What Should Be In Your Child’s Lunchbox?

Brand new fall and back to school lunchbox for the kids and the joy of kirtasiyelik, this bag comes with worrying about filling up with a nutritious meal for your mother. As all parents know, children eat their lunch boxes to convince us that we want to eat healthy food and filling it with food really is quite difficult. Mostly of the nutrients your child needs a balanced diet that contains a lunchbox that was not prepared in accordance with, or even chocolate, was found to contain harmful foods such as candy and chips.
School-age children daily vitamins, minerals, and calories in need of a child’s gender, age, height, Health, and mobility depends on special needs. An ideal lunch should contain calories and nutrients as the needs of the brain and motor functions. One of the biggest mistakes ever made and parents the wrong foods to fill with an excessive amount of Lunchbox. By following the amounts your child normally eat and your portion sizes, you can set up a consultation with her idea of the ideal. Hyperactivity excess calories, or on the contrary may cause drowsiness.
At least one third of daily nutritional needs required to meet your child’s lunch. After noon gather the attention that the child is fed in the course in a good way, too. Poorly fed children who can’t get enough calories and getting weaker immune systems, hence they become more susceptible to germs. A nutritious and hearty menu is enough so your child’s lunchbox since they contain empty calories that make sure that unhealthy foods.
The decision to assist you in your child’s lunchbox in the preparation of food and allow. Children are more prone to assist the preparation of their own choice or that they eat your food. Taken too soon from some of the kids eating the same things, eat the same food every day but finds reassuring to some. Children who are choosy eaters will be happier when presented with few options in front of them. If he’s choosing only 1-2 varieties of food, slowly to increase the diversity and try to be patient with him. The key is to teach her to respect your child’s eating behavior and choices to eat right. Your child whole grains, choose healthy options such as protein, to guide him the right amount of portions to prepare. Balanced, colorful and healthy as your children is a diverse menu you might like even more. Food, it is also important to be fun and personal. An every day bag that you can throw a little message into simple you draw a different picture, maybe you can draw a funny face on a banana or peel a boiled egg.
Never do not use unhealthy food as a reward, in this way children sugary, fatty foods from healthy foods such as fruit and dairy products that you are persuaded of better.
An ideal lunch choices include 4 Food Group: foods containing carbohydrate, preferably whole-grain foods, vegetables and fruits, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, protein sources such as legumes, milk or dairy products. To increase interest in your child’s lunch to bring together the different flavors and foods of different colors, roll, can present in different forms such as triangular.
Whole-grain foods they don’t want to eat don’t be hasty. Hearty and digest excessive fiber foods the stomach can come some children can be enforced. The need for fiber legumes such as beans, salad, or sandwich you can correct it by adding it to Meat Loaf. Pasta, bread and brown rice versions in the more advanced age of your child, you can try feeding it again.
Some sample lunchbox that can be put into foods:
Carrots, cucumbers, slices of raw vegetables such as red peppers, whole-grain pretzels and dip them to eat yogurt, hummus, cream cheese toppings such as
Sandwich / toast varieties: white cheese, cheddar, low-fat meat, light tuna, or peanut butter
You can prepare situations that are soft and Bangkok and with the leftovers from the previous day
Meat or meat, vegetables and legumes prepared with meatballs,
Of various colors prepared from vegetables, grated cheese, lean chicken, eggs, walnuts, such as different flavors, prepare salads with low fat dressings
Fruit and yogurt smoothies are prepared with
Fruit, yogurt, oatmeal or whole-grain cereals and raisins, nuts such as walnuts by adding that you can prepare simple, healthy desserts
Drink buttermilk, milk, or unsweetened 100% fruit juice
Donuts that you will prepare in advance and have waiting in the freezer
Prepared at home is low fat, cereal, donuts, bagels, and veggie / fruit cakes
1-2 slices of thin crust homemade pizza
Walnuts, almonds, nuts such as hazelnuts
Sliced fresh or dried fruit or mixed fruit salads

Menu Suggestions For A Healthy Lunchbox

Eating foods which are students in school? Healthy eating is what should be in your bag? Here are some sample menus from experts lunchbox…
The opening of schools during this period of time, on the minds of most parents during the holidays diet of residence of the children, there is the fear that they will lose this order when the school opened. Emre dietitian lunchbox with the appropriate suggestions however long able to maintain the diet of children.
Breakfast should not be neglected
The effects of this habit in children at school age starts and continues throughout life eating habits. The importance of breakfast for adults and children is huge. After a long sleep breakfast is the first meal that comes after 8-12 hours of starvation. A good breakfast enables it to operate better brain functions. Eggs is a food that contains the essential proteins that are required for the body. Children every day breakfast 1 hard-boiled eggs or low-fat protein will help you meet the requirements to consume an omelet. Cheese and eggs as well as milk also needs protein; bread, carbohydrates, and also low-sugar cereal fruit; olives, almonds, walnuts, such as oil seeds or oil will contribute to the requirement.

Healthy eating is what should be in your bag?
Children’s school lunch boxes or snacks instead of sandwiches with plenty of Mayo and fat in do not opt for appealing their attention to the fact that it is important to prepare a lunchbox.
1. Alternative: children pies, pastry cemented the style of the foods which can be consumed easily in love. Do your home-low-fat muffins and pastries you can enhance by putting a plate of vegetables they don’t like to consume. Next you put yogurt in a small bowl with fruit compote with a favorite fruit or less sugar in your child’s appetite will open.
2. Alternative: whole-grain bread prepared with cheese toast, fruit yogurt, prepared with chilli oil next to your own fruits, seeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), which also can be an appetizing menu for the kids. Oil seeds B vitamins, minerals, foods that are rich in fats and proteins. At the same time they give a huge amount of energy. They contain mono and polyunsaturated fats in the form of fats because the beneficial effects. If he doesn’t like your child to consume eggs made into omelet, toast in a little oil you can put in.
3. Alternative: whole-grain bread prepare with chicken or tuna, and tomato sandwich with plenty of greens you can prepare a menu of the buttermilk with the dry fruits. Next to sleep with buttermilk will not effect foods. You may prefer desserts with milk instead of buttermilk. Children love to consume sugary foods. In their canteen, the wafer and chocolate dairy desserts such as rice pudding or the pudding to avoid having to change to colorize with their lunch boxes. You make yourself at home hazelnut, pecan pies and cookies and can be added to the lunch box.

Lunchbox menus for example:
2-3 slices of vegetable pie, 1 cup yogurt, dried fruit
Cheese toast, fruit, yogurt, handful of nuts or almonds 1
Tuna sandwich with sour cream, buttermilk, dried fruit
Home 2-3 pieces minced quiche, fruit, a chicken sandwich with sweet milk, buttermilk, pecan pie and House
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