Stay Away From Sugar!

The newly published study, those who eat a low fat diet away from carbohydrates and saturated fat even more standing compared to those who lose more body fat was found to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported research in the annals of Internal Medicine was published in the magazine.
Randomized, parallel group research, without the risk of clinical cardiovascular disease and diabetes was performed on 148 people from different races.
Without limitation to a group calories low carb (under 40 grams per day) Group low-fat (less than 30 per cent of daily energy intake; saturated fat less than 7 per cent) in the diet was administered.
Both research groups was a consultant throughout regular diet.
The subjects ‘ weight, cardiovascular risk factors, and data on diet composition, 3, 6, and 12 months after was collected.
The low-fat group and 60 people (82 percent) and low-carb 59 people in the group (yuzde79) a year-long study is completed.
Ate what?
The high-fat diet was a minor variation of the Atkins diet: They eat mainly fish, and more protein and fat, choose unsaturated fats such as olive oil and nuts I was told to, but cheese is also rich in saturated fats foods such as red meat was allowed.
Eggs for breakfast; lunch tuna salad; dinner with vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish, pork or tofu ate.
Low-carbohydrate food from the group they were told they had to cook with olive oil and canola oil, but butter was allowed, too.
These are generally slightly more than 13 per cent of daily calories from saturated fats they took out.
This corresponded to more than 5-6 percent of the advice of the American Heart Association two times, and most of the fat unsaturated fats.
Low-fat diet group was fed mainly grain and starch.
Total fat less than 30 percent of daily calories they of 40 per cent of daily calories total fat while the other group had.
Both of these groups when they are asked to eat their vegetables, low-carbohydrate group also recommended legumes and fresh fruits.
Low-carbohydrate diet more healthy
After 12 months, low-carb diet people on low-fat diet group compared to those in weight, body fat mass, total/HDL cholesterol ratio, triglyceride levels decreased more and HDL cholesterol was found to increase more.
Low-carbohydrate diet group change in physical activity in spite of the low-fat group on average than 8 pounds (3.5 kg) if they give more weight to their body oils was found to increase the mass of lean is reduced and even more of Nov.
The low-carb group, inflammation markers and triglycerides went down, while HDL low-fat group increased more than.
Blood pressure, total cholesterol and LDL in both groups remained the same.
These results, low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss and is more effective than a low fat diet in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
Those who wish to reduce their risk of heart disease researchers of carbohydrates lose weight and reduce their need to stress.
Calories what you’re eating is not important
Celebrity nutritionist Dariush Mozaffarian says:
“Made without any calorie restriction, this is the first long-term research focusing on reducing the weight that can be given because it shows the calories from carbohydrates is very important.
Because the replacement is easily accomplished without reducing the calories of foods eaten more.
The low-fat group also weight they gave them, but they seem to be losing muscle not fat.
Lean mass and fat mass to weight ratio is more important than the Nov.
Stop banning people health authorities fats, especially in processed food to stay away from refined carbohydrates should encourage”.
Atkins’ s and 1970’ raised where low-carb and high-fat diets in losing weight since then became very popular.
Diets of this type, not fat and water weight verdirdik him more meat and dairy products increased cholesterol and other heart disease risk factors for criticism was getting eaten.
I recommend saturated fats
Spiderman who is the professor of McGill University and Dr. Allan also says:
“Low-carbohydrate diet group reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and other vascular diseases, the decrease.
In this study have not been inspected, but the quantity and size of LDL particles is particularly important in terms of heart disease.
The levels of LDL may be the same two people, but small, dense LDL particles to more of those big, soft particles are completely different than those of the risks.
Refined carbohydrates, increases LDL particles, and small dense particles to the side as you scroll; flours, saturated fats, the LDL particles become more enlarges and softens.
Small, dense LDL particles, heart disease, high triglycerides, and metabolic syndrome seen in those with wide belly circumference.
I believe that we should give weight to dietary recommendations for saturated fats”.
Let’s see the result
This study proves for the years we’re trying to tell the facts one more time:
A: to protect against both cardiovascular and other diseases, Healthy Living enough for “fat we need to eat.
Two: this animal fats are saturated fats and unsaturated fats; trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable margarine which is harmful.
THREE: the cause of atherosclerosis not eat much fat, refined flour (starch), and carbohydrates. More sweet fruits is harmful.
FOUR: a way to stay away from heart diseases medication, but not “such as Man will feed on.”



Clogging our veins, fat or sugar?

The pharmaceutical industry tirelessly over the years to increase the sale of prepared foods and “saturated fat are thrown into the mud”. Margarine and vegetable oils is being removed to the skies; eggs, butter, red meat, “the number one enemy of heart health” are banned. However, lifetime of a subscriber made pills cholesterol, saturated fats, there’s a lot of banned the world’s heart patients.
A new study of the cause of diabetes and heart disease eaten more saturated fat, not sugar that could be revealed. From Ohio University Prof. J. Volek “there’s a common misconception about saturated fats,” he says:
“Research shows that there is a relationship between heart disease and saturated fat in the diet, but still recommends limiting saturated fats the nutrition guides.
It’s not clever, it’s not scientific, but blood saturated fats and research shows that there is a relationship that evaluates the risk of heart disease. It’s not a good thing to have too much saturated fat in the blood.
Question: in membranes of saturated fat in the blood or tissues of people or what’s the reason for more storage?”
All of the metabolic syndrome (at least three risk factors that increase the risk of heart disease or diabetes) with the 16 a study on adults was planned.
All participants for a period of 18 weeks in total, changing every three weeks and a dwindling amount of saturated fats, carbohydrates an increasing amount were given. 47 grams of saturated fat and 346 grams of carbs and 84 grams and it started with a diet of carbs and 32 grams saturated fat ended up with. The series prior to this diet, reduced carbs diet for three weeks each subject of the basic imposed.
Meals every day, 2,500 calories and 130 grams contains protein. The highest level of per cent of your daily calories carbohydrate 55% accounted for, the percentage of the energy in the average American diet was up and down.
At the end of the study, the subjects, on average, 22 pounds lost, blood sugar and insulin levels, they showed significant improvements in blood pressure. Throughout the study, all participants total saturated fat levels in the blood remained fairly constant, even folded in half, oil consumption initially fell.
Increases and decreases in contrast to this the consumption of fat, carbohydrate intake, obesity, inflammation, insulin resistance, high blood glucose, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer, which facilitates the emergence of many diseases such as elevated blood levels of palmitoleic acid. The increase of palmitoleic acid in the blood means that more carbohydrates is converted into fat instead of burning it.
Prof. Volek expressed the following:
“As the consumption of carbohydrates is reduced and controlled the oil when it is added diet, the body burns fat instead of storing it.
There is very little carbohydrate in the diet allows the burning of saturated fats”.
Published in the journal Public Library of science of Medicine named one study carbohydrates in the diet increases the levels of palmitoleic acid in the blood increased, but showed that the amount of the increase changes from person to person.
This finding shows that the carbohydrate tolerance varies from person to person.
Let’s see the result
Still in the realm of cardiology including ours saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease the diet will increase claims.
Not of the relationship of saturated fats in the diet heart attack and stroke doesn’t know either or don’t know they’re coming from, “fat if you eat fat it clogs your arteries.”
Between diabetes and heart disease with the amount of saturated fat in the blood, of course, there’s a correlation, “palmitoleic acid increases the risk of disease increases”.
As shown in this research, “increase the ingestion of excess fat palmitoleic acid not eaten more carbs”!
Canan Karatay, banging our heads for years this fact is as much as you want eggs, chops, says Eat butter.
Also cholesterol theory “is nonsense,” I add.
I wonder when the sleep of heedlessness wake up from the realm of Cardiology.


Sugar Addiction, How Can We Be Saved?

Life without sugar is not possible, this information is finalized in case if you will be so much healthier and consume less sugar. Well, this is easy to achieve? Not because our life is the taste of sugar, and it’s an integral part of a tool for happiness! However, our flavor palate that creates bursts of unmanageable good, especially the “dependency” if it comes to that point, the drug has the effect of a poison.
First, remember this: mind is only when we think of Sugar, tea, coffee or sugar that you add to the powder in your mouth you take a piece of chocolate, or a delicious cake to accompany your coffee on top of sweet food you eat, it shouldn’t be a piece that could not stand. Carbonated beverages and fruit juices you consume at least half of the sugar comes from. A “hidden/hidden sugars” there is a danger of, and that is another issue.
We fondly drink, café latte, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, ice cream and candy store. Moreover, salad dressings, ketchup, breakfast cereals have high amounts of sugar. Don’t be surprised if you want some more let’s continue. Yogurt fruity sugar bomb.
It’s like we’re literally swimming in a sea of sugar, therefore you already have. 50 years ago 5-10 solid sugar we consume. In addition, we also “fruit-like” we are a nation of intensive genes. Consuming fruits is one of the world’s most societies, perhaps we are the first.
From the grocery store, at the market, from the market a few different fruit-we have a culture that carries home in pound packs. This is at a significant disadvantage, I’m going to tell him soon.
Well, how about a candy, so “tu-poo” has become a food. The reason is this: the amount of energy you need to consume in a day for women, 1800-2000 for men close to 2000-2300 calories. These professionals we can’t afford you no more than your daily calorie needs percent to 7 percent sugar, he says, but that much is allowed. This “powdered sugar” is taken as the basis for women is 6 teaspoons (100 calories) and for men 9 teaspoons (150 calories) means that you can consume sugar.
Well, is it possible to make do with all of this candy?
Of course it’s not. Not five in a day because you drink tea, your quota is filled with 3-4 and even a cup of tea immediately. A mug of cafe latte or hot chocolate milk contains almost the same number. A box of soft drinks, carbonated beverages, also a bottle of soda, so there is 8-10 teaspoons of sugar.
Not even if you pay attention, in addition to more fruit! That part is a separate problem…
We’re eating more fruit
Each culture of sugar/sweet sources are different. For example, the juice of living in the United States and Europe, we we like than the fruit itself. Our people are fruit juice, fruit salad, puree, there’s not much of indulging in concentrate products such as. Fruit we are!
Exchange house at the mention of fruit, bread, dried beans, spinach, until meat is indispensable. Moreover, we can buy fruit by the kilo.
Well, a bad thing? Each one of the fruits of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, polyphenols and fiber, taking into account that a source is not wrong.
Also eat the fruit itself, juice, drink, concentrate, pulp, more than a rational choice to eat the salad, but on one condition: the quantity will pay attention, will not overdo it.
Two at a time Mandarin Orange, an orange, an apple or a whole plate of strawberries, cherries, figs, grapes, your stomach “Jumbotron” download.
Because the fruit “FRUCTOSE” and fructose is a sugar called sugar acts as more than just a grocery. It also insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, increase in uric acid, triglycerides and weight increase.
For this reason, “those who plan to get rid of sugar addiction first, pay attention to the fact how much fruit to consume, reducing the consumption of fruit and especially in the evening hours need to trim your fruit consumption!
Beware of hidden sugars
Unbound sugar that may contain sugar, many foods we think we should recognize. Just sugar, sweets, syrups and candies, it’s not different kitchen products.
Ready soups, fruit yoghurt, salad dressing, ketchup and mayonnaise, breakfast cereal of concealed/hidden sugar. Therefore, careful “sugar Hunter” is to examine the way that food labels need to be carefully.
Examine the tags. Sucrose, maltose, fructose, or wrote something you know, this “trick”!
What else can be done
Coffee, tea, you can drink without sugar. You may opt for ice creams and desserts prepared with natural sweeteners. Fruity yogurt instead of plain yogurt you can eat. “Fruit!” you say then if you add fresh fruit on it. Desserts with protein-rich ones-desserts – to choose a more rational way. Drinking water more often, if you’re going to choose something else instead of water, unsweetened ones select-mineral water – the rational choice. The bitter chocolate contain less sugar thing. As an alternative to drink herbal teas can be used, provided of course not to add sugar.

Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!

Reputable medical journal in an article published in the Lancet series, politicians, the World Health Organisation (WHO) by printing to ensure that your children eat unhealthy foods to encourage people to take measures to prevent were asked.
The world’s leading obesity experts, obese children, growth retardation that leads to “unhealthy food and beverages” of new initiatives is a condition for the cessation of marketing activities reports.
Article of any country in the world in the obesity epidemic be reversed, only that has stopped the increase in obesity in the USA and UK, but underline that it is valid for a poor family.
According to the WHO, in 2014, more than 39 per cent of the world’s population are overweight and also 13 per cent are classified as obese; 42 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese.
Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!
Lobstein and his friends in the government who’ Children by printing what sweet drinks and unhealthy foods to be tasted ever wants to take radical measures.
Experts impose stricter regulations on the food and beverage industry, food companies promoting their products by lactating mothers have been taken away from them against similar measures be taken against unhealthy foods that stipulates that.
The goal of the food industry article, especially the children, with emphasis on “Companies only have direct impact on the dietary preferences of children, they do, flavor and brand of abuse in adulthood earned in the first year of life, they provide the passage”.
More beats, more money is spent
According to the article, children in the USA consume more calories today compared to 30 years ago and the weight is 5 pounds more than 200 per day.
100-calorie energy food the cost of 56 cents, and accordingly the extra money spent on food per day children 1.2 $ in one year and 400$’ s on.
50 million school children in the USA of 20 billion dollars a year in much of the food the amount of money spent.
The majority of these children in adulthood, they continue to eat more, and considering the food and beverage industry in the USA for $ 60 billion turns out to be a Sunday.
In the article, this is a big market for the food industry in order to lose measures that will reduce the sales of tobacco and alcohol industries reported that they go strongly against it.
People are just sated belly, but they are fed
Unhealthy diet “obesity” with “developmental delay” brings.
People are belly sated, but their bodies do not feed.
Research students from poor families compared to children from wealthy families, are obese and shorter shows.
Excess weight and obesity, “diabetes”, “heart” and “cancer” creates a risk that costs are very high and long lasting treatments for many diseases.
Food is too important to be left to the food industry
I found the article in the Lancet is particularly important in the following matters:
A: the food supply by multinational food industry, the commodity market cannot be left to financiers and speculative.
Two: for the protection of the health of children in food controls, under the control of commercial competition and fundamental changes in the preservation and promotion of healthy foods must be made.
THREE: today’s food industry, people are biological, psychological, social, and economic sensitivities by using eat unhealthy foods.
To break this vicious cycle, the regulatory activities of the government and the industry needs to exert a greater effort.
FOUR: the government, the multinational food companies marketing unhealthy food to kids should take measures to protect that lead against the policies.
Five: the nutrition labels on the packages providing access to healthy foods and junk foods and by making the right choice by taxation and the sales of unhealthy foods with deterrence initiatives must be provided.
SIX: the sale of unhealthy foods to children in schools from expanding the exploitation of sophisticated marketing methods that increases the sensitivity of the children should not be allowed.
SEVEN: a health care system struggling with obesity to be designed better, with the support of civil society should be provided.
Let’s see the result
I’m trying to tell for years “being health, prevention of diseases, the type of it’s not about” the fact is, the scientific world finally begin to be expressed and I was very happy to be seen by.
A: first for Healthy Living “Food and to be in good health” is a basic requirement.
Achieve this and control citizens “the business of government”.
TWO: processed and package food and drinks without ever so as much as possible, but of course I made the necessary checks should be brought to the citizens of.
Mothers, if you can keep your children away from foods and prepared foods, your child will be healthier both physically and mentally.
People are increasingly “unprocessed milk, the eggs” the increase in demand, many of them “yogurt at home to do it himself” promising developments.
THREE: research fitting in with the “egg fast food and cigarettes are more harmful than” next to last “he’s manipulative scientists” and the sky to the ground, unable to prepared foods, the industry who could not bear to be a single word “supply specialists” series, we invite you to be inspired from.


Low Sugar Fruit 10

Although fruits contain essential nutrients for our body such as vitamins and fiber, eaten in moderation because they contain sugar, your genes benefit. Lower the sugar content of the fruits consumed in abundance during the summer months we have 10 listed.
1. Lemon and lime
As is well known due to a lack of taste in terms of very low sugar lemon and lime, rich in vitamin C fruits. More than 1 or 2 grams of sugar per lemon and lime doesn’t fall. Your drinking water, you can consume comfortably by adding a slice of lemon or lime.
2. Raspberry
A bowl of raspberries only 5 grams (1 tsp) sugar. Thanks to its rich fiber content, both are very healthy and keep you full.
3. Strawberry
Considering the amount of sugar in taste strawberries, quite a few. 1 cup strawberries, 7 grams of sugar. This amount is mixed with vitamin C daily you can meet all of your needs.
4. BlackBerry
Berries berries like, include about 7 grams of sugar per bowl. Blackberries also very rich source of fiber and antioxidant.
5. Kiwi
Kiwi fruit high in vitamin C, low in sugar, some fruits. Each Kiwi has approximately 6 grams of sugar.
6. Grapefruit
Half of a medium grapefruit contain 9 grams of sugar. Continued to eat half a grapefruit for breakfast!
7. Avocado
Miracle fruit, avocado, sugar you remain in. A ripe avocado has only 1 gram is sugar.
8. Watermelon
Symbol type watermelon has less sugar than your estimate, but the portions need to watch. Approximately 10 grams of sliced watermelon in a bowl with sugar.
9. Orange
A medium orange contains 70 calories and 12 grams of sugar.
10. Peach
A medium peach has less than 13 grams of sugar, very sweet though.
Low sugar fruit 10