How You Own The Fruits Of Summer?

Less Flour, bakery products, rice, sugar, fruit and fruit juice is advantageous in weight management consuming everyone.
This advantage is especially those with higher levels of blood insulin only “advantage” is not an “obligation” into a kind of comes. If you have hyperinsulinism, fasting insulin levels in your blood so if it is greater than unit 5-6, before you knew almost all of the above nutrients, the oil cevriliverir!
In the summer, most healthy diet plan, especially the menus GI diet for weight control purposes, i.e., “low-glycemic-load” will be more successful in the preparation according to the principle I believe. If you can reduce your consumption of grain, whole wheat or pumpernickel bread instead of white bread with every meal and limit your intake if you managed to eat a slice, pasta, rice meals and keep away from sugar if you can help, minimize in the summer, you won’t have much difficulty in controlling your weight. But on one condition! Get enough of the taste, that is too difficult to resist the taste of summer fruits, too, you’ll reduce. Send you on a vacation especially of fruit juices and sweet berries for a while. This plan has more vegetables, salads, less fat, smaller portions, more fish, meat, yogurt, eggs thoroughly if you can add your chances of success will rise. Let us underline this once more: the taste of summer fruits are hard to resist, but many summer fruits, especially figs and grapes contain too much fructose. Also on hot summer days–and some summer fruits, for example, they are juicy like a watermelon – the thirst for the water needs know our feelings before our resolve to eat a lot of summer fruits. This summer fruit is pulled is your life or in your mind “when it came time for a snack” before we drink a glass of water and wait for a bit. You will begin to eat less probably or snack, or something to give up.
“A small amount” when consumed, alcohol can have positive effects on the circulatory system that can damage our health, it is suggested that certain said. As it is assumed to only alcohol can cause liver damage. The nervous system, muscles, digestive system, sexual organs, many tissues and organs, such as destroys. The frequent occurrence of negative effects, but exactly one of unknown health issues is high blood pressure. In particular there is a close relationship between alcohol consumption and development of hypertension in young people more. Alcohol leads to problems similar to those in adults, excess in frequently and constantly drunk, on the one hand, more sodium and fluid retention as they lead to on the other hand, by facilitating the reduction of calcium and magnesium in the blood induced hypertension known and unknown values in many ways which shows there is reliable information. One important thing: among some negative interactions with alcohol used to treat hypertension can be observed. For instance, to compensate for your blood pressure, calcium antagonists, ACE suppressor and/or alcohol if you are taking a beta blocker medication, your heartbeat to accelerate, dizziness, and even fainting can result. Alcohol-drug interactions, especially in hot weather please make a note that could become even more important. You know, the one we write. Beware of alcohol consumption, especially during daylight hours!
Frequent reports in newspapers and on television and one of ‘giving 30-40 pounds with weight loss surgery or this is water’ is the story of obese. Well, this surgery is suitable for everyone? Don’t have the complications? Are there any benefits? If you own more than 45-50 pounds from your ideal weight as you can manage your health and weight loss surgery if only 35-40 pounds to lose doesn’t make it better than ever, just ‘ twill never fit and you’ll look more than before. At this level, you weight loss with Type 2 diabetes may disappear completely. At least you can get rid of some of the drugs you use for diabetes. If you are hypertensive your blood pressure can return to normal. Severe obesity also creates joint discomfort, snoring and/or sleep apnea can get rid of problems such as. But unfortunately, these surgeries with a weight problem for everyone, not only “for special occasions” is recommended. Because of the problems you can create certain risks are serious ones that will benefit from certain levels of this surgery I mean “for patients with advanced obesity” is recommended. Also before you decide Endocrinologic, metabolic, and forced to undergo psychological evaluations.
Well, liposuction surgery, liposuction weight control? Unfortunately, almost all of the research in order to get rid of the fat just doesn’t work very well with this type of surgery also, shows that the results remain provisional. Fat stores –where oil is stored in the abdomen, the curves of the belly – how to eliminate your metabolism, to fix, to break the resistance nor insulin it’s not helping. This type of surgery is more “aesthetic” approach, we need to control weight or for metabolic purposes is not targeted.
First, “what’s the difference between the two?” let me answer that question: when you increase your daily activity, your lifestyle is so natural, while the more you move the more steps you take around if we’re walking, we’re walking, if you survive to go down the stairs, your hand, your arm, that means more use of your feet. The biggest problem we have experienced especially in the last fifty years. In the civilized world, every development, every new discovery us “the reduction of our work” affects the direction of. It doesn’t work, automobiles, minibuses, Metrobus we’re riding. We use the stairs and not the elevator. Even in the home environment with a remote control device with the mobile phone we’re lazy even to take a few steps. More examples you can duplicate. What we need to do first of all, this “lack of activity” must solve the problem. If if unable to do so, however, then additional “exercise” the efforts of back. If some natural movements in your everyday lives what if you could perform regularly, half an hour walk every day, every week, exercise and sweat 2-3 times what you will have to go to the gym. Come see it, unfortunately living in the city, this is a difficult goal to achieve. Per day average of at least 5000 7500, 10000 step, our bodies need the correct destination as planned to take the movement to the best way to get regular exercise, get in the habit of eating and drinking and it just like, just sleep or relax as a part of our lives. Behind many of the ills that happened to us, “the won-lost energy” of the balance has broken. If hypertension from diabetes, from arthritis to obesity, arteriosclerosis, cancer and many chronic diseases before our minds if we are trying to figure out a way to protect them from this “fix our broken energy balance”. For this, the first thing we need to do is to walk. For this reason, in these pages, even some of you tirelessly and squeezing the life out of “whatever happens, add the habit of walking into your life,” I suggest. The days grow longer. Almost 5 in the morning, then lightening, 9pm until late it’s not in public. Change your energy balance is still so much to walk a long time so that you have don’t you think?
FIRSTLY, this point is very important: Children exceptions ‘to eat a lot and not eating the wrong foods for weight gain. “Raised” is not “fattening” foods that store fat. “Fattening foods” during the first of the list, Cola, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, iced tea they have. Even fresh fruit juices contain plenty of fructose which is excess calories installations, hungry more often, consume more carbohydrates leads to get hungry. A child who drank 3-5 cans of soft drinks or bottled only 400-500 calories per day, gaining not only in time, “carb-loving”, “sugar buff”. The list of fattening foods to kids chips, cookies, wafers, confectionery, pastry and bakery products we must add. To raise healthy children if we want them to “eat what”, and then “how much they’re moving because” you should look at. Also please note that if you want cradled some of the foods: eggs, fish, beef, yogurt, all kinds of vegetables –especially spinach, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, decision fruit, especially oranges, peaches, strawberries, apples, grapes, nuts-almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts-, a group of food pulses –lentils, dry beans, peas, and bulgur.

Nutritional Advice In The Heat Of Summer

Summer days, our body temperature increases with the increase in the rise of excessive temperature and humidity, and our body is trying to adapt to. Together with the increase of temperature, is experiencing a noticeable increase in blood pressure and heart problems. With them your body of water due to sweating, due to loss of vitamins and minerals dizziness, fainting, such as a variety of health problems is seen. With some of the changes that you make in your diet in extremely hot weather, it is possible to maintain your health and prevent dehydration in your body.
– Drink plenty of water:
The simplest way to prevent the loss of water and minerals your body is to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses every day, exercise, or if it is supposed to be in the sun during the hottest hours, even if you should be more careful. But with the water that is lost by sweating, it is obvious that we can’t take back all the minerals and vitamins, so you need to pay special attention to how you eat.
Coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages contain caffeine, avoid. Caffeine has a diuretic effect, causes dehydration by pulling water from the body tissues. Such as alcoholic beverages and caffeine dehydrate the body,. You may prefer to drink herbal teas or unsweetened fruit juice.
– Vegetable dishes and salads in summer the crown of the head of the table:
Various greens, tomato, cucumber, prepared with boiled, dried beans and/or added to a delicious salad low salt cheeses can be consumed as a main course. Or Avid for those who those who don’t like salad, olive oil, meat or meatless vegetable dishes are ideal for light. Yogurt, tomato cold soup is a refreshing option that can also easily be prepared.
– Energize with fresh fruit:
On a hot summer day watermelons, melons, peaches, and fruits such as grapes, who can say no to? Vitamins and minerals thanks to the fruits of the summer, the energy will come to you, and preventing the loss of fluid they contain plenty of water with the body lift. Rahatlatirl the digestive system because they are rich in fiber. Intensive antioxidant effects of fruits, especially melons and berries to consume regularly but in moderation should be considered.
– Fried foods should be avoided:
In terms of health, especially the fries that always should be consumed in small amounts, increases in extreme temperatures, fatigue and may cause headache. Grilling, boiling, steaming, or baking healthy cooking methods such as you can choose. The body NEEDS fat, oily fish, almonds, walnuts with dried fruits such as you can meet.
– Poisoning to be careful:
Food poisoning is one of the common diseases in the summer months. Be careful not to consume foods sold in the open. Meat, eggs, fish, milk do not leave perishable foods, such as in the open. Depending on the person’s Constitution and poisoning foods that cause mild or can have dangerous consequences.

Refreshing Healthy Drinks For The Summer

Carbonated and fizzy drinks experts are pointing out that some of your losses at every opportunity, instead of diet drinks that will refresh you and benefit your health as well as add to your list. Extreme heat and humidity coupled with the need for fluid increase much more during the summer months, some beverages, and pump up your metabolism, strengthens your immunity and provides many benefits far from the heart and cancer. Type of refreshing, healthy beverage that you can practically prepare your home and Workplace 6.
Yesil tea lemonade cool off with and get fit! However, sugar is definitely keeping notice. Yesil drink it without sugar tea lemonade is also perfect for speeding up your metabolism. How will you make it? Here are the ingredients: 1 litre of water, 4 tea bags, Yesil, chopped ¼ bunch fresh mint, 1 finger-sized fresh ginger (chopped) 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. If the materials are ready here is the recipe: boil half of the water and turn the heat off. Yesil tea bags, add ginger and mint and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Place them in a chilled pitcher. Add the remaining water and the lemon juice. In the days after cooling in the refrigerator by adding lemon slices to eat.
Strawberry smoothie: an extremely easy to prepare vitamin drink-Strawberry Smoothie. Prepare yourself, with this mixture you will have will satisfy your need for both sweet and also refreshments. Well, how do you do it? Here’s the recipe: 200 grams of strawberries, 1 cup milk, 1 cup yogurt, 5 ice cubes. Put it in a bag of strawberries in the freezer and let it sit. Yogurt, milk and whisk in a blender. Add in the strawberries and ice cubes and stir. Put it in a cup of this mixture and enjoy.
Best fit 6 pack: Ste serinletmen summer days as well as featured as a store of healing your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism you enhance the mixture to 6. Ingredients; crust cinnamon 1 pinch of mint, 1 pinch turmeric, 1 thin slice lemon, 1 pinch of jasmine. All the ingredients are boiled in water and cover for 10 minutes ilimis brew. It is then filtered and consumed as a tea cold.. throw pieces of ice into this recipe thanks to both cool off and your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism will speed up.
Kefir: kefir is a natural antibiotic, and also to cool off and strengthen your immune system is an excellent choice. Thanks to the probiotic bacteria that it contains, facilitates digestion by regulating your bowels, heartburn, gas and constipation have problems such as. It keeps you satiated with protein values. Kefir, which can be consumed with the addition of ice, then either at your workplace or at home give ample room for your table.
Buttermilk: buttermilk is one of the healthiest beverages. While maintaining your body store protein, B12, B6 and is one of the most important sources of vitamin B2. Fluid flow helps to maintain the balance of the body is one of the most important minerals for heart health and potassium, which allows. Especially on hot summer days as a refreshing healthy with the addition of fresh mint leaves and ice you can drink it.
Water with a slice of lemon mint leaf: of course, one of the most healthy beverages, even water main. Drinking a glass of water 15-30 minutes before meals and pump up your metabolism and calms the stomach. Feeling thirsty, thirst is the body’s gave the last response, so susamad not necessarily your water. Thus, the satiety center of your brain, you will be warned. By adding lemon slices and mint leaves if you are having difficulty in drinking water, while increasing your sense of coolness and pleasant aromas thanks to a drink of water, you can make it more enjoyable for yourself.

Get Your Body Ready For Summer

Under the warm sun by the sea flippity flip-flops have you started making plans for your outreach? Whether your bikini is still in the winter because of your weight how old do you dare to try? Summer approaching he panicked and don’t leave yourself open, get a team with the changes you make in your life your body ready for summer.

You must cast your body to shape your life. Firstly, keeping track of your eating and your exercise as you lose weight is very important. Why, when and what you eat will help you to know and take measures accordingly. It is not possible to lose weight only trying to stay away from cookies and chips, your thoughts, your feelings and why and when eating and knowing what you’re is very important. Read the contents of the product you purchased, how many calories refer to that. If you find that you ate why and how to change it will be much easier. Pick your target and focus on it. Plan your meals and snacks beforehand and shop accordingly. Your Enthusiasm and broke away from stressful environments as far as possible from the people who stay. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Lack of diet or something in the car in front of the TV, you’re not aware of your what you eat too. Try to eat certain places and times. For example, sit down at the dinner table necessarily, by turning off the TV, eat your dinners. It is an activity that should be taken to enjoy the food you eat, be aware of all the calories that you receive your plates in a nurturing way to prepare and enjoy eating.
Use smaller plates. Without realizing it you begin to consume more food in a large plate. If you prefer smaller plates, you will see a full plate, and your brain will convince you that you are getting enough food. If you eat the same amount, to appear less on a large platter, the plates suggest that the gaps in your belly and make you feel satiated, you won’t get enough of yourself.
Extreme diets to lose weight apply and don’t leave yourself open. You can get fewer calories without having to open your food choices carefully. Choose lean meats, and eggs. Do not consume an excessive amount of greasy and salty cheese. Eat more meals containing carbohydrate before or after exercise, when choosing carbohydrates, whole grain and whole-wheat products you prefer. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, filling, and nutritious foods. High-fiber, high water content vegetables and fruits by eating excessive, you can get full from eating. For main meals, Dec,, season, eat fresh food a lot of meals. Abundant greenery to eat. Don’t overdo it with fruit. A total of 4 to 6 cups of fruits and vegetables per day, try to eat full, do not always consume the same types, liven up your table. Thus, both of you will get tired of eating the same thing, and also you will get different vitamins and minerals.
Frequently eat. Excessive snacking between the main meals prevents hunger, stabilizes blood sugar and gives energy but with a random snack carelessly may cause you to eat more. Take a small snack 2 to 4 hours during the day. A small amount of nuts the packing yourself a little snack or protein and carbs separately create portions, for example, core a handful of almonds or raisins, in a bowl of yogurt, apple slices, low-fat cheese pieces and a few whole-grain crackers such as. By taking your lunch instead of eating out or ordering lunch for the office at noon, you can track how much calories you more comfortable. Sandwiches, raw veggies and hummus, such as salad options you can choose.
Regular water drinking will help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism. Water instead of carbonated drinks and fruit juices, unsweetened tea, coffee, mineral water, choose calorie drinks such as herbal teas or. If you drink alcohol, reduce as much as possible. If you do not like to drink water into lemon, orange or cucumber slices sweetened by throwing.
Choose the right oils. Not all fats are not bad. For example, in foods such as olive oil and avocados are of the unsaturated fats it is known that the singular is more satisfactory. Nuts, avocados, olives and olive oil, sesame seeds, flax seeds, foods such as salmon eat. Eating chicken meat and low-fat portions you prefer.
Salt shaker overreach. Very salty foods causes the body to retain water, and swelling creates. Created by the weights of salt and water, it is necessary to drink more water to get rid of, to dispose of the salt water from your system.
Move more. Life except to burn more calories improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, increases your energy. 30 to 45 minutes of exercise at least 3 times per week. When your body will burn more calories with each move. Take care of the household chores. More brisk walk. Park your car further away, get out one stop before and walk. Walk, stand up, evaluate all opportunities, such as climbing stairs.
Sleep is very important for our health, for our bodies is a time of rest and recuperation. Sleep Well, it has something to do with how to lose weight? Hormonal imbalances can cause insomnia. The drop in hormone balance can increase our desire to consume more carbohydrates and also open up our appetite.

100-Calorie Summer Desserts

Materials ;

250 grams of chopped strawberries
2 cups low-fat milk
3 tablespoons rice flour
1 tsp lemon zest
2 tbsp granulated sweetener ( Stevie )
1 package sugar-free fiber biscuit

Preparation ; 4 to the base of the bowl 2-Add 2 tablespoons strawberry biscuits or fiber diet. 1 cup milk, rice flour,powdered sugar and lemon peel in a pot and cook until of the consistency of the pudding. Add the bowl on top of the pudding.Before serving garnish with strawberries.

8 ladyfingers
1 cup coffee filter
4 tablespoons dark chocolate powder
2 cups low-fat milk
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp granulated sweetener ( Stevie )
Cheese or ricotta cheese 100 grams

Preparation; Zone 4 into the bowl, dip it in the coffee, add 2 cats. In a saucepan the milk,egg yolks,sugar and flour and cook over medium heat while stirring until the consistency of custard. Add the cheese and slowly stir the custard cooked with cheese.To the bowl add an equal amount of the custard. Add grated chocolate and allow to cool in the refrigerator for 30 to 45 minutes on. Garnish with mint leaves before serving.
Ingredients :

3 cups low-fat yogurt
2 tablespoons oat bran
1 cup raspberries
1 cup strawberries
2 peaches diced
2 tbsp granulated sweetener ( Stevie )

Preparation : puree the fruit blenderda. Of ice into a bowl in a separate bowl, yogurt,oat bran, fruit and sweetener and mix. Freeze yogurt into ice cream molds in the freezer for 1 day then zorbe.

Lose Weight Easy In The Summer!

The summer months increased temperature and nutrient portion control and you can change your selections change. Appropriate diet program with enough healthy and lose weight note that you need to in your own life. Easy in all seasons for the right time to lose weight, proper diet and nutritional changes you should get the behavior you want to apply.
For portions of fruit watch out!
Summer makes it difficult to take control of your servings of fruit. Often watermelon and cantaloupe if you prefer berries 10 cm ( 2 inches) 2 triangular wedges and 1 portion of fruit 1 melon ( 2-3 kg) has replaced quantity of 1 1/8 serving of fruit portions that you should know. High and low on the glycemic index when making your choice of fruit pulp,peach,cherry,plum, apricot,strawberry,pear,apple,pineapple should be your first choice for fruits as such.
Do not participate in open social environment!
How much space their serving size so I’ll invite raise, event, and social environment make the meal a social event open to katilay at least 1 hour before the Dec. To be able to increase their serving size, the first salad, mini sandwiches appetizers your meal with multigrain or vegetable you select. To be able to lose weight in summer is easy and balanced in any environment, which would you choose need to adjust your measurements and portion food-related nutrient variations you must learn.
Drinks important
During the summer months healthy and balanced drinks to choose from, it is not possible for you to lose weight. In the elections of beverage makes you happy, but during the summer that does not contain more calories mineral water, buttermilk, sugar-free drinks, such as lemonade and fresh fruit juice should be your first choice. Every day at least 2 cups of herbal tea, coffee with milk and no sour cream low fat varieties of healthy beverage choices in the summer also.
Increase your exercise time!
You give weight loss exercise you can resume a specific period of time. If you want to gain a healthy body weight by increasing your quality of life but regular you should follow an exercise program that you can apply without getting bored. Easy, in order that you are going to help you lose of exercise per week should be at least 3 days 1 hour you must remember that.
Remember to drink water!
It is always important to drink water. Drinking enough water your digestion/indigestion problems, reduces satiety and increases your sense of a balanced weight loss. Drink at least 8 cups every day by speeding up your circulation, reduces edema formation more. Whether it is a sufficient amount of drinking water per every kilogram ( weight ×30 cc), you can calculate. If you are unable to drink due to the taste of water, fresh fruits, spices, or add a slice of lemon with water and drink it you should try.
( Ex. Your weight is 55 ; 55 kg ×30 cc =cc 1650 you should drink at least 1.5 liters daily )

Summer What Do I Need To Enter On The Form?!

Fed in moderation to lose weight healthy and elanur Yilmaz said that the secret is nutrition and diet expert, movement and drew attention to the importance of drinking plenty of water.
Fast weight loss is experiencing a rush in the transition seasons. Losing weight is a process, to the application of the discipline of a healthy diet and life so it is necessary to start in advance. The only dietitians to guide the process. Actually the formula for losing weight, it’s obvious. Eat healthy and in moderation, create a layout of your own nutrition, move, and drink plenty of water.
Summer what do I need to enter on the form?!
Eat little and often: your metabolism is constantly alive, slow down and your blood sugar will remain in balance. Throughout the entire day of food that is consumed as 6 meals a day to lose weight will cease to be too painful a process when it is shared. Dec 3 main meals taken in small quantities at frequent intervals, with 3’ meals must comply with the rule. For more than 3 hours to stabilize blood sugar levels, care should be taken not to be hungry. In this way, suppressing and triggered fresh crisis in the day to get rid of the desire to eating too much food in a single meal it will be easy.
Water: water is required for the continuation of life and the beginning of life. You should drink 10-15 glass of water per day.
Eat 2-3 times fish per week: fish and omega-3 fats protect heart health and cognitive function, enhance your metabolic rate raises. A person’s daily omega-3 fish 2-3 times per week should consume in order to meet your needs.
2-3 cups milk: Milk is the best source of calcium in nutritional sources. You must eat 1-2 slices of cheese and 2-3 cups of milk per day.
Choose whole grain: whole grain products, cereals form the group of the healthiest because they contain the pulp. Whole grain bread instead of white bread, opt for brown rice instead of white rice raise your quality of life does not allow you to be successful in controlling your weight.
2 times per week, consume legumes: dry beans is rich in fiber and B vitamins. The balancing of blood sugar, blood cholesterol and plays an active role in this group, which should be 2 times per week diet.
Every day eat raw vegetables: raw vegetables because they contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the diet has a very important place.
Dessert seasonal fruit meet your needs from: Dec meals, nuts, peanuts, almonds and sweet to consume fresh fruits and your diet meets the needs of the health value of raises. Accelerating your metabolism is effective.
Exercise: with the warming up of the air must be made at least 1 hour every day. The exercise will help in fat burning by speeding up metabolism at the same time, by increasing serotonin symptoms allows you to be happy, then I wish you a Happy Summer feet moving each pouch plenty.

Outer Ear Inflammation Should Not Be Your Nightmare In The Summer!

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With the arrival of the summer holiday plans are on the rise, but did you know that there is an increase in the proportion of some ear diseases with the arrival of the summer?
If these diseases are not dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner, they can cause your holiday pleasure to escape!
What is the most common ear disease in the summer?
The most common of these diseases are external ear infections (external ear infections). External ear canal; It is a very suitable environment for the growth of pathogens such as bacteria and fungi due to being moist, dark and hot.
Why does external ear inflammation increase in summer?
The most important reason for the increase of the external ear infection in summer is the unhygienic pool and sea water. In addition, after swimming, the external ear canal remains wet, ear sticks and similar tools can cause the risk of infection.
What are the symptoms of external ear inflammation?
In the ears of people with external ear inflammation;

Severe pain,
Hearing loss may occur. If these complaints occur, the person should consult an Otolaryngologist without losing any time.

How is external ear inflammation treated?
In the treatment of the disease, cleaning of the ear canal, ear drops, regular dressing, and rarely oral medication are used.
What kind of preventive measures can be taken?
Apart from the fact that the patient falls on the recommendations of the duty doctor during the treatment period and uses the drugs regularly; keeping the ear dry, avoiding water sports, scratching, scrubbing, cleaning behaviors. The use of ear plugs is not recommended since it can accelerate the spread of infection after the onset of infection.
How many days of external ear inflammation?
External ear inflammation will improve within 7 to 10 days if there is no other underlying disease (diabetes, external auditory stenosis, etc.). Patients should consult an Ear Nose Throat Doctor before returning to the pool, sea and water sports even after the symptoms disappear.
What measures can be taken against external otitis?
To keep your summer holiday as smooth as possible, keep your ears as dry as possible, to dry with a cotton or towel without coming into the outer ear canal after contact with water; keep you away from you and your family.
This article Prepared by Ozan Gokler.
For more information, please contact our Ear Nose Throat Department.

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Attention to Child Diseases in the Summer!

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Parents Beware!
Have you taken the necessary measures to ensure that your children have a healthy summer?
Pediatric diseases frequently seen in summer:

Solar strikes,
Fluid intake deficiencies,
Infections related to water pollution,
Infections that can pass through the pool and sea,
Traumatic conditions such as falling,
Skin infections including sclerosis and fungi.

Solar impacts affect younger children at a higher rate, so sun burns in children exposed to unprotected outdoors during sunlight may cause sunstroke due to increased heat.
Due to the sensitivity of children’s skin, they are also exposed to UV rays that will cause skin cancer in the long term. In order to avoid such situations, you should prefer to go out in the morning or afternoon sun when the angle of the sun comes inclined.
When taking your children to the sun, you should use a hat and sunscreen and all precautions should be taken to protect from the sun. Sun creams should be applied before sun exposure. It should not be forgotten that children are exposed to sunlight in the water during the summer.

What should you do if your child has a sunburn?
If your child has sun burns, they should be used with cool treatments and creams that help to heal wounds. It should be kept in mind that the burned skin will be open to infections and care should be taken to clean the area. If a burned area is collected, a doctor should be consulted.
Measures to be taken in the summer period to prevent child diseases:

Pool and sea cleaning should be paid attention to in the preferred accommodation places during the summer holiday.
The child should not be allowed to swallow water or stay in wet clothing.
It should be noted that chlorine in the ponds is not well adjusted and may be irritating or allergic to the skin.
Itching, skin discoloration or skin lesions may occur. Your child should take a shower every day and maintain mild moisturizers.
As a result of contact with contaminated water, urinary tract infections and susceptibility to cystitis may increase in children. Vaginitis may be seen in girls presenting with discharge. Care should be taken to change the laundry frequently.
When urinating, burning, pity, urinary incontinence, blood in the urine, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting should definitely seek a doctor.
Your child’s mouth is dry, the tears are reduced, the urine is dark and the lesser are the warning signals about the thirst. In such a case, you should consult with your doctor after you have supplemented with fluids and given antipyretics.

Be careful against insects, bees and tick bites in picnic areas or open spaces, should be dressed in appropriate closed clothing, and the child’s body should be checked by peeling.
The bed should be placed in the mosquito net, the bed should be noted above the floor. Chemical fly repellents should not be applied to the child’s skin excessively.
Children with bee venom allergy should take the necessary precautions and open air.
It should be remembered that the child should be in the presence of watery, buttermilk or fruit juice and to be encouraged for fluid intake.
One of the most frequently affected organs during exposure to polluted water is the eye. Allergic infective conjunctivitis can be observed. Visual blur, pain in the eyes, burning and stinging sensation, redness, inflammatory discharge occurs. The ear can also be affected frequently, causing middle and external ear infections.
Hearing or loss of hearing, feeling of fullness, itching, discharge and fever may occur.
There may be an increase in summer diarrhea after ingestion of the child’s water, the contamination of water sources in summer or the ingestion of spoiled and infected foods kept in the room air. Vomiting and diarrhea may be accompanied by fever.

Happy peaceful and healthy holidays, taking all the precautions for your child and yourself!

This article Prepared by Hacer Efnan Okuyan.
You can contact our Pediatrics Department for more information.

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How should children be fed in the summer months?

With the warming of the air, our body temperature increases and changes in our requirements are observed. Pregnant women, elderly people, chronic illnesses and especially children are among the most affected group during the summer months. It is important to pay attention to and be aware of nutrition in reducing health problems frequently seen in the summer months.
Which foods should be consumed most?
Adequate and balanced nutrition should be taken in every period of life. You can create your daily nutrition program by dividing your plate in four and selecting a nutrient from each group. In summer, due to perspiration, loss of fluid and vitamin and mineral losses are experienced. Therefore, taking care of water consumption in summer should be the first for us. Water needs vary from person to person. You can check your child’s urine to see if he has had enough water. Urine should be very light yellow. Second is to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables in order to prevent increasing vitamin and mineral losses.
In the summer months, children wake up late, causing breakfast to be close to noon. In such cases, you should not force 3 meals to complete, you can make 2 main meals and frequent meals between breakfast and dinner. It should not be forgotten; The first rule of healthy eating is to start the day with breakfast.

What kind of discomfort can lead to inappropriate nutrition in summer?
Diarrhea (diarrhea) is a common disorder especially in children in summer. There are many reasons such as rapid deterioration of food and rotavirus with increasing temperatures. The following measures should be taken to protect them;

Hand hygiene for protection from rotavirus, good washing of vegetables and fruits
The risk of deterioration of cream foods should be kept short because of the increase in the amount of food, should not wait more than a day in the cupboard
Foods (meat, poultry, fish, milk, etc.) should not be kept in the open conditions.
Shopping at the nearest convenience store should be done despite the risk of deterioration until you come home from frozen groceries

What are the mistakes that parents know correctly about feeding their children in summer?
Parents, the more they feed their children, the better they think. With the increase of heat in summer, the appetite decreases. For this reason, children should not be forced to eat too much. Light and non-fat foods should be preferred. Snacks should be supported with liquid foods and fruit. As we have always said, fruits should be consumed as fruits and not fruit juice. Because fruit juices rapidly increase blood sugar, lowering the glycemic index is among the foods we define as high. In order to prevent sudden drops of sugar with increasing temperatures, it should be avoided from foods with high glycemic index, ie simple carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.), and complex carbohydrates (bulgur, whole wheat pasta etc.) should be preferred.

Yeditepe University Hospital
Nutrition and Dietetics Expert Nazlı Şişik