Foods That Reduce Office Stress

The work environment,intensive meetings waiting for you files. It prevents you from snacking and also eating a healthy diet, the demand for both is increasing. You must learn to choose the appropriate healthy foods for life to make this situation work. Your portion size to reduce stress is important and order a meal. And inadequate skip meals–unbalanced diet increases your stress.
Mainly carbohydrates in your diet to increase your motivation ,not your business performance if you make the right food choices is reduced. However, do you walk in sufficient quantities will help you reduce your stress.
Cocoa protect heart health, serotonin ,dopamine improves emotional health like..balancing the level of hormones. Allows you to reduce stress and increase your motivation. A sufficient rate of cocoa for chocolate with 60% cacao and higher dark chocolate with a ratio you should choose. Weight control provide healthy portions and to the extent of 20 grams of dark chocolate to your should not exceed.
Reduce your stress and increase a feeling of fullness that contains vitamins and minerals. Every day, you can choose what should be included in the Dec, but the sugar content in dried fruit is high. You need to pay attention to the serving size to provide weight control. 2 dates, 1 serving of fruit. You need to increase your motivation to the extent of servings you must eat.
Coffee a sense of fullness numerous studies, show that can increase concentration and performance. To reduce stress, 2-3 Cup you can choose. To achieve weight control, low-fat dairy, surupsuz ,no sour cream types of coffee you can drink. If you are experiencing sleep problems and fatigue, you should choose the types of decaf coffee.
Your immune protection with the probiotic structure , ensures that your blood sugar will increase your energy and daily balance is preserved. For this reason, your job performance and your motivation increases. In the office Dec meals of oats, fruits and oil seeds (walnuts,flax seed, etc.) you can choose. Dec you prefer to drink 2 glasses of meals every day to reduce your stress will help.
Among oilseeds, protecting brain health, improves emotional hormones, and reduces stress vitamin-mineral content. Gut and satiety, reducing your need for a snack will help. You should adjust the amount of servings as 7-8 pieces to provide weight control.
• 1 cup yogurt + 1 banana + 2 tablespoons oats
• 2 pieces of wasa Rye + 1 slice of low fat cottage cheese + raw almonds 5-6
• 1 Apple + 1 cup yogurt + 1 Tbsp flax seed
• 10 ounces dark chocolate + 1 cup low-fat milk with coffee
• 2 dried dates + dried apricots 4 + 2 Walnut