6 Must Have Holiday Food In Your Kitchen To Reduce Weight!

In a short time after the holidays to give yourself for weight you fit, healthy –a balanced diet with a program you must remember that you need to lose weight. Fast and low-nutrient content, losing weight causes your body to come under stress. Therefore, enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains, milk and meat group Foods varieties, serving size on your nutrition program must be appropriate for your needs.
To lose weight a high amount of vitamin C at the time of the request with the ratio of grapefruit pulp in the gut of fat in your body helps. Increases the feeling of satiety, and the meal is more than enough –balanced ensures that it is completed. You should choose fruit instead of fruit juice meals himself Dec. Every day, you must add 1-2 slices of grapefruit and consume drinking water 1.
Because of longer duration of digestion in the body increases the amount of energy spent on it. White or purple cabbage-it reinforces the immune system. Over the holiday period due to an increase in meat consumption and carbs in your body will increase edema. Edema is a choice to throw healthy vegetable cabbage varieties. Boil the cabbage ,soup, add to salads, or crushed red pepper as a main course 2 times per week, and you can consume it by adding lemon juice.
Healthy eating every day in your program that should be valuable fruit. Mail your sense of satiety because of high rate increases. By paying attention to the serving size you will consume the number of grams of Apple 1 should be between 150-200. Not necessarily every day, you should consume 1. Throw apples in the autumn months edema with dry mate tea to increase your rate of weight loss you can consume. When you feel the need for sweet, and cinnamon and cooked in the oven or boil, you must add tuketebilir.
Individuals who want to lose weight and diabetes ( sugar disease ) autumn –during the winter months in the group that has the highest sediment rate needs to eat that fruit a healthy fruit. Sweet as jam and not be able to increase the amount of fat deposition. You must eat the fruit itself. If you are struggling to consume raw or you can boil along with cinnamon and cooked in the oven you can consume.
In the autumn months by strengthening your immunity to lose weight you must eat a salad or as a meal 2 times per week. The pulp is high in antioxidant vitamins and minerals rich vegetable broccoli with a stress on the body helps to lose weight before I go under. To avoid bloating and indigestion because it is a sulfurous vegetable your meals by adding 1 teaspoon of cumin tuketebilir.
Fish, omega-3 and due to being rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, while maintaining your cardiovascular and digestive health allows you to lose weight. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the consumption of red meat is consumed varieties of fish that more times then 3 times a week helps to detoxify your body. The fish always consume the main meal, you will have a variety of salad and vegetables according to the season by ensuring that you should plan meals Yesil. Your fish steamed, oven, or grill you should cook.


Why You Are Looking For A Snack In The Kitchen At Midnight?

Even though we are not physically hungry, our brain new research to search for midnight pizza and other snack foods that can be programmed shows.
Published in the magazine brain imaging and behavior, the reward system is less sensitive to eating that is triggered by the brain research, it also reveals that leads to more snack in the middle of the night.
Research by Brigham Young University was performed on 15 healthy women as with traversal.
Participants in the morning hours (6:30-8:30) and evening (5:00-7:00) during the hours of low and high energy foods while their brains were shown pictures of 360 functional MRI (fMRI) were analyzed by the method of.
In the evening, the six brain regions of both high and low-low activation energy has been shown to foods.
High-energy foods (candy, ice cream, fast food, such as against low-energy ones (such as vegetables and fish), it was found that fMRI responses in the region of the brain caused greater than nine.
Brain responses similar to those in drug and gambling addiction that arise against junk food, researchers say.
Travis Masterson from the experts “a reduction in the reward pathways in the evening. The food doesn’t look appealing, but people that they get to get pleasure from the foods they eat during the day, they want to continue to eat,” he says.
It’s not that different participants of hunger in the morning and in the evening, but the morning hours and in the evening you can eat more food more based on what they reported.
Brain responses to stimuli from these results the role of food sources in the time of day, at least visually satisfying of the foods that are eaten in the late hours and that could lead to eat more to get enough of it wasn’t suggest.
The image of the food increases the appetite
In another study, eyes closed, seeing they eat 22 percent less food than their People Eaters, eating duration is shorter, but the feelings were not different, it was determined that Saturation (2).
Experiments in mice show that in a group of neurons is influenced by the light and the darkness (3).
The rats when exposed to light of the brain, the autonomic nervous system, body temperature, hunger, thirst, and sleep the neurons in the hypothalamus, which controls the “hipokret called” neurotransmitters regulate.
Research suggest that the antidepressive attributes and the nature of Hippocrates could be a sense of alertness.
Clinical studies also reveal the connection between depression and weight gain.
The light-sensitive neurons of the functions, and the link between eating behavior, midnight snacks asermen an involuntary behavior is the cause for a lot of people explain that.
Circadian rhythms
The researchers to be linked with changes in circadian rhythms of food in the evening, they are less satisfactory.
Circadian rhythms the 24 hour cycle of biological events that follow indicate, and only humans, animals, plants, and even bacteria even.
Let’s see the result
Not eating after a certain time in the evening is healthy and the excess weight caused by the removal of was already known.
This research does not satisfy the brain in the late hours of foods that are eaten so that was creating a feeling of satiety, and for that reason suggest that could cause you to eat more.
At midnight to call in the early hours in the fridge, stuff food you need to eat.



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