Mediterranean Diet

Lifestyle and reduction of mortality due to all causes, especially cardiovascular diseases and the Mediterranean diet; obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome prevented or cured is very well known.
To date, research of the Mediterranean diet in the elderly, or those with chronic diseases living in the Mediterranean countries the effects have been examined.
For the first time of adaptation to the Mediterranean diet, cardiovascular diseases, bio-markers, body composition metabolic syndrome and its effects on the Mediterranean region in North America outside of living and working was investigated in a cohort of young (1).
In the Middle West firefighter’s medical and lifestyle data, including dietary habits of 780 over the age of 18 were analyzed.
Fire workers in the USA is known for the heights of obesity and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Participants improved their diet, a Mediterranean Diet modified to determine scoring.
The research performed by Harvard experts to the Mediterranean diet showing the greatest harmony “has decreased 35 percent 43 percent the risk of weight gain and the risk of metabolic syndrome, HDL-cholesterol and increased LDL-cholesterol is reduced has been detected.
The Mediterranean diet, olive oil, vegetables and fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, potatoes rich; a reasonable amount of Fish and poultry; small amounts of dairy products, red meat, processed meat, and desserts; meals with a small amount of wine is characterized by.
Also the width of the umbilical region, metabolic syndrome, high triglyceride and low HDL-cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and blood glucose is characterized by a table.
The government warns doctors
Two months ago, the UK’ s leading doctors wrote an open letter to the minister of Health “in the fight against dementia should be on the effect of the Mediterranean diet not drugs is questionable,” warned (2).
In the letter, for today the most effective strategy in preventing Alzheimer’s and other diseases that are related to memory and emphasized that people the Mediterranean diet fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and olive oil are being asked to encourage them to eat.
Dr. Simon Poole expressed the following views:
“He praises drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, but then most of them goes bust.
Including children of all generations teach the importance of a good diet to maintain health as we age is a project that will take a long time, but it’s definitely the real thing.
Currently only our politicians not to support the care and treatment of those who suffer from dementia, the benefits that will arise after a period of a couple of things we’re asking them to invest in.”
Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra say to add the following:
“The scourge of the Western world, especially cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the Mediterranean diet in the Prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer there is evidence that prove the effectiveness of numerous.
Politicians and the public for such a diet, the effect of many drug more effective than questionable, and need to know more side effects.”
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health “a healthy, balanced diet of dementia, heart disease, stroke and in reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, for everyone is very important”, underlines that.
Let’s see the result
A: for the Prevention of disease, “drugs as a propagandist advocates” but there are, thankfully, healthy living and lifestyle for scientists who clearly recognize the value of studies that reveal that number is growing rapidly.
TWO: me scratching my head,” man aware of the facts.
Millet, to be protected from diseases -some heresy, treason who carelessness of some drugs happens to people who appeal to you!


Genetically Rejuvenates The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is known to reduce chronic disease from cardiovascular disease to cancer. A registered nurse since 1976 700 120 thousand in the USA where the ongoing nurse’s health study’ (the Nurses’ Health Study) Mediterranean diet 4 676 thousand women participating in research that is performed on the’ DNA’ has been shown to protect Yi.
According to the research, women who have a Mediterranean diet are fed a rich diet of red meat and dairy products in the cells in women than different. Basically, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, salads, legumes, fresh fish, the age of the followers of the Mediterranean diet, cigarette smoking, such as motion, factors known to affect telomere length is also taken into consideration “when it was longer telomeres” appeared.
What is a telomere?
Telomeres, repetitive DNA sequences is composed of topics.
These genomic DNA at the ends of linear chromosomes and prevent the loss of they retain their physical integrity.
Each cell division telomeres are older and half half and half again until kisalirl from infancy until adulthood.
Telomeres oxidative stress and inflammation accelerates aging.
Telomere length as a biological marker of aging is considered.
Longer telomeres live longer than the ones previously in many studies they were found and they are so short how short of a life time.
As people live longer with longer telomeres in Hereditary and aging-related dementia, less heart disease and cancer are known to be caught.
Telomere length, may vary with lifestyle factors including nutrition.
Mediterranean Diet
The health effects of the Mediterranean diet “is thought to consist of foods rich in antioxidants.
This diet is “wine”, and claimed to be the most beneficial for every day drinking a glass of wine with food, but this completely “is the coin of alcoholics”.
Alcohol is definitely harmful because “alcohol is poison”.
Actually benefit attributed to wine “from grapes”.
Fresh grapes in season in the winter, a thousand times superior than the ingestion of drinking a reasonable amount of dry wine grapes.
Let’s see the result
Dr. Murat Tuzcu, and those who think like him, “see, dairy products and red meat shortens telomeres” this research would hold like a lifeline I know.
Again, they’re wrong!
In this study, the aforementioned red meat consumed in America, sausage, salami, ham, and other processed smoked meat.
Also meant for dairy products UHT milk, yogurt and their derivatives, such as industry stop my approval, definitely I want to beat the foods.
Without wine, Mediterranean diet, healthy red meat and dairy products, yes, yes, yes!


What is Thalassemia Mediterranean Anemia?

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In humans, oxygen is transported through hemoglobin (Hb), which also gives the blood its red color. The main hemoglobin in adults consists of two alpha and two beta, four different globin chains and named as Hb A. Thalassemia (Mediterranean Anemia) is a genetic disease caused by the loss or disappearance of one or more globin chains. Since hemoglobin is produced incorrectly in this disease, red blood cells containing this hemoglobin are destroyed and anemia is formed. Anemia can occur in very severe forms, ranging from very mild laboratory changes to deaths in the womb.
Mediterranean anemia is studied in two main groups as alpha and beta thalassemia. The Mediterranean basin of the world is common in parts of the Middle East, India and Far East Asia. Thalassemia is seen in regions where malaria is common in the world because it protects human against malaria in thousands of years of human evolution. In our country, it is more common in Thrace and Mediterranean Region.
What are the symptoms and signs of Mediterranean Anemia?

Jaundice in the eyes,
There may be complaints of bloating in the abdomen.
Spleen and liver can grow in patients.
Changes in the face and head bones due to persistent anemia in their severe forms (protrusion in the forehead and cheekbones, etc.).
Growth retardation can be seen in heavy forms in children.
Diabetes, goiter and other hormonal disorders can be seen due to iron accumulation.
Heart failure, liver damage, and the corresponding feet, swelling of the abdomen can be seen.
Gallbladder stones are common because increased jaundice will increase.

How is the diagnosis of Mediterranean Anemia?
Diagnosis is made by blood count, peripheral smear, hemoglobin electrophoresis. Genetic tests can also be diagnosed, but it is not widely used routinely because of the difficulty in transport. Mediterranean anemia can be very confused with iron deficiency anemia due to the similarities of blood count and complaints. Iron deficiency anemia should be excluded especially in differential diagnosis.
Mediterranean Anemia Types:
Mediterranean Anemia has multiple subtypes, but the most important subtypes are alpha and beta thalassemia where alpha and beta chains are affected. Electrophoresis is not diagnostic in alpha thalassemia and the diagnosis is made by genetic or clinical findings.
The most common clinical forms of thalassemia;
Thalassemia Carrier: It is the most common patient group and these patients continue their life with mild anemia. They don’t need a blood transfusion. Children born to mother and father who are carriers of Mediterranean anemia may be at higher risk of developing severe anemia.
Thalassemia Intermedya: They do not need a blood transfusion at the beginning of life but they are anemic enough to require blood transfusions in certain periods of their lives.
Thalassemia Major: It is the most severe form of mediterranean anemia that needs blood transfusions from the first year of life.
How is Mediterranean Anemia treated?
There is no need for any treatment in patients with thalassemia if the patient does not have complaints and anemia is not deep. In patients without iron deficiency, it is important in this patient group that iron accumulation does not cause iron problems.
The undesirable effects of thalassemia occur due to chronic deep anemia and the iron accumulated in the body due to the blood given in the treatment of this anemia. Bone changes due to anemia, heart failure, the formation of blood outside the bone marrow (the size of the spleen) is problematic, while the iron given in the blood can accumulate in the organs, causing dysfunction in the glands that produce liver, heart and hormones. Therefore, the removal of iron from the body is of vital importance in patients undergoing routine blood transfusions. For this purpose, drugs that bind and bind iron in the body have been developed.
In order to prevent iron accumulation, it is important to monitor the iron accumulation in the body and to monitor the heart and hormone status. The gall bladder stone or spleen is very enlarged and a very frequent blood transfusion is required. In the selected patient group suitable for treatment, bone marrow transplantation is a solution that can completely cure the disease if there is also a donor.
How to prevent Mediterranean Anemia?
Thalassemia is a genetic disease and passed on to parents. Being a carrier of thalassemia is not an obstacle to marriage. If both parents are thalassemia carriers, children may be sick, carrier or normal. These couples can have a 25% probability of having a normal, 50% have a carrier like themselves and 25% have a child with thalassemia major. If one of the parents is a carrier and the other is healthy, the child will be a carrier of thalassemia of 50%. Blood and hemoglobin electrophoresis is used to screen new couples in our country. In the children of risky couples, genetic samples were taken from the prenatal placenta and amniotic fluid for diagnostic purposes.