Cancer-Fighting Nutrients 10


Grapefruit is a fruit rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fight free radicals damaging the body. 1 per day vitamin C during the winter months you consume grapefruit meets 70 percent of the person’s needs. Moreover, studies of vitamin C in the respiratory tract, the esophagus (reflux) of the stomach and plays a key role in the Prevention of colon cancer. To consume a grapefruit in season is extremely helpful. But “now the season has passed and I don’t like grapefruit, or if you say” alternatively, kiwi, strawberries, green pepper, and corn starch you can consume. Indeed, all that can replace a cancer fighter grapefruit.

Yesil Tea

Cancer warrior both winter and summer; Yesil tea. Contains powerful antioxidants known as catechins content. Catechins in teas Yesil studies thanks to the reveal that reduces the risk of cancer. Catechins found in black tea, but tea is richer in the content of Yesil. Therefore you don’t forget to drink 2 cups of tea per day in both winter and summer Yesil.

Cruciferous ( Broccoli-Cauliflower-Cabbage)

Broccoli, cauliflower, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and winter from the group, many anti carcinogenic compounds. These compounds also helps prevent DNA and cell damage, especially in season so in the winter when consumed protects you from cancer. Therefore, approximately 200 grams of broccoli to consume 2-3 times per week is very beneficial. Vegetables to lose vitamins and minerals because it is exposed to heat for a long time let boil broccoli and cauliflower for the best. With cabbage you can cook in a pressure cooker without adding water in a short time and get maximum benefit.


Summer months are a source of healing Tomatoes, which contain lycopene has a potential role in reducing cancer risk. The effect of lycopene from cooked tomatoes, so the heat treatment is applied is increased, and thus the antioxidant capacity increases. The season of tomatoes consumed in the antioxidant effect, the prostate, breast, digestive system, bladder, and cervical cancer reduces the risk of skin. In the summer you make sure you’re getting all the meals for your health tomatoes. But remember, mostly baked.


Kullanilageldi garlic for medicinal purposes for thousands of years many different. The content of sulfur compounds it strengthens the immune system, protects against cancer by increasing the activity of enzymes that suppress tumor cell proliferation. If you like garlic, the onions still in this family, such as leeks, vegetables also contains selenium which is a powerful antioxidant that protects against cell damage. A compound named quercetin which is also found in abundance in onions in the capture of damaging free radicals in the body effective. Studies in the head with garlic consumption, including cancer of the stomach, bladder, colon and prostate cancer reveals that there is an inverse relationship between. For this reason, “a week on the job, I may be uncomfortable in the workplace, or I can make things uncomfortable,” do not think, give you plenty of onions and garlic cooked some of your meals. Moreover, the cooked onions and garlic does not cause bad breath. One last note; I also know that the garlic is more of a positive impact when consumed as whole.

Flax Seed

10 grams flax seed per day reduces your risk of breast cancer did you know that? Flax seed omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, protein, highly soluble and insoluble fiber, and lignans include. In recent years, studies focused on the fiber in flax lignans compounds. 10 grams flax seed per day is indicated to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Flax seed also lowers total and LDL cholesterol in blood vessels to reduce the accumulation and consumption of attention. Whether you can eat yogurt along with flax seed alone if you want.

Red Grapes

Constitute a significant source of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant grape bark. Laboratory studies indicate that phenolic compounds in grapes and grape juice with resvoratrol protective against cancer.


Here are a good nutrient in the winter months: pumpkin. Which is a very powerful antioxidant beta – carotene it contains. Beta-carotene apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, and citrus fruits such as Persimmon, dark yellow-orange found in fruits and vegetables. From exhibit protective activity against cell damage caused by free radicals. Beta-carotene rich diet, especially with the preventive work against premenopausal breast cancer is shown. Prepare your pumpkin puree and yogurt as snacks or soup during the winter months you can consume. However, beware! That is the most common trigger that is used liberally in the sugar and pumpkin pie remember!


Here are more high to have a preventive effect against cancer a nutrient: Oats. Soluble oat fiber beta-gluten also contains. Beta-glucan reduces your risk of heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol levels. Oatmeal, legumes, and they contain fiber and whole grain foods such as wheat is of great importance in the fight against cancer thanks to the antioxidant compounds. Of oatmeal and 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt per day along with protective properties against cancer and also helps the digestive system consumed.

Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries

The flavonoids in blueberries, proanthocyanidins compounds with powerful antioxidant effects and protects against cancer. However, there are alternative foods for those who consumed the blueberries. For example, strawberry, red berries, fruits such as blackberries and raspberries contain compounds similar. Blueberries can be eaten dry roasted with sugar from a handful a day. You can consume a cup of tea with fresh blueberries. Besides that you can easily find black berry or berries in the summer until you can benefit from consuming 1 cup of flavonoid compounds.

10 Nutrients That Need To Be Consumed In The Winter

During the winter months to be consumed fruit and vegetables and their benefits Dr. Fevzi ozgonul describing, announced…10 amazing nutrients should be consumed
1-APPLE: Antioxidant power. It is rich in vitamin C and calcium. Next time, forget to eat super healthy food and enjoy eating an Apple.
2-Sweet Potato: a food that should be in every home. Because it is rich in vitamin A, rejuvenates skin, strengthens the immune system.
3-CARROTS: these are deep-rooted in this beautiful winter soups you can make with vegetables. Carrot, sweet food and extremely healthy. Also lifli. In the winter, everyone around you when you’re sick the only food that will allow you to remain healthy.
4-radish leaves: Radish is a vegetable very fantastic and delicious. Well did you know that’s the beat of the Leaf. Contains beta-carotene, C, E, B6, B9 and very good in terms of calcium vitamin is a vegetable. Radish leaves has the effect of retarding aging.
5-PUMPKIN: Pumpkin can’t be healthy without a list of winter foods. And also it is rich in all kinds of vitamins, especially vitamin store. Pumpkin is very healthy and will keep you warm during the winter months that accommodates all kinds of minerals.
6-tomatoes: tomatoes are vegetables, who can say no to tomato soup all summer warm in the winter. Therefore, our proposal is prepared and the type of tomatoes you throw it in the freezer for winter use. Tomatoes reduces the risk of heart disease.
7-BICEPS: vitamin K which is beneficial for bone health, contains. Is very beneficial to your diet, all the vitamins.
8-turnip greens: vitamin C, filled with a deep-rooted plant. Not just in the winter, every season is a nutrient that you need to eat. Reduces the risk of cancer of any kind, and extremely tasty.
9-Brussels sprouts: strengthens the immune system. Iron, potassium and vitamin K which is required for the repository contains the health of your bones.
10-POMEGRANATE: welcome to the house one you bought at the market, a thousand. Pomegranate pomegranate consume all the vitamins their body needs because they are from people, their immune systems get stronger, and become healthier people.

10 Disarming Nutrients Stomach Acid During Ramadan

Complaints of the stomach are increasing during Ramadan?
When Ramadan arrives in the stomach, gas, or reflux conditions such as rancidity comes to the fore. Iftar and sahur mistakes, can cause a situation like this.The month of Ramadan from the stomach of a small, hard deposits are you multiplying? “Gas, bloating, stomach eksiyip is on fire” or “reflux” who does not say. Questions like this I asked a colleague who specializes in gastroenterology. The response was brief: “long-term change in the rhythm of hunger and eating can create some digestive problems for the first week. Iftar is being done at most error. Fast food, almost the most common mistake is to swallow without chewing. The food is an important detail that may not be sorted correctly. Downloaded very quickly on an empty stomach, will irritate the stomach, esophagus and stomach of hot soup is also important. Fast food in itself already causes a bulge to swallow more air, which means at the same time. There are other mistakes too: sometimes are not given enough opportunity to the stomach to ejaculation. Samarkand sunrise, before atistirili up a lot of things, which is a big problem. Iftar-sahur between is very short this year-so the shift in the very early hours of the morning is important. Also “I could eat day too,” fear not, very inflated delights of a problem. The emptying of the stomach into bed after suhoor, defeating the physiological intestine is preventing you from doing their job.” The result: in the fast in the morning, slow food, chew food thoroughly, keep the conversation going and enjoy a nice table out the stomach in Ramadan as usual “trash bag” it is very important for you to make…
Increase uric acid is that dangerous?
Gout “uric acid” in the body of the named item are known to arise as a result of the accumulation. Painful swelling of the joints, and sometimes even “gout attack” also known as “thumb arthritis” turns out to attacks, red and terribly painful arthritis you have to go for a thumb. Of an excess of uric acid “kidney stones”caused by the heart valves and blood vessels breaks.Fructose stimulates the increase of excess uric acid.
Did you give your organs?
Thousands of patients are waiting for an organ transplant. Our doctors and our hospitals are extremely successful in organ transplantation. World Championship candidates almost notably the liver and renal transplantation. The problem is that the formats cannot organ. What he needed, the organ to be transplanted. Because of not enough organ donors. A large part of organ transplants from healthy donors, usually done with organs from relatives. In developed countries, the situation is exactly the opposite.People living with organs from brain-dead organ donation from 20 percent to 80 percent is carried out. In short, we have a very bad track record about organ donation. Our level of awareness is very low.
10 disarming nutrients stomach acid
In your stomach gets crushed, dies, eksiyin almost as an “antacid” chew the pill, tablets, syrups do not swallow. Look for the answer to the first question: What if I made a mistake and I also think my stomach rebelled? By benefiting from the following natural nutrients in your stomach then try to help…
1 – Fennel: Fennel herbal tea prepared with gas, bloating and cramps it relaxes the stomach, reducing feature.
2 – Banana: fruit is good for acid reflux sufferers because of the positive effects of the acidity of the stomach is an option.
3 – Ginger: anti-inflammatory effect in the body, with the positive influence of fire as well as soothes colic with cramps feature.
4 – oatmeal: the fiber structure balances the acidity of the stomach. At the same time is satisfactory.
5 -: Melons are rich in potassium. Because of high pH value, alkaline reflux of the stomach to help it become as good.
6. pasta: the content in B vitamins gives energy. The stomach calms.
7 – root vegetables: celery, artichokes, other vegetables, root vegetables such as higher starch content of yam is more than calories. While extending the feeling of satiety contain plenty of fiber an alkaline environment.
8 – chicken and Turkey: preventive nutrition is the most important protein sources are Reflux in your plan. White meat unless it is fried in oil can be consumed. However, the skin must be taken necessarily.
9 – Parsley: soothing the stomach and digestive system, help in disposing of excess water from the body of a plant.
10 – chamomile tea: soothing to the stomach, can be perfect. Licorice extracts may also be benefiting from the amount of padding provided.

The Trend Of Nutrients 2017

2016 2017 the trend in place in the seeds of greens left. Well, the Greens…
Yesil greens when you start to consume vegetables, foods that made you sick in a natural way they will stay out of your diet slowly.Yesil vegetables a regular part of our lives that we do is very important. Greens will be the trend this year is undoubtedly the most nutrients.
Last year, the trend was chia seeds and grains.The location this year is lush with leaves recipes.
Purple Foods
The nutritional value of foods in terms of taste and purple this year trends are taking their place at the top of the list.
Yogurt Carrot Cake
The United States Food yogurt carrots are among the trends that are popular in accompanied by 2017.
Cactus Juice
The largest known cactus juice benefits, it is a very powerful antioxidant and thus easily able to clear our body from toxic wastes. It is a source of vitamin C is also quite powerful, because those who don’t like to eat the fruit by consuming plenty of water can gain a small amount of. Cactus juice all the fruits in terms of vitamins that will outpace pretty high in terms of taste and flavor in trend with the most fantastic.
Cakes and ice creams
Cake and ice cream in the dessert section of the menu that stands out in 2017. Delicious food cake recipe to your list you should put at the top of your rack instead of removing. Contrary to common belief, calorie foods don’t stay away from.This year, trends is among the best calorie and cake and ice cream, quite delicious.
Nutritional value,taste, favorite food, and recently the trend of most of the models, which is one of the most nutrients coconut 2017.
Colorful vegetables and fruits
Vegans happy with the trend that will make your table be re-shaped.Colorful vegetables or fruits that you use in your food and on your desk stands out this year.

10 Nutrients That Prevents Your Cravings Quickly

The fast pace of everyday life, in big cities many people skip meals, and regular health causing them to not feed. Preferred to be reached quickly, therefore the fast food type-fat and high-calorie foods makes us hungry more quickly to be hearty. Naturally, many people think “I will eat what I get hungry, I’m satisfied” is coming to complain. However, some food in the stomach creates a feeling of fullness for a long time after defeating, over-fat, high-calorie food to consume, you won’t need. For a long time creates a feeling of satiety, which prevents your cravings 10 food etiquettes quickly.
The egg is a source of protein, keeping you full for a long time is extremely important and there is no scientific data about. Breakfast in the morning boiled eggs during the day, your food makes you robust against hunger pangs. Those who don’t like boiled eggs veggie omelet may consume.
Yesil tea
With many benefits of tea when consumed after main meals Yesil, slows the carbohydrates into the blood. You will consume 2-3 cups per day, you can extend your time by staying satiated with tea Yesil.
Low-fat cheese, milk, yogurt
Full fat milk, cheese and yogurt instead of consuming low-fat, semi-skimmed, to the benefit, expressed as it is beneficial to consume. Moreover, because they are rich in protein can help to suppress the appetite, while they keep full for a long time.
Soups because they contain water, because of, and due to the pressure they create in the stomach that allows nutrients to be fed in a shorter period. For dinner vegetables, spinach, celery, soup made from vegetables such as zucchini to start with, it prevents you from overeating at the main meal, with a full feature allows you to benefit within days of Holder.
Lemon and olive oil
A portion of its daily oil requirements are met so that the consumption of olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids metabolism when sufficient and supported by scientific studies have been shown to lose weight easier. Squeeze lemon on avocado to salads, or put one or two drops of olive oil and a teaspoon of consuming plays an important role in terms of ensuring the toughness dropping.
Drawing attention with a low calorie level as much as it is nutritious, oats, mix with milk and yogurt or you can eat it. Dec meal or for breakfast in the morning, dried fruit, nuts and milk prepared with the addition of oatmeal provides satiety for a long time. A slice of bread is equal to three tablespoons of oat bran.
The most important feature of nuts, fiber-rich, they contain sugar, in the lack of additives. Therefore, you can consume a cup of tea per day. But until you should eat five to six in the evening. In the evening, because by slowing the rate of metabolism, you may be able to burn your calories.
Salad meals, consume plenty of fiber and eating more than the full amount due to having both due to lack of sugar content prevents. In it, fresh red pepper, dill chop also increases the degree of fullness.
Cinnamon regulates blood sugar and reduces appetite. Within days you can incorporate into your yogurt in the evening two hours before bedtime, you can put a cinnamon stick into hot milk. So in the morning when he wakes, I will ensure that you do not get hunger pangs.
In both studies, the reveal of slowing down the rate of digestion of acetic acid in vinegar. With vinegar to add to salads and toughness more balanced your blood sugar rises, you can extend your time.

Which Will Get Filled With Nutrients That Your Body Needs Water?

Water contains the most important minerals for our health. Drink plenty of water is important for our health in general. However, a lot of water with nutrients if you are unable to tuketemi you will receive a portion of your water needs you can meet.

In order to maintain the immunity of the body needs plenty of water. Various minerals in the water will help to protect the health of your skin health also to a large extent. Do not drink plenty of water you absorb from the food you eat a large portion of your water needs. Soon we’re going to count that you will meet your need for nutrients and water and healthy, you will be nourished.
Here are a large portion of vegetables and fruits that will meet your water needs…

Very low in calories tomatoes and lycopene-rich tomatoes in your diet you can consume safely. Tomatoes contain minerals that energy to convert into glucose in almost 94% of U.

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Carrots: Carrots a vitamin store. The benefits to both your skin and eyes as well as your body provides several benefits. At the same time, 90% water ratio.

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Broccoli: although broccoli is very important for your health very much loved the taste. Just log C and vitamin K broccoli in a bowl with almost half of you have met. Broccoli is 90% composed of water.

Strawberries: vitamin C, potassium, and contain plenty of fiber. Rich in minerals, this fruit is the %of 92% of water.

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Watermelon: eat watermelon to cool off in the heat on the top. Watermelon contains very powerful antioxidants, and almost 95% water. Watermelon also helps to remove the pain of arthritis.

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Spinach: spinach is one of the sources of potassium and iron, which is almost 91%. This will increase the amount of food to be consumed raw.

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