Menu Suggestions For A Healthy Lunchbox

Eating foods which are students in school? Healthy eating is what should be in your bag? Here are some sample menus from experts lunchbox…
The opening of schools during this period of time, on the minds of most parents during the holidays diet of residence of the children, there is the fear that they will lose this order when the school opened. Emre dietitian lunchbox with the appropriate suggestions however long able to maintain the diet of children.
Breakfast should not be neglected
The effects of this habit in children at school age starts and continues throughout life eating habits. The importance of breakfast for adults and children is huge. After a long sleep breakfast is the first meal that comes after 8-12 hours of starvation. A good breakfast enables it to operate better brain functions. Eggs is a food that contains the essential proteins that are required for the body. Children every day breakfast 1 hard-boiled eggs or low-fat protein will help you meet the requirements to consume an omelet. Cheese and eggs as well as milk also needs protein; bread, carbohydrates, and also low-sugar cereal fruit; olives, almonds, walnuts, such as oil seeds or oil will contribute to the requirement.

Healthy eating is what should be in your bag?
Children’s school lunch boxes or snacks instead of sandwiches with plenty of Mayo and fat in do not opt for appealing their attention to the fact that it is important to prepare a lunchbox.
1. Alternative: children pies, pastry cemented the style of the foods which can be consumed easily in love. Do your home-low-fat muffins and pastries you can enhance by putting a plate of vegetables they don’t like to consume. Next you put yogurt in a small bowl with fruit compote with a favorite fruit or less sugar in your child’s appetite will open.
2. Alternative: whole-grain bread prepared with cheese toast, fruit yogurt, prepared with chilli oil next to your own fruits, seeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), which also can be an appetizing menu for the kids. Oil seeds B vitamins, minerals, foods that are rich in fats and proteins. At the same time they give a huge amount of energy. They contain mono and polyunsaturated fats in the form of fats because the beneficial effects. If he doesn’t like your child to consume eggs made into omelet, toast in a little oil you can put in.
3. Alternative: whole-grain bread prepare with chicken or tuna, and tomato sandwich with plenty of greens you can prepare a menu of the buttermilk with the dry fruits. Next to sleep with buttermilk will not effect foods. You may prefer desserts with milk instead of buttermilk. Children love to consume sugary foods. In their canteen, the wafer and chocolate dairy desserts such as rice pudding or the pudding to avoid having to change to colorize with their lunch boxes. You make yourself at home hazelnut, pecan pies and cookies and can be added to the lunch box.

Lunchbox menus for example:
2-3 slices of vegetable pie, 1 cup yogurt, dried fruit
Cheese toast, fruit, yogurt, handful of nuts or almonds 1
Tuna sandwich with sour cream, buttermilk, dried fruit
Home 2-3 pieces minced quiche, fruit, a chicken sandwich with sweet milk, buttermilk, pecan pie and House
The Lunchbox freshest and healthiest products’too!


10 Suggestions For Lose Weight Fast In The Autumn Months

Autumn and declining during the winter months also weight loss rate metabolic rate slows. The small changes you make in your life to live with this problem it helps to lose weight easily. A healthy diet and sufficient physical activity important enough in calories that is right for you to lose weight with you must provide.

You must have your regular meals to help lose weight fast to and Dec main. An edited program with appropriate meal times for yourself, you can change your texture with healthy body fat.
Meat, dairy, and legumes consume enough nutrients in your diet program to the group. If you don’t eat eggs everyday have a food intolerance or allergy. At least 2 times per week of fish types and sufficient servings of it each day to the extent of low-fat cheese varieties to consume.
Fried, too much sugar / carbs and fat do not consume foods that are.( Ex. Pies, pastry, pastry, desserts…)
The energy consumption of your body during autumn and winter months is reduced. Decreasing speed up your metabolism, increase your rate of weight loss always start the day by completing a meal breakfast.
To increase your rate of weight loss to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water you drink daily enough water you must have. Muscle retains water during these months you Diseases and helps to regulate circulation. Add 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar or lemon juice into the water you drink will improve your immunity.
Reduce your consumption of salt to reduce weight and lose weight fast. Increase your intake of spices, especially black pepper, spices like oregano and cinnamon will help control your appetite.
To increase the amount of fiber in your meals losing weight fast for permanent main different types of vegetable dishes or meals try to consume.
Increase the feeling of satiety and fruit and whole grains in meals to maintain blood sugar balance foods that contain foods from the protein group be Dec low-fat cheese, low fat yogurt, low fat kefir with milk or prefer it.
To have a healthy digestive system makes it easy for you to lose weight. Your digestive problem for the lack of pulp/ fiber in your diet program must be more than the amount of nutrients.( Ex. Whole grains, Different varieties of legumes, fruit and a variety of dried fruit, salads and vegetable dishes like…)
With proper healthy and balanced energy workouts that you can apply as often as you spend. Depending on the type of exercise you choose –enough to lose weight eat a balanced diet and the only food you should not implement a program based on more consumption of nutrition.


Slim Your Waist With 10 Suggestions

You begin to gain fat around the waist gobeklenmey. This body change your reactive hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes , healthy, non-food and choice than inaction will increase it. If you want to gain a healthy body and reduce your waist and shape your eating habits, you must change the layout of your physical activity. Especially the foods that will reduce the amount of fat you must be between your eating habits daily.
• Be careful not to skip meals, meal hours, according to your social and business life changes, you should always keep your hand you can eat healthy foods.
• Reduce your sense of satiety allows food to consume long hours between your meal and snack for this reason, you must layout your meals at 2-3 hour intervals.
• Should you choose so it will be a single kind of food your eating habits, you must create the variety of nutrients daily.
• Change your blood sugar and increase speed refined foods (sugar , chocolate, opening , pastry, etc.) instead of foods with high levels of the pulp ( fruit, rye bread, whole-wheat flour cakes, etc.)
• Meat group protein-containing foods (eggs,fish,meat, etc.) and we consume enough calcium from milk group of foods which is a source of helps to reduce fat around the waist.
• Indigestion, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and issues that affect the health of your digestive system such as constipation causes increase in your waist. A healthy digestive system in order to have a sufficient amount of pulp ( fiber), and you should choose foods that contain probiotics (kefir, buttermilk, yogurt, etc.) you must eat foods each day.
• Increase your metabolic rate should be a sufficient amount of to around you and will help to decrease your weekly exercise. You can not do your physical activity should follow in the time step count (pedometer) per day 8000 you should try to take steps.
• Social life or work life brought on by the stress of life in certain areas of your body causes the increase of body fat. Slenderize your waist, which helps to reduce stress, you must remember to take advantage of the regional exercise program.
Yoga, Pilates, etc.)
• Drinking enough water every day will help your body and reduce the edema that occurs in thinning your waist.
• 2 cups every day instead of carbonated drinks to opt for Yesil tea , cherry stalk tea or mate tea ..and help your immunity that protects your body like the excess payment should you choose to take herbal teas.
Don’t prefer:

Dry fruit
– Grain toasted bread
Turkish coffee
Syrupy coffee
Grilled sirloin
Fruit juice