How is the sacrifice consumed?

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The risk of transmission of diseases such as tapeworm, salmonella, tuberculosis, anthrax to humans is high. For this reason, appropriate cutting conditions and meat storage, preparation, cooking techniques should be considered in accordance with consumption.
Can the victim be eaten as soon as his flesh is cut?
Sacrifice meat must be kept for 24 hours. Meat that is hard because of the new cuts can cause problems in both cooking and digestion. May cause swelling and indigestion.
In which technique and method should the victim be cooked?

Cooking methods such as boiling, steaming, grilling and baking are preferred and cooking with vegetables is suitable. If the barbecue is done, there should be a distance of 15 cm between meat and fire. Cooking techniques such as roasting and roasting should not be preferred.
What are the damages caused by excessive meat consumption?
High cholesterol, which is caused by excessive consumption of red meat, is quite common and its frequency is increasing. As a result of excessive consumption of animal fats, cholesterol accumulates in the vessels and causes cardiovascular diseases. In order to prevent high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to our meat consumption.
Red meat is very rich in protein. However, if the red meat is consumed too much protein to enter our body is required. For this reason, the liver and kidneys involved in protein digestion need to work harder and this may cause long-term danger. At the same time, the fat content of meat is also high. It can cause overweight problems.

What is the importance of a balanced diet in Eid-Ul-Adha?
The amount and frequency of consumption of red meat during the holiday is increasing, therefore cardiovascular patients, diabetes patients, patients with hypertension and kidney disease are at risk. During the Eid al-Adha, care must be taken to ensure that the basic principles of healthy eating, food selection, portion control and balanced distribution of food groups are taken into consideration. In order to create diversity while consuming an appropriate amount of meat in accordance with the principles of adequate and balanced nutrition, it should be paid attention to consume with other food groups.
It should be cooked in its own water and low heat without adding butter or tail oil into the roast which has become the traditional dish of the Eid. Roasting and red meat should be consumed at lunch, and in the evening meal, vegetables with high pulp content such as dried legume should be preferred. Besides meat, rice is replaced by bulgur, brown rice; buttermilk, yogurt or caci must be consumed instead of acidic, carbonated beverages. In addition, daily (2-2.5 l) water consumption should be considered.

What should be the consumption of acidic and sugary foods?
The consumption of chocolate, sweet and acidic drinks increased during the holidays. This may cause heartburn, intestinal problems, hyperglycemia in diabetes patients and sudden weight gain. In order to meet the dessert, milk desserts or dried fruits should be preferred instead of syrup desserts; In addition to acidic beverages, tea, herbal teas, freshly squeezed fruit juice can be preferred.
Desserts served in festive visits should be eaten in tasting quantities. For dairy desserts, the portion size should not exceed 1 cup. It should not be forgotten that the next visit will be served sweet and therefore its consumption should be taken into consideration. As an alternative to the syrups, milk desserts and dried fruits can be preferred.
In this process, the first sources of consumption more than normal are meat and desserts. Fat and protein intake increases with the consumption of meat. As a result of this intake, in the long term chronic diseases can worsen the course, problems such as high cholesterol and obesity may occur. In the short term, sudden weight gain may be seen. With the consumption of sweet foods, there is extra sugar in the body. In the short term, blood sugar regulation becomes difficult. In the long-term, diabetes and obesity may be the basis for preparing the ground.

What is the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption in this process?
Meats do not contain vitamin C and E. For this reason, it is very important to eat meat with vegetables or to consume vegetables, salads, freshly squeezed fruit juices rich in vitamin C as well as meat. This method increases both nutrient diversity and vitamin C in vegetables, increases the absorption of iron. In this period, the consumption of fruits is restricted to sweet consumption and various vitamins, minerals and fiber purchases are restricted. Therefore, consumption of seasonal fruits is recommended during meals.
This article has been prepared by Dietician Aslıhan Yağcıoğlu.
For more information please contact our Nutrition and Diet Department.