Those With Heartburn Problems, How Should One Feed?

Heartburn throughout the day allows you to continue your life as normal and comfortable a night sleep can make your life difficult by preventing. Heartburn occurs due to secretion of more acid secreted for the purpose of digestion in the stomach. Another condition if not, it’s hard to digest, after the consumption of greasy or acidic foods, eating an excessive amount of at a time, without chewing or swallowing can occur from stress enough.
You make some changes to your diet can reduce heartburn. People who have problems with heartburn and what are in the diet?
Choose foods less acidic. When it goes back up into the esophagus you feel heartburn acids. Just acidic gastric fluid in the stomach but the reason for that is not the natural acids in the foods that you consume are also effective.
If you eat restaurant food or ready your busy life and bustle, a lot during a meal, when ordering low-fat food, and if possible, buy smaller portions. The portions are too large, consume half the package to make it all at once or share. Oily portions bigger and for more time stays in the stomach before the small intestine. This also means that you will be exposed to stomach acid for a longer period of your food tube.
Every person movements can trigger heartburn or different foods, so Foods which you consume, and note what actions at what times there’s a problem.
Heartburn some foods that you can consume if you have problems:
Although it contains many high acid fruits, melon, watermelon and bananas acid ratio is low. But the problem of heartburn and banana-drinkers 1% stated that burning has gotten worse. As we said before, the burning trigger foods vary according to the person, so that you should be aware of foods which is good for yourself.
Oatmeal or whole-grain breads is ideal for a calm start to the day with the stomach. That will not cause heartburn is satisfactory, healthy and rich in fiber. Rice, bulgur, couscous and brown rice and other healthy complex carbohydrates that can opt for people who have problems with heartburn.
Opt for low fat meats like chicken and Turkey or fish. You must separate it from the skin when eating chicken and Turkey high in fat. Instead of frying, grilling, boiling, steaming or baking use methods such as. Do not use oily sauces. Opt for egg whites.
Yesil vegetables, especially broccoli, peas, celery, cauliflower, low-acid vegetables. Especially celery and plenty of water because it contains less calories, keeps you satiated. For thousands of years, parsley was used as a remedy for stomach and digestive problems.
Tomatoes, onions, cheese and salad is an ideal meal if it stops excess fat from sauce. If you want to add toppings such as oil and lemon juice, you must add only a tablespoon or less.
Also root vegetables like onions and potatoes can be consumed except. Ginger is used for digestive problems for centuries in cooking, or you can use fresh you can eat.
Leading to heartburn, but keep in mind that will reduce the effects of those that cause food to burn. Fatty meats for dinner, tomato salad, sodas and coffee heartburn just after consuming you can’t expect to pass all by eating some ginger.
Similarly, only a low acidic diet may not provide your recovery also. Depending on the cause of your heartburn, you should consult with your doctor for appropriate treatment and diet.
And what foods we should stay away from? The below mentioned foods can trigger heartburn. If you have problems with heartburn these foods completely out of your life, instead of earlier in the day, and prefer to eat in smaller portions and eat when you are not hungry or completely satiated.
Ground veal, beef, fatty meats such as chicken wings.
Chocolate, Potato and corn chips, greasy biscuits, ready-made cakes, ice cream, cream or-fat ready-sauces and pasta salads, fried, or oily foods all.
Cheese, nuts, avocado, foods such as chops. Their common feature contain a lot of fat. Fat slows down the emptying of the stomach, the stomach creates more pressure in the esophagus that increases the possibility of swelling.
Oranges, orange juice, Lemon, lemonade, grapefruit juice, tomato is acidic because of heartburn, especially when consumed on an empty stomach causes.
Spicy foods, onions and garlic may cause burning in most people.
Alcoholic and carbonated beverages, coffee and tea, smoking.
The thought that the muscle between the stomach and the esophagus from the stomach is good for stomach acid into the esophagus makes it easier for you to get the relief you should stay away from peppermint candies.

What We Should Eat Sahur

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and mostly is not given much importance iftar dinners, TV, celebs, and your body need to be able to withstand the rigors of fasting meal since it is real, it definitely should not be overlooked. During your hours of fasting, your body has to last depends on the durability of the food you consume. Summer days come while fasting and fasting, thirst and fatigue as the duration of the chance of problems increases gradually. Skip and take a nap during the meal might appeal to the more undivided, necessarily must rise. TV, celebs, to be able to withstand long hours of fasting your body enough energy it must be carefully crafted that will provide a hearty meal. Weight gain and unhealthy eating during the iftar meal at the same time will cause it to jump much.
If you are unable to cope with lack of food and water during Ramadan if you feel sleepy during the day, your faith and your life in this broken it’s not a weakness, relates biochemical. That you make simple changes in your diet and stay energized throughout the day you can spend with stomach scrapings.
The health benefits of morning prayer in the month of Ramadan are endless. Throughout the day, fatigue, drowsiness, headache and prevents us from. When beslenild correctly reduces the sensation of hunger and thirst. Prevents cell loss. It strengthens the digestive system. Fasting will help you prepare your body physically and mentally.
A healthy suhoor as required in our normal diet, should contain a balanced amount of healthy options from all the food groups. Unlike a normal meal, our body will quickly burn energy, we recommend choosing foods that are high in fiber and water.
During the meal before the sunrise to make it more durable during fasting, will. You can start your meal with 2-3 dates as iftar. It can be difficult to prepare the morning meal. Raw, or cold, choose foods that can be prepared within 10-15 minutes that you can consume. If you plan meals beforehand and know what to prepare when getting up at night and evening, according to him by doing your preparation, the less time you will lose. Eat a healthy diet and yourself and to those around you in the process that you are fasting with a positive attitude, energetic approach and with joy or care.
Necessarily Sahur vegetables or fruit, eat only fruit every morning of your choice. They help to keep foods full of fiber and slow digesting. Also contain ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that are vital for our body to remain healthy.
Every morning-fiber foods you must add to your dish. The normal way of running will get your digestive system as these keep you full. Legumes, whole-grain products, oats, brown rice, nuts, bananas, pears, apples, vegetables, and so forth-fiber, carbohydrate-rich foods takes longer to digest, keep our energy levels high.
Protein is also absolutely necessary to provide energy and the daily requirement to prevent a hunger crisis. Protein consumption also helps in the formation and repair of body tissues and strengthens the immune system. Eggs, yogurt, beans, soy, fish, lean red meat and white meat. great foods that you can get protein by blocking your fat intake. When eating eggs, especially whites, consume, and try not to prepare as boiled in the pan. When you change your blood sugar too fast a glass of milk, both liquid with high protein content that can keep you satiated for hours to meet the needs of people with support for sahur is an ideal option.
Be careful not to consume fries as iftar. You will need to survive for a much longer period compared to fried foods, avocado, nuts, olives, healthy fats such as olive oil consume. When you prepare cooked meals, cook with a small amount of olive oil.
Try to meet a portion of your water consumption eating. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, consuming foods that are high in water content like melons and oranges. Do not prefer fruit juice because it is high in sugar. During the meal, 2 cups each. Although usually the soup is hearty because it does not contain enough calories in the morning alone, do not consume.
Sahur meals are certain points that you should avoid; fried and fatty foods, too much tea and coffee, too much sugar and salt is consumed, sugar will trigger hunger thirst with salt.
A healthy, balanced diet aim for, but try to eat from all the food groups mentioned in this article do not over eat.

Type What Should We Eat?

Eat more fish type! Fish, especially oily fish is an excellent skin support. Fish is a food that has almost everything, are beneficial to the skin.
This week a short “Skin” series we have done. It was great! We haven’t had the opportunity to address this skin problems for a long time. It’s also summer you know. The sun is more intimate than usual, more intimate, gears. Ultimately, our skin more and more threatened and consider it. In short, being more familiar with the issues that prevents skin aging and support the skin for it’s time. Today, skin-friendly foods, we will talk about. The first fish we will. Fish, especially oily fish is an excellent skin support. The reason is obvious: to help protect skin from the fish is a food that has almost everything. The structure of quality protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and packed with minerals such as zinc selenium and vitamin D-rich composition and a powerful Omega-3 ownership structure, the fish oturtuveriyo right to the top of foods that are beneficial to the skin. You want your vacation to the Black Sea (Black Sea to cold water an awesome mullet omega-3 repository), the Aegean or in the Mediterranean Sea spend, on occasion eat fish. Just a reminder: to eat 100-150 grams of fish three to four times per week in terms of Health a perfect decision. My advice, Stay away from farmed fish as much as possible. “A fish that eats fish” and “large/giant pieces of fish, not small fry, or baby fish, not fish (for example red) is preferred. Prepared baked or grilled or steamed instead of frying the fish you should eat. Fish, especially fried in vegetable oils that has been used before to benefit from Don’t wait! Skin-friendly, in addition to other nutrients can be found in the boxes…
Sugar crinkles the skin (42-18293325) each fuel cell the most important of which is sugar (glucose) is not used, when it builds up in the blood, proteins, DNA and other molecules with the chemical compounds that can become harmful to cells and tissues by creating we know. “Glycation” or“; mix well-agdalasma-being caramelized, known as” the most important result of this chemical process, and disrupts the structure of the newly formed protein cross-links. Cross-linking, the elasticity of that substance, leading to an increase in the tendency to tear or crack. Remaining under the sun for a long time in your garden this dry and hardened in the sun can be compared to a garden hose or mop. Cross-linking the first effects of aging in a body, following hardening of blood vessels and joints, wrinkling of the skin also. The increase in blood sugar even to the extent of light accelerate the aging process is associated with this process. Sugary foods can cause insulin resistance and carbohydrate tolerance in delaying skin aging therefore be protected from that disorder is an important step. Carbohydrates will be protected from disturbance that may occur against the aging of the skin, it’s not only a tolerance, in fact is a measure that can slow down the aging process is completely physical. “For this there are three basic keys: the consumption of carbohydrates, especially to reduce the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index to give priority to the pulp -fiber high nutrition content and turn into a style…
Don’t give up yogurt (42-17620747) although it is not clear beautify and rejuvenate the skin kefir for yogurt until at least a scientific study available that I trust. Yogurt, full of skin-friendly because it is no doubt. Especially reduced fat if possible under 1% opt for those that contain fat – yoghurts a full skin-friendly. Yogurt contains good protein, rich in minerals and vitamins. Our suggestion: after age 30, every day a cup of low-fat yogurt to consume. “Yogurt, milk?” the answer to the question is very clear. Opt for yogurt instead of milk after the age of 20. Yogurt instead of buttermilk, kefir, too drinkable.
10 basic nutrition rules protective skin (42-28847957) 1 – vegetable proteins, carbohydrates (fruits and/or vegetables), olive oil or fresh unsalted nuts from essential fatty acids (gamma linoleic acid – GLA – Alpha linoleic acid – ALA) at every meal you should eat. 2 – three times per week, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon olive oil consume. You can eat yogurt for breakfast or between meals meals Dec. 3 women every day from 10 until meatballs lean protein, and 2 servings of fruit (1 apple or pear, half cup strawberries 1.5 cups chopped fruit or vegetables at least 4 servings should be consumed. Men consume the same amount of fruits and vegetables they should, but you should increase your daily consumption of lean protein a bit more (12-14 meatballs). 4 – 8-10 glasses of water every day. Yesil water instead of tea (2-3 cups per day), you can drink rosehip tea. 5 – 1-2 cups of coffee per day limit. The ones that prefer decaf. 6 – recommended vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements take the recommended dosage. (Vitamin C, vitamin E, beta Carotene, primrose oil, alpha lipoic acid…) 7 – Calories lean proteins, and carbohydrates should be taken from, the fat should be reduced, and the total calorie consumption should be restricted and spread throughout the day should be consumed by. 8 – to keep your blood sugar levels steady, don’t stay open for more than 3-4 hours without eating anything. 9 – do not add oil when cooking your meals unnecessary. Do not use butter and animal fat. 10 – do not consume excess calories. Do not take weight. Note that it is understood from your skin before your hips nutrition mistakes.

Baking Finish, You Should Not Be Cooked?

Some foods are most nutritious when Raw, while in others the emergence of the nutrients it needs to heat. The benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables in abundance are numerous. Nutritious properties, but are low in calories. The preferred diet for protection against cancer and prolong the life time. By consuming only raw food but it is not correct to eat. Because raw fruits and vegetables are very low in calories, only in this way it is very hard for Fed to meet daily energy needs for our daily also meet our energy needs we can experience a lot of health problems from hair loss dental diseases.
Although many cooked food is unhealthy, this does not mean that all cooked foods are harmful. Harmful substances occurring in foods such as fries and BBQ cooked to a very high temperature and it is true that the health beneficial enzymes are destroyed. But especially for steaming your meals, soup and is prepared by the boiling method, when you give your body the ability to absorb even more of the feeder, it retains the properties. Some vitamins are water soluble, sensitive to heat, and is particularly an important part of the vitamins you lose when cooked, for example the amount of vitamin C in just two minutes even cook the tomatoes of 10% leads to a decrease. While some antioxidants also caused the destruction of valuable vitamins such as vitamin C, but cooking allows you to come to the fore.
When you make soup, a fraction of the nutrients you will lose. When poaching vegetables or making soup, so the heat stays at 100 degrees of boiling prevents the emergence of harmful substances in foods does not exceed the degree of the blink. To make soup at the same time, water-soluble vitamins is not the way, but allows liquid to be consumed within. Making vegetables and legumes increasing their ability to be digested, and many of the essential ingredients and increase your intake of nutritious. Cooked foods without spending a lot of digestive energy in the body enables you to be after our teeth and our digestive system, it raw-fiber foods makes it easy for you to consume and meat. At the same time, an increase in the amount of protein our nutrition from vegetables, we’ll be more for those who do not consume meat, this is very important. But on the contrary, the roasting of nuts and dried fruits and cereal products to be cooked in the oven reduces the amount of protein in the content.
To increase the consumption of raw food to a healthy diet is absolutely essential. Raw foods for digestive health is very important. Fruits, avocados and nuts is much more beneficial when consumed raw. At the same time for employees to lose weight raw fruits and vegetables because they contain more water when they are fed allows you to get more volume and more quickly.
Because it is unstable to heat vitamin C citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, parsley, and pepper should be consumed raw. Vitamins E and B6 are losing influence as a result of warming. Some minerals are also being undermined as a result of cooking. For example, the per cent of magnesium 60-75% is destroyed. Therefore, a source of magnesium be sure to consume foods that are raw as much as possible. Cook foods that contain water soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C vitamins to maintain your if you need to, if possible, without using any water or very little water to cook with. Then save the boiled water for use in soups and sauces. A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A is not affected by the temperature.
Carrots, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and a lot more vegetables, especially when boiled or steamed when cooked, the antioxidants in our body can benefit from the content. Was transformed into vitamin A in our bodies and is found in carrots, beta-carotene, which the asparagus ferulik acid, such as tomato antioxidant called lycopene in making our body more easily absorb. The loss of vitamin C in cooked tomatoes though, we were able to easily get a lot more out of vitamin C foods, lycopene in tomatoes is much more significant in terms of rare cooked food. This antioxidants that our cells we’re talking about environmental damage and protect against some cancers, is beneficial in terms of heart health. Yesil vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and carrots by adding a small amount of healthy fat found in fat soluble vitamins should be consumed to uncover that is recommended. When cooked, spinach, calcium, iron and magnesium absorbed by the body. Potassium, when cooked, it frees our muscles essential for in Cork. When the eggplant and potatoes are cooked, neutralizing harmful substances in the content.
Some vegetables are more beneficial when consumed raw. For example, an enzyme important in the content will be damaged when cooked broccoli and watercress, this also leads to a reduction of beneficial effects in combating cancer. Garlic when cooked in a garlic antibacterial oily liquid content is reduced so beneficial health it’s not getting up to cook dinner, it is better to add up in the end. Of vitamin C in red peppers is cooked to a high temperature when it is lost, it is more beneficial to consume it raw. Cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, folic acid, is extremely rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. A large part of their nutritional value when cooked they lose. For this reason, should be eaten as a salad raw or should be cooked in Steam. Zucchini, are eaten raw or undercooked, if 50 percent of the daily folic acid requirement for an adult meets.
Milk, cheese and yogurt that can be eaten raw dairy products such as vitamins and rich mineral resources. Eggs nutritional values when cooked for a long time are disappearing, to a runny consistency should be consumed. Meat products, boiled, steamed or grilled on a basis more beneficial in terms of Health and consume.
Grains and legumes easier to digest when cooked at the same time increasing the nutritional value of fibers that are included. But these foods also lose their nutritional value so they didn’t cook, we must make sure to keep it alive.
Raw or cooked foods that are healthier to consume, it is difficult to say. But no matter how prepared should consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. The food actually tastes better, so we could cook more easily. If it tastes better if we consume more. How much to consume foods beneficial for our body so if we’re going that way, prepared food ever being eaten is always better.
Should you prefer to eat raw or cooked food you eat the next to make other points to look out for:
Prefer local products. Thus the transport and storage of the vitamin loss is reduced in time, the more fresh produce you will find below.
Tomatoes and berries in the refrigerator instead of at room temperature, store in this way, the maturation process continues and rises to the level of lycopene.
Prepare your meals ahead of time to cut out vegetables and fruits.
Eat in a balanced way. Vitamin C which strengthens immunity, when buying raw foods, antioxidants do not overlook to consume cooked vegetables preserved. As mentioned, some foods when consumed raw separate, distinct benefits when cooked, because there are different presentations of the same foods with your nutrition plan to add.

What Should Be In Your Child’s Lunchbox?

Brand new fall and back to school lunchbox for the kids and the joy of kirtasiyelik, this bag comes with worrying about filling up with a nutritious meal for your mother. As all parents know, children eat their lunch boxes to convince us that we want to eat healthy food and filling it with food really is quite difficult. Mostly of the nutrients your child needs a balanced diet that contains a lunchbox that was not prepared in accordance with, or even chocolate, was found to contain harmful foods such as candy and chips.
School-age children daily vitamins, minerals, and calories in need of a child’s gender, age, height, Health, and mobility depends on special needs. An ideal lunch should contain calories and nutrients as the needs of the brain and motor functions. One of the biggest mistakes ever made and parents the wrong foods to fill with an excessive amount of Lunchbox. By following the amounts your child normally eat and your portion sizes, you can set up a consultation with her idea of the ideal. Hyperactivity excess calories, or on the contrary may cause drowsiness.
At least one third of daily nutritional needs required to meet your child’s lunch. After noon gather the attention that the child is fed in the course in a good way, too. Poorly fed children who can’t get enough calories and getting weaker immune systems, hence they become more susceptible to germs. A nutritious and hearty menu is enough so your child’s lunchbox since they contain empty calories that make sure that unhealthy foods.
The decision to assist you in your child’s lunchbox in the preparation of food and allow. Children are more prone to assist the preparation of their own choice or that they eat your food. Taken too soon from some of the kids eating the same things, eat the same food every day but finds reassuring to some. Children who are choosy eaters will be happier when presented with few options in front of them. If he’s choosing only 1-2 varieties of food, slowly to increase the diversity and try to be patient with him. The key is to teach her to respect your child’s eating behavior and choices to eat right. Your child whole grains, choose healthy options such as protein, to guide him the right amount of portions to prepare. Balanced, colorful and healthy as your children is a diverse menu you might like even more. Food, it is also important to be fun and personal. An every day bag that you can throw a little message into simple you draw a different picture, maybe you can draw a funny face on a banana or peel a boiled egg.
Never do not use unhealthy food as a reward, in this way children sugary, fatty foods from healthy foods such as fruit and dairy products that you are persuaded of better.
An ideal lunch choices include 4 Food Group: foods containing carbohydrate, preferably whole-grain foods, vegetables and fruits, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, protein sources such as legumes, milk or dairy products. To increase interest in your child’s lunch to bring together the different flavors and foods of different colors, roll, can present in different forms such as triangular.
Whole-grain foods they don’t want to eat don’t be hasty. Hearty and digest excessive fiber foods the stomach can come some children can be enforced. The need for fiber legumes such as beans, salad, or sandwich you can correct it by adding it to Meat Loaf. Pasta, bread and brown rice versions in the more advanced age of your child, you can try feeding it again.
Some sample lunchbox that can be put into foods:
Carrots, cucumbers, slices of raw vegetables such as red peppers, whole-grain pretzels and dip them to eat yogurt, hummus, cream cheese toppings such as
Sandwich / toast varieties: white cheese, cheddar, low-fat meat, light tuna, or peanut butter
You can prepare situations that are soft and Bangkok and with the leftovers from the previous day
Meat or meat, vegetables and legumes prepared with meatballs,
Of various colors prepared from vegetables, grated cheese, lean chicken, eggs, walnuts, such as different flavors, prepare salads with low fat dressings
Fruit and yogurt smoothies are prepared with
Fruit, yogurt, oatmeal or whole-grain cereals and raisins, nuts such as walnuts by adding that you can prepare simple, healthy desserts
Drink buttermilk, milk, or unsweetened 100% fruit juice
Donuts that you will prepare in advance and have waiting in the freezer
Prepared at home is low fat, cereal, donuts, bagels, and veggie / fruit cakes
1-2 slices of thin crust homemade pizza
Walnuts, almonds, nuts such as hazelnuts
Sliced fresh or dried fruit or mixed fruit salads

What Should Be On Your Shopping List?

One of the most important steps to protect your health and your food choices are your culinary purchases that you make the right choice. The season are not appropriate for, and should not be included in the table foods that harm your health when you buy. Your kitchen-your food preferences and shopping lists at the table to ensure correct health and prosperity you must learn.
You should buy a variety of the right foods for a healthy diet appropriate to the season. Preparing a shopping list, weekly list of the meals you do that, you must prepare and determine in advance purchase. Autumn-and spring varieties in the winter time soup-vegetable dishes, you must cook it in your kitchen during the summer period. To provide healthy nutrition for your own health and your family, you need to prepare a shopping list for healthy.
Shopping for healthy food;

Buy at least 2 different fruit every week.
Ensure that it is appropriate to the season of greenery on your shopping list.
Every week, at least 2 purchase a variety of vegetables.
Types of milk and yogurt shopping list that you do not missing.
Meat, chicken, fish and cook with a variety of foods on different days.
The types of legumes for a healthy kitchen, shopping for note.
Try to buy eggs and cheese varieties of the amount you will consume.
Remember to use spices for a healthy kitchen.

Among the reasons that allows you to lose weight right food choices and portion sizes. Buy the foods you should consume to keep handy in your kitchen and cook your rate of weight loss slows. Your Harmony your diet program to increase your weight loss to slow down and cooked foods from your refrigerator to your diet program must be appropriate.
Shopping for weight loss in the kitchen;

You should consume chocolate, don’t buy foods with biscuits and sweets.
Milk, yogurt, cheese and low-fat buy the ones.
A weekly note on your list the materials you will consume salad.
Remember your vegetables for dinner every day a different seasonal vegetable.
Every week, buy fruit from a variety of appropriate to the season.
Dec oil seeds and dried fruit definitely on your shopping list for meals.
Instead decrease the frequency of consumption of red meat, turkey, chicken and fish to buy.
Flavored olive oil to give flavor to salads and dishes remember to take.


Trans Fats Should Be Reduced, Not One Hundred Percent Should Be Sifirlandirilm

Karaaslan, Anadolu news agency from Hard Jade’ s “reduce trans fats in foods” in a report entitled, The Public Health Agency of Canada’ s (THSK), “serious health issue” pointed out that obesity “onceliklenen” topics we learn from (1).
It’s not enough to oppose only in the struggle with obesity trans fats. Of trans fats “in a real sense reset” instead of “reduction” is also targeting the wrong business.
The institution of fatwa manipulated by the medical industry for years and he couldn’t stand the FDA even “the healthiest oil” fed “ban artificial trans fats completely” moved in.
FDA, desserts, ice cream, microwave popcorn, frozen pizzas, margarine, artificial trans fats in processed products such as coffee cream”, “never used” is offering (2).
The Institute of Medicine is an independent institution (the Institute of Medicine=IOM), the known benefits and safety of artificial trans fats is a limit for them, not reports, and are recommended to be consumed as little as possible of this fat (3).
Golomb says: “trans fats extends the shelf life of foods, but cut yours off!” (4).
In a real sense clearance requirement
In a real sense, customs clearance, trans fats in our foods is really the “absence” means.
The amount of trans fat on the label “Zero” need not to be deceived by products.
In many countries, because oil is less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per 100 grams of foods in “zero” the expression can be used.
Trans fats, prepared foods prepared foods from salad dressings soup fed hundreds of people how much trans fat is in greatly when one considers that they are easily understood.
For example, 0.5 grams of trans fat in one serving of a potato chip in all of them there are three servings in a package and this is a person who eats 1.5 grams of trans fat without realizing it.
No scams!
Also another scam which is very foreign to the people instead of trans fat on their labels foods with “partially hydrogenated” or “PHO” may be put phrases like.
Many people, partially hydrogenated oil, or PHO’ s actually nothing more than trans fats may not know that.
These consumers is cheating!
Of course, trans fats are not harmful unlike beneficial
Synthetic trans fats “trans fats” we need to keep apart.
Milk, cheese, yogurt and butter which is found in products such as “trans-palmitoleic acid” or “trans-palmitoleate,” is not produced by the body.
Trans-palmitoleic acid, found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, “synthetic trans fats” doesn’t cause heart disease, on the contrary, supports the health of your heart.
Trans-palmitic acid “anti-microbial” effects and have played a key role in cell signaling.
Dairy products in which reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes conducted by experts of Harvard “natural trans fats” I would like to remind that also was detected (5).
Let’s see the result
THSK to have a few suggestions:
A: just more useless to reduce trans fat. Target must have literally zero trans fat!
TWO: put butter and extra virgin olive oil should be facilitated to access Citizens!
THREE: Schools milk instead of buttermilk, yogurt, cheese ought to be provided to be distributed!
FOUR: Refined sugar, flour and all processed, packaged, additives in “prepared foods” from struggling with obesity opposed to just “for show”.


Why Should We Eat Dinner Early?

“Early in the evening to eat and, if possible, prefer the light stuff!” This is one of the most advice we hear from medical experts. Why? It’s early in the evening to eat what is wisdom? Here you go…
To what extent is effective in weight control to eat dinner early so crisp and clear, but not certain that is an important detail in raising the quality of life and maintain our health. The first reason is that this idea of “sleep quality” is related to. Indeed, while eaten dinner early ensures a good night’s sleep, natural biorhythms don’t you break him of late dinners and the digestive system is forced to work through the night. You think you are you’re asleep, but within your digestive system the additional load because of “the night shift” is making. Your stomach, intestines, your liver and your poor we are forced to work through the night in a sweat of blood. Thus was reflux, gas, flatulence was sleeping when to your life you can read. Not enough rest the body at night, can’t find the opportunity to make repairs that must be done in your sleep.
Late night dinners, (especially if a little exaggerated) your body of sleep the optimum temperature desired is too difficult to reach and this is a serious question. Atistiranl exaggerated or dinner before going to bed too much, Night Sweats, disturbed sleep and a little bit of back should stay in bed. Late dinners are also two important hormones that are secreted in sleep, melatonin and growth hormone biyoritmik it messes the layout.
In summary, sleep, sleep from the additional burden shifts, and sometimes even a “state of war” comes to the state.
Recommendation: in principle, with the possibility dinner 18.00-19.00 between you should eat. Except in special cases, a business must complete before 20.00 in the evening than eating and drinking.
Are there any other recommendations of the experts: evening meals should be mitigated as much as possible. In front of the TV and repeated, “fruit feast”should be mitigated to the extent possible either from this work or must be discarded.
For dinner, raw, not cooked foods should be consumed. Sugary snacks (sweets!) should be avoided. Without feeling hungry with water and tea should be glossed over. Necessarily if you Stoke something a little yogurt or buttermilk or cinnamon hazelnut latte or a piece of you should prefer…

Frozen Foods, How Should It Be Resolved?

Acıbadem Kayseri hospital dietitian Esra Kula, frozen foods should not be quickly resolved, he said.
Cozdurmek on the heater as fast as I put them in boiling water for frozen foods or the dietitian Esra Kula noting that methods should not be used, “especially after removed from the fridge should be consumed quickly or frozen foods dissolved. Quick thawing methods in the refrigerator instead of 4 ° C slowly unravel, we need to cut,” he said.Store-bought frozen foods should not a long wait outside…
Store-bought frozen foods should be placed in the house soon also stating that Esra Kula cooler dietitian, said:
“Here’s the time to consider, it is about how dull food. Much faster as it dissolves vegetables, frozen meat may take a little more time. Hardness is the most important to check here that wasn’t damaged. Hardness is degraded, if it is meat or vegetables thoroughly exposed, the Cook immediately to be consumed immediately or to be most accurate and the most healthy option.”
Frozen cooked meat should be consumed at a time.
Thawed food can be refrozen after roasting raw meat, but cooked meat should not be consumed at a time of a nutritionist who stated that, Esra Kula, “the transmission of germs that when we consume cooked meat again is what I call contamination, will increase the risk of reproduction is too. Microbes reproduce rapidly us that serious illness, poisoning, you can leave,” he said.
Cans and plastic bottles should be used once…
Esra Kula Dietician gave information on canned goods and dried foods canned and in a suitable time at a suitable temperature to prevent the formation of bacteria while proposed that it be boiled. Canned goods will be stored where the nutritionist advises you to pay attention to the hygiene of the containers Esra Kula “If a plastic container for pickles if you are using them it is important to be disposable. So, pickles plastic pickle or tomato paste for the previous year, but again, not important if you set the rough glass containers, boiled and re-sterilized and packaged can be made into. Of course, if the shutdown procedure is prepared appropriately healthiest canned are closed,” he said.
Canned and frozen vegetables, dried better…
Dietitian Esra Kula draw attention to the importance of drying conditions dried vegetables, dried foods, canned or frozen foods should be preferred rather than suggested. Esra Kula dietitian, “frozen, canned products, according to rich in antioxidants and vitamins A tick more. You are sick because it loses all the vitamins, antioxidants changes the structure of losses is more than. Fresh products frozen products closer to vitamin A content. Turfanda lower than than canned but fresh.” he said.

How Should Eggs Be Cooked?

Pitt regularly eating one egg every day in the United States, a study by the Institute showed that the rate of 12 percent reduced risk of stroke.
American academic known for their work in the Journal of Nutrition published the results of the study, it is noted that egg are rich in antioxidants and is effective against high blood pressure.
The head of the research team, Dr. Dominik Alexander, “the egg is a food very rich in all respects.
When consumed regularly, significantly reduces the risk of developing stroke and heart disease.
I’m proposing that one should be consumed each day,” he said.
Nutrition in the literature mentioned “high quality protein” itself is one egg. The content of cholesterol shown to cause heart disease cannot be proven in scientific experiments, eggs are eliminated.Registration is completed when the permission of eating eggs, cooking eggs pisireni maximum benefit from it by choosing the best method to ensure the task it must be.
Loved the taste of the egg the number of beam expert dietitian, but not to be cooked with the right methods of nutrients that can be obtained for the value would fall, he said.
EXP. MWT. Beam number “of egg choline choline is essential for Brain Health that is rich. High in vitamin A, thanks to the yellow part of an egg, the functions of the vision and immunity booster, cell regenerating and anti-cancer effect is also high. Vitamin B is rich; this is also “hair, nails, brain and the skin of egg is of the essence.
However, many of the nutrients as in, “cooking techniques” how hatched we could take advantage of affects. The eggs stayed in January and a total of 10 minutes after begins to boil, the heat should be closed by the. Thus, fully cooked eggs is obtained. These eggs with a high nutritional value is eggs,” he said.
“Apricot called consistency of half-cooked or uncooked eggs vitamin called Biotin, a protein called avidin that binds both of them we’re able to benefit from,” Exp. MWT. Beam number “fully cooked egg if the merger is prevented this unwanted chemical.
So, the healthiest eggs are fully cooked eggs. Thus, a protein called avidin, and biotin called Vitamin we are able to benefit from.”
Expert dietitian Mr. Ray: “one egg per day in iron deficiency anemia is a good choice. However, for more than 10 minutes when it is ready, the egg yolk around a ring of iron sulphide known as Yesil-gray ring occur. That prevents you from using the Iron.
However, egg is a good source for iron minerals. Slows down the metabolism of iron deficiency anaemia, weakness, fatigue, concentration problems, memory problems, hard to get up out of bed this morning, course/business success negative effects of negative symptoms such as hair loss will occur.
This helps to prevent eggs. Cooked enough, but the gray ring is fully formed eggs, of course…”
Number beam expert dietitian “every day at least 1, and preferably organic eggs to eat and cook for 10 minutes. Power of your stove and the eggs being organic/according to the state of being, you may experience varying results.
The inner part of the egg for 10 minutes at the conditions of your half-baked if you think that the next time, most 1-1.Cook an extra 5 min, but also carefully set the time so that Gray will not ring. Known best, cheapest, most widely used, iron, and protein is one of the sources. Keeps you satiated. For your children is one of essential nutrients on a daily basis. Don’t forget to stay healthy,” he said.