Where is the treatment of cartilage problems?

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Where is the treatment of cartilage problems?

In addition to increasing the elderly population, many reasons such as sedentary lifestyle and incorrect sporting activities can cause cartilage damage. When it is not treated in the early period, it has a significant impact on the quality of life with the destruction of joints. In the edi Cartilage Symposium lar hosted by Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital, many orthopedists from different regions talked about the current and future treatment methods of cartilage problems.

It is known that there are important developments in the treatment of cartilage problems. The surgical method still remains important in young population under 40 years of age and especially in traumatic injuries. On the other hand, especially for patients between the ages of 50-60 and who are not eligible for surgery, biological therapies also come into question.

In the symposium hosted by Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital, all the aspects of cartilage problems were discussed. Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, lar In the twenty-year follow-up of Nak Cartilage Transplantation from the Donor-, which has been conducted abroad for many years and achieved very successful results, 70-80% success has been achieved. This method is used in the treatment of cartilage in our country continues to initiatives, dak he said.
Future in the Treatment of Cartilage Problems, “Cartilage Transplantation“?
Cartilage transplantation is considered a salvage treatment method when the desired result cannot be obtained from other treatments.
Or Cartilage Transplantation from a Donor den is defined as the method of cartilage closest to the patient’s original cartilage when compared with closed / open surgery. In our country for some time self-made and “cartilage transplantation” is defined as a process to avoid mixing with some points should be noted.

In case of self-made cartilage transplant, tissue samples are taken from the patient. New tissues created in the laboratory are transported back to the patient. As for organ transplantation, cartilage obtained after organ donation is used in “Donor-made Cartilage Transplantation“.

In the case of major injuries, which cannot be performed especially in surgical treatment, the only treatment method to be applied is da Cartilage Transplantation from the Donor tedavi. Dr. Gökhan Meriç continued his words as follows: ilm This method, which is performed by taking the cartilage of the donor and transferring it to another patient, has been successfully used abroad for almost 30 years. Surgical procedure in cartilage transplantation from donor is applied in one time. It can also be applied for damages greater than four inches. In cases where other cartilage therapies fail, it is considered as a salvage method. The success rate of patients under 40 years of age is high. It can also be used if there are suitable donors in people over the age of 50. Patients with professional athletes, especially after the önceki Cartilage Transplant from the Donor li have been done, they have returned to the sport at the previous performance level. Moreover, the problem does not recur. Üst

Early Diagnosis Can Reduce Wear Rate
The self-healing capacity of the cartilage tissue is very limited compared to other tissues in our body. Therefore, a damage that starts in cartilage can cause serious wear and even use of a prosthesis or surgery in the future. Conditions such as pain and movement limitation due to damage cause a significant decrease in quality of life. Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, tan The early diagnosis of the injury is of utmost importance. With surgical or non-surgical treatments, it is possible to slow down or prevent cartilage damage. Cerrahi