The Importance Of Breakfast For Children

Pre-school and school age children in the bodies of the day to ensure adequate growth and development you must start with breakfast. The habit of regularly breakfast is important because it is a meal that supports the provision of the daily energy intake. The value of the blood sugar balance, strengthening immunity of the body and allows the fluid needs are met. Breakfast meal strengthens perception and concentration. Learning capacity and school performance improves.
In Children What Should Be For Breakfast?

Milk, freshly squeezed fruit juice or herbal teas
– Grain bread, oatmeal, or cereal
Eggs, cheese or cream cheese
Fresh or dried fruit
Olive, oil seeds, peanut –peanut butter,
Honey, molasses, tahini
Tomato, cucumber, pepper

Breakfast Menu:

1 cup milk
2 slices white cheese
2 slices whole wheat bread
4-5 pieces pitted olives
1 teaspoon honey
1 chopped cucumber-tomato

Breakfast Menu:

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
1 egg omelette or menemen
2 slices whole wheat bread
2 Walnut
1 cucumber and tomato

Breakfast Menu:

3 tablespoons oatmeal
1 cup milk
1 /banana 2 PCs
2 dried apricots
2 dried figs
Broken almonds 4-5 pieces

Breakfast Menu:

1 slice cheese
1 teaspoon molasses
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 cup of lime tea ( No Sugar)

Breakfast For Anorexic Children, How Should It Be Regulated?

Appetite non-nutrients to consume in the early morning hours of the child’s request. Therefore, small portions of balanced foods that may consume calories and nutritional value.
That is a combination of different food groups should be prepared simple meals.
Favorite dishes for breakfast are foods that must be created.
Just milk or fruit instead of the preparation of meals energy and nutrient values food consume two favorite easy also makes it easier for you to get.
You must prepare your breakfast plate with your child. Help to give a variety of shapes. Breakfast is a meal, you must have a fun meal.
You should make breakfast a meal together. However, at meal times to avoid stress, you must reduce your sense of hunger to eat yourself first.
In response to a meal in between meals your child will feel that stress will increase.

Easy Breakfast Menu:

1 cup milk
1 banana
5-6 almonds
1 teaspoon honey

These foods pass from his when she doesn’t want to have breakfast prepare breakfast and a milkshake blender.
2. Easy Breakfast Menu:

1 egg
1 teaspoon olive oil
2 tablespoons whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons ricotta cheese

To have breakfast when she doesn’t want these foods in the blender for 3-4 minutes and stir. Heat oil in a pan, add the egg mixture and cook the omelet in the form of prepare breakfast.

The Importance Of Breakfast For Children

The kids love to sleep in the morning, usually breakfast or get away from for various reasons, yet in Every Age breakfast as the most important meal of childhood. Cakir, along with our expert dietician sernaz erçil we reported on this important topic.
Game Sernaz Lady-age and pre-school healthy eating on the count of what do we understand?Age and preschool children to develop positive behaviors and the game is an important time for good food. At this age children must receive a sufficient amount of energy for growth and development and play activities.
Each child’s age, height, weight, daily activity level based on your caloric needs change as much as the average weight of per 100 daily 1300 children between the ages of 1-3; 4-6 per pound of those between the ages of 90, and 1800 calories per day energy intake is recommended. 8-9 per day from the bread group, the meat group ( meat-chicken-fish-cheese) 4-5 , 2-3 from the fruit group , 2-3 servings from the vegetable group and milk group 3-4 will create a day to be consumed with a healthy diet. In the coming period for young children in the habit of eating healthy, obesity, heart diseases, blood pressure, and will help in reducing the risks of other chronic diseases.
Well, why breakfast is important and other meals, what’s the difference?
Breakfast is the first meal of the day which is the most important meal for children as it is for every individual. There is a requirement for breakfast especially the kids. It’s the first meal that comes after a long starvation of 8 to 12 hours. Blood glucose is an important source for what we call needs. Glucose is most important energy source for the brain. More glucose in brain function is needed. For this reason, learning has a negative impact on hunger in the morning.
Intellectual differences occur among children who go in for breakfast?
Decrease in the performance of children without the habit of breakfast, the feeling of fatigue can be seen.Children who eat breakfast regularly are more successful in school. Adults of the Immortals as children not having breakfast are not affected. Especially early in the morning because basic skills such as reading and writing is enhanced by. Most schools now serves breakfast. However if you or your child has breakfast at school breakfast at home, try to do it.
Sernaz lady, the mother finally can be found in practical and healthy breakfast suggestions?
Cup feta cheese 1 whole wheat toast + fresh squeezed juice
1 cup milk + 1 egg + 1 slice cheese + 1 slice bread
Omelette with cheese + olive 5 + 1 slice bread
Grilled cheese cheddar + 1 tbsp honey
Scones homemade cheese + milk
Milk + fruit + oatmeal mix

EXP. MWT. Erçil Sernaz Cakir

Give Importance To A Gluten Free Diet For A Healthy Life

Most of your diet are naturally gluten-free foods should be filled with. In your diet, celiac disease gluten-free bread, cookies, sugar-free biscuits and pasta, try adding. Each patient of the same features typical of celiac disease. However, in general, gas, bloating, and weight loss may experience.
Wheat, barley and rye avoid. Also quality quinoa grains, corn or potato-based breads, gluten-free oats, millet, rice and buckwheat.
All vegetables are naturally gluten-free. High in terms of minerals, vegetables, zucchini, Yesil beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes.
Add variety to your diet by trying to eat new fruits. Watermelon, kiwi, star fruit, mango, Clementine tangerines, and melons, you can add fruits such as pomegranates.
Dairy products
Plain quality dairy products milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream and ricotta cheese. Some yogurts containing gluten can also contain additives, so check labels to be sure if you should and if you have problems with lactose, soy products you would like to try but in this case it may create a problem for these vulnerable people.
The beans enjoy! Black beans, navy beans, pinto beans, sea beans, and white beans soup canned beans and flour and check the labels for additives I use it on use.
Re-look at the tag on the fish, you will need to. Avoid you. Preparing the fish fillets in the pan of breadcrumbs remaining white flour.
Beef, chicken, pork and most meats, such as Turkey, gluten-free form. Make sure that the meat has been subjected to processing. Sausages, hot dogs, have lunch, packaged meats and other wheat based fillers is to understand that the labels notice.
A Gluten Free Diet Must Be Followed For Life List

The Importance Of Milk Consumption

Adequate and balanced nutrition, which is one of the most important nutrients of milk, protein, calcium, phosphorus, in terms of important nutrients such as contain is of great importance.
The habits acquired in the next period for many diseases, especially in childhood and adolescence may be protective.
The habit of drinking milk from childhood in old age of osteoporosis (bone loss) has a protective effect against.
Of milk the immune system, has a positive effect on blood pressure and body weight control.

Raw milk? Pasteurized milk?

Brucellosis is transmitted with the consumption of raw milk causing a disease.
Raw milk most affected infants, children, pregnant women, and those with weakened immune systems are individuals.
Be consumed raw with milk, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, symptoms such as vomiting may occur.
To avoid these problems, heat treatment of milk (pasteurization) implementation will be healthy.
There are similarities between raw milk and milk boxes in terms of nutritional properties, but more reliable in terms of sterilization of milk is a choice.
Boiled milk contains more nutrients than that of milk consumption would be more beneficial in terms of health because it does not contain any threat.

The pasteurization process is done how?

Pasteurization and UHT heat treatment applied to raw milk is made in the form of sterilization.
As a result of the pasteurization process, daily milk, UHT long life milk is produced the result of the sterilization process.
Pasteurized milk milk to get the 72-in heated and is kept at this temperature for 15 to 20 seconds 75C.
Ultra high temperature milk UHT milk is heated to obtain (135-146C) and is kept at this temperature for 2-5 seconds. The goal of this procedure, is to destroy all microorganisms.
Milk after this process, can be stored without spoiling for a long time becomes.

Boiled raw milk to be healthy?

Traditionally, raw milk can be boiled in the House.
Microorganisms in milk while reducing B2, B6, B12, folic acid and vitamin C losses occur.
As well as color, taste, smell there may be changes in.
Pasteurization and UHT sterilization procedures implemented in order to minimize the loss in food items.
Of the milk storage temperature, exposure to light, factors that affect the stability of vitamins are packed with more inappropriate material.

EXP. MWT. Erçil Sernaz Cakir
Instagram/ @EXP.MWT.Cakir sernaz

The Importance Of Breakfast At School

Most Skipped Meal: Breakfast
The school the growing frenzy, waking up late, loss of appetite; overall one of the excuses of children who don’t do breakfast. However, the necessity and importance has been proven by many studies making breakfast to start the day. Unless breakfast is done, distraction, fatigue, headache and decrease in mental performance. Therefore, adequate and balanced breakfast, starting with students in increasing school success is extremely important. The probability of becoming obese and diabetic children and adults who eat breakfast decreases as increases the metabolic rate.
Breakfast is an indicator that we feel hungry when I do the metabolism is working. The sensation of thirst, physiological, and something you should be. What is important here is to eat for breakfast. Energy, strengthen the body, invigorate foods should be chosen. Made it for breakfast, the food choices wrong, this is normal that shorten the duration of fasting can trigger. Eating only fruit for breakfast, pancakes, fruit juice and biscuits fudge is not true. Which is rich in fat and white flour pastry, cakes, the consumption of short-term satiety for meal provides an hour before we arrived, although leads to get hungry. Also white flour, sugar foods rich in fat by increasing the release of insulin and cause fat storage. The right protein for breakfast, CHO (carbohydrates) and fats from the right amount and to the extent the group of foods should be preferred.
Your Breakfast Makes It Enjoyable
Every child will enjoy a breakfast varieties. Important this awareness is to bring our children to give at an early age and breakfast habit. Pleasant and prepare a healthy breakfast for children to the breakfast table and sit down with them and we need to be role models. A pleasant and healthy breakfast for protein, Cho and fat and right amount of foods from the group to the extent should be preferred.
* Protein group such as; cheese, milk, eggs and yogurt from
* CHO group; full-grain or rye bread, cereals, oatmeal and fruit,
* Oil from olives, nuts or as a group we can select.
Of these groups we can make that kids will enjoy. We have all the classic breakfast with a choice of boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, olives and bread this mentioned CHO, protein and fat includes all of the groups. Breakfast options we can increase this. There is surely an enjoyable practical or a healthy breakfast up to us.
To tazemas-Bran immediately throw it in the basket!