The Name Of A Miracle: Kefir

Lowering blood pressure, protein, liver-friendly,… the enemy of the Caucasus kefir health potion panacea of diseases. How a food is good for and appetite and helps to lose weight loss? It assumes the task of restraining get against excessive fat or lose weight. So that it is a miracle how a high-protein, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In the liver the effect of alcohol when you are editing allows you to achieve a balance of minerals vitamin A deficiency.
As Long As I Drank Rejuvenate
Consider it a more beneficial food milk, yogurt from better quality you get. Keep both satiated and may give weight gain and health. From childhood until old age, pregnancy, menopause tukettireli own and in every phase of our lives without any fear. Gencleseli and iyileseli as they consume. College graduation thesis which is the subject of a miracle in the name of kefir.
The secret to the youth of the Caucasus, kefir is almost long and healthy life with a potion it cures everything. The oldest known Turkish drinks too a myriad of the benefits of kefir are many. The brain then works as the gut the second brain hosting the maximum limit. Our 1.5 to 2 kilograms of bacteria and fungi in our gut. The case of beneficial and harmful microorganisms in the digestive system are divided into two groups.
Beneficial micro-organisms ‘probiotic microorganisms’ is called. Probiotics when consumed in the activities of the liver’s important enough and has no effect, adhesion to the intestinal wall and prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms in the intestines. The disruption of the balance of healthy microorganisms in the colon leads to many diseases. The right diet with the health of the digestive tract must be protected. For this we need to consume a sufficient amount of probiotics are necessarily.
The most effective food that contains probiotic bacteria, kefir is beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system and it has a miraculous effect on strengthening. In the intestine allows bacteria and fungi to grow in a healthy way to be useful and beneficial. A healthy bowel system protects you from many diseases. For example, such as kefir probiotic-rich foods, it works as a laxative against constipation. The removal of the poison also prevents the accumulation of nutrients and rhythmic.
In our country the Department of nutrition and Dietetics Dr. Ayse Baysal who is the founder of We, the students, however whether it is able to perform a miracle in the treatment of diseases of no food, turnip juice, boza, kefir, milk, buttermilk beverages such as consumed since the age of infancy, is important in terms of protection from many diseases told.
There Are Many Benefits Of Regular Drinking

A calming effect on the nervous system, sleep disorders, and hyperactivity disorders plays a role in the fight against depression.
Will have an effect on the development of intelligence. Provides mental calmness.
In the beginning the reproductive hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormones, including cortisol, insulin, thyroid, serotonin (happiness hormone) makes a positive impact on the adrenal hormones.
At first many natural probiotic bacteria in food, including yogurt and kefir strengthens the immune system.
Perfectly organizes your digestive system.
Increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. If this number is how much immune system is so much stronger, increasing the production of vitamins in the intestine, the possibility of passing into the bloodstream of harmful substances is reduced.
For a healthy diet is important, and prevents weight gain.
Has positive effects against fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Prevents or reduces the progression of tumor formation of what you have. According to research kefir, the risk of cancer reduces the rate of 55 per cent. Use of drugs, the figure comes out to 70 percent.
Chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, reducing the side effects of chemotherapy the condition of the kefir was examined and nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and a reduction in symptoms such as pain were observed.
The miracle mineral shows the antioxidative effects of selenium on cells in the composition. Rated as a very important factor selenium against cancer, slows down aging by preventing heart disease.
Provides continuous renewal of the metabolism.
By increasing the secretions of certain organs such as the stomach and pancreas, heals digestive ailments, including ulcers.


10 Reasons To Make Your Kids Eat Kefir

Long known as the benefits of kefir the elixir of life, opens the doors to the healthy growth of your children.
Intelligence, strengthen the immune system and bone development Nov found many benefits to kefir, is an essential nutrient for hormone balance. This miraculous ways to sell food to children Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Medical Park pediatrics – pediatric nephrology specialist Dr. Mahmut Civilibal told.
Kefir, frequently consumed for years in the Caucasus ‘long known as the elixir of life, in our lives for a long time to destroy harmful bacteria and protect the beneficial bacteria in the intestines operating a miraculous food.
Cow, sheep and goat milk kefir containing live organisms is obtained by adding granules of a cauliflower. Retain their activity for many years if stored under proper conditions. Kefir kefir grains obtained with a combination of ethyl alcohol and lactic acid fermentation occurs where a milk drink. A land of kefir grains changes in the sizes of 0.5 to 3 cm, and nuts about the size of a grain of wheat or white, white-yellow colors between the appearance of small cauliflower or popcorn.
Health Store
Basic functions of the body Kefir is rich in amino acids and essential minerals that are used in various activities and. One of the essential amino acids found in large quantities in kefir is tryptophan, which is relaxing and has a regulatory effect on the nervous system. Also a great source of biotin. Biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, a B vitamin and all B vitamins and is a derivative that allows the absorption of liver, kidneys and plays an important role in the regulation of the nervous system. Kefir, calcium, phosphorus and is rich in magnesium has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and cell development, and to meet the energy needs in the body as well as carbohydrates, fats and proteins helps to be used in the best way. Loss of appetite, insomnia, upper respiratory infections, and it’s also good for conditions such as allergies. Kefir; B12, B1, vitamin K and is rich. If taken enough of these vitamins to the skin, kidney, liver and central nervous system is known to provide numerous benefits. Nutritious easily digestible because it is a dairy product, children, infants, pregnant women, patients in the recovery period, is an ideal drink for people who suffer from constipation and digestive system problems.
Ways To Make Kids Eat Kefir
The recommended daily amount of kefir for children from the age a cup of tea after. The same in adults as in children after the age of two, consume yogurt kefir and if so how much you may consume. Kefir kefir to store into the best method for children who consume the dishes. Kefirli rice pudding, muffins, or cakes such as.
The Benefits Of Kefir:
• From infancy until adolescence; bone and teeth development that are required for Nov vitamins, minerals and protein that provides support for.
• Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections.
• A strong appetite and nutrition support.
• It is good for diarrhea and constipation and anemia.
• Strengthens eyesight.
• Promotes rapid healing of wounds.
• Provides a significant contribution to the development of intelligence.
• Creates resistance against asthma and allergies.
• Essential for growth, helps in growth and healthy development.
• Provides hormone balance during adolescence adds a positive event.
Kefirli Rice Pudding Recipe
The milk kefir by adding the kefir milk with any sweet you can prepare a little reduce.
-750 ml milk
-2 cups kefir
-1 cup sugar
-The peel of a small lemon
-1/2 cups rice
-1/2 vanilla extract
-2 tablespoons of rice flour
Wash the rice, after draining water, boiled with 1 cup water on low heat. Milk is boiled add sugar and vanilla. Mix rice flour with 2 tablespoons cold water, add to the pot shed. Where the amount of milk is reduced it may have a darker consistency. By turning off the Heat, allowed to cool, at room temperature added and thoroughly mixed when it comes to kefir. After cooling is fed to the Empty Bowls to eat.