Nutrition 3N+1N Rule

The wonders of Mother’s milk knows. However, 6. months after your baby while breastfeeding him, we need additional foods to stay. Additional nutrients in infants exclusively breastfed 6. on the moon begins. Weaning infants, additional food if the appropriate conditions 4. months after can be started. 6. head to months before the mother’s milk reduces the benefits of foods.
The transition to supplemental foods in the first meal of the When, Where will you be and what would beat that family when determining how much food children determines. Foods to abide by this rule for additional work during the transition period, stating that the Tigris would facilitate child health and disease specialist Dr. Belief, additional nutrients in the first house, glass, grater, Apple or pear juice prepared with them, then puree, vegetable soup, again with homemade yogurt and rice pudding with milk should start says. Of these foods less easy to digest foods allergens and noting that Dr. Faith, continues:
Of our children “the transition to lumpy foods the appropriate months if it had been in ‘what we call baby blender, smooth everything-eating, oguren we’ll have to fight with kids. Before the baby hydrated, and then crushed with a fork then acclimated to the nutrients in pure form should be given to more lumpy foods. For a few months after the start of additional nutrients, breast milk is still a source of essential nutrients. Approximately 8. in the months of breastfeeding with additional nutrients and also thoroughly increase the frequency begins to decrease the variety of the 3 main meals in addition to breast milk intake to 3-4 times per day as arranged. Your baby fruit puree, vegetable soup, pudding, and yogurt after getting used to it, 7. may begin with breakfast on the moon. When he was about 8 months the baby, additional nutrients becomes more important.”
Set by the parents when, where and what will beat
Determines how much food the child
Foods to be avoided in infants
* The risk of allergies with citrus fruits such as oranges and tangerines, tropical fruits, egg whites, strawberries, tomatoes, honey and cow’s milk should not be given to babies in the first year.
* Again, a first year, sugar and salt foods should be added.
* The nutritional value of the cooking juices to fill their stomach only children is low and the water is not recommended.
* Brain and spleen foods such as well cooked as it carries the risk of infection and it is difficult to be is not recommended.
* Tea: it has no place in your child’s diet. Tannin content, iron deficiency causes of iron and other minerals due to binding property. Add the sugar, causes tooth decay, and loss of appetite.
* Honey: causes severe allergic reactions in children with content. Before the age of 1 is not recommended.
* Beans: Some children with enzyme deficiency because it can result in the destruction of the blood in infancy is not recommended.
* Eggplant: the nutritious value because it is not contain nicotine and is not recommended.
* Cow’s milk allergy, excessive consumption, anemia, and it is not recommended to be consumed before the age of 1 due to constipation.
* Nuts: Children like adults at the age of 5 develops and swallowing functions. By this time the nuts could pose a choking hazard.
* Shellfish: it is heavy because of the mineral content are not allowed.
* Full-uncooked-raw eggs can cause food poisoning. Egg whites, because of the risk of allergy after the age of 1 can be given.
* With foods that contain high sugar content or sweeteners are not recommended.
* Also made from raw eggs in foods like mayonnaise, sauces, ready-cooked chicken, cheese made from pasteurised milk, hot and spicy foods, instant soup, soda, carbonated and fizzy drinks on the label, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil from all the products that should be avoided in childhood, says.
Breakfast sample menu for 9 month old baby: breast milk or formula milk (50-100ml), 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of olive oil or butter, 1 tsp jam or molasses, 3 -4 pieces of biscuit or 1 slice of bread lunch: 1 slice of bread 2 tablespoons of minced meat and vegetables to eat Afternoon: puree ½ cup yogurt 1 small fruit dinner: 1 bowl custard Night: Mother’s milk
Measurements: 1 teaspoon:5 ml 1 tablespoon:10-15 ml 1 bowl:150-200 ml
Nutrition during 1-2 years period
1-2 age group of children collected in groups 5 to be able to adequate and balanced nutrients required for Tigris Dr Who stated that it was the belief of these nutrients should be consumed in recommended quantities in females.
Meat group: meat, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, and beans consist of. Besides being rich in protein foods in this group, especially in terms of iron they are very rich. 2 per day meatballs beef, chicken, fish, or 3-4 tbsp dry legumes should be consumed.
Milk group: milk, cheese and yogurt foods such as are included in this group. They are rich in protein and calcium. 2 cups of milk per day-yogurt is recommended.
Bread and cereal group: wheat, rice, corn bread, pasta, noodles foods in this group are included etc. Of energy for the body\constitute the main source of calories. 3-4 slices of bread daily can be consumed.
Vegetable-fruit group: constitute the most important source of fiber and vitamin C. Daily, 1 Medium piece of fruit, 2-3 tablespoons of cooked vegetables is recommended.
Fat and sugar group: Foods in this group, they are taken into the body by eating of the other groups. For this reason, should be consumed more than the recommended amount leads to obesity. Daily 1-2 tbsp oil, 1-2 tbsp sugar intake is sufficient.
Nutrition during the period of 2-6 years age
* Meals are arranged in the form of 4-6 meals a day.
* 1 Matchbox cheese with 2 cups of milk for calcium recommend.
* The requirement for Iron, 2 dumplings, meat, chicken, fish, or servings 1(3-4 tablespoons) of dry legume food can be eaten.
* Requirements for vitamins and fiber, – 1 cup cooked vegetables 1 Medium piece of fruit can be covered with.
* To meet energy requirements per day 4-6 thin slices of bread, rice or pasta, starchy foods like noodles can be consumed.
* Egg should be eaten every day or on alternate days.

Nutrition, exercise?

Article published in the British Journal of sports and healthy living in the magazine was reported to be much more important than exercise weight loss diet (1).
Experts exercise eating weight is normal and those who do wrong, if they’re healthy they can’t be Never, people moving from morning till night as long as they consume sugar and carbohydrates, stress that they can’t get from obesity.
The belief that the food industry can have the effect of promoting an unhealthy diet of exercise I’ve been accused of, and the tactics the tobacco industry for smoking-related tactics being likened to.
“Physical activity and obesity, it’s time to explode the myth: you can’t run a bad diet” (it time to bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity: a bad diet you cannot sit from the article contains the following views:
“Regular physical exercise cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer is reduced by at least 30 percent that it’s true, but can’t be able to lose weight without calorie restriction.
In the last 30 years, exercise has remained the same although the level of overweight and obesity increased tremendously nutrition mistakes that makes me think is more important.
Unhealthy nutrition, lack of movement, causing more disease than smoking and alcohol combined.
Exercise and weight is normal, but the height of wrong in the risk of chronic illness and premature death, which represents the Fed metabolic markers.
When 40 percent of obese body mass index than the normal ones seen in patients with hypertension, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease include clustering of metabolic abnormalities that lead to fatty liver disease.
The point of the job node is responsible for the increase in obesity and lack of exercise people the idea that the imposition of inactivity.
“Sit and stay” although there are many negative effects on health, obesity is the main cause of inactivity is not to consume the wrong foods.
Sugary foods the cause of obesity doesn’t move.
The basics are actually pretty simple: it creates fat storage and hunger satiety while causing the calories from sugar calories from fat.
150 calories more every day from each sugar (e.g., soda), increases the risk of diabetes how much exercise is done 11 times.
The whole point is that “the restriction of carbohydrates.
Soft drinks, French fries and junk food
In another research, soft drinks, French fries and junk food than those who eat higher risk of Type 2 diabetes in those who consume such foods shows that 70 percent (2).
835 20 thousand people by the experts at the University of Utrecht on research performed in a group of vegetables, fruit and lean meat rich in Fed French fries in the other group, eating junk food and soda drinkers.
Research group of physical activity the risk of diabetes of at least 2-fold increase; fed with a diet rich in junk food and soft drinks from in the case of increasing physical activity, reduced risk of diabetes, reveals that.
Let’s see the result
What needs to be done to live healthier and longer is actually extremely simple: first, “eat like a man”; and the second is not enough “moving”.
One of these is more important than the other to claim that it is incompatible with reason and logic.
Both are essential to healthy living.


Diabetes and nutrition

You will need to make some changes in your lifestyle to diet with diabetes your scheme. According to the patient’s condition the treatment for diabetes healthy eating, exercise, medication and insulin therapy diabetes and reduce the symptoms that occur due to delay, and thereby aims to raise the level of your life. Because they create our blood, our sugar eating a healthy diet is the most important part of treatment.
In diabetes does not require you to completely remove your favorite foods from your life, but your require to be very careful about the type and amount of eating. To be able to control your blood sugar in a conscious way for vegetables, fruits, and grains, rich in protein, fat, and cholesterol restricted diet plan should be arranged. When you consume foods your body needs by preventing hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, your blood sugar regularly and carefully get it under control and prevent or delay complications due to diabetes, you can manage to.
Those who have diabetes because of their diet and eating special meals with the family prepares themselves for the time change and the food they eat. But today, without the healthy diet recommended for people with diabetes is no different. Diabetes does not affect a person’s body needs essential nutrients. Diabetes non-processed be very careful in consumption of sugar, saturated fat and high in cholesterol such as meat, eggs, milk and milk products such as foods, consume in moderation, instead of large main meals, it is advisable to eat little but often.
The biggest change in your lifestyle eating habits you need to do is organized in a way that will be transformed into a healthy and balanced diet. Conscious healthy eating begins with the exchange of food. You purchased your home or when dining out if you choose foods for a healthy diet is not suitable of keeping the balance of blood sugar control becomes difficult. Prepare your food list weekly or daily, it would be quite helpful to you while shopping. The healthy foods you need and how much you need, containing all the food types in the food pyramid can make your job quite easier to prepare a list of your list being loyal to you can manage to stay away from foods that are bad for you. Browse to the packaging of the foods you’ll receive in exchange. Glucose, sucrose, consult a doctor before taking foods that contain sugar.
The three main type 1 and type 2 diabetes who use insulin, and three meals a total of Dec, it is necessary to consume 6 meals a day. Insulin blood glucose levels rise suddenly, you must wait half an hour after injection. Dec also the formation of the feeling of hunger avoid skipping meals should not be reduced of the type and amount of Food recommended by your doctor, can cause blood sugar levels to fall.
Especially of Type 2 diabetes must be fed at intervals of 2-3 hours. The nutrients that your body needs daily blood sugar after meals all day and eating less but more often of the rise of spread can be prevented. By reducing the portions and consume small meals taken weight and control hunger and prevents the retrieval of more calories, and also regulates blood sugar.
For those who use insulin or oral medication Dec eating meals is different. The ingestion of a food that contains 10-15 grams of carbohydrates but both treatments is recommended. Bread meal substitute bread or food is not the best choice for Dec. 2 breadsticks, 4-5 sugar-free Whole Wheat Biscuits, a cup of fat-free popcorn, half a pastry. In addition to these, low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, or yogurt by adding protein such as a product you can enhance. Also fresh fruit or vegetables can be consumed, but the use of insulin alone may not be a good choice associated with Dec fruit meal to be consumed, your blood sugar level may create a risk of hypoglycemia depending on the right to lunch, consult your doctor. Meals at home Dec is usually because there are not necessarily prepared for it should be in the bag, in the car, in the pocket of the jacket in the office, in your drawer is always suitable food should be available.
The food pyramid consists of 6 groups of diabetes. Days from your treatment that you need to eat servings which groups within your body structure, vary depending on your exercise level and your blood sugar level, your doctor will recommend you a proper diet plan. The effects of different foods and measure out 1.5 hours after food, your blood sugar are able to observe, and accordingly, changes in diet with your doctor, you can go through.
Grains, legumes and starchy yiyeceklet are the foundation of the pyramid, the widest part, and covers. Breads, cereals, legumes, potatoes, starchy foods such as rice that must be eaten at each meal, it is one of the basic foods. Healthy diet in a day 1 serving of bread a thin slice a medium potato or 2-3 tablespoons of rice to coincide with 6 or more servings a day should be eaten.
The main source of carbohydrates in many various foods on blood sugar. But all of the carbohydrates contained in the food affects your blood sugar in different ways. Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex carbohydrates. When upgrading from simple carbohydrates your blood sugar quickly, complex carbohydrates more slowly and may rise later. Table sugar, honey, syrup, jam, ice cream, cake, etc sweets, chocolate, biscuits and candy containing foods such as simple carbohydrates, the blood sugar increase at a time. In addition, dental caries, obesity, heart and many diseases such as diseases of the digestive system they may cause.
By consuming complex carbohydrates, your body can meet its energy needs, and later you can increase blood sugar levels more slowly. Vegetables, fruit, pasta, bulgur, dry beans contain a wide variety of food such as complex carbohydrates. These foods slow the rate sugar is converted to glucose in our body so because you don’t give your blood sugar suddenly.
Fruits and vegetables constitute the second phase of the pyramid. Fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals that each fruit and vegetable has different implications. According to the person varies, but 3-4 servings of fruit per day and 3-5 servings of vegetables should be eaten.
In the third step, the milk and milk products, meat, fish, chicken,eggs, and animal products such as creates.Diabetes diet meat and dairy should be consumed per day 2-3 servings a day from each of the groups. The energy in daily diet of between 10 and 20% must be provided from protein, these foods are also rich in protein. But besides that, these foods cholesterol and saturated fat is installed it must not be forgotten that more in terms of calories, low-fat or fat-free ones should be preferred.
The little chapter at the top of the pyramid, oil, sugar, sugary foods and alcoholic beverages are included. Diet they take very little space. Within the group sugar, sugary foods and the recommended serving size for alcoholic beverages there is because the foods in this group do not contribute to a healthy diet. However, for oils group Foods in 1 teaspoon of oil, 5-6 nuts, 1 scoop equals a serving biscuits or 2 pieces of sugar from sugary foods. If you intend to consume alcoholic foods, you should consult with your doctor about the effects of blood sugar.


After-School Nutrition

The kids ready for school lunch or a lunchbox and a balanced full of hearty food, even if usually very hungry when they return from school and they run toward the kitchen. Should you allow your kids to snack on before dinner? Be sure of having a place to stay in the stomach for a healthy dinner, will you? Dec children regularly for meals and snacks nutrition and health is very important and helpful. The battle with obesity healthy foods for snacks between meals instead of redirect to ban you is much more important. The important point is to choose the right foods.
Snacking less frequently as the children grow older needs are especially intense and tiring but it is no surprise that hungry after a school day. Eating lunch in school in the early hours ongoing classes and after-school activities Dec-they may not have the opportunity to eat meals.
Your child’s age, after school hours depending on your order and your child may not always follow how it was fed in the afternoon. Your kids about healthy foods that we can eat for dinner prepared in advance a place to stay with our suggestions, you can keep your child away from processed foods.
Consider yourself and your kids put your eating habits on a normal school day. What time do you eat lunch? Dec meal between breakfast and lunch your child need? Does he always eat lunch? What’s for lunch and eats it what it eats? If you have an activity after school that participated, there are Dec meals provided? When you combine that with a healthy appetite for the answers to these questions how to your children, how you can reach the conclusion that they are hungry after school.
What you eat and at what time that you eat for dinner on a normal day also consider. In the afternoon your child come home from school at 3 p.m. and Dec eating a hearty meals a day, dinner is at 6, probably will be hungry yet. If you want your child eating 8 meals a day eaten in or dinner until then, you should not expect, based on Dec. Consider the layout of your child and your life organize your meals accordingly and Dec.
Snacks should be foods that your child can help to prepare and will enjoy. The materials should include the best recipes they like. You give enough opportunities for the children, and quite creative if you give them the right materials. In front of them fruit, vegetables and whole-grain bread or crackers and give Them “what can we do?” ask A high amount of fat and sugar confectionery and biscuits ready, although not completely prohibited, can be consumed in small amounts, but your child consumes a snack and most fruits, vegetables, whole-grain or high-fiber foods and are rich in protein. Carbonated and sugary drinks at snack time particularly recommend. A glass of water or milk is the best option. If the dinner hour is approaching, because it is hearty only water of milk is sufficient.
There are healthy foods that can be eaten at meal in order for after school Dec. Work with your child and create healthy options. Definitely try to include fresh fruit or vegetables. Completely ban a small amount of chips or a slice of cake instead of only this kind of foods that are low in nutritional value, make sure that you offer every day. If possible, together with your child, shop, when buying prepared foods, read and compare the values of the feeder together. Protein, fiber, important nutrients such as calcium amount of amount of talk with your child and take the opportunity to observe the portions. Together sugar,fat and salt lower the amount of options to add to your cart. Shopping, preparation and assessment of children when they are involved in the process, you will raise the chances of making healthier choices.
Children, teenagers, and even fruit and vegetable slices to prepare for themselves, don’t wait. This business, which is quite troublesome for them, especially the hungry and impatient that they will not choose when a food becomes. Kids are prone to eat things ready. Here is where you come in. Keep healthy snacks at home at all times. Pre pack and ready to eat slice and keep in an airtight manner and consider it home.
He loves creative kids food after school, and at home, if you are interesting by making arrangements for him with food will be more attractive if you offer healthy options. Some children grow up and would prefer to make your own plate. Simple recipes with holding you can leave the materials ready for them. After school, no one at home to meet the kids, or, they can access the refrigerator or on the kitchen counter, and keep healthy options in the most visible place. Hungry like adults, children also prefer the shortest path hungry.
A healthy snack for your children, here are a couple suggestion:
– A banana, cut in half and each half ice cream bar in one pass. Half a banana, yogurt or granola and rotate it by covering it with cereal, dip them into.
– Whole-grain bread slices on the tomato sauce or tomato paste, grated cheese and decorate it with your child’s favorite color and healthy ingredients and spices and bake. When cheese melts, remove and serve.
– Slice the fruits like strawberries and a glass or in a glass bowl, fill and pour the yogurt over. Garnish with granola or a small amount eaten.
Dry fruits, dry fruits, nuts, and cereals with core materials such as ready mix and filling into a small bag pack. Here are a healthy option that you can always keep in your purse.
– Low-fat, low-salt cheese, cut in cubes, grapes or fruits of the season with one of the appropriate you can put in a wooden skewer.
-A banana with milk or yogurt, and fruits such as you can prepare a milkshake with strawberries through a blender.
-Blowing in the amount of fat and salt as corn careful you can serve with a glass of milk.
As with all other meals for children, Dec the meal, not in front of the TV or computer, sit at the dinner table should try to eat. Children who watch what they eat and how healthy eating will have awareness on what they eat.

Raw Nutrition

A raw food diet as the name suggests, only raw fruits, vegetables and grains are consumed. Heating food destroys nutrients and natural enzymes. it is based on Cooking makes foods poisonous even some supporters of raw feeding that you can defeat the raw diet with headaches and allergies, strengthen immunity and memory you can claim that you can reduce the effects of arthritis and diabetes.
But does it work? Fruits and vegetables for your health is quite good. Raw foods have less calories, fat and sodium and more fiber because it contains raw method of feeding probably will give the weight in the first place. Benefits will be higher in terms of nutritional value. Needed to be fed with high amounts of vegetable food, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals you will have a diet that is rich in fiber. People on the raw food diet is lower in cholesterol and triglyceride ratio is known. Cooking water soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C, it is also true that killed.
Known as raw food, raw food diet of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods is based on. Raw fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, nuts, dried fruits, sprouted grains can be consumed. Some unpasteurized dairy products, raw eggs, raw meat, and consume foods such as fish that carry a potential risk in terms of Health. Instead of a diet entirely based on raw foods, raw foods as well as cooked tomato products, legumes and grains, dairy products, low fat red meat, white meat or fish to consume long-term, it would be safer in terms of Health.
Although it is a controversial method, taste, and health benefits in terms of energy, quite lately the preferred feeding method. If you had a completely raw diet, increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables in your daily life, a fact that will impact your health well. Some of the benefits of feeding raw food:
– Over time, your taste will change. Sugar, salt and caffeine will gradually decrease your request. Sweet carrots and fresh red pepper fruits you can consume when you want it except for hurt.
– Your meal preparation time will be shortened. A salad ought to have food and drinks such as a smoothie, either in January or in the oven for a long time it will not work.
– You can get from eating natural foods thanks to season and region will be a more affordable method. You will protect both your health and your money taking fresh and genuine products. Uncooked foods from the region and carbon emissions will be lower.
– Overcooked, burnt, and some chemicals can cause carcinogenic toxins to processed foods that contain is known.
Your food may be cold or warm, but should not exceed 45 -50 degrees. Blender, food processor, fruit dehydrators using food can be varied. Eating out will be very difficult, so it is recommended to keep food in your bag and always be prepared.
There will just be some disadvantages with raw foods nutrition. Enough vitamin B12, protein, iron, make sure you are getting nutrients such as calcium. Because animal foods are consumed mostly raw food diet, may need nutritional supplements, consult your doctor and make the necessary checks.
Cook the water-soluble vitamins hurt, although beta-carotene and lycopene of nutrients such as the effect strengthens. At the same time, it can kill the bacteria, in this way, we can avoid food poisoning.
A raw food diet some diet-related diseases because it can cause the food’s pretty good to be washed is required. Because of the possibility of poisoning pregnant women, growing children, at older ages, those with weak immune systems and those with chronic conditions such as kidney diseases is not recommended. You should consult your doctor or nutritionist.


Vegetarian And Vegan Nutrition

There are several reasons for choosing vegetarianism and veganism. Some of those who choose vegetarianism for health reasons, others for religious, conscientious, stop eating meat for ethical and environmental reasons. Etyemezlik known as the simplest definition of vegetarianism red meat, poultry and fish will be consumed. But spread over a wide spectrum of vegetarian diets. To many people it carries different meaning for the word vegetarian. Some people just are fed almost exclusively on fruit when some people eat red meat. The best known types of vegetarian diets are as follows:
Pesketaryen: the consumption of red meat and poultry, milk, dairy products, eggs and fish are consumed.
Semi-vegetarian: Dec well as meat is consumed. Some doesn’t eat red meat, just fish and poultry consume.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian: the most common group, eggs, milk and milk products consume, don’t eat meat or fish.
Lacto-vegetarian: Dairy products are consumed eggs, meat and fish are not consumed.
Vegan: all animal products away from focuses.
Thursday fruitarian: fruit only, or mainly feed on. Also consume nuts.
Many doctors and nutrition experts say that fruits, vegetables and nuts, based on a low fat diet will have a positive effect on the health of agree. To quit altogether or reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing red meat in the direction of the research results published are also available. Studies also indicates that the vegetarian lifestyle can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases; heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc. 2011 in our study, the triglyceride and glucose levels, blood pressure and body mass index is lower in vegetarians has shown that.
Mostly vegetarians and care through healthy nutrition alcohol, caffeine, and exercise makes it easier to stay away from substances such as tobacco. Just eat meat, not to take control of your weight and to adopt a lifestyle that is built on good habits for a healthy life is of great importance.
A meatless diet can be healthy, but vegetarians, and especially vegans have enough B12 and vitamin D, protein, riboflavin, alpha-linoleic acid, calcium, iron and zinc must be sure they have. Milk, dairy products, and animal foods such as eggs, containing and a well-planned vegetarian diet can be fed a balanced, but the body to heal itself, grow and remain healthy important to be sure to consume enough of the nutrient, especially for vegans should be more careful. In consultation with your doctor or nutritionist, precautions should be taken against possible deficiencies by having regular blood tests, if necessary, should be supplemented.
Animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids they needs for a healthy life. There are plant foods that contain protein, but all bulundurani there is a combination of amino acids. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly consume different protein sources for example quinoa and also with a combination of lentils to consume. Tofu, edamame beans, beans and other legumes, eggs, quinoa and Amarant are also good sources of protein.
B12 deficiency is common. Vitamin B12 is found naturally only in animal products. Nov deficiency, weakness, tingling, numbness, anemia and can cause significant health problems such as blindness. B12 levels should be measured regularly, especially vegans, must necessarily meet with the doctor use products and supportive.
For those who do not consume dairy products, vitamin D also should be carefully monitored. It is very important for healthy bones calcium and vitamin D deficiency should take vitamin D supplements and talk to your doctor if you are having a problem.
Ovo vegetarians and vegans in order to avoid the problem of calcium deficiency in the diet is the village of Yeşilova, leafy vegetables, lentils, tofu, edamame, soy, nuts, kernels, and flax seed you should consume foods that contain calcium such as.
Rich sources of calcium except dairy products, edamame, tofu, almonds, tahini, and dark leafy vegetables Yesil.
Feeding a variety of foods vegetarians don’t live more balanced with the shortage of iron deficiency. But our bodies do not absorb the iron in plants as easily handle the iron in meat. Legumes, beans, peas, lentils, soy and soy products, dried apricots, prunes, nuts should be consumed. At the same time, you can increase the absorption of iron by eating vitamin C containing foods.
Our body like iron, zinc also comes from meat products, when compared to the ones in the plant much more efficient uses. Dairy products, except for whole grain foods, cooked dry beans and lentils, soy products, nuts, seeds, mushroom, black bean, pea, and vegetables from the embryo can be met.
Riboflavin almonds, mushrooms, soy milk, cow’s milk and yogurt.
Alpha-your need for linoleic acid, canola oil, flax seed meal, flax seed oil, walnuts, walnut oil, soybean oil and tofu, you can meet with.
Omega 3 fatty acids, fish, or if you do not eat eggs, hemp seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, Yesil vegetables, soybean oil, and canola oil can be found.


Rheumatic diseases and nutrition

Bones, joints, and even the ties between them and affects the nerve roots pain, swelling, stiffness and deformity, which cause problems such as diseases, rheumatism is called. In the muscles in the joints manifests itself.
The foods on your plate can help ease arthritis symptoms. People with rheumatic diseases, the disease and know the pain that accompanies inflammation. Although it does not provide nutrition to defeat this disease completely, some foods reduce inflammation in the body, bones and strengthen the immune system.
We can make some adjustments in our diet and to reduce the impact of rheumatic diseases?
The traditional Mediterranean diet, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods, healthy fats, and legumes are rich in fish and is effective against rheumatoid arthritis as it is for our overall health. These foods contain natural chemicals which control inflammation. Fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods rich in fiber. Fish, especially salmon, sardines fish such as omega-3 repository. Fruits and vegetables also effective against inflammation is rich in terms of antioxidants, bold and bright colors, especially it indicates the high antioxidant level. Blueberries, blackberries, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, oranges, broccoli, melons such as.
Include turmeric and ginger in your diet. Before taking the spices that reduce inflammation naturally, if you use blood thinners, talk to your doctor.
Salmon, tone, mackerel, herring, and oily fish such as inflammation in the war with effective omega-3 fatty acids is rich. It’s okay to eat fish at least two times per week. Reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis especially.
If you do not like fish on your plate heart-healthy soy beans add. Omega-3 fatty acids in addition to low fat a food that is rich in protein and fiber.
Extra virgin olive oil heart-healthy oils, rich in this oil of oleocanthal, an anti-inflammation has similar effects to drugs. The fats in avocados the cholesterol-lowering effects, while in the walnuts, omega-3 fatty acid ratio of olive oil are many times more than.
Research have shown that eating cherries can reduce gout attacks. Is found in cherries and anti-inflammatory effect of anthocyanin, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, such as is found in other red and purple fruits.
Milk, yogurt, and dairy products such as cheese, is a storehouse of vitamin D and calcium which strengthens bones. Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, strengthens immunity it is well known that. If you are unable to tuketemi dairy products, dark leafy vegetables Yesil missing from the table.
Store Broccoli vitamin C and K, also helps to slow down or prevent osteoarthritis and its development called for survivors that contains a substance. Also protects bone health, calcium is rich.
Tea contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and slow down the destruction of cartilage Yesil.
Oranges, grapefruit and limes are rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits. Studies that daily vitamin C can help prevent osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis that can meet our needs shows that can protect the health of those joints.
Whole-grain foods in the blood C-reactive protein have been known to reduce the level.This protein heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis is associated with. Oatmeal, brown rice and whole-grain cereals you can include to your diet plan.
Legumes are highly nutritious in terms of fiber, they also contain lots of protein vital to the health of Nov. Especially red beans and kidney beans eat regularly.
Studies regularly garlic, onions and leeks, it is found that drinkers show less symptoms of osteoarthritis.
Nuts have protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, which strengthens immunity vitamin E and alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and fiber rich. Is helpful to protect heart health and lose weight.


Nutrition In The Month Of December

A healthy life is to consume fresh fruits and vegetables in season is the basis for one of. Every season all of the preparations Sunday and wouldn’t be able to find in markets. Those fruits and vegetables would be consumed into the tables and whatever the season, there was a time for everything. Nowadays, even in the depths of winter it’s not surprising to find a watermelon. However, local, natural, nutrition quantity, at the peak of ripeness and freshness, the products are fruits and vegetables grown during the season. For example, it is difficult to catch the taste of summer tomatoes during the other seasons. So, to be fed with fresh foods in season, in other seasons konservelemek if we want to consume these foods in the sun or freeze drying methods such as freshness and quantity of nutrition containing should consume. In addition to higher nutritional value and taste, it also will help protect your budget.
In winter, especially in cold weather, due to some changes in our diet and our health occur. Increases our tendency to sugary and fatty foods, reduced physical activity and our life arrives and calms down once more, the shortening of the days the time we’ve spent at home with the computer and in front of the television increases it.
It is necessary to strengthen immunity, especially in winter. Rich in vitamins A and C, seasonal produce, apples, mandarins, oranges, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and parsley will help to strengthen your immunity. We must be careful to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Strengthening our immunity against infectious diseases such as a common cold, and vitamin E in preventing damage to the skin, the cold air runs for help. Yesil dark leafy vegetables, legumes and nuts that contain healthy fats rich in vitamin E such as nuts.
The sun’s rays, which is produced by vitamin D, Bone and dental health is very important. Dark and Sunless in the winter months causes the increase of our vitamin D needs. On occasion, we must not neglect to go out into the sun without sunscreen on sunny days missing, 2-3 times a week fish should be consumed.
In winter as in summer, drinking plenty of water is vital. Balance body heat to keep us, for all functions of the body in the elimination of toxins, we need to get adequate fluids. If you are having difficulty in drinking water herbal tea consume in moderation.
Sunday and in the market every season, every product the presence of which product is messing with our minds about what is in season and fresh. Seasonal foods for ourselves and our loved ones in their time of have listed below to reach your fruits and vegetables in the month of December.
Tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, kiwi, and apples the most popular fruits are in season. Will help strengthen our immune protected from colds. Quince, pomegranate and Persimmon.
Pumpkin season’s over, until next year to enjoy from soup to dessert, you can use it in many different dishes from the familiar to weigh.
Chestnut season’s most delicious fruits and nuts, the crunchy taste of New Year’s Eve. You can use food and desserts or you can consume kozleyip to eat.
Unlike summer crops winter vegetables, usually root vegetables, such as the products that grows longer. Yam, celery, red radishes, beets, turnips, carrots, leeks, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, white cabbage, red cabbage, kale, spinach and chard is one of the fresh flavors of the month of December.
Winter greens for salads, you can choose in the season with arugula, lettuce, parsley, watercress, mint and Rosemary. When the summer months approached, the stress of weight loss in order to avoid pay more attention to what we eat during the winter months, instead of greasy and sugary foods and pastries, abundant salads, we must be careful to consume vegetables and fresh fruits.

Nutrition During Menopause

For women in menopause, a period where their body is changing. Every woman’s last menstrual period, which will live on after this change, on average, differ from person to person, although it is reached at the age of 51. The symptoms varies from person to person. General symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain in the mid section of your body, sleep and mood swings are divisions. Early or late, which is a process that every woman will experience menopause, sometimes alone, sometimes while passing can be quite severe. With healthy lifestyle choices is an important time to take care of yourself.
What causes menopause? Hormones. That enables more productivity with age in women by the ovaries begin to produce less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen levels, menstrual period duzensizlesmey.
Depending on the natural aging process and hormone levels decline, women may find it harder to control their weight at the age of 40 and 50li. Nov loss and fat intake increases, especially in the belly area. Has the effect of lifestyle, during menopause, women show more sedentary life that can lead to and need more food than they can eat. Nonsmokers also have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical issues such as insulin resistance, in addition to yourself you may start to feel worse and your self-confidence may decrease.
Healthy eating and physical activity to reduce stress and relieve the body during menopause, a midlife transformation will help facilitate this. That may occur during menopause with a healthy lifestyle osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, skin patch, such as tension problems, can be reduced.
And during menopause, what can we do to protect our health?
Care about physical activity. When it comes to exercise don’t think of just going to the gym. Go down the stairs for a short walk in the park, take care of the garden, you can do activities such as dancing.
Eat right. Vegetables, fruits, whole-grain foods, low-fat dairy products and lean red and white meat and you need the nutrients will provide your body with less calories. Alcohol consumption a day with a glass of limitleyin a maximum of yourself.
Try to keep your weight under control. If you have a weight problem, try to downsize your portions and consume less fatty foods. Do not skip meals. Get help from a doctor or dietitian to achieve your ideal weight.
Avoid large portions. Smaller plates, bowls and cups, try to use. The contents of your food to keep it under control head to prepare a meal at home. When you eat out low-calorie fruits and vegetables and opt for dishes that contain whole grains.
Usually women experience iron and calcium deficiency problems.
Make sure you are getting enough calcium. 2 to 4 servings per day milk and dairy products and calcium-rich sardines, fish such as salmon, broccoli and legumes consume.
At least 3 servings of iron-rich food you consume. Iron-lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, Yesil leafy vegetables, almonds, hazelnuts such as nuts.
Eat plenty of fibrous food. Whole-grain breads, cereals, and pastas, brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. Be sure to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.
Do not forget to drink water. Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water per day.
Reduce fatty foods. You will receive daily or 25 to 35 of total calories should come from fat, less. Your intake of your daily calories saturated fat, %not more 7sinden be careful. Saturated fats increases the risk of heart disease by raising cholesterol. Fatty meats, full-fat milk and reduce your consumption of cheese. Vegetable oils, baked goods, and caution against trans fats in some margarines.
Restrict your consumption of salt and sugar. Too much sodium is associated with high blood pressure.
If you are experiencing hot flashes during your period, menopause, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol to avoid foods that trigger such as can be effective.

10 Nutrition Trend in 2016

If you target a healthy lifestyle by 2016, the style you need to start from the first feeding. New scientific developments and Nutritionist & lifestyle coach nutrition Seber mystery of the recommendations, taking account of healthy eating we can proclaim the year of the year of 2016.
From the kitchen start to work
Primarily the way to change your eating style from the kitchen goes. Get rid of your frying pan. Open the pressure cooker grill smokeless healthy cooking tools in the kitchen and get on the field. Store in the fridge and in the cupboard keep clear of all foods that contain sugar and high fat.
Less processed meat
The World Health Organization 50 grams per day of processed meat (deli meat or smoked) claimed that consumption could raise the risk of colon cancer. In the new year to consume under 50 grams per day of processed meat products need to care.
More fish
In addition to being a quality protein source, omega-3 content of the year with rising food fish. Because omega-3’s in addition to its impact on heart health, lose weight and maintain a positive impact has proven that is the case.
Fish diversity
Consume fish with low mercury content fish is one of the healthiest foods, even though it is important. For this reason, one type of fish to opt for the healthiest way to consume different types of fish instead. The highest content of shellfish and large fish mercury long-living ones.
Every day a village of Yesil, a red-orange vegetables
Dark leafy vegetables are rich from Yesil which is important for heart health king’s College Hospital. Red-orange vegetables effective antioxidant beta-carotene and laykopen includes.
Make vegan 1 day per week
According to the Canada Health Organization’s recommendation to one day a week run out of food of animal origin and vegetable protein alternatives are legumes, which are also quinoa, nuts, foods such as tofu and healthy fats in our diet by giving more space to consume more fiber. This application is expected to improve the health of the heart and the digestive system.
When the crisis came eating meditation for 5 minutes
In the event that you want to eat when you are hungry because you are dealing with emotional eating most of you will make a five-minute meditation by focusing on your feelings at that moment even it is known that eating will reduce your involvement.
Create the motivation to exercise
To make a habit of regular exercise is one of the issues we are struggling with the most. To motivate yourself to exercise if you are having difficulty you can find a friend to exercise or participate in group activities. Recently, collect donations in exchange for the common exercise (September, step-by-step such as organizations) at the same time your motivation can increase with the feeling of being useful to someone.
Make a habit list
More than three people at the same time it is known that the habit can change and work on. This year instead of trying to change everything in one day, bad habits habits of correcting one by one the list of the year.
Reduce the calories from the drink
Drinks are around 300 calories average calories during the day. Life you just change it to 3 will give you about 1 kg per week. Stop adding cream to your coffee and sugary drinks out of your life.

2016’nın 10 beslenme trendi