Endless benefits of sports: Cycling

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Regular sports makes our daily life easier!
Regular sports is the door to a healthy life and provides us with a lot of convenience in our daily lives. For example, our blood circulation is accelerated and then regulated, our respiratory rate increases, positive changes in our hormones, psychological comfort provided by endorphins, etc.
In addition to all of these, it is observed that those who regularly do sports are more comfortable in their daily lives. Stairway exit, catching a bus to be missed, the market return of the weight of the bags to be crushed, a shorter time to finish household chores.
The benefits of cycling to our body does not stop counting!

Biking, obesity, stress, metabolic diseases, back pain, high blood pressure, such as eliminating the negative effects of the body, a healthier and happier people have emerged in many studies. However, our strength is to increase our strength, to help us to cope with stress, fat burning after strength development and therefore to control our weight, to strengthen our joints, back, leg, abdominal and arm muscles to operate and ultimately increase our condition.
In particular, it is possible to stay fit with the bicycle that moves the leg and back muscles. Experts, especially those who complain about excess weight, this sport is recommended. The bike is one of the most enjoyable sports that men who want to do muscles will do without spending a lot of time and fun.
Biking reduces the risk of bone resorption!

Although women do not pay as much attention to cycling as men, it should not be overlooked. In particular, regular cycling increases the bone density and reduces the risk of females getting osteoporosis. In the treatment of osteoporosis, exercise prescription is given as part of the treatment, regardless of the age of the woman, and the bike is suitable for the middle age group because of less wear on the joints and less stress than other sports unless they are intense.
Walking is also useful as a bike ride
Walking and cycling system, respiratory system, muscles work, strength and condition increase, weight and cholesterol control as well as endorphin increase after 30 minutes of exercise, have very beneficial effects on stress control.
The aim is to maintain a paced walking time of 150 min.

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Is There Nutritional Differences Between Sports To Increase Body Muscle Mass And Sport For Weight Loss?

In these days when physical activity is gaining speed, how should I be fed? Oldu The question came up more often. To answer this question, one needs to know for what purpose the person is doing sports. There are changes in the recommended nutritional programs in sports to increase body muscle mass with the sport to lose weight.
If you’re only doing sports to lose weight, the energy you spend should be more than the energy (calorie) you are taking. There are important steps you can take to reduce the energy received;

Reduce the consumption of fat that provides more calories. To reduce fat consumption, milk, yoghurt, cheese products such as half-fat use, meat and meat products or vegetables to cook and instead of roasting and roasting instead of healthy cooking methods, such as grilling, oven, or you can provide by boiling.
Reduce alcohol consumption.
Biscuits, chocolates, cakes, sweet carbohydrates instead of foods such as wholemeal bread, bulgur pilav.
Essential oil-containing oilseeds (nuts, walnuts, almonds) and fish to diet with 1 portion of the diet to add.
Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, protein-like foods must be at every meal.
Vegetables and fruits should be added to the diet with portion control in terms of nutrient diversity.

However, if you want to increase muscle mass, you need to combine the sport with your diet protein. That is, you may need to increase or decrease the amount of protein depending on how many times a week you do. In this process, the energy is obtained from most carbohydrate-rich foods. It should not be forgotten to add essential oil-containing oilseeds (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds) and fish. Protein helps the body to increase muscle mass. Proteins should be taken in certain amounts in all meals, especially when taken before and after exercise. Low-fat or low-fat yogurt consumption will be a fast and effective option for protein intake after exercise.