The Tables And The Kids Make Together

To make a healthy future for our children the best education they receive only, you cannot. Eating a balanced diet and regular activity that we make every day about doing constructive advice and “diet at our house” at least lessons –training – is as important as. Long live the life, health expert, Dr. Altinel Universe hear what he said about it…
Indeed, to regain the habit of eating healthy at home you have to pay attention.
Of regular eating habits can be obtained easily, one way you take full advantage of this age habits are necessarily in the home.
Regular hours of hunger control provides meals, main meals and your side of Dec. Meal times and consume more junk food when they sit at the table is omitted as half full. This has become a habit after a while in front of the refrigerator to the table while a large portion of the day when they begin to swing.
Later that would threaten her life, “the habit of skipping meals to” make it breakfast enable you to to develop. One of the properties you’re talking about continuous nourishing foods, make sure you’re getting together at the table. They generally eat with their families eat more varied and nutritious meals for children. They will consume foods they are tasting with you more easily. Also “family meals”they just it’s not their bodies, will feed also the soul, family ties, humanitarian aspects, belonging, and please let’s not forget that their faith would strengthen.
It’s fine to eat with your family at least one meal per day. Finding it difficult in cases where the family together, some in the evening as a family dinner, you can decide. Allow them to choose their own food. When given the choice to eat better food. Therefore, the varied and nutritious foods that can give you the chance to choose Select table.
And Dec of nutrients in the main meal when given the choice, he refuses to consume one of his favorite foods by consuming a food that you can encourage you to eat with him. This method should be present in the meal plan food groups that will teach about the time for them to be able to.
Not Dec ogunsuz
Dec meals the main meal deficiencies (dairy – yogurt, fruit, etc) see it as an opportunity to help complement the meal. Constantly moving, active boy needs a take in the nutrients that help and promote growth. It will be healthier food choices and consuming meals on the table for their children Dec. Advancing age is also a threatening behavior which is very hungry sat at the table where the risk of also developing the habit of eating fast food will be eliminated.
10 suggestions!

When she briefed about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for your children following the implementation of the recommendations can help.
Make a variety of foods that you eat. At least three different kinds of food on your plate (meat, vegetables, and yogurt) do you have?
Fruits and vegetables in the development of the habit of delay.
At the television or computer too much time passes, not necessarily an activity at certain times of the day (walk, ride a bike, play ball, swim, etc) to direct.
Explaining the benefits of starting the day with breakfast while you definitely have breakfast with him.
Help you make healthy choices about drinks. (fresh fruit juice, buttermilk, etc.). Remember, the beverages consumed in the Home, plays an important role in the development of the habit.
Don’t let them eat excessive amounts of one food at one meal.
Typing while teaching the benefits of healthy food put it in the fridge.
To eat healthy and be active into a game for me to play with their friends to make it fun.
It is harmful foods that you say “why” that is harmful make sure to ask and inform.
When they are hungry packaged foods (biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, candy bars, Cola drinks) instead of fruit, milk, yoghurt, home-made cakes, eat cookies and give you the chance to choose proposals.

Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, you have to look!

Makes a perfect snack for your kids. The full amounts. Weight control support.
And heart-friendly foods.
As a source of omega-3 protect blood vessels.
Prevent constipation and are rich in fiber content.
Are a rich source of vitamin E. Owing to these characteristics, vascular friendly, and antioxidant-aging foods.
Blood sugar, cholesterol balance support.
They are the source of magnesium.
They are rich in folic acid and B vitamins.
High-calorie and rich in saturated fats, besides being extremely valuable vitamins and minerals of fruits. Hazelnut and almond 100 gr 600, 650 calories in 100 g walnuts. Walnuts regularly 2-3 per day, 4-5 nuts or almonds to use it will be enough.