Air conditioning shock not a nightmare!

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What is Air Conditioner Shock?
In order to get rid of the effect of hot air in summer months, air conditioners we use in our homes, cars and workplaces can cause serious health problems when used unconsciously. Especially people who are constantly in closed environments may have problems in their bodies when they come into contact with hot air from cold to hot weather. The most common of these problems, especially in summer, is the air conditioning crash.
What are the symptoms of air conditioning shock?

Nasal congestion,
High fever,
Common muscle and joint pain.

By taking certain precautions, it is possible to be affected as little as possible from the negative effects of air conditioner.

What to do to prevent air conditioning crash!

Do not enter into air-conditioned environments when sweaty,
Do not direct the fan of the air conditioner directly to your body,
Periodically perform the necessary maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner,
Keep the room temperature at 23-24 ğ C in summer,
Keep the air conditioner humidity between 40-50%,
Ventilate the room periodically.

Despite all the precautions you have taken, when your body begins to show signs of air conditioning shock;

Perform stretching exercises for muscle aches,
Drink plenty of fluids,
Take a warm shower.

If you continue to complain about these simple solutions at home, or if you have serious complaints such as cough, sputum, and shortness of breath, you should contact your nearest health facility.
This article Prepared by Burçin Sağlam.
You may contact the Department of Internal Medicine for further information.

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