Welcome Spring!

In this first week of April when opening a new spring of joy in your arms, you also have more toxins in the form if you want to get rid of your weight and your if I say it like a harpoon, which will begin today “spring diet” to follow carefully our directory.
Even though it is beautiful in all seasons of the best of the season “spring” it is certain that. Spring is so beautiful that people said, “Rose has bloomed in spring/my heart scattered joy” is such a beautiful song, and it’s even besteletir. And every spring, joy, peace, joy. The longing to meet again with sun and soil and water is re-laid. It’s not over! Spring is to enter into the form, lightness, grogginess.
In this first week of April when opening a new spring of joy in your arms, you also have more toxins in the form if you want to get rid of your weight and your if I say it like a harpoon, which will begin today “spring diet” to follow carefully our directory. If you need to apply at the same time…
Long live dietitian life simple, easy, cheap, entertaining, effective, and have developed a diverse programme. Which will require the use of insulin diabetes, severe hypertension and organ failure, non-breastfeeding and healthy adults, almost all children can apply to this program.
My suggestion is to be more active in implementing the program, during the program almost every day, at least 45-60 minutes of brisk walking you have to do.
For two weeks, starting today, you will find more suggestions on our page for nutrition and diet.
To read about the new developments in the world of diet, activity and you’ll see our recommendations about nutrition. We hope you like it. You get the benefit hopefully of use to you.It’s not over! Live life dietitian if you have any questions regarding the program, they’re going to try to answer them. Life dietitians in the box Long Live e-mail addresses. You can contact them without hesitation.
Extremely hard from the last troubled days of the New days in the spring some more, take a deep breath and new hopes, I wish you will bring more peace and more happiness.
To practice you can start tomorrow. Good luck!
Important suggestions for healthy weight 20
Eat a balanced and varied diet. Every meal with protein, carbs, fat you get. Don’t eat or drink the same things.
* Do not skip meals.
* Do not eat frequently. Dec if you do need to meals (if you’re not hypoglycemic) leave the habit of snacking. Especially belly, wide waist circumference if you are one of this point is very important.
Avoid alcohol.
* Opt for water and herbal teas.
* The fruit of the liquids limit. Don’t eat fruit in the evening! Leave the day that arbitrarily.
* Gluten-rich foods (bread, rice, pasta, Oven bakery products).
* Eat slowly and chew every bite at least 15 to 20 times.
* Don’t eat fast. Make it a habit to eat sitting down.
* Don’t sit alone for dinner. Share your meal with someone by talking and chatting. Do not eat while watching TV.
* Reduce your portions.
* No disruption to ban sugar. Remove it from the table all kinds of sugar.
* If you have suffered a lot of things that are forbidden in your life, you taste it and leave it.
* Do not drink the water until half an hour before a meal and after.
* Make sure to drink plenty of water often throughout the day.
* Early in the evening and eat light.
* Never jump breakfast and protein foods (cheese, yogurt, eggs) empower.
* When you hear from feeling hungry, eat anything that contains flour and sugar touch. With vegetables (cucumber, carrots, lettuce) or almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios (pay attention to the quantity).
* If possible, get into the habit of taking a 15-20 minute walk followed by dinner.
* At least five thousand steps per day, taking yeddi thousand five hundred don’t forget to catch my name. Your goal is ten thousand paces every day.
What should a good diet be like?
* Easy to implement
* The cheapest foods you must include
* Permanent and must suggest a proper diet
* Flexible (open to change) must be
* One-way should not be
* You should keep in the forefront of a variety of nutrients,
* Have fun
* It should be fun
* Compelling formats should not be
* Must be based on scientific data.
Do both diet and detox
Long live the daily life today we are broadcasting from the dietary recommendations prepared by the dietician. Note that these proposals are not private. Those who can’t afford the time that is preparing for those who find those who have problems make a note of 5-6 pounds over weight.
That targets the main principle of every diet permanent weight loss “diet planning, personalized” we also know very well in our clinic we apply this principle uncompromising. Seven-day diet the purpose of the spring on it, we worked hard to plan too. To the extent possible our products in our kitchen, food, drinks I have used. Different drinks and food recipes as you can in this two weeks we tried to bring fun and enjoyment. When you have questions or doubts, our dietician by e-mail, don’t neglect to notify.

Why Do Diet Easier In The Spring?

A good diet program is without a doubt, the most important thing will apply with the correct prescription stability and manage. According to research, healthy nutrition and special dietary awareness does increase with each passing day, although some important points may be overlooked. For example, in the spring… a few of them do diet and the advice of experts like:

A healthy diet of strict prohibitions, there are no measurements. Note that from Whole Foods in moderation and a balanced diet and consume sufficient.
For example, put 2 tbsp oil in a pot for dinner. Add oil if you’re going to cook without meat for dinner. Olive, hazelnut, walnut, almond oil instead of regularly consuming these foods more than stay away from while from the past.
Forget the salad with the sauce for a while.
The chicken salad in addition to grilled meat or a glass of buttermilk.
In the evening instead of eating red meat, low fat fish such as sea bass and sea bream prefer.
It is perfect for spring because spring is the season to make an ideal diet.
Less exposure to sunlight the metabolic rate slows down. For that reason, on hot days it is easier to lose weight.


What is Allergic Nezle? Spring in Children

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Tree pollen in late spring and early summer, meadow pollen at the end of the summer, weed pollens in the beginning of autumn in the air is mixed. These pollens reach the nose and eye surface and cause allergic rhinitis.
The pollen reaches the tissue called the mucosa, which paves the inner surface of the nose and causes an allergic reaction. It should be kept in mind that allergic conditions often start at an early age, but can also be seen in adulthood.
Seasonal Allergic Flu
People with pollen allergy experience allergic rhinitis during the season when they are allergic to pollen. However, weather conditions, changes in the surrounding environment and the person’s immune system, some years of mild complaints are experienced, some years, more severe complaints and the need for medication increases. In some patients, the eyes with the nose are also affected and this condition is called allergic conjunctivitis.
Allergic rhinitis throughout the year
If a person is susceptible to allergic substances found in closed environments, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis continue throughout the year. Allergic allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis are seen in individuals who have allergy to house dust mite, cat, dog, cockroach, mold fungus due to domestic humidity.
When should we think of allergic flu?
Children with allergic rhinitis can experience sneezing, nasal itching, runny nose and / or nasal congestion shortly after being exposed to pollens, cats, dogs and house dust mites. This movement is called an allergic salute because children often erase their noses upward; This movement may occur due to a horizontal line on the nose. This disease is usually accompanied by eye rash (allergic conjunctivitis) eyes redness, itching, watering is common. Nasal congestion and fullness in the vessels cause swelling and dark color under the eyes. Nasal discharge, headache, cough may accompany. Because of nasal congestion, children wakes up at night and wakes up in the morning tired. Fatigue, perception difficulties, sleep disorders adversely affect daily life.
Does allergic rhinitis increase the risk of other allergic diseases?
When they are allergic to the cause of the skin eczema, urticaria (hives) can be seen. Asthma symptoms may be seen in 10-40% of patients with allergic rhinitis, or asthma symptoms are increased in children with asthma.
Seasonal Allergic Diagnosis
The most important thing in the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis is the patient’s history. It should be questioned when symptoms are encountered, and how they occur. If the nose is exposed to pollen in the nose, itching, sneezing, clear runny nose should be considered spring fever. Allergen level measurement from the blood (pollen specific IgE) and prick allergy tests applied to the skin can be determined which particles are allergic to the individual.
How to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis?
Allergen avoidance is a priority in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. For this reason, in spring and early summer when pollen numbers are increased, it is recommended that people with spring fever should reduce the time zone for outdoor activities and do their outdoor activities in the morning or evening instead of afternoon hours.
In house of dust mite allergy patients should be removed moisture, moisture should be destroyed, mites holding mites, pillows, mattresses and pillows filled with wool, mattresses and quilts are recommended to be removed from the bedroom. Special non-permeable bed linens help treatment in patients with home dust allergy.
In the treatment of allergic rhinitis, nasal sprays and oral syrups or tablets may also be used to control symptoms. It is recommended that the physician regulate the medications by evaluating the severity of the allergic disease and the patient’s condition. In addition, vaccination therapy (immunotherapy) can be applied to patients who have severe allergic complaints and have limited response to drug treatment. This treatment, called immunotherapy, is applied in 2 different ways: there are injection forms applied to the tablet / drop or arm that melts under the tongue. Allergic reactions may develop during these treatments, so if you apply at least 3-4 years under the control of allergy physicians, the likelihood of successful long-term results is increasing.
For more information about the Department of Allergy and Immunology at Koç University Hospital, click on the link.

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