6 Must Have Holiday Food In Your Kitchen To Reduce Weight!

In a short time after the holidays to give yourself for weight you fit, healthy –a balanced diet with a program you must remember that you need to lose weight. Fast and low-nutrient content, losing weight causes your body to come under stress. Therefore, enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains, milk and meat group Foods varieties, serving size on your nutrition program must be appropriate for your needs.
To lose weight a high amount of vitamin C at the time of the request with the ratio of grapefruit pulp in the gut of fat in your body helps. Increases the feeling of satiety, and the meal is more than enough –balanced ensures that it is completed. You should choose fruit instead of fruit juice meals himself Dec. Every day, you must add 1-2 slices of grapefruit and consume drinking water 1.
Because of longer duration of digestion in the body increases the amount of energy spent on it. White or purple cabbage-it reinforces the immune system. Over the holiday period due to an increase in meat consumption and carbs in your body will increase edema. Edema is a choice to throw healthy vegetable cabbage varieties. Boil the cabbage ,soup, add to salads, or crushed red pepper as a main course 2 times per week, and you can consume it by adding lemon juice.
Healthy eating every day in your program that should be valuable fruit. Mail your sense of satiety because of high rate increases. By paying attention to the serving size you will consume the number of grams of Apple 1 should be between 150-200. Not necessarily every day, you should consume 1. Throw apples in the autumn months edema with dry mate tea to increase your rate of weight loss you can consume. When you feel the need for sweet, and cinnamon and cooked in the oven or boil, you must add tuketebilir.
Individuals who want to lose weight and diabetes ( sugar disease ) autumn –during the winter months in the group that has the highest sediment rate needs to eat that fruit a healthy fruit. Sweet as jam and not be able to increase the amount of fat deposition. You must eat the fruit itself. If you are struggling to consume raw or you can boil along with cinnamon and cooked in the oven you can consume.
In the autumn months by strengthening your immunity to lose weight you must eat a salad or as a meal 2 times per week. The pulp is high in antioxidant vitamins and minerals rich vegetable broccoli with a stress on the body helps to lose weight before I go under. To avoid bloating and indigestion because it is a sulfurous vegetable your meals by adding 1 teaspoon of cumin tuketebilir.
Fish, omega-3 and due to being rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, while maintaining your cardiovascular and digestive health allows you to lose weight. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the consumption of red meat is consumed varieties of fish that more times then 3 times a week helps to detoxify your body. The fish always consume the main meal, you will have a variety of salad and vegetables according to the season by ensuring that you should plan meals Yesil. Your fish steamed, oven, or grill you should cook.


To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The feast of the period we are available to take most weight. Experts, holiday weight gain if you don’t, you can …
Craving hard here for the feast of dietitian’s suggestions:
Breakfast start your day with a beautiful holiday. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, definitely skip it but don’t overdo it should not be exaggerated. The proper amount for breakfast with cheese, olives, rye bread or wheat flour which are rich in vitamin C. alongside tomatoes, garlic, parsley should be consumed.
The table will be red meat on the feast of the sacrifice necessarily, but the important thing is how the meat was made. Meat cooked by roasting or frying and are hard to digest, and also vitamins and minerals should not be consumed because it would be a waste of as much as possible. Yesil and lemon sauce with plenty of meat grilled or boiled low-fat meat and salad or vegetables only to eat the right option will be.
If the sacrificial meat is difficult to digest when it is consumed without resting, the more bloating in the stomach when consumed, can cause problems such as indigestion. Cut the meat to rest for 1-2 days in the refrigerator after cooking will make digestion easier, and reduces the time.
We can start the meal with soup. The capacity of the volume will lead to less food to fill the stomach of soup. As possible high fibre vegetable soups prefer.
Rice, pasta, dumplings, ravioli is a prerequisite for holiday meals again, even if consumed should be consumed as little as possible if I have to be the ones to stop the rise in whole wheat should be preferred to rapid weight.
Yogurt is easier to digest the food to increase the feeling of satiety and next to buttermilk, yogurt, or yoghurt should be consumed as a vegetable dish with.
For dessert with the proper amount of sweet milk should be preferred. Desserts that may cause you to gain weight because of high level of calories should be taken into consideration. Sugary, excessive consumption of oily crust and chocolate desserts, hypertension, diabetes and heart and vascular diseases and has a negative impact on laying the groundwork for your dental health.
Visits, by refusing to give every dessert on offer, among them milk and fruit and small portions of desserts to choose which is the lightest it’s still a healthy choice.Visits on offer, tea, coffee, too much of caffeinated drinks such as COLA should not be consumed. Herbal teas should be preferred. Experiencing problems especially digestive tea digestive can get support from. 1 cup of boiled water until 1 teaspoon fennel, lemon peel, 1/2 tsp grated ginger 1-2 cloves and add, and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, warm after it becomes 1/4 by adding lemon juice can consume. Te consume unsweetened drinks will prevent more fat gain.
Not to neglect the secretion of your blood sugar regular meals at the feast for the Dec. Thus, the main meals will not be loaded to more and rapid weight gain will be prevented. Increased intake of fiber in fruits and milk or yogurt meal should opt for Dec.
Holiday treats should be consumed carefully which is one of the nuts and the nuts are in weight with many benefits if consumed in excess quantity when it is appropriate to trigger growth. Dec 10-15 units per day as meal as nuts, almonds, or walnuts 1 small chickpeas can be consumed.
Water is essential to ensure both digestion and the body’s metabolism, drink 2 to 2.5 liters per day should be taken as having dinner with people, instead of water and decrease the amount of drinks on offer should be preferred.
A feeling of fullness felt in 20 minutes, since the food should be eaten slowly.
Visits, a part of the food on offer we should be able to say no to people you live with remorse to create the choice and your preferences.

It’s Time To Give Holiday Weight

Did you spend all winter doing the diet? Probably you’ve been trying to get into shape. Did you do your meal did pay attention to both both sport. Maybe it’s always the same weight. And the summer came, and you’ve had a great vacation. However, you got the weight back on vacation in the winter. During the holiday season, stress reduction, relaxation request, hiking, swimming, riding a bike, such as the level of activity by triggering an increase in appetite could lead to weight gain and an increase in more. Note that this is a part of living and eating healthy is always try to make healthy choices on vacation. If you were unable to control your weight by eating necessarily check weighing. Fulya Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet expert if what you see on the scale scares you, consider the recommendations of the lawmaker who loves Marilyn. Because of the holiday that you receive the weight in the body is stored as brown fat tissue, and with a healthy diet, quickly can be lost.
You should give how to lose weight after the holidays?
Do not skip meals: usually people thinks he’s going to lose weight by eating nothing to lose weight, and they don’t pay attention to the meal. However, as your reason to skip meals to lose weight less energy purchases for that day looks like he’s bursting, despite the fact your metabolic rate slows down. This error is a major diet. Anything not to consume the meal, you feel hunger when your next meal your blood sugar will increase the degree ducked falling on you and pushes you to unhealthy food preferences. Excessive eating for hunger that ends with the end of every note! Breakfast, lunch and pay attention to a variety of food for dinner and of course don’t leave without taking your portion control
Not ogunsuz Dec: breakfast, lunch, dinner, although short, mostly in the afternoon until dinner time is longer. In the afternoon, tiny cheese sandwich whole grain, oatmeal, fresh fruit with muesli, fresh fruit, walnut interior, raw nuts, almonds, unsalted peanuts healthy by consuming low-calorie and make healthy choices for dinner meals such as Dec.
Water does not neglect your body: the importance of water during the summer months, which accounts for more than half of the increases. The increase of water that is lost through sweat, especially when added to inadequate fluid intake, impairing the operation of the digestive system, constipation, bloating causes such as edema and weight increase. Your bowel the regulation of work payment in order to cope with hunger and get rid of at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water consumed.
Eat meals slowly: if you eat fast, you’re a healthy appetite and beware! After dinner, however, a feeling of fullness occurs after 20 minutes. Chew food well and eat slowly by consuming less food portions if you will be filled too.
Simple sugar control: Weight at the beginning most of the nutrients that triggers your intake of table sugar, jam, honey, molasses, comes from foods that contain simple carbohydrates such as candy. Sugary foods especially the rapid blood due to interference is responsible for the lubrication around the waist. Most of the foods also contain sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals, it does not give a feeling of fullness from pulp because he is poor; more often causes of hunger to be heard.
The protein is missing in the table: Protein Foods causes an increase in metabolic rate after eating and the energy expenditure of the body increases. Eggs, cheese, yogurt, meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, such as holding and full of high-quality protein you consume foods that contain the loss of body fat supports.
But healthy carbohydrates: bread, pasta, noodles, quinoa and also buckwheat, oats, such as controlling your blood sugar, especially when consumed with healthy carbohydrates, frequent hunger, dizziness, fatigue, get rid of the desire to consume sweet at the same time you would feel full while losing weight. After the holidays weight while you exercise with the consumption of these foods Grain Group limit according to the energy you spend on it, but it’s definitely carb-free diet do not use. To ensure permanent weight loss which is important for your health, since unhealthy diet give up.
Account must have servings of fruit: fruits of fructose content, glycemic impact of sugar into the bloodstream digested by the body quickly and is high and type. A rise in blood sugar when consumed in excess, frequent hunger, weight loss process by causing to request to make it more difficult to consume more sweet. The content of water in the Fruit, Vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber, and a few of the health benefits of antioxidant nutrients lower your cholesterol, gives you the feeling of satiety and regulation of the digestive system. Therefore, include at least 2-3 servings of fresh fruit a healthy weight loss program.
Regular exercise: regular exercise in your body by providing energy and happiness as well as the regulation of hormones controlling appetite supports weight loss. After the holiday back, in the lumbar region especially if you are suffering from the lubrication the first option exercise, 3-4 times a week 40-45 minutes cardio weighted walking, swimming, cycling, Zumba dance workout including such as must. Your allocation of regional body fat, if not, next Nov of this exercise strength, flexibility, and increase your metabolism rate also yoga, Pilates exercises such as 3 days a week.
Take the time to eat: the backlog of things to do at home and at work… after the holidays, if you have children the school plans, etc. then on the one hand, wants to give you weight on vacation, so how so I could finish the job scheme can be broken if you are stressing out your food; you may prefer a quick snack. But this is a trap for you to lose weight. Because rest and meal breaks during the day helps to control your appetite and control your stress and give you a small opportunity to creates. While eating your meals and take time for yourself at least 30 minutes of television, telephone, stay away from technological tools, such as a computer. In this way, it is easier to lose weight after the holidays.


Simple Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Buffet, which is challenging for most of us the holiday period began. You go on vacation to a hotel with open buffet and lose weight? Some simple but effective tips to lose weight during the holiday season, Fatma stating to not get outlined.
Your lunch or dinner buffet many delicious meals. Only 1 kind of food with a little calorie you can consume each day and love you. The other meal, you should choose a menu that’s healthy and low in calories. You go, you can eat a special meal at the hotel or the city for that region. But ubiquitous, simple and-calorie meals do not consume. The heat of summer, cold drinks are indispensable. Choose one of these only 1 a day and up to 1 cup. If you need liquid, by drinking water you must meet. You should consume approximately 2.5 liters of water per day.

Of course it wouldn’t be a vacation type dondurmasiz. Dec 2 servings of fruits or meals you can consume 2-3 scoops of ice cream mixed fruit plate meal summer to be Dec a good option. Finally, of course sports. You can increase your daily activity and even you can lose weight, you should consider the holiday period. Swim in the day and increase your activity by making a walk in the evening.
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