Increase The Success Of The School!

The new academic year began. Improve your child’s school to ensure success, you must support healthy food choice to make. School cafeterias,canteens and intensive tutoring program children more often ready–packaged foods allows you to choose from. Start the day early in the morning, continuing to eat all the food provided for breakfast and lunch, eating habits affects school success.
Easy and healthy solution for your child’s health and work performance can improve with suggestions.
• Order your child’s meal is the most important information that improves motivation and concentration must be present. To make meals 3 a day allows you to increase the success of the school at least 2-4 Dec.
• To act with your friends at school is not sufficient for the healthy growth of your child.To do enough physical activity every day at least 2 times per week types of sports you can choose one of giving support to.
• Drinking enough water every day ( at least 1.5 liters per day) is required for healthy growth and protection from disease. Who doesn’t drink enough water in children digestive problems, indigestion, constipation).
• To increase the success of the course on a regular basis, omega-3 and DHA-rich foods to eat encourage. Ex. Varieties of fish, oil seeds ( almonds,walnuts,hazelnuts, sesame, etc.) and eggs.
• Whole grain instead of refined foods for healthy nutrition (whole wheat,rye ,oats, legumes varieties,buckwheat,bulgur, brown rice) and fruits high in fiber, should be in ones diet.
Homemade cakes-biscuits Packet
Freshly squeezed juice-Cola
Hindi fumel sandwich-Burger
– Grain toasted bread-Pastry
Tahini, molasses, Jam
1. Easy breakfast
4 tablespoons fruity muesli
1 cup milk
1 chopped apple 1 chopped banana or
4 Walnut
1 teaspoon of cocoa
Preparation: warm milk with muesli,coconut and cocoa and mix. After 2-3 minutes add the fruit and serve.
2. Easy breakfast
2 slices cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon olive paste
1 beaten egg
1-grain sandwich bread
2 leaf lettuce
1 cup orange juice
Preparation: rub with olive butter, sandwich bread, respectively, cheddar cheese,eggs, and lettuce add. Serve with prepared orange juice at home.

Increase Your Sense Of Fullness

Eat healthy and lose a few pounds and increase your sense of fullness is important. When the summer months are approaching, more fit to have a fit body, you should choose foods that we increase the fullness of a bottle. Foods high in fiber content inside your diet with a nutritional program and a healthy meal plan has enough karbonhidratprotein bring a bottle of fullness.




Yesil Plum

Turkish coffee
Coffee with cream

Wheat black

Cream cheese

Rye bread


Grilled steak

Fruit salad
Ice cream


Of foods from the milk Group low-fat or semi-skimmed you should choose.
Pulp ratio of high-carbohydrate foods ( rye, wheat, varieties of legumes ( chickpeas, lentils , dry beans, etc.) you should eat.
We must remember that eating healthy meals if you are dieting and order must be sufficient.
You should drink 2 to 2.5 liters per day for you to feel more satiated. 1 cup water before meals 15-20 minutes before you should choose.
Eat foods that contain dried fruit or fresh fruit along with protein meals Dec necessarily.

( Ex. 1 peach + 1 box low-fat yogurt …)

Regulating your blood sugar, spices and bring a bottle of fullness. ( Cinnamon, cumin, mint, fennel, etc.)
Main the Dec and 30 minutes after meal, opt for 1 cup of cinnamon tea plant varieties.

Is There Nutritional Differences Between Sports To Increase Body Muscle Mass And Sport For Weight Loss?

In these days when physical activity is gaining speed, how should I be fed? Oldu The question came up more often. To answer this question, one needs to know for what purpose the person is doing sports. There are changes in the recommended nutritional programs in sports to increase body muscle mass with the sport to lose weight.
If you’re only doing sports to lose weight, the energy you spend should be more than the energy (calorie) you are taking. There are important steps you can take to reduce the energy received;

Reduce the consumption of fat that provides more calories. To reduce fat consumption, milk, yoghurt, cheese products such as half-fat use, meat and meat products or vegetables to cook and instead of roasting and roasting instead of healthy cooking methods, such as grilling, oven, or you can provide by boiling.
Reduce alcohol consumption.
Biscuits, chocolates, cakes, sweet carbohydrates instead of foods such as wholemeal bread, bulgur pilav.
Essential oil-containing oilseeds (nuts, walnuts, almonds) and fish to diet with 1 portion of the diet to add.
Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, protein-like foods must be at every meal.
Vegetables and fruits should be added to the diet with portion control in terms of nutrient diversity.

However, if you want to increase muscle mass, you need to combine the sport with your diet protein. That is, you may need to increase or decrease the amount of protein depending on how many times a week you do. In this process, the energy is obtained from most carbohydrate-rich foods. It should not be forgotten to add essential oil-containing oilseeds (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds) and fish. Protein helps the body to increase muscle mass. Proteins should be taken in certain amounts in all meals, especially when taken before and after exercise. Low-fat or low-fat yogurt consumption will be a fast and effective option for protein intake after exercise.

Does the Prevalence of Reflux in Children Increase?

Attention if you have weight loss and unrest!
Does the frequency of reflux in children increase?
The reflux problem, which is thought to be an adult problem, can occur even in infants. Research shows that around 15 percent of all children have reflux. Yeditepe University Hospital Pediatric Health and Diseases, Child Gastroenterology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Meltem Uğraş points out that children with discomfort, nausea and especially weight loss should also be evaluated for reflux.
Reflux is the result of the loss of stomach contents to the esophagus due to the slackness in the valve between the esophagus and the stomach. Recently, the increase in signs of reflux in children of all age groups is important. This problem can reduce the quality of life of children and parents, as well as treatment of asthma, esophageal damage, recurrent otitis media and pneumonia can prepare for different diseases such as. Allergies and food allergies in particular can damage the esophagus and cause reflux symptoms. As the development process of infants continues, reflux is more common.
Reflux of children due to difficulty in gaining weight Yeditepe University Hospital Child Health and Diseases, Child Gastroenterologist Specialist Assoc. Dr. Meltem Uğraş states, however, that the development of children can also be affected. In addition, the acid escaping from the stomach to the esophagus, tissue damage and small wounds can lead to the risk of developing anemia.
Symptoms can be mixed
Complaints related to reflux can vary in infants and children. For example, nausea, vomiting and weight loss are observed in infants, but vomiting does not occur in children, but chest burning, hoarseness and slowing in development occur. In general, many of the symptoms are similar to different diseases, Assoc. Dr. Meltem Uğraş speaks: Ta Unless the underlying cause is found in the upper respiratory tract infections that develop with reflux, the child may be exposed to long and recurrent antibiotic treatments. In addition, complaints such as chest pain or compression can also be confused with heart-related diseases. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant about the symptoms of reflux and to consult a physician immediately. Dolayısıyla

Patient history is important in diagnosis
Asserting that the most important factor in the diagnosis of the disease is taking the child’s detailed history. Dr. Meltem Uğraş said, den We use various methods developed for the diagnosis of reflux and we do not approach each child with the same method. Some children only listen to complaints, while the clinical situation of some of them, depending on the severity of the complaint we use endoscopic or radiological methods.
Treatment begins with lifestyle change
In the treatment of reflux disease, first of all, some changes in life style need to be done. In dairy children, changing the contents of the food (intensification) is often one of the measures to be taken when feeding a small amount and raising the head while lying. In older children, orange juice, chocolate, mint-like foods that may cause reflux, and after the dinner need to reduce the intake of fluid. In addition, problems such as constipation, obesity, which leads to increased intraabdominal pressure, not to wear too tight clothes, to sit at the table while eating, eat frequently and a small amount of food, to eat 1.5-2 hours before bedtime and to raise the head while lying other measures that can be taken. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Meltem Uğraş said, çık In accordance with the child, drugs can be used to regulate the movement of the digestive system and to decrease the stomach acid and to strengthen the valve functions. This treatment can last for about 4-6 months. However, surgery can be an option in very rare cases, which cannot improve despite long-term treatment. Ancak
Symptoms indicating reflex
• Frequent nausea, vomiting • Rejection of feeding (bottle) • Grouching • Restlessness • Frequent crying spells • Recurrent cough • Recurrent otitis media • Slow development
• Burning in the chest • Pain in the mouth • Loss of dental brightness • hoarseness • Slowening in development • Common upper respiratory tract infection • Common ear diseases • Common pneumonia / pneumonia