These Foods Will Strengthen Your Heart In The Fall

Also felt the extreme heat as much as the transition type of the seasons affect our health. Rahatlatsa us cool from the heat or even the cold weather is inviting diseases. Autumn is knocking on our doors, especially flu and respiratory illnesses. However, autumn threatens those with heart disease. While the first place among the causes of heart attack death in the world threatens people both young and old. Therefore greater protection from heart disease is gaining importance. In the Prevention of heart disease and lifestyle a healthy diet is very important. Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital, Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Karabulut, extreme heat as well as cold weather stated that he pulled an invitation to a heart attack. Karabulut, especially fresh fruit and vegetable consumption is important in terms of protecting heart health stresses. Karabulut, told me about the fall foods that will strengthen your heart.
Store antioxidant
Red or black grapes, quality grapes to market in the month of September to include in feed is extremely important. It is a powerful antioxidant Red Grape and it keeps the blood thin by reducing the inflammation in the veins, by regulating the ratio of cholesterol and protecting cardiovascular health.
A bunch against the risk of heart attack
We present many scientific studies about grapes. It is said to have a positive effect on vascular health, especially grapes. That makes fall in blood pressure of the grape have been shown to reduce the development of heart attack and heart failure. Research reveal that substances in Grapes of red grapes is 10 times more useful. Therefore, replace the habit of Yesil seedless grapes; seeded red grapes to leave it. Despite this, the daily consumption of a cluster of grapes needs to be limited to its sugar content into consideration.
For high blood pressure, ‘Red Miracle’
Especially ideal for those with high blood pressure and heart disease pomegranate of autumn indispensable. The ingredients, especially pomegranate and vascular risk in people under stress has a protective effect. Pomegranate, one of the most powerful antioxidants and anti-aging effect of fruits. Pomegranate studies bad cholesterol (LDL) while decreasing good cholesterol (HDL) and raise it’s been proven. A protective effect on the arteries, creating cardiovascular disease pomegranate of the formation of the basic mechanism that slows hardening of the arteries said. Improvement in blood pressure, which provides the recommended daily consumption of pomegranate or 1 cup for 1 cup (240 ml) freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.
Age of the palm, regulates blood pressure
Trabzon, which is one of the most healthy foods of autumn, or the dates and the heart of heaven friendly. Dates containing a polyphenol with antioxidant properties, in addition to plenty of fiber; phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium source. Medium-sized (100 g) dates daily fiber requirement. Hardening of the arteries while reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels also is doing the editing. In addition, it strengthens the body’s defence mechanism and the body’s resistance against flu in the autumn.
Before the end of the get the sardines to your heart
Fresh sardines the sardine season will be short and unfortunately after a month it will be impossible to find. For that reason, a very rich sardine fish twice a week to consume mineral and vitamin store. Sardines reduces the risk of heart attack. Sardines are rich in omega 3 fatty acids of the blood vessel with the walls guarded. Protective cholesterol while increasing fat levels in the blood are dropping. Sardines of blood clots in those who consume the slope is decreasing. In addition to heart health regulating insulin resistance it is beneficial to consume grilled or baked sardines. In contrast, those with gout, children, allergic persons and those with kidney disease you need to consume sardines bodied carefully. Because very large amounts because it contains high protein when consumed can increase the level of uric acid. Again, the consumption of sardine can be caused by extreme heavy metal accumulation in the body, while allergic reactions can occur. To protect your heart health to consume moderate amounts during the sardine season in the fall.

10 Natural Antibiotic To Strengthen The Immune System

The right meds when we’re sick we cuddle. Even so that we go to drugs, unnecessary drug use is going up. We love especially antibiotics! For all the world as a ‘killer’ described as the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Turkey, first in Europe on unnecessary antibiotic use. The flu, a treatment to antibiotics when we are wrong even if we know we’re heading. However, scientific studies the body’s ability to fight germs in the case of unnecessary antibiotic use begins to decrease when the immune system has weakened, and many can lead to serious diseases or even deadly bacteria that have developed resistance to the antibiotic in the body that can cause even reveal the result to the table. When you’re taking antibiotics for the flu or a cold, instead of the patient to strengthen the immune system without the right one. Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital, Phytotherapy, nutrition and diet expert Sila Seyda Knowledgeable, gave information about foods that strengthen the immune system by showing a natural antibiotic effect.
What is the immune system?
The immune system protects our body against diseases, and discover a system that tries to destroy harmful germs. You can strengthen your immune system with natural antibiotics without the use of formulas. In autumn and winter, natural antibiotics heroes…
Immune system booster vegetables and fruits
Natural antibiotic against the flu: Kefir
Kefir, especially on cold winter days and the fall of the stalk of microbes to increase the resistance of the body in one-to-one. In recent years, all studies reveal that when consumed regularly, kefir is protective against upper respiratory tract infections. Kefir, protecting against respiratory infections, while factors of cancer in the intestine, probiotic feature is helpful for the digestive system. Also neurological disorders, anorexia and benefits against insomnia. Ulcers, high blood pressure, bronchitis, and asthma in both children and adults which is used in the treatment of those with kefir is a nutrient that necessarily needs to eat.
Eat raw garlic
Many nutrients that are used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years garlic bacteria, fungi and viruses with the capacity to destroy in the 19th century Louis Pasteur’s research validated. Especially when consumed raw, the sulfur compounds in the content, thanks strengthens the immune system, and facilitate cell repair that garlic protects against cancer; it also prevents the proliferation of some bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori. However, excessive consumption can lead to bleeding in the body. A lot of people because of the smell, avoids the consumption of garlic every day is very useful to include in the table the two outer. Onions are from the same family, which also protects against cell damage, and a powerful antioxidant that strengthens immunity.
Your own radish with antibiotics
Radish rich in vitamin C, folic acid, phosphorus, dietary fiber and high thanks to the Health Source. Radish, which is a very powerful antioxidant, is struggling with diseases such as the common cold. Through the digestive and excretory system in favor of high fiber, it is good for cough. For example, in the winter months you will find black radish wash and cut from the top and easily looms beautifully inside the game. (Don’t throw out the parts that you receive the gouge, but use in salad. Put honey on your part carved) snap on Cup. It’s a tiny scratch from the bottom of the radish radish juice with honey can flow into the glass that you put in ozdeslesip. In the morning after a night out-drinking in the evening can benefit children and adults over 2 years of age. The leaves of radish, which are at least as useful for your salads you can evaluate itself.
Leek omelet?
A lot of health benefits leek with a full heart friendly food. And thanks to kamferol contains flavonoids, which helps to eliminate damage to the blood vessels. Thanks to sulphide compounds, especially has a protective effect against many cancers, including colon cancer. However, when consumed in very high amounts of calcium to be used in the body can affect. Gas problems of the digestive system of living that makes it a vegetable because it is very good to consume for cooking and in small amounts is useful. Cooking with leeks, potatoes and soups, ground into those who don’t like MASH as they can eat in a salad instead of onions also can be cut. By adding to omelets and menemen, also you can make your breakfast healthier.
Yesil power: Spinach
A good source of riboflavin, which is one of the best super foods the immune system of a, b, c and E vitamins, calcium, magnesium, kuerset. Reduce infections, strengthen immunity abundant in spinach not only protect the body not only vitamin C and folic acid, but also fighting infection. Heart-friendly spinach, retarding brain aging effect. The medical term for this miraculous food from nature, which are in season and eat plenty.
Broccoli against COPD
Broccoli, due to consumption supports immunity by showing the antioxidant activity of the included substance. The immune system because it contains vitamin A, vitamin C and e warns. In the United States in a survey, 100 people every year all over the world and mostly caused by smoking, COPD prevention of damage that leads to the deaths of thousands of broccoli in the ‘survivors’ of the article appeared to be effective.
Natural ‘painkiller’ ginger
Ginger is one of nature’s miracle foods in moderation offers many benefits far from flu upper respiratory tract infections and cancer condition. Good for digestion and nausea, in addition to facilitating digestion, lowering cholesterol and prevents blood clotting that ginger has analgesic properties. An array of research at the University of Michigan in the United States, ginger can be used to treat cancer in the near future proved that. Grating fresh ginger into autumn and germs are rampant in the winter months by putting the mixture obtained by eating a teaspoon of lemon and honey in the morning can strengthen your immune system.
Chili Mikropsavar
Red pepper is a food rich in vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C which is found in abundance in strengthening the immune system, while potassium reduces the risk of heart attack. Solvent effect besides lowers cholesterol, pain and inflammation, stomach acid and germicidal property is throwing in the winter months stands out as a source of healing. Both fresh and dried with salt with your meals taste, you can benefit in terms of Health.
A pomegranate throw your fatigue
Pomegranate protects against respiratory infections, especially during the winter months has increased, and heart-friendly fruit. We need to take daily vitamin C pomegranate 1 covers half of our needs. It contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, lowering blood pressure and reducing vascular congestion. Pomegranate which have a protective effect against cancer, the body after physical activity to get tired and he’s too slow. However, the pressure to consume pomegranate fruit pomegranate juice for a serving of a handful of falls can be caused by too much sugar intake can be reduced and unnecessary. For that reason, this red natural antibiotic, and to the extent serving per day consume exceed.
Even more powerful from orange: kiwi
Thanks to the antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system, Kiwi, vitamin C is one of the powerful natural antibiotics which store. Kiwi contains more vitamin C than oranges vitamin C should be taken daily so that one more than you need to. While pectin protects the DNA in the purified of toxins from the body. The kiwi, which is useful for blood sugar control, making it easier to digest the fiber content, cholesterol balances. Recent research in the UK in young children, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath reveals the positive effect of certain diseases such as Kiwi.