Obesity Is One Of The Ten Reasons To Get Married

After marriage, men receives more weight than their wives. Well, about how to stop the increase in weight after marriage? Here, tips…
According to a survey by the International Union obesity obesity marry one of the ten reasons. Men more than their wives starts gaining weight. Women gain weight after marriage than men more concerned of their external appearance less live.
Why do men gain weight after marriage?
1) after marriage to look at yourself: “Life my friend anymore anyway, I found that what happens if I take weight after” are starting to think. After marriage, they’re starting not to look at them no longer, what they eat, and to drink he wasn’t paying attention, it’s starting to gain weight every other day.
2) consume more food during a conversation: married couples, they spend more time with married people. On the weekends, brunch, barbecue, burn, or more home visits during a conversation without being aware of food consumption.
3) eat a lot of compliments from visiting relatives: visiting relatives after marriage begins. After marriage, men and women are treated in relation to that food or drinks made by the result of the inability to say no to food consumption is starting to be much more.
4) after marriage, to spend more time at home: he brought to the marriage, which it’s starting to be more time in front of the television after dinner with lethargy.
5) sports adjourn: pre-wedding preparations; preparations for the engagement ceremony and the wedding in the period of time after marriage to be more animated and busy putting off the gym after a last decreasing the levels of motion.
6) Depression: Male, if you can’t find the happiness you’re looking for if the marriage, he got depressed, they give their own food, and thus, it’s starting to gain weight every other day.
7) late dining: close to sleeping through the night nutrients they consume unconsciously without realizing it. Consumption of food close to sleeping through the night since they were spending more time at home. As you lose weight consumed in the late hours of the night to return everything the next day begins.
8) I often order food from the outside: married couples if both are running, if the order is given food from outside or eat outside. Ordering food from outside or eating out when they are eaten fat, high-calorie foods such as fast food, which is easy and practical to eat are preferred.
How should one feed the men after marriage?

Take yourself a small notebook you can carry in your pocket and start writing your food consumption. On each page, by typing in the date of food and beverages you consume along with the amount of servings in a day type. Thus, according to him, balancing the food groups you consume and the next day you start to be aware of.
Always start the day by making breakfast. No later than within 1 hour of waking up in the morning, blood sugar and other imbalances in the hours of meals, be aware of the lack of make your breakfast for you.
Eat 3 main meals per day and 3 in Dec.
Dec meals and other meals more when you should skip meals, especially food consumption, blood sugar imbalances and weight gain experience. Therefore, the main your and Dec do not skip meals.
The food groups you consume your dinner at noon according to plan. For lunch, vegetables (leeks, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli, zucchini, etc.) is weighted if you are feeding in the evening, protein (chicken, fish or red meat) try to eat a diet weighted.
When you want to eat dessert, low calorie, and make healthy choices. High-calorie, nutritional value, low, and syrup desserts (pastry, butter tarts, baklava, etc.) instead of consuming calcium-rich milk desserts (pudding, rice pudding, etc.) or vitamins, minerals that are rich in fruit salad (orange pieces, ½ pieces ½ Apple, 1 pear, Tangerine, 3 tablespoons yogurt, nuts 5) you can eat.
In the fridge rich in calcium milk, yogurt, buttermilk or kefir. When you are hungry will keep you satiated for a long time, 1 cup milk, 1 cup yogurt or buttermilk can be consumed.
Light brisk walks in the woods or on the beach on the weekends. You will do 45 minutes in the open air. light a brisk walk makes you feel yourself more energetic, your metabolism accelerates and you will receive plenty of oxygen.
Drop in food intake at least 2 hours before bedtime.
Bedtime do not eat the fruit even late at night you will consume of each food to you the next day, note that the weight will return.


5 Important Reasons For Breakfast

The growing frenzy in the morning to work or school, waking up late, or not feel hungry when we wake up to breakfast for reasons such as ourselves, usually we’ll jump. However, breakfast, after prolonged starvation, is the most important meal of the day for our body the energy it needs. Dec starved for dinner or night on average 10-12 hours after the meal, our bodies to start the day with a burnt-out car. For this reason it must be within 1 hour after waking up, eating breakfast, giving our bodies fuel and we must ensure that they are working. Moreover, the scientific studies also improve the quality of our lives, breakfast is very important for a healthy lifestyle as well as reveal. 5 vital reasons to have breakfast here:
Breakfast enables you to lose weight more quickly
Weight is a balance between the energy we waste with energy that we receive. Wasting energy is more than energy weight when we give we receive. Sometimes “the less I eat, the better, I already I’m not hungry in the morning by thinking” breakfast we jump. Well, despite skipping breakfast we receive a reduction of energy, why fattening? There are 2 reasons for this: first, the physical activity energy expenditure is lower and decreases in the days of jumpers for breakfast. We spend as the energy decreases, it is difficult to lose weight. The second reason; the starvation your body ‘scarcity signal’ mode. Energized for a long time, so open the remaining body stores the next meal the food that is consumed in the form of fat. To avoid these negative effects, you should have breakfast within 1 hour after you wake up.
Breakfast lowers risk of heart attack
A study by researchers at Harvard University the risk of developing heart attack and heart disease don’t eat breakfast have been found to be 27 percent more. Factors that cause a heart attack, blood pressure, insulin resistance, free fatty acids and LDL-called bad cholesterol and increase ranked as did not have breakfast, but extend the fasting period that prepares the ground for a heart attack by giving bad results.
Breakfast enhances memory, improves concentration
45 work done; breakfast providing the concentration, strengthening memory and prevent distractions such as the effects of revealed that. Breakfast enhances learning by providing the necessary energy for the brain. Regulates brain functions such as learning to be in normal ranges blood sugar levels. If you are refused breakfast descend to the lowest level of blood sugar and the duration of prolonged starvation causes the brain enough glucose, may be provided. In this case, decrease in concentration, decline in efficiency, leads to a decrease in productivity. In addition, insulin, serotonin, cortisol also affects the release of hormones, such as cognitive functions, and we have breakfast at the hour when we were to open up, these hormones will cause you to become unbalanced.
Protects from diabetes breakfast
In 2013, a study at Harvard University, 46 289 thousand women were followed up and had breakfast and those who has been found to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Glucose and insulin levels will be higher after a meal that people skip breakfast, and skipping breakfast impairs insulin sensitivity. At the same time, in the days of the breakfast jumpers were more likely to feel hungry more often and eat more. This situation also causes increased glucose and insulin response, so impairs the metabolism of sugar. This distortion also may result in diabetes.
It gives you energy throughout the day
When we woke up by breakfast to get that energy we need, allows you to feel better physically and psychologically. People who do not take breakfast fatigue, weakness, lack of concentration, low blood sugar, insomnia and during the day when I lived with those who have breakfast are more energetic. Also, breakfast foods with high fat and sugar content in the days of people who do not eat easier to turn, while those who have breakfast can control your appetite better.
What is a healthy breakfast?
To take maximum advantage of the positive effect of breakfast; opening, pastry, such as high oil content, and avoid options that quickly makes us hungry. Instead, whole grain bread, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives or nuts for breakfast, you can choose. If you require a more practical breakfast, 1 cup milk, whole grain cereal, 1 serving of fruit would be a good option.

10 Reasons To Make Your Kids Eat Kefir

Long known as the benefits of kefir the elixir of life, opens the doors to the healthy growth of your children.
Intelligence, strengthen the immune system and bone development Nov found many benefits to kefir, is an essential nutrient for hormone balance. This miraculous ways to sell food to children Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Medical Park pediatrics – pediatric nephrology specialist Dr. Mahmut Civilibal told.
Kefir, frequently consumed for years in the Caucasus ‘long known as the elixir of life, in our lives for a long time to destroy harmful bacteria and protect the beneficial bacteria in the intestines operating a miraculous food.
Cow, sheep and goat milk kefir containing live organisms is obtained by adding granules of a cauliflower. Retain their activity for many years if stored under proper conditions. Kefir kefir grains obtained with a combination of ethyl alcohol and lactic acid fermentation occurs where a milk drink. A land of kefir grains changes in the sizes of 0.5 to 3 cm, and nuts about the size of a grain of wheat or white, white-yellow colors between the appearance of small cauliflower or popcorn.
Health Store
Basic functions of the body Kefir is rich in amino acids and essential minerals that are used in various activities and. One of the essential amino acids found in large quantities in kefir is tryptophan, which is relaxing and has a regulatory effect on the nervous system. Also a great source of biotin. Biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, a B vitamin and all B vitamins and is a derivative that allows the absorption of liver, kidneys and plays an important role in the regulation of the nervous system. Kefir, calcium, phosphorus and is rich in magnesium has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and cell development, and to meet the energy needs in the body as well as carbohydrates, fats and proteins helps to be used in the best way. Loss of appetite, insomnia, upper respiratory infections, and it’s also good for conditions such as allergies. Kefir; B12, B1, vitamin K and is rich. If taken enough of these vitamins to the skin, kidney, liver and central nervous system is known to provide numerous benefits. Nutritious easily digestible because it is a dairy product, children, infants, pregnant women, patients in the recovery period, is an ideal drink for people who suffer from constipation and digestive system problems.
Ways To Make Kids Eat Kefir
The recommended daily amount of kefir for children from the age a cup of tea after. The same in adults as in children after the age of two, consume yogurt kefir and if so how much you may consume. Kefir kefir to store into the best method for children who consume the dishes. Kefirli rice pudding, muffins, or cakes such as.
The Benefits Of Kefir:
• From infancy until adolescence; bone and teeth development that are required for Nov vitamins, minerals and protein that provides support for.
• Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections.
• A strong appetite and nutrition support.
• It is good for diarrhea and constipation and anemia.
• Strengthens eyesight.
• Promotes rapid healing of wounds.
• Provides a significant contribution to the development of intelligence.
• Creates resistance against asthma and allergies.
• Essential for growth, helps in growth and healthy development.
• Provides hormone balance during adolescence adds a positive event.
Kefirli Rice Pudding Recipe
The milk kefir by adding the kefir milk with any sweet you can prepare a little reduce.
-750 ml milk
-2 cups kefir
-1 cup sugar
-The peel of a small lemon
-1/2 cups rice
-1/2 vanilla extract
-2 tablespoons of rice flour
Wash the rice, after draining water, boiled with 1 cup water on low heat. Milk is boiled add sugar and vanilla. Mix rice flour with 2 tablespoons cold water, add to the pot shed. Where the amount of milk is reduced it may have a darker consistency. By turning off the Heat, allowed to cool, at room temperature added and thoroughly mixed when it comes to kefir. After cooling is fed to the Empty Bowls to eat.


7 reasons to have a communication problem with your child

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Pay attention to the parents who live in the child communication problem!
We have mentioned the points you should pay attention to when spending time with your child in our previous article.
Do we want to start by making a mistake on parenting?
Most of the time, parents trust their parenting instincts and do not try to get help with problems with their children. Unfortunately, as a parent, we may often not be able to correctly understand how to behave in situations we face, and sometimes make mistakes in communicating with our children.
In the following, we can overcome the most common 7 common mistakes in parenting and provide more effective family communication.
Not trying to solve problems

Thinking that some problems cannot be solved or accepting them easily can cause parents to be disappointed with these problems for years. These can often occur as wake-up nights, sleep-time discussions, tantrums, and behavior disorders in older children.
For some problems you may encounter as parents, you can get help, work on these problems and change them. Your child may not be born with a manual, but it may be helpful to consult a specialist for ongoing and difficult-to-solve problems.
Grow or underestimate problems

Before attempting to solve the problems, the problem should be determined very well and what is the problem and how big the problem is. If it is a big problem, the following questions should be asked:

Does your child suffer from anger at times?

If your child is a teenager, is he testing his limits?

Does he spend a lot of time away from his family or is he trying to be more independent?

To have unrealistic expectations

If you have unrealistic expectations about what your child should do, it can actually lead to various problems.
These are examples of waiting for your 2.5-year-old child to complete toilet training. Remember that your expectations may not match what your child may develop or do. In such cases, what age your child can do, what kind of psychological changes can be consulted a specialist should be consulted and expectations should be adjusted, should not be treated hastily.
Not being consistent
As a parent, approaching your child with inconsistent behavior may cause you to experience many problems with your child. Sometimes it seems very strict not to care what your child is doing, but at other times, it may cause your child not to distinguish what is right and what is expected, and not to understand what is expected of him / her or how to behave.
No rules and no limits

You can think that your child is doing your child good by doing whatever you want. However, most children may experience problems with living without borders.
Having rules, setting limits, consistent routines and offering limited options to your child allow your child to learn what to expect and what to expect throughout the day.
Pass against the counter
Passing against an attack is not only about physically fighting with your child, but observing them in many ways, such as getting angry with them, shouting, repeating yourself over and over again.
Fighting or discussing with your child may give them the message that they have the power to trigger these harsh reactions. Responding with such behaviors instead of trying to terminate the problems means that you reward the wrong behavior that you are trying to terminate without realizing it.
It would be a better option to end these power discussions and learn more effective disciplinary methods rather than counter-attack.

Not changing the methods that don’t work
Failure to identify or change methods that you do not use in parenting can create problems at the first stage in solving problems.
For example, the method you use to adjust your sleep routine does not work, and if your child is tired all day long when you wake up the next day, this is an indication that you need a new method of sending your child to sleep.
If you are having problems with family communication on these 7 issues and similar issues, it is useful to consult a child and adolescent psychiatrist.
For more information please contact our Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Psychiatry) department.

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