Science Progressing Diseases Is Increasing Why?

Uz. Dr. Yavuz Dizdar’ s post: no matter what anyone says, our country shows a substantial increase of overall disease burden, and it is not possible to be unable to get out by trying to cure it. Important to prevent diseases before they occur.
“Early detection saves lives” under the motto “check-ups” by having to determine the disease at an early stage is not sufficient. Even now when you get to know early because it means you have a disease, so that therapeutic interventions applied to most of the important to prevent the disease altogether.
“Well, why is there so much disease?” the answer to the question, except if it is unreasonable to call for a change of diet.
Factors such as smoking and alcohol a serious disease such as cancer compared to 20 years ago now, allegedly there is a significant change, however, the content of what we eat has completely changed. However, business is not here. Incapable of understanding the causes of diseases in western medicine seems to have lost the ability to use your mind to cure them.
“Advancements” every day use of the technology except for the claim is not true. Altogether, except for a couple of newly developed drugs in medicine, namely, there is a significant progress in the functioning of the human body and how diseases emerge.
In contrast, CT, MRI, PET, such as a substantial increase in and expansion of technological methods for making a diagnosis is available. One reason for this is that the patient no longer listening to nonstop audit and inspection to request a viewing who appear to have lost the ability to doctors.
But the real reason of course is the lack of real progress in medicine. However, one way or another, whichever way you look at the years of medical research at the level of the money is spent trillion dollars.
Today only pharmaceutical companies R & D activities, even hundreds of billions of dollars level. This university funds, if you add a trillion dollars you can easily access.
Medical diseases has already lost curiosity.
The question to be asked then, “despite the expenditure of this research, why progress is not”.
So the main approach is incorrect because there is an error in perspective, if the mean error were made on the basis of the building yet, if you install the structure on it will be wrong.
Let me give you an example of our traffic to be more easily understood words. Let’s say that there are too many accidents at an intersection in the search of the vehicle that crashed in brake pads, it is unreasonable to try to connect whether they are alcoholic drivers.
First it is necessary to investigate the junction, pointing out an error You Made been with you about blind spots plates the right way, the lighting is missing, the slope is wrong, doesn’t look at them with the tools to win as long as you can explain it.
Now let us examine the matter in the context of cancer disease. They have changed compared to 15-20 years ago about this? Among the factors which has increased the use of pesticides known? 20 years ago they still smell, taste and consistency?
The answer to all these questions is no. Nothing is not the same, of course for a long shelf life of food endustrilesip access to a team will result in biological consequences.
This change of packaging to decorate for the industry because it is a “privilege” and garnish with hygiene packaging, and offers.
In America the disease has rocketed in the 1950s
As in other areas of medicine for cancer today and find out why find out the cause of the disease is not well understood. Medical experts to “cigarettes and alcohol” and most recently “genetics” tries to get by saying.
However, cancer is a genetic disease that can be really said that it’s not even close to five per cent of the patient group, the genetic unchanged from yesterday to today.
However, the relationship between disease and nutrition draws more attention to a standalone whole. Because when you look historically, the disease has been climbing in the 1950s in America.
This period the industrialization of American food production, animal food production are becoming linked to the period when the eating of it.
Our teacher us late the next American tour, held in 1947 memoirs, says: “pigs and turkeys are growing very fast here.”

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