The Secrets Of Living Longer

USA’ s Conrad Johnson which has the title of oldest person’ s life ended in the last days of 110 years 338 days. Deteriorating health after a stroke in the month of April Johnson in a television program long to live exercise every day, eat oatmeal for breakfast, tied to bed and early to pray.
Born in Sweden, who has nine siblings who migrated to the USA at the age of 19, Johnson married twice, had no children. Parkinson’s disease with his first wife passed away with cancer in 1988 and the second in 2002. The title is currently the world’s longest-living of the person who will be 112 years old owned by Japanese Momoi clumsy in the month of February.
Johnson “rest in peace saying,” Let’s take a look into the secrets of living over 100 years.
Born in November January and live longer
For more than 100 years of living, I mean, ‘who is Dahlia’ and the numbers are growing every day, thousands of ‘Young’ on Earth.
I don’t know the US numbers, but Dahlia exceeds 100 thousand of people in America, in Japan it is known that 40 thousand is approaching.
100 years in 2050, leaving behind the number of subscribers is estimated to reach a million in America.
Research on ApoE and FOXO3A to the longevity secrets of 100 persons over the age of is stored in the genes shows that three out of four people over the age of 100 but the interesting part be a woman.
A survey on living in America for more than a century, life chances of the months of January and November born in the April-June period, the highest and born in the west of the country to the east of his passing 100 years old, born in Born 3 times more compared to the chance of that is determined.
This finding should not be incidental, because Austria and Denmark, October-December, born in the months of April-June born in the months of research that shows that live longer than the other.
Seasonal differences of exposure in the first months of life in accordance with bacterial and viral infections, allergens, temperature, humidity, pressure and the effects of weather conditions such as I think that should be pursued.
Humans are born have a role in the determination of the conditions of the environment it is possible that the duration of life.
Here cultural, social, psychological and economic factors must necessarily be taken into account.
For example, in the first year of life nutrition-related features that can affect the life time of there’s a lot of reason and logic.
Indeed, most of 100 years old in big cities, people who consume natural foods and living in the villages and on farms.
The first child of the family better luck
According to the same study, many children in families with first-born girl than their sisters to be 100 years old the chances of his passing the other child is 3 times higher.
Their other siblings first born male child in terms of Long Life, 2 times more chance.
Here, too, the number of children increases, the interest in families and consideration in the course of the reduction can be significant.
Therefore, these children incurring various accidents and increasing the possibility of exposure to various negative health.
In addition, their subsequent medical nutritional care of children and it could be worse.
The first child taken to the doctor immediately when the slightest discomfort, subsequent to the diseases of children starts running increasingly ignored.
When the first child was born, mom and dad and you need to focus on being younger.
In time the mother’s egg and father’s sperm to damage is possible.
The parents of the older children have more genetic health problems as evidence that can be shown.
Optimists live longer
More than 100 thousand women over the age of 50 by the University of Pittsburg research work carried out in optimists healthier and long-lasting.
If this claim is correct, the universal symbol of optimism, Pollyanna,’ s are also the world’s longest living person.
The author of the book, Eleanor H. Porter, passed away at the age of 52 must be numbered according to pessimists.
What gender, what our birth month, what, where, what we were born the eighth child of the family, we will be long since we don’t determine that for a living seems like the only thing we can be more optimistic.
Long live to 20 recommended:
A: the Rose. To laugh in a way, it reduces the level of stress hormones, on the other hand, of course, the defense mechanisms of the body and strengthens the immune system.
TWO: sleep for 6-7 hours per night on average. More than 8 hours and less than 4 hours of sleep shortens the life expectancy. Not exceeding half an hour sleep at lunchtime (siesta) very useful.
THREE: soak up the sun at noon every day for 15-20 minutes.
FOUR: one of the keys to longevity and a happy marriage. Keep in mind that died early than those who marry more than one.
FIVE: now, everyone knows that those who exercise regularly live longer. This is the most suitable for Sports, regular walking and swimming.
SIX:increases the chance of living a regular sexual life long. Sex reduce stress, increase happiness, and allows you to sleep better.
SEVEN: those with many children are living longer. Of life increases motivation and happiness of children and grandchildren.
EIGHT: your parents, your close relatives to stay with them and meet often.
NINE: if possible, at least not in the city live in the village in the town.
Front: do not use the car. Walk or go bike riding.
Eleven: get rid of excess weight soon. Obesity, heart disease and some cancers risk.
Twelve: no matter what your age, to learn something new. For example, play a musical instrument or learn a new language.
Front-end: smoking and drinking alcohol, do not engage in smoking environments.
Fourteen: those who worship regularly live longer. Provides protection against heart disease and cancer by reducing the stress and burdens and pray.
Fifteen: 50 percent of cancer is related to diet. Refined sugar, flour and trans fats stay away from. Don’t salt 5 grams per day.
Sixteen: Yesil every day for tea. Yesil antioxidants in tea protects you from heart diseases.
Seventeen: stress and high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and bring work home.
Eighteen: pet owners are becoming more optimistic and are exposed to less stress.
Front nine: the doctors, hospital, checkup stay away from.
TWENTY: My read my articles, follow my advice.