Now he can run freely thanks to surgery performed in Turkey

He was told his country had to have his leg cut!
Nikolazi, who is only 7 years old, was in danger of losing her leg as a result of a traffic accident she had with her family during her vacation. Upon her being told that there was nothing that could be done for treatment in her country and her leg could be cut, she came to the Yeditepe University Hospital. Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl’s hard surgery and treatment of the foot and leg after healing.
The summer holiday, which started in August last year, ended with an unexpected accident for the Edilashvili Family. Little Nikolazi, walking on the road with her grandmother on an ordinary day, as her family called her, Nikon suddenly jumped out of her grandmother’s hands. Just then a truck hit Niko and crossed his leg. His mother explains the following:
. As soon as I hear the news, I don’t remember how we got to the crash site. It took hours like a few minutes. There were hundreds of scenarios in my mind. Fortunately, Niko was alive. But his leg was in very bad shape. We got him to the hospital right away. They said all of the foot bones were broken and there were bruises between their knees and their toes. The real bad news came later. Because they told me you might have to cut your feet. Can you imagine a child who was only 7 years old and couldn’t live anything could lose his leg. Ebil
After this news, the father of the Presidency of Georgia, the first Vice-President Iakob Edilashvili, to seek the health of his son. Nikon approximately 15 days after the accident in Turkey, was brought to Yeditepe University Hospital.
M The last resort for us is cutting the leg “
Yeditepe University Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ugur Anil Bingol “cutting the leg is always the last option for us and we will try every way to save the leg,” he said about Nikolazi.
Tik We first contacted the family through the internet. They informed us about the assessments made in Georgia and the status of the leg. They asked if they could be rescued without being cut. We said the chances of redemption are high. Nikon came to Turkey. First we looked at the condition of their veins and then we started to clean them by cleaning their wounds. Önce
Thin veins interfered with hair strands
The child’s bones and soft tissues were smashed. There was no skin from the bottom of the knee to the ankle. First skin was taken from both thighs. In the meantime, supportive treatments were continued for Niko’s body to be ready for major surgery. However, the main problem was the construction of a heel because it was not possible for a person to walk without a heel. For this reason, a very frequently performed surgery was performed in young children, such as Niko. Assesment about the operation requiring an free flap ilgili requiring microsurgery and completed in about seven hours. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl gave the following information: una The foot was transferred to the heel, with a muscle in the thigh, which would not cause a dysfunction in the body. Hair follicles were stitched together in thickness. As a result, a new heel was created and the foot was rescued and allowed to walk. Everything went well after surgery Am
He can now play football freely
Nikon hospitalized for a week, a month to be kept under observation until he returned to his country after staying in Turkey. During the period of her growth, she continues to have regular checks to ensure that she does not experience any shortage in her leg. His mother said,. Niko is extremely healthy and can walk away without any pain. Bugün Niko loves football very much. Every day he’s chasing the ball. Her