Eat Right, Live Well

The destruction of the body when you enter into the process of becoming ill is a period when the trend of increasing aging. During this period of life well-fed, is getting stronger. Less cell destruction, later is eating, resist more destruction processes. Well-fed, destroyed them, and sit porsuyen spillage can fix more easily.
Good nutrition older statement changing the meaning, content developing and growing on a concept defines the importance in one’s life. We can say that the key sentence in healthy aging. Delicious and nice things to eat and drink, eat right, in every phase of your life is important, but if you ask me, in the Middle Ages and later, this is becoming a more serious issue.
The destruction of the body when you enter into the process of becoming ill is a period when the trend of increasing aging. For this reason, and later already in the Middle Ages, essential amino acids, for example, taurine, lysine, arginine-, essential oils, for example DHA and EPA-and some vitamins –D, B-12 vitamin, some antioxidants –resveratrol, lutein, lycopene, such as need is increasing.
On the other hand, is a vital necessity to be able to meet your energy needs which, in every period of life (childhood, youth, old age) forced you to eat necessarily, but when we talk about feeding in the middle age and old age, the subject takes on another meaning. ‘Good nutrition’ during this period, not just how much, what, when, how often and in what proportions along with what you plan to eat.
During this period of life well-fed, is getting stronger. Less cell destruction, later is eating, resist more destruction processes. Well-fed, destroyed them, and sit porsuyen spillage can fix more easily. Did you eat well immune you stronger, more structuring metabolic form, your hormones more fine stays.
Also confronted with mental issues feel better about themselves and less for good reason to occur, it is known that they can cope with stress. A good diet is your memory, your sleep, your sexuality, and you are not aware of contribution.
The story doesn’t stop there. Good nutrition cancer excess weight or obesity, diabetes and hypertension get caught, and even can protect you from the troubles of aging, such as osteoporosis.
In short, good nutrition passed through age forty, if not all, is becoming a very important issue. For this reason we live already the Life team as to remind the roadmaps of good nutrition, the tricks you have learned in your application and to tell more accurately what we are trying to help. It’s not your diet alone your age, your gender, your business, risk your health, your genetic structure, you spent, or potential future health problems, according to often remind that you should plan.
Good nutrition is the ‘rich’ it’s not a process, ‘mind’, and we stress again that there is a job that requires attention. Please be careful what you eat and drink. Carefully read and review the labels of food packages. What, when, how often, what to eat and drink, what you should seek to understand.
Keep that in mind. A good diet is the key to a healthy life sentence.
Activity numbers
If you want to lose weight you should dedicate approximately 200 minutes per week of activity. The energy input azaltsan even a healthy and productive conclusion, however, you can reach by doing the exercise.
– Aerobic activity options: 5 days per week, 30-60 minutes per day to a total of at least 150 minutes per week of moderate (such as brisk walking) 3 days per week or per day to a total of 20 to 60 minutes at least 75 minutes per week, stronger (cycling in nature, such as jogging) activities…
– Options for resistance exercise: 2-3 days per week (given at least 2 days Dec); 2-4 set of each exercise, repeating each movement, repeating 8 to 12 times in each set; rest 2-3 minutes between sets by giving weight, age, gender are different, but studies with low weights…
“Honey, he doesn’t want to drink water” if you say
All health care professionals are unanimous, and repeat the same words: “plenty of water”. Insistence in the face of “Let me drink, but…” he started to anticipate the answers that we have. Especially in winter, when it’s cold and sweat a lot, our body signals thirst often doesn’t come what do I do? Let’s think together.
Start watching your daily water intake. It’s not a liquid, but it’s only water! From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until night and I slept in the decades, let’s see how much water that you’re drinking. Of course, this value is the climate you live in, your mobility, your weight varies a lot according to. Still, to give you an idea weight/50=liters of water you can benefit from the formula. For example, if you are 70 pounds, at least 1,4 litres you need to drink water.
Develop methods to remind you to juice. Your purse is always small ones (when I say drink water I’m going to maim your shoulder.) keep a water bottle. The pitcher is missing from your desk chair. When entering a meeting, check the water at the service desk. “Smart phone”set up the alarm to ring on the hour to take more advantage of your mind: water alert!
Office hours are approximately eight times steals your 200ccx8=1600cc water. Bad? Even if you have not completed your requirement almost daily! Yourself look for solutions that will make the taste of water: lemon peel, cinnamon stick, mint leaves, apple slices smell like to give add.
If you like to find remedies to protect your cold water temperature. Water separately with each of your medications. For the purposes of treatment, though, was found to contribute to disengage from the body of chemicals that you use. A difficult situation in everyday life, from the environment immediately on top “good for a drink of water” suggestions, it shouldn’t be in vain. After all, “AB-I Hayat”!


Quick weight loss: wrong with it
In a short time, any weight loss to be fast-resistant adipose tissue or tissues leads to loss of water instead of Nov. Also short-term because of erratic behavior that causes the person to gain weight because it can’t be time to get a change the weight back just as fast.
Given the mass of water or rapid weight kilos that come with being fat, it is inevitable, as received Nov. Thus, the most important risk of the body fast weight loss program cause a change in the oil pattern that is negative in Nov.
Applied nutrition programmes are also low in calories quick weight loss programs also contain, metabolism the ‘famine syndrome’ causes to enter. Given the lack of yourself to eat induced with a tendency to get defensive after a while, despite very little food intake resistance will develop. The World Health Organization for healthy weight loss in a period of 6 months be given recommends that 10 percent of a person’s weight. Slow weight loss per week on average 0.5-1 which corresponds to this suggestion, although in the long term ensures that your weight loss is permanent.
The new alternative for breakfast
Oatmeal: soluble fiber that can be consumed for breakfast as a source of nutrients, will keep you full until the wee hours of the day. Not only full of soluble fiber by decreasing the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines at the same time will speed up the elimination from the body.
Contain vitamin E and B vitamins make you feel energetic good with B1 and B2 with a wellness food store.
Coffee healthy at the same time! Coffee: coffee to be protective against heart disease, reduce the risk of depression, reduce the risk of some types of cancer, even help you to live longer to be protective against diabetes because more and more researched nutrients. Coffee also contains high amounts of antioxidants that, thanks to the protection of brain health is also helpful.
Coffee may be prepared with low fat milk Dec a pleasant meal, while the protein content will keep you full. On behalf of your caffeine intake not to exceed 2 cups per day, it is important to remind that there is a moderate amount of coffee!
A detoxifying the body, cleaning the food…
Beets: dark red beet is one of the best super foods and powerful. Antioxidant such as beta betalain which gives the color they have. At the same time, anti-inflammation properties. Beyond that, beets have a significant amount of folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, niacin, riboflavin, and vitamins.
Add to salads, mixed vegetables such as carrots as well as beets and a mixture of water especially during the winter months there is a benefit to their prefer.

How to choose the right sunscreen?

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Be careful when choosing sunscreen!
When choosing a sunscreen, be sure to have a minimum SPF of 30 or higher, a broad spectrum (UVB and UVA-effective) and water-resistant and such products should be preferred. The SPF value on sunscreens is the protection against UVB, which is mainly responsible for sunburn. A product with SPF 30 blocks 95-97% of UVB reaching the skin. Although UVB protection is not significantly increased, a product is considered to have increased UVF protection as its SPF value increases. There is no widely accepted numerical value for protection against UVA. The UVA logo on the product packaging indicates that the product provides adequate protection against UVA.
Chemical and Physical Protectors
Generally, sunscreen products (sunscreen etc.) can be divided into chemical (organic) and physical (inorganic, mineral) preservatives. Chemical preservatives are absorbed from the skin and react with the absorbed sunlight. Some of the chemical preservatives are UVB and some are protective against UVA.
Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are physical solar filters. They are not absorbed from the skin, they form a thick, white layer on the skin and function by reflecting all of the sun’s rays around. In other words, they provide a wide spectrum of protection against both UVA and UVB. Eye contact or ingestion is not a serious problem, it is safer than other preservatives. They are considered the most suitable preservatives for children.
Although sunscreen creams are not recommended for infants under 6 months of age, physical sunscreen creams may be applied to areas not covered by clothing. Infants and children over 6 months old may be protected by chemical sunscreen creams for children or children. Products in the form of spray are not recommended for infants and children due to the risk of inhalation.

How to use sunscreen?
Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before sunbathing, ears and scalp, and application should be repeated every two hours. 2 mg product should be used in each 1 cm² skin area. In practice, the amount required for using the right amount of sunscreen is half a teaspoon for the face and 30g for the body. Expressions such as sonrası waterproof ve, uygulama all day protection c, c resistant to perspiration lan on the products should not be taken very seriously. In other words, sunscreen should not be applied only, but must be driven again and again. In addition, sunscreen products should be used not only to spend more time in the sun but in addition to physical measures to protect against sun damage.
Various speculations in the non-scientific environment about the side effects of sunscreen products have resulted in the emergence of products that claim to be er natural çev or konusunda organic lan in the sunscreen product market, although they are unproven and exaggerated. Many of these products sold with the SPF 50 label have actually been shown to have SPF8 protection. The content and effectiveness of the sunscreen products of reliable dermocosmetic brands sold in pharmacies are controlled by strict inspections and they do not contain the contents which are known to have harmful effects. No adverse effects known to be developed by the use of such products have been shown.

Vitamin D
The synthesis of vitamin D, a hormone-vitamin with a wide range of important functions in our body, is carried out by the absorption of UVB rays from the skin. It is known that it has a protective effect on the development of various diseases as well as its positive effects on the skeletal system. On the other hand, the current approach to meeting the need for vitamin D is to provide with dietary or daily food supplements instead of getting it from the sun and skin.
Although it is thought that the vitamin D synthesis in the skin will be prevented by the use of sunscreen products, it has been shown that sufficient amount of vitamin D is produced in the individuals who use the protective products regularly from the sun. Only the face and arms exposed, 3 times a week, 10-15 minutes to stay in the sun with an adequate amount of vitamin D is synthesized. By exposure to the sun above these times, no more vitamin D synthesis occurs. In addition, since the UVB cannot pass through the skin in people who have dark skin or bronzed, vitamin D synthesis cannot be performed sufficiently.
In order to increase the synthesis of vitamin D, it should be avoided under long periods of unprotected sun. The American Academy of Dermatology considers that the need for vitamin D should be met by foods rather than the sun, and that nutrients should be taken with nutritional supplements.