Spilled Olive Oil Salad Even Saves Lives

Lowering blood pressure nitrate rich vegetables every day eating two together new research in olive oil could reduce the adverse impacts of air pollution on the heart were identified.
The Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency= EPA) study, performed by experts in a two-week 42 healthy adults between the ages of 50-72 to 3 grams per day for four weeks after the diet restrictions, olive oil, fish oil or a placebo is given and the effects of clean and dirty air were investigated.
The core values and subjects in order to obtain filtered air for two hours in a private room at the end of a month, for a period of two hours and the next day were exposed to the polluted air in micrograms 253 particle in cubic metres.
Through the ultrasound of the arm arteries (brachial artery) immediately after exposure to clean and polluted air, and after 20 hours we investigated whether contraction is occurring. Markers were also analyzed, showing narrowing and at the same time to dissolve the clot.
Significant reductions in the blood vessels of those who were given fish oil or a placebo, while determining the “olive oil without any narrowing of the group’s vessels was determined.
In addition, olive oil group, the level of tissue plasminogen activator after exposure to polluted air has increased 11 percent, and this increase continued later found that at least 20 hours.
The olive oil Group, D-dimer in a decrease of 11.6 percent after 20 hours in the control group to endothelin-1 was found in 20.5 percent increase.
These results of chemical substances in olive oil can protect against the adverse effects of air pollution shows that vessels.
Air pollution leads to heart and lung diseases
Intense exposure to air pollution with heart attacks, strokes, asthma and COPD are known to increase the risk of.
Microscopic particles emitted from diesel engines causes hardening of the arteries causing inflammation, blood pressure and increases the risk of a clot.
This narrowing of the blood vessels blood pressure (hypertension), this also paves the way for various heart diseases.
Dr. Haiyan Tong, “these findings are verified by more extensive research vessels against damage of air pollution in the case of olive oil is safe, can be used as a cheap and effective remedy”.
Olive oil lowers blood pressure
In a survey conducted on mice, lettuce, spinach, celery and carrots as a matter of course, such as “nitrate-rich vegetables” consumption of olive oil have been shown to reduce blood pressure together.
According to research, the combination of the unsaturated oils in olive oil with nitrates in regulating your blood pressure “nitro fatty acids” is revealed.
The British Heart Foundation in support of research that is in the nitro fatty acids, which is responsible for the regulation of blood pressure specifically inhibited epoxide hydrology was introduced for the first time.
Professor Philip Eaton, “our study, supplemented with nuts and extra virgin olive oil or made previously, the Mediterranean diet heart attack, heart failure and explains why preventing paralysis,” he says.
Let’s see the result
Scientists who have benefitted for many years from the industry, such as butter and olive oil against heart attack and stroke “health-friendly oils” is discarded and a low-cholesterol margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oils has recommended the ingestion of.
Eggs, butter and full-fat dairy products, red meat products, while the slide is the enemy of “heart-healthy, as built into the corner of the table, “cholesterol pill” to swallow for adults.
But what happened? A decrease in release, cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death all over the world!
Thankfully drugs not Disease Prevention of “healthy eating” and “right lifestyle” and believes that could be possible, and the number of scientists who try to show with this research is increasing every day.



Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Published in Annals of Neurology Clinical Translational, according to the study, pure extra virgin olive oil provides protection against Alzheimer’s disease.
Temple University 3xtg mice predisposed to Alzheimer’s research by experts was performed.
A bunch of mice showing signs of Alzheimer’s extra virgin cold yet of age, the first product from the oil-rich diet were given a normal diet and the other.
After 12 months in mice given olive oil and 9 more successful in learning and memory tests, while they didn’t get of excess weight.
Of olive oil in mice fed a diet rich in neurons (nerve cells) that provides the connection between the synapses and neurons to be activated in the bus station in the integrity protected were found.
Experts olive oil in the brain of amyloid-beta plaques and suppress inflammation and the formation of the norofibri dugumcuk and they think that otofaji is activated.
Briefly, the cell itself works as a mechanism to convert back to eating otofaji is being described as a type, and thus, useless components of a cell is destroyed, while the ones it will work to be re-used allow.
Otofaji, and delaying the aging process, such as obesity, cancer, prevents from infection, it is believed that many disease such as Parkinson’s disease.
Let’s see the result
Put butter in our kitchen and the other two essential oils that should be present one of the true cold-press olive oil.
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