Immunity Portrays Hunger!

Like the fasting period of 2-4 days could reinvigorate the immune system, it was determined that all repetitive. Chemotherapeutic drug used in the experiments performed on mice given recurrent periods of famine and weakening of the immune system, and mouse reduces mortality; the old was played by the immune system in mice.
In a small pilot study in patients with cancer being starved for 72 hours before chemotherapy, the stem cells showed increased production of white blood cells. Investigator Tanya Dorff says:
“Chemotherapy saves lives, but also serious hasralar to the immune system. This research shows some of the ways that can reduce the harmful effects of hunger.”
Could it be a cure for hunger, cancer and aging?
Research by experts at the University of Southern California who have suffered damage especially to cancer patients to chemotherapy and the immune systems are crucial.
It was known that only the healthy ones hunger ever fully would be useful. In this research, in good health, the elderly and the non-long-term starvation that they can benefit from reveals.
Hunger the body glucose, fatty acids, and ketones called, encourages them to consume organic compounds; the aged, weakened or damaged immune system is the destruction of cells. Due to the lack of white blood cells, stem cells can create new cells ensures.
Hunger and aging that are relevant to “PKA” enzymes and cancer risk and tumor growth enhancing effects named “insulin-like growth factor” (IGF-1), reducing it.
Let’s see the result
Intermittent hunger especially obesity, diabetes, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, can prevent many diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, there is research that shows that.
Just as it is eating twice a day in Ramadan to starve for 14-16 hours it’s to be protected from diseases and be healthy and argues that it is more accurate, and I’m trying to implement it.