Avoid Foods That Makes You Hungry!

Some foods, however, the “others” don’t feed, on the contrary makes us hungry. When they eat makes you eat more. Well, who is this ‘some’ and what about these foods?
After a short period of time, some meals, are getting hungry, and worse, without getting up from the table, “I wonder what should I eat?” if you’re starting to wonder if, with your refrigerator or “intimate” not even, “a passionate affair”… if you are having drowsiness, especially after meals, internal withdrawal, confusion, irritability, sweating, complains of problems such as headaches, to eat less even though you have when you’ve received quick weight regular exercise, even if you think it was difficult for me to lose weight, please don’t blame yourself, “man, I’m the greedy one” or something to say don’t try!
It’s not just you, “your food” in the food selection may be in the wrong. Eating and drinking for your question! Certain foods you have them so that “others” don’t feed, on the contrary makes us hungry. When they eat makes you eat more. Well, who this “someone” and “what about the food?” Here you go…
Are you the only person insulin?
First, “the precise foods who?” let me answer that question: some people the pancreas “genetic” as “to produce excessive insulin” is very sensitive to the programmatic and blood sugar rise (according to me, I have this problem in one of every three adults). Even when the next light meals sugar increase, the pancreas produces insulin, excess blood sugar as soon as you arise in the blood, excessive insulin pumps. When you’re hungry, even those people that have high levels of insulin “hyperinsulinemia”, “insulin resistance”, “the glycemic index” concept, to meet urgently and immediately required.
The reason this is…
Normally in the first hours after dinner insulin values in the blood level on average 40-50 units not exceeding this “unlucky” people in 100%, 200% and we have over 500 people we can go). Glands the pancreas to produce excessive insulin, which is genetically programmed this “insulin only” if they are unable to realize in time if people have genetic defects, especially the “flour, sugar, starch” foods and beverages that contain severe immediately after a trio of “hypoglycemia” episodes of began to experience. If the attack is the first sign of “early and often, even now is starving.
Question your genetic heritage!
Mostly my family (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and some of them grandmothers or great-grandfather of some) has a history of diabetes. The genetic defect in question with age, particularly 50 passes become apparent. A still life, poor nutrition conditions, waist-tummy as you take off weight if it is incorrect leads to the emergence of the defect earlier.
If the genetic problem is not noticed in time in question, also flour, sugar, starch loaded foods after a while if they continue to eat and drink, “eat when you feel hungry, eat food” the cycle begins to grow your belly, the thickening of the waist (100 cm in men, 88 cm in women), continues. Well, in the end is what? Diabetes Type 2 diabetes will be hidden after the first. Already we are living in the last quarter-century is the fact that the reason for the explosion of diabetes: improper diet makes us hungry for that food BASED! In the box you can find the list of nutrients that makes you hungry.
Foods that’s what makes us hungry?

White bread
White sugar
Pies, muffins, pancakes
Biscuits, Gris
Cake, cookies
Rice pilaf
Cheesy pasta
Food made with flour
Any famous-sugary snacks
Desserts, especially desserts famous
Very sweet fruits
Fruit juices
All kinds of sugary drinks
Fried potatoes

Note: food and beverages, especially in this excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) and insulin resistance and those with people must stay away.


Why Am I Always Hungry?

The most obvious reason for the feeling of hunger even though you may be approaching the time for the next meal, the reasons for these feelings may occur because of several different circumstances. Still feeling hungry or not eating regularly and often is missing if you feel hungry, you may be sending signals to eat more than your body needs.
If organic foods in your diet, whole grains, fruits and vegetables contain all the colors of the rainbow, or to cover if he doesn’t, of course, your hunger may cause. ‘Your body to feel satiated vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats needs.
Emotional Hunger
For many people, emotional eating is considered an activity. Some people call that stress, sadness, anger and irritability in response to cases of makes. While initially these seem to the food you eat to soothe feelings, the most deep bilmekteyiz all too well that it is not the solution.
Your emotional hunger if you are one who feels he has to eat when the urge occurs by creating a log of your feelings, you can help me get past the connection between your emotions and eating. If you recognize your own behavior, such as meditation classes for stress relief emotional junk food when hunger attacks instead of attacking, you can take steps towards the resolution of the real issues.
Lack Of Sleep
Another cause of hunger is not getting enough sleep attacks. When you’re not getting sufficient sleep, the body begins to produce high levels of ghrelin which is a hormone that triggers hunger. Lack of sleep also to turn to sugary and salty snacks to start eating is linked to requests, such as designed.
Water Loss
Some people make the mistake of mixing the feeling of thirst with hunger. Every day, you should be sure to drink 8 to 10 glass of water. Because water loss, increase the feeling of hunger may cause. Beverages except water, because water loss tends to increase in the day coffee, tea and consume a lot of beverages such as juice, drinking more water, you should make it up to me
Acidic Drinks
If you are constantly consuming acidic drinks, the best way is to stop them. Acidic drinks will create the desire to eat more satiety contains several ingredients that affect the body’s mechanism in a way that, for example, with content such as high fructose corn syrup. In addition to all these, it also has the effect that a high water loss will give. Acidic beverages in the diet of the ones in no way a better solution because it is not in the same way artificial sweeteners make you feel hungry.
Gluten Intolerance
Being fed in a normal manner, although still sudden hunger pangs if you are dealing with because of this, gluten sensitivity or even celiac disease undiagnosed you may have. Gluten in some people the body by blocking the absorption of nutrients causes not to get what it needs to function. It is well documented that the symptoms of gluten sensitivity may be linked with attacks of hunger.
Parasites or hormonal imbalances
If a nutritious diet implementing the above factors are outside the scope of hunger and still attacks if you are experiencing the symptoms of hormonal imbalances that can cause insatiable hunger to understand this situation and to rule out whether you have parasites and you should see a medical professional. Your stomach you may be trying to tell you something.


Your Brain, Your Stomach, You Hungry?

Feeling hungry, confused, and the intersection of numerous emotions. And unfortunately (most of the time without even realizing it) to feed our brain not with our stomach, we’ll have to resolve our spiritual hunger not physical. Well, these are two separate our hunger “physical, emotional,” is there a way to figure out? There! Here you go…
* If your hunger, your stomach growled, your sugar to fall (hypoglycemia) your body to your brain “Go eat something!” to send your message if the result is “hunger”the more you get in your stomach at the time full ends. In a feeling of satiety emotional hunger, or brain effectively or Never “Off Message”and give a kind of can’t. If you’re still hungry eat your fill, even though you know that the problem is not in your stomach, the brain reporting.
* In the case of real hunger, eat something to everyone “happiness”, while emotional hunger “food the idea of eating” guilt leads to shame and regret.
* Physical hunger slowly but progressive, guclesen increasingly unbearable as the process develops. When it comes to a certain point gets a reprieve. Emotional hunger develops suddenly. Much of when and why the emergence is incomprehensible. According to the state of feeling may increase or may be postponed or may be masked easily.
* The orders of the brain in emotional hunger and physical hunger of the stomach if it is at the forefront of the instructions. A spiritual hunger in your brain you “I want chocolate, go eat chocolate!” sends an emotional message in the form of. Guruldar if it is physical hunger in your stomach, are drawn to your energy is reduced.
* May occur at any time even when emotional hunger needs to be replaced. Physical hunger (real hunger) is usually a meal for at least 2 hours or later will occur.

Slimming tips
* Television viewing time increases, weight problems are growing. The reason is very simple and familiar things: cooking and watching television less often from the start of people who can’t tend to snack more when. Careful with what you eat and how much emotional eating I turned on the televised ads will be enough, and it is well known that has created a trend of eating for a longer period.
* While eating dinner out “what type of restaurant”s preferred, this is an important issue. Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants makes you eat more!
* Fast food is fattening. The messages to the brain reaches saturation fast eaters before you know the late (the earliest from the first bite 20 minutes) when they consumed more food and eat quick. It is also the most “fast eater”in the hidden, overlooked one that was “insulin resistant” and “hiperinsulinemik person”, which is known as this problem (insulin resistance), one of them “oil making machinery” means that they have.
* Speeding comes quickly! Following a diet program, Weight, weight loss program with the speed that the rate of receipt of the same. For example, “starvation diet” you’ll lose 3-5 pounds in 5 days by doing the same diet who follow the weight back within 3-5 days you will receive.
* Every weight-loss efforts (weight loss metabolism slows with each diet plan. Research without slowing down your metabolism (metabolism without noticing) more than 250 grams per week if you want to lose weight don’t lose weight says!
He forgets that ate your brain!
“Our food memories are flawed! What we’re eating if we’d known, we’d probably eat less. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t leave a trace on the table, after dinner, all evidence had been removed. Usually those who eat and drink in short is meant to be remembered.”
Brian Wansink/Psychologist/Nutrition Conscious
The eye, the egg support
Putin rich fed infants, eye problems, particularly age-related eye problems (e.g. yellow spot disease) were encountered less frequently, and therefore “lutein-zeaxanthin” rich foods “eye-friendly foods” has been considered.
One of the best available natural sources of this pair by the body (maybe the first) eggs! The amount of lutein in the yolk of eggs not very much, but metabolize quickly in the blood and biological respects more useful. Seniors eat eggs 2-3 times per week seems like a useful way to maintain the health of the eye.
Protein-rich breakfast prevents lubrication
According to the results of a recent survey, a protein-rich breakfast prevents your blood sugar levels and lubrication in the young support. Nearly 60 percent of young people not eating at least four times a week. However, experts say breakfast is important in combating obesity.
In a study at the University of Missouri, the impact of breakfast on weight management usual contents was evaluated. Research Manager, School of Health Sciences at the University of Missouri faculty member, Dr. Lady Heather, “35 grams -milk, eggs, low-fat meat such as yoghurt and qualified high – protein breakfast of cereal with milk and teens who eat breakfast eaters are comparing about 15 grams of protein,” says.
Ultimately, a high-protein breakfast and those who prefer the increase in the ratio of body fat blocked, the frequency and amount of eating during the day, lack of the feeling of hunger and alleviate blood sugar levels sabitlestig needs are identified.
Leidy, “the contents of the breakfast habit breakfast in this research had a positive effect on weight management of adolescents without showed. Eating habits at a young age is obtained. If you manage to get proper nutrition habits at an early age-if you like to have breakfast – this lifelong sustainable,” he says.