In Step 5 Destroy Your Heart!

The accumulation of fat in the belly area formed as a result of man or woman in the image is an image that everyone dislikes. Irregular eating, eating larger amounts after prolonged starvation or excess weight the fact that is the place where the result is stored does not change. MWT. Nilberk Karaman, gave advice to those who want to get rid of belly.

Reduce or completely remove your consumption of fluids during meals.

The stomach is like a balloon. If you put you how much food your stomach is just as great. A menu of dishes that occupies a volume of 3 CC 650-750 average prior to, during, and after drinking water, buttermilk, soda, or tea if you add 1 liter of the volume of liquids such as reaches. This will also work your abdominal muscles every meal and even more growth in your stomach if you do not, after a while to create the image of the belly leads.

Don’t expect to be hungry to eat.

After feeding a meal on an empty stomach, the immediate removal of physiological needs. A hungry person eat or eat less so will not be very meaningful. If you sit down to dinner without waiting to get hungry, and will decrease the amount you eat and also your digestion and your bowel movements will breathe easier.

Breaking down your meals to eat.

Although for today’s working people appear unlikely, although it is actually possible. How?
2-course dinner instead of for lunch eat 1 cup and bread, side salad, or fruit or yogurt to get is actually sufficient. After 3-4 hours add 1 cup sweet milk, such as plain biscuits or dry fruits or that you will 4-5 light snacks at lunch you don’t receive 2. keep the location of the container and will prevent you from sitting open for dinner.

The same meal in a high-volume foods do not take together.

1 bowl soup, usually 1,5 scoop and 250 CDI. Beside it when you add the 1 cup yogurt + salad and also when you put 250 cc + 500 cc, is added. Products such as high fiber whole wheat products, of course, but all of them essential for health it would be a big mistake to get in a single meal. Instead, you are about to drink the soup with the meal instead of yogurt or buttermilk meat group, a fruit salad to add to the group instead of your stomach volume will prevent the growth of a single meal.

Sip the juice is not blood.

Recommended daily water consumption may change according to the person, although on the bottom of the 2 liters you should not basic land. However, if I’m gonna drink 2 liters of water per day stomach should not be filled with water. A complete glass of water, hook a sister up hook a sister up instead of looking for the sink to sip water and drinking water drinking water in the body to be more efficient and allow longer use.

Stay Away from Depression and Protect Your Heart!

If you have not seen a person with a heart attack before, for someone who has a crisis, the first image revived in your mind is similar to that of a movie scene. A man holding his chest with his hand suddenly slumps over the floor; The diagnosis is heart attack. It is believed that the heart attack is seen in men rather than women. This partially correct information does not mean that women will not have a heart attack. Our body gives us signals about what’s going on. The important thing is to read these messages correctly and timely. Male and female body systems are different. Therefore, the same disease can give different signs in two sexes. Heart attack is one of them. If you have problems such as fatigue, heartburn, indigestion, sudden dizziness and poor quality sleep; they may indicate that you are at risk of heart attack. However, those who live up to the symptoms of these symptoms are connected to different reasons. Stress, busy work and city life are among the reasons. However, these are the signals that need attention. The causes of heart attack in women can be listed as follows:
Fatigue is one of the most frequently reported conditions in today’s conditions. The side effects of insomnia, flu and the medications you use can make you feel tired. But the real reason for your complaint is not to be one of them. According to a study on women who had a heart attack; More than 70 percent of women who had a heart attack stated that they experienced a feeling of fatigue in the pre-crisis period.
If you go to bed at night you can not sleep immediately and this situation, a daily period rather than a long period covers; you must pay attention. A study on women with heart attack; he points out that women should pay attention to the problem of insomnia. According to this research; Almost half of the women who had a heart attack said that they had a period of insomnia that continued for some time before the heart attack.
In the course of your routine activities during the day, if you started to experience difficulties compared to the previous one and the most obvious change that bothers you, if the shortness of breath, never leave this situation. Research conducted; shortness of breath, which cannot be attributed to a known condition, and develops at an unexpected time, may indicate a risk of heart attack for women. If you have a complaint of breathlessness as well as completely independent cough, it may be a signal that you should take seriously.
Your diet and stomach ailments you already have; heartburn can cause you to live. If the symptoms of heartburn or indigestion that you have not experienced before have begun to develop, do not overturn this condition. A study on women who have had a heart attack shows that women who experience sudden (sudden) heartburn and indigestion should be careful. According to the survey, almost 40 percent of women who had a heart attack reported experiencing heartburn or indigestion in the pre-crisis period.
In addition to heartburn, unreasonable nausea and vomiting are among the symptoms of heart attack observed in women. One of the studies that examined the symptoms of the period before the heart attack shows that women live twice as often as gastrointestinal system diseases compared to men. In this case, women who suffer from unexplained heartburn, indigestion, nausea and vomiting should pay twice as much attention.
In today’s conditions, depression, internal narrowing and unnecessary anxiety; frequently encountered situations. Panic attack, which has a significant increase in the incidence, is one of the psychological disorders which are easily confused with heart attack. As I mentioned before, if you do not have a known reason, you should take it seriously.
A study on women who have had a heart attack draws attention to the fact that women who experience unresponsive anxiety and internal contraction should be cautious. According to this survey conducted by the survey method, the majority of women who had a heart attack declared that they experienced anxiety and internal contraction in the pre-crisis period.
You can increase your risk of having a heart attack. If you have ailments or habits like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, smoking addiction and malnutrition, you don’t have to wait for the insidious signals mentioned above. Each of these conditions indicates that you are at risk of heart attack. Early treatment of such diseases, which can have fatal consequences, saves lives. In particular, the symptoms that women should be aware of, if already developed in the presence of a discomfort, they need to pay attention to twice. Keep in mind that the heart is a center that feeds all other systems. If he’s okay, it’s all good.
Heart attack …

Heart and Vascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death on a global scale and are expected to continue to be the number one cause of death for a long time. According to World Health Organization data, it is estimated that 17.5 million people died due to cardiovascular diseases in 2005 and this figure constitutes 0 of global deaths.
While it is not possible to change some risk factors such as family history, age and gender, you can avoid a heart problem in the future by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
A study by researchers at the University of Cardiff to investigate the impact of environmental factors on chronic diseases revealed that a healthy diet, regular exercise, low body weight, a cigarette-free and low-alcohol lifestyle reduced the risk of many chronic diseases, especially heart disease.

Here are 5 important nutritional alert to reduce the risk of heart disease!

Stay away from saturated fats and trans fats;

Decreasing the trans-fat intake of HDL cholesterol (benign) increases LDL cholesterol (malignant), increasing the blood cholesterol levels of saturated fats increases your risk of developing heart disease. Trans fats are hydrogenated by chemical means. Ready-to-eat foods, pastry products, fats. You can check the product label to see if it contains trans fat. Saturated fat consumption should not exceed the daily calorie intake.

Flaxseed, avocado, mackerel and salmon are the most important sources of w-3. W-3 protects you from heart diseases and diabetes by reducing inflammation in the body.

Eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day;

Vegetables and fruits help to prevent the formation of free radicals with the contents of vitamins and minerals in antioxidant structure.

Increase the consumption of fiber (fiber);

Whole-grain foods help you lower your blood cholesterol levels with its beta-glucan, as well as its high fiber content.

Reduce salt consumption;

Excess salt consumption leads to increased blood pressure. High blood pressure is the leading risk factor of heart disease, which is the most important cause of death and disease burden in our country. The World Health Organization states that the targets for the daily intake of salt in dietary intake should be <5 g / day. In the SALTurk study conducted in our country, the daily salt consumption was found to be 18 g / day. Bread, traditional products (pickles, pickled, canned, etc.), cheese and other processed products are prepared to prepare food and added to the table overload salt is thought to be.