion, bloating does not happen. Mostly the foods consumed to be stored as fat also is prevented. After 1.5 hours on the average consumption of the main dining meals also weight a little in terms of protection will be effective Dec.
Blood sugar must be balanced iftar: the iftar meal in that food will raise your blood sugar as balanced preferences should be made. For example rice, high on the glycemic index such as white bread preferences instead of making rice, whole-grain bread such as whole wheat pasta or healthy choices must be made.
Healthy food choice must be made: choosing healthy food is important to prevent weight gain during Ramadan. Unhealthy cooking methods such as roasting instead of frying and grilled, boiled, steamed and baked foods made with cooking methods should be preferred.
Instead of churro desserts: dessert of the increased blood sugar falling until Iftar time due to the need to consume, it is important to make healthy choices. The amounts of syrup instead of heavy desserts servings-balanced, fresh milk, gullac, fruit desserts or ice cream to eat more healthy choices.
Constipation to be a problem: changes in diet, constipation and common digestive liquid consumption also dispersed into the day in the month of Ramadan cannot be a problem. To prevent constipation, the meals foods that are high in fiber content (legumes, salads), fruit consumption should be neglected meal in Dec.
The digestive system runs walking: brisk walking 2 hours after the iftar meal to be made of the functioning of the digestive system can help slight, but mean blood pressure the blood pressure, weight control helps to ensure at the same time.

During Menopause, Healthy Eating In Step 5

Menopause comes to the end of monthly periods in women, the cessation of ovulation as a result of the reduction of the female hormone estrogen as a result of a natural period of life that is experienced. Menopause usually varies between 48-55 years, but fat women can be seen early in. As a result of the reduction of estrogen osteoporosis, weight gain, problems like cardiovascular disease can be seen. For this reason spiking is a method that can reduce the effects of menopause, pre-menopause and menopause can bring with sufficient and balanced diet from the period of the difficulties that can be reduced.
Pay attention to calcium intake!
Osteoporosis is a gradual decrease in bone density and to become easily broken. Especially due to the decline in estrogen levels with menopause can result in bone loss. During menopause, estrogen use, women who used those who did not consume 1000 mg per day calcium 1500 mg per day. For example, 200 ml of milk received 240 mg of calcium, while half a bunch of parsley contains 245 mg calcium.
Should be taken for heart health!
Before menopause, along with the effect of LDL cholesterol low-density lipoprotein cholesterol high. However, during menopause, as estrogen is eliminated along with the decrease of the protective effect of the hormone estrogen, LDL, and triglyceride levels may experience a rise in. “Weight gain associated with menopause, increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases. To be brought under the control of weight and blood lipid levels fat, frying and roasting should be avoided foods made with milk and yoghurt to foods such as low-fat ones should be preferred, consumption of vegetables and fruits should be increased.
Weight gain must be controlled
This diet will also slow down the rate of metabolism along with menopause, it is of utmost importance. A hormonal change in the body fat distribution changes, and especially an increase in abdominal fat may increase. 2.5 to 3 hours between meals, your metabolism too will speed up plan to be. Dec therefore the consumption of meals is important. Daily meal diet program should be designed to have 3 Main and 3 Dec. Increasing water consumption is also important for control of weight gain. Daily 2-2,5 lt water should be brought into the habit of drinking.
Physical activity should be increased
Fat in the body, preventing weight gain and cholesterol levels in the blood to be brought under control for the regulation of physical activity is of great importance. Hormonal problems that may occur during menopause and regular sports will help speed up your metabolism and reduce. Step 10 thousand per day are very important in maintaining heart health and in controlling weight gain.
Salt consumption should be reduced
Excessive salt consumption is associated with high blood pressure. More salty foods when consumed can increase your blood pressure should be taken into account. Too much salt can affect blood pressure because it affects the health of your heart. In addition, excessive salt intake increases urinary calcium excretion. A lack of calcium, especially common during the menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis and broken bones. In cases like this the consumption of salt in the diet should be limited. Ready to use spices instead of salt in your food run out of food on the table, you will have salt and olives will help reduce your daily salt consumption to prefer foods such as unsalted.

EXP. MWT. Erçil Sernaz Cakir

Give Importance To A Gluten Free Diet For A Healthy Life

Most of your diet are naturally gluten-free foods should be filled with. In your diet, celiac disease gluten-free bread, cookies, sugar-free biscuits and pasta, try adding. Each patient of the same features typical of celiac disease. However, in general, gas, bloating, and weight loss may experience.
Wheat, barley and rye avoid. Also quality quinoa grains, corn or potato-based breads, gluten-free oats, millet, rice and buckwheat.
All vegetables are naturally gluten-free. High in terms of minerals, vegetables, zucchini, Yesil beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes.
Add variety to your diet by trying to eat new fruits. Watermelon, kiwi, star fruit, mango, Clementine tangerines, and melons, you can add fruits such as pomegranates.
Dairy products
Plain quality dairy products milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream and ricotta cheese. Some yogurts containing gluten can also contain additives, so check labels to be sure if you should and if you have problems with lactose, soy products you would like to try but in this case it may create a problem for these vulnerable people.
The beans enjoy! Black beans, navy beans, pinto beans, sea beans, and white beans soup canned beans and flour and check the labels for additives I use it on use.
Re-look at the tag on the fish, you will need to. Avoid you. Preparing the fish fillets in the pan of breadcrumbs remaining white flour.
Beef, chicken, pork and most meats, such as Turkey, gluten-free form. Make sure that the meat has been subjected to processing. Sausages, hot dogs, have lunch, packaged meats and other wheat based fillers is to understand that the labels notice.
A Gluten Free Diet Must Be Followed For Life List

Menu Suggestions For A Healthy Lunchbox

Eating foods which are students in school? Healthy eating is what should be in your bag? Here are some sample menus from experts lunchbox…
The opening of schools during this period of time, on the minds of most parents during the holidays diet of residence of the children, there is the fear that they will lose this order when the school opened. Emre dietitian lunchbox with the appropriate suggestions however long able to maintain the diet of children.
Breakfast should not be neglected
The effects of this habit in children at school age starts and continues throughout life eating habits. The importance of breakfast for adults and children is huge. After a long sleep breakfast is the first meal that comes after 8-12 hours of starvation. A good breakfast enables it to operate better brain functions. Eggs is a food that contains the essential proteins that are required for the body. Children every day breakfast 1 hard-boiled eggs or low-fat protein will help you meet the requirements to consume an omelet. Cheese and eggs as well as milk also needs protein; bread, carbohydrates, and also low-sugar cereal fruit; olives, almonds, walnuts, such as oil seeds or oil will contribute to the requirement.

Healthy eating is what should be in your bag?
Children’s school lunch boxes or snacks instead of sandwiches with plenty of Mayo and fat in do not opt for appealing their attention to the fact that it is important to prepare a lunchbox.
1. Alternative: children pies, pastry cemented the style of the foods which can be consumed easily in love. Do your home-low-fat muffins and pastries you can enhance by putting a plate of vegetables they don’t like to consume. Next you put yogurt in a small bowl with fruit compote with a favorite fruit or less sugar in your child’s appetite will open.
2. Alternative: whole-grain bread prepared with cheese toast, fruit yogurt, prepared with chilli oil next to your own fruits, seeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), which also can be an appetizing menu for the kids. Oil seeds B vitamins, minerals, foods that are rich in fats and proteins. At the same time they give a huge amount of energy. They contain mono and polyunsaturated fats in the form of fats because the beneficial effects. If he doesn’t like your child to consume eggs made into omelet, toast in a little oil you can put in.
3. Alternative: whole-grain bread prepare with chicken or tuna, and tomato sandwich with plenty of greens you can prepare a menu of the buttermilk with the dry fruits. Next to sleep with buttermilk will not effect foods. You may prefer desserts with milk instead of buttermilk. Children love to consume sugary foods. In their canteen, the wafer and chocolate dairy desserts such as rice pudding or the pudding to avoid having to change to colorize with their lunch boxes. You make yourself at home hazelnut, pecan pies and cookies and can be added to the lunch box.

Lunchbox menus for example:
2-3 slices of vegetable pie, 1 cup yogurt, dried fruit
Cheese toast, fruit, yogurt, handful of nuts or almonds 1
Tuna sandwich with sour cream, buttermilk, dried fruit
Home 2-3 pieces minced quiche, fruit, a chicken sandwich with sweet milk, buttermilk, pecan pie and House
The Lunchbox freshest and healthiest products’too!


10 Commandments For A Healthy Diet

1. Do not skip meals. Frequent and eat less. Every day, three main, two meals Dec the most suitable choice.
2. Eating a balanced and varied do not compromise. White flour, avoid sugar and starchy foods. Enough protein in each meal (meat and dairy products). Two servings of fruits and vegetables eat at least three servings of every day. (1 serving of fruit a tennis ball, with vegetables should be the size of a fist.)
3. Healthy, less processed and unsaturated oils (especially olive oil) is preferred. Take advantage of nuts, but nuts are fatty foods and consume in the decision. Full-fat dairy products, Cream, Cream, stay away from saturated fats such as fatty meats. Trans fats (fast food, chips, bakery and patisserie products) do not take your hand. Omega-6 oils (sunflower, corn oil, cottonseed oil) avoid.
4. Plenty of food, don’t forget to add the vinegar and lemon. Vinegar and lemon reduces the glycemic load, weight gain slows down. Limit your use of salt. Salt and eat it too, and increases water retention.
5. Don’t make any meal with a salad, with. Don’t buy food salad. A piece with salad-protein foods (meat, chicken, fish, yogurt, cheese) you need to eat. Add oil to your salads. Say no to mayonnaise and prepared sauce. Teaspoon olive oil until one of our experts or walnuts, and flax seed oil mixture suggests.
6. Never fry your meals. Stay away from the fries. Instead of fries, steamed in water for a long time boiling, baking or boiling method. No flour or bread flour find food, the more fat you gain. Your reputation into the sauce ready in no time. Ready cakes, pastry, pie, don’t eat. If you’d have a craving make yourself at home, and with a small piece of the Yeti’s. Your needs fruit yogurt dessert -prepare yourself-, added sweetener and coffee yogurt, milk, with honey to troubleshoot. Our experts stick with fruits,” he says.
7. Abundant and frequent water. Consume water as they come to mind. Water is inexpensive, both no-calorie drink. When you are tired of water, fruit tea, herbal teas, tea and especially Yesil is at your disposal. It’s not the coffee, extreme fear. Even a two cups of coffee can speed up your metabolism. If you exceed two cups per day is recommended. Even 100 percent fruit juice concentrate and no sugar added fruit juices while dieting, it is useful to stay away from. All types of beverages sold in bottles and cans-water, except it has more sugar in it. Also diet drinks are also not recommended.
8. Reduce your evening meal, your last meal of the day before going to bed for at least two to three hours to complete before it is useful. You’re not supposed to use alcohol while dieting. If you shake very much-social reasons, fun times, are organized awards given – don’t settle with a glass of wine.
9. One of the important points installed low-glycemic carbohydrates, protein and wholesome fats to eat with manage. While dieting, potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta made from flour from, stay away from foods made with white flour. Avoid large meals. Eat less, good quality and nice things to eat. After an hour or two if you are hungry, you can eat again. If you have to eat the second food portions of a protein (fish, meat, yogurt, cheese) is preferred.
10. Other suggestions: do not weigh every day. Sex once a week -two at most – is sufficient. Lose weight, look better, feel better, or move to a better spot to aim for for your health. Don’t be afraid to make getaways from time to time, but do not repeat mistakes often. More natural weed-Yesil leafy foods; basil, thyme, etc. – and spice-garlic, onion, pepper, peppers, mustard – use.