Why Should We Eat Dinner Early?

“Early in the evening to eat and, if possible, prefer the light stuff!” This is one of the most advice we hear from medical experts. Why? It’s early in the evening to eat what is wisdom? Here you go…
To what extent is effective in weight control to eat dinner early so crisp and clear, but not certain that is an important detail in raising the quality of life and maintain our health. The first reason is that this idea of “sleep quality” is related to. Indeed, while eaten dinner early ensures a good night’s sleep, natural biorhythms don’t you break him of late dinners and the digestive system is forced to work through the night. You think you are you’re asleep, but within your digestive system the additional load because of “the night shift” is making. Your stomach, intestines, your liver and your poor we are forced to work through the night in a sweat of blood. Thus was reflux, gas, flatulence was sleeping when to your life you can read. Not enough rest the body at night, can’t find the opportunity to make repairs that must be done in your sleep.
Late night dinners, (especially if a little exaggerated) your body of sleep the optimum temperature desired is too difficult to reach and this is a serious question. Atistiranl exaggerated or dinner before going to bed too much, Night Sweats, disturbed sleep and a little bit of back should stay in bed. Late dinners are also two important hormones that are secreted in sleep, melatonin and growth hormone biyoritmik it messes the layout.
In summary, sleep, sleep from the additional burden shifts, and sometimes even a “state of war” comes to the state.
Recommendation: in principle, with the possibility dinner 18.00-19.00 between you should eat. Except in special cases, a business must complete before 20.00 in the evening than eating and drinking.
Are there any other recommendations of the experts: evening meals should be mitigated as much as possible. In front of the TV and repeated, “fruit feast”should be mitigated to the extent possible either from this work or must be discarded.
For dinner, raw, not cooked foods should be consumed. Sugary snacks (sweets!) should be avoided. Without feeling hungry with water and tea should be glossed over. Necessarily if you Stoke something a little yogurt or buttermilk or cinnamon hazelnut latte or a piece of you should prefer…


Frozen Foods, How Should It Be Resolved?

Acıbadem Kayseri hospital dietitian Esra Kula, frozen foods should not be quickly resolved, he said.
Cozdurmek on the heater as fast as I put them in boiling water for frozen foods or the dietitian Esra Kula noting that methods should not be used, “especially after removed from the fridge should be consumed quickly or frozen foods dissolved. Quick thawing methods in the refrigerator instead of 4 ° C slowly unravel, we need to cut,” he said.Store-bought frozen foods should not a long wait outside…
Store-bought frozen foods should be placed in the house soon also stating that Esra Kula cooler dietitian, said:
“Here’s the time to consider, it is about how dull food. Much faster as it dissolves vegetables, frozen meat may take a little more time. Hardness is the most important to check here that wasn’t damaged. Hardness is degraded, if it is meat or vegetables thoroughly exposed, the Cook immediately to be consumed immediately or to be most accurate and the most healthy option.”
Frozen cooked meat should be consumed at a time.
Thawed food can be refrozen after roasting raw meat, but cooked meat should not be consumed at a time of a nutritionist who stated that, Esra Kula, “the transmission of germs that when we consume cooked meat again is what I call contamination, will increase the risk of reproduction is too. Microbes reproduce rapidly us that serious illness, poisoning, you can leave,” he said.
Cans and plastic bottles should be used once…
Esra Kula Dietician gave information on canned goods and dried foods canned and in a suitable time at a suitable temperature to prevent the formation of bacteria while proposed that it be boiled. Canned goods will be stored where the nutritionist advises you to pay attention to the hygiene of the containers Esra Kula “If a plastic container for pickles if you are using them it is important to be disposable. So, pickles plastic pickle or tomato paste for the previous year, but again, not important if you set the rough glass containers, boiled and re-sterilized and packaged can be made into. Of course, if the shutdown procedure is prepared appropriately healthiest canned are closed,” he said.
Canned and frozen vegetables, dried better…
Dietitian Esra Kula draw attention to the importance of drying conditions dried vegetables, dried foods, canned or frozen foods should be preferred rather than suggested. Esra Kula dietitian, “frozen, canned products, according to rich in antioxidants and vitamins A tick more. You are sick because it loses all the vitamins, antioxidants changes the structure of losses is more than. Fresh products frozen products closer to vitamin A content. Turfanda lower than than canned but fresh.” he said.

How Should Eggs Be Cooked?

Pitt regularly eating one egg every day in the United States, a study by the Institute showed that the rate of 12 percent reduced risk of stroke.
American academic known for their work in the Journal of Nutrition published the results of the study, it is noted that egg are rich in antioxidants and is effective against high blood pressure.
The head of the research team, Dr. Dominik Alexander, “the egg is a food very rich in all respects.
When consumed regularly, significantly reduces the risk of developing stroke and heart disease.
I’m proposing that one should be consumed each day,” he said.
Nutrition in the literature mentioned “high quality protein” itself is one egg. The content of cholesterol shown to cause heart disease cannot be proven in scientific experiments, eggs are eliminated.Registration is completed when the permission of eating eggs, cooking eggs pisireni maximum benefit from it by choosing the best method to ensure the task it must be.
Loved the taste of the egg the number of beam expert dietitian, but not to be cooked with the right methods of nutrients that can be obtained for the value would fall, he said.
EXP. MWT. Beam number “of egg choline choline is essential for Brain Health that is rich. High in vitamin A, thanks to the yellow part of an egg, the functions of the vision and immunity booster, cell regenerating and anti-cancer effect is also high. Vitamin B is rich; this is also “hair, nails, brain and the skin of egg is of the essence.
However, many of the nutrients as in, “cooking techniques” how hatched we could take advantage of affects. The eggs stayed in January and a total of 10 minutes after begins to boil, the heat should be closed by the. Thus, fully cooked eggs is obtained. These eggs with a high nutritional value is eggs,” he said.
“Apricot called consistency of half-cooked or uncooked eggs vitamin called Biotin, a protein called avidin that binds both of them we’re able to benefit from,” Exp. MWT. Beam number “fully cooked egg if the merger is prevented this unwanted chemical.
So, the healthiest eggs are fully cooked eggs. Thus, a protein called avidin, and biotin called Vitamin we are able to benefit from.”
Expert dietitian Mr. Ray: “one egg per day in iron deficiency anemia is a good choice. However, for more than 10 minutes when it is ready, the egg yolk around a ring of iron sulphide known as Yesil-gray ring occur. That prevents you from using the Iron.
However, egg is a good source for iron minerals. Slows down the metabolism of iron deficiency anaemia, weakness, fatigue, concentration problems, memory problems, hard to get up out of bed this morning, course/business success negative effects of negative symptoms such as hair loss will occur.
This helps to prevent eggs. Cooked enough, but the gray ring is fully formed eggs, of course…”
Number beam expert dietitian “every day at least 1, and preferably organic eggs to eat and cook for 10 minutes. Power of your stove and the eggs being organic/according to the state of being, you may experience varying results.
The inner part of the egg for 10 minutes at the conditions of your half-baked if you think that the next time, most 1-1.Cook an extra 5 min, but also carefully set the time so that Gray will not ring. Known best, cheapest, most widely used, iron, and protein is one of the sources. Keeps you satiated. For your children is one of essential nutrients on a daily basis. Don’t forget to stay healthy,” he said.

Outer Ear Inflammation Should Not Be Your Nightmare In The Summer!

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With the arrival of the summer holiday plans are on the rise, but did you know that there is an increase in the proportion of some ear diseases with the arrival of the summer?
If these diseases are not dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner, they can cause your holiday pleasure to escape!
What is the most common ear disease in the summer?
The most common of these diseases are external ear infections (external ear infections). External ear canal; It is a very suitable environment for the growth of pathogens such as bacteria and fungi due to being moist, dark and hot.
Why does external ear inflammation increase in summer?
The most important reason for the increase of the external ear infection in summer is the unhygienic pool and sea water. In addition, after swimming, the external ear canal remains wet, ear sticks and similar tools can cause the risk of infection.
What are the symptoms of external ear inflammation?
In the ears of people with external ear inflammation;

Severe pain,
Hearing loss may occur. If these complaints occur, the person should consult an Otolaryngologist without losing any time.

How is external ear inflammation treated?
In the treatment of the disease, cleaning of the ear canal, ear drops, regular dressing, and rarely oral medication are used.
What kind of preventive measures can be taken?
Apart from the fact that the patient falls on the recommendations of the duty doctor during the treatment period and uses the drugs regularly; keeping the ear dry, avoiding water sports, scratching, scrubbing, cleaning behaviors. The use of ear plugs is not recommended since it can accelerate the spread of infection after the onset of infection.
How many days of external ear inflammation?
External ear inflammation will improve within 7 to 10 days if there is no other underlying disease (diabetes, external auditory stenosis, etc.). Patients should consult an Ear Nose Throat Doctor before returning to the pool, sea and water sports even after the symptoms disappear.
What measures can be taken against external otitis?
To keep your summer holiday as smooth as possible, keep your ears as dry as possible, to dry with a cotton or towel without coming into the outer ear canal after contact with water; keep you away from you and your family.
This article Prepared by Ozan Gokler.
For more information, please contact our Ear Nose Throat Department.

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How should we treat someone who has epileptic seizures?

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What should we do when we see a person with epileptic seizures?
Patients with precursor symptoms should remove themselves from dangers. (window edge, ladder head, piercing cutting tools, etc.). People who have a seizure without a forerunner sign should take away the person from these hazardous areas in case of any seizure.
Generalized contraction, called a large seizure, jumps on the watch, people who have a seizure while falling to the floor while pushing the head to the ground by pushing the head or by supporting the head to be able to fall to the ground softly. It is necessary to turn the patient’s head aside on the floor. Turning the head sideways prevents the vomiting of the lungs if the person vomits.
If the teeth are not yet closed, they are placed in the upper part of a soft body. This soft object should never be finger. The soft body is the edge of the blanket, the edge of your jacket and so on. can. The goal is to break the gap between the teeth and to prevent the bite of the tongue. Never attempt to open if the teeth are closed. Never try to stop the contractions in the arms and legs, or you may cause fractures and dislocations. The only thing to do is to determine the duration of contractions.

After the seizure, the person usually wakes up, is confused, does not understand what is said, but he tends to sleep around and sleep. If the seizure lasted for more than five minutes, if the person had no known epilepsy, was hit by a head while crashing, but could not be aroused despite a seizure, he should be taken to the hospital urgently.
What should we do when we see a person with epileptic seizures?

Onion smelly is the most performed and non-beneficial application.
Never put your finger between your teeth during seizure. He can bite your finger.
Never try to open if the mouth-teeth are closed during the seizure. Even if the tongue is bleeding, bleeding will stop within one minute. However, the broken teeth will not replace a new one.
Do not try to stop the contractions in your body. You can cause bone fractures and dislocations.
Never try to eat and drink water to the person who has seizures.

This article Dr. Prepared by Candan Gürses.
You can contact our Neurology department for more information.

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My child has a tiki, what should I do?

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What is Tik? Why?
Tics are involuntary movements occurring in certain muscle groups, occurring suddenly, repetitive, stereotyped and non-rhythmic, as motor movement or noise extraction. Teak usually begins in boys and at an early age and occurs for spiritual reasons. Ticks are usually not seen before 3-4 years of age. The most common is 6-7 years of age and the first adolescence (11-13 years) period. Tics are not considered to be just learned behaviors as they were before.
Tics are caused by neurobiological structural defects, but they can worsen and heal as a result of environmental stimuli. In other words, environmental impacts by the behavioral techniques or the effects of the individual on the environment can be modified. Since each individual’s interaction with his environment and environment is different, it is necessary to understand in detail the interaction of the individual with the environment. This understanding will strengthen the hand of both the individual and the doctor in dealing with tics.

How should families treat their children with tics?
– The families of children should be careful about the following issues.
Both medical (drug) and behavioral therapy methods should be followed closely. The support of the family is important for your child to use their medicines regularly and to continue their regular therapy at home regularly.
– Factors that increase and decrease the levels should be determined by family observation and support. These situations should be talked about, the cases considered to increase tics should be reduced as much as possible;
-The parents must learn exactly what the parents are and help the child to learn. The more knowledgeable the child is, the easier it can handle their tics. In this case, it is also useful to exercise the competing response determined with the therapist.
Conflicts and tensions in the home should be reduced as much as possible and the child should feel safe.
-Those attitudes should be avoided, since all the individuals in the family can emphasize this behavior and often feel that they are annoyed by increasing the anxiety due to tike.
– As the teak response increases in the face of stress and tension, there should not be a strong reaction to the issue.
-The child should be made to feel loved and a positive self-perception and self-confidence should be developed.
-Prompting the child constantly by parents and leaving him to do is put him under emotional and physical strain, which may lead to tics or new tics. Be careful about this.
It should be noted that even if the child stops tics for a while, these tics are not under his control. Parents’ approach should be in this direction.
– Threats threaten the child’s self-confidence and impair social cohesion. Children with tics often find it difficult to socialize and make friends. The child can be helped to create a play environment with his friends for socialization and to develop positive social relations with the support of other adults he is associated with.
– Apart from these, multi-faceted approach to tick intervention is required. Family counseling, child psychotherapy, and drug therapy can also be applied along with behavioral therapy.
This article Prepared by Tuba Mutluer.
For more information please contact our Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Psychiatry) department.

How should children be fed in the summer months?

With the warming of the air, our body temperature increases and changes in our requirements are observed. Pregnant women, elderly people, chronic illnesses and especially children are among the most affected group during the summer months. It is important to pay attention to and be aware of nutrition in reducing health problems frequently seen in the summer months.
Which foods should be consumed most?
Adequate and balanced nutrition should be taken in every period of life. You can create your daily nutrition program by dividing your plate in four and selecting a nutrient from each group. In summer, due to perspiration, loss of fluid and vitamin and mineral losses are experienced. Therefore, taking care of water consumption in summer should be the first for us. Water needs vary from person to person. You can check your child’s urine to see if he has had enough water. Urine should be very light yellow. Second is to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables in order to prevent increasing vitamin and mineral losses.
In the summer months, children wake up late, causing breakfast to be close to noon. In such cases, you should not force 3 meals to complete, you can make 2 main meals and frequent meals between breakfast and dinner. It should not be forgotten; The first rule of healthy eating is to start the day with breakfast.

What kind of discomfort can lead to inappropriate nutrition in summer?
Diarrhea (diarrhea) is a common disorder especially in children in summer. There are many reasons such as rapid deterioration of food and rotavirus with increasing temperatures. The following measures should be taken to protect them;

Hand hygiene for protection from rotavirus, good washing of vegetables and fruits
The risk of deterioration of cream foods should be kept short because of the increase in the amount of food, should not wait more than a day in the cupboard
Foods (meat, poultry, fish, milk, etc.) should not be kept in the open conditions.
Shopping at the nearest convenience store should be done despite the risk of deterioration until you come home from frozen groceries

What are the mistakes that parents know correctly about feeding their children in summer?
Parents, the more they feed their children, the better they think. With the increase of heat in summer, the appetite decreases. For this reason, children should not be forced to eat too much. Light and non-fat foods should be preferred. Snacks should be supported with liquid foods and fruit. As we have always said, fruits should be consumed as fruits and not fruit juice. Because fruit juices rapidly increase blood sugar, lowering the glycemic index is among the foods we define as high. In order to prevent sudden drops of sugar with increasing temperatures, it should be avoided from foods with high glycemic index, ie simple carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.), and complex carbohydrates (bulgur, whole wheat pasta etc.) should be preferred.

Yeditepe University Hospital
Nutrition and Dietetics Expert Nazlı Şişik