What is folic acid Which is found in foods and

Polat and folic acid is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin group, known as vitamin B9. Folate is found naturally in foods, folic acid is a man-made synthetic vitamin is, both serve the same function.
Folate is vital for the proper development of the human body. DNA, RNA, cells, blood and nerve cells especially they are involved in the production and regeneration of many and helps the body function to work properly. To help the formation of red blood cells with vitamin B12, because it is necessary to consume a regular amount.
Anemia is known to be effective against heart disease and stroke. Has a protective effect against colon and cervical cancers. Memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, age-related hearing loss and eye prevent disease, reduces the effects of aging, weak bones, restless leg syndrome, sleep problems, depression, nervous and Nov pains, AIDS, and North view is used against the disease.
In sufficient quantities in your daily diet vegetables, fruits and legumes in if you are giving your daily folic acid needs, you’re probably karsiliyors. 400 mcg of folic acid daily about the need for adults, but especially women who are pregnant or lactating pregnant or lactating it is recommended that you consume higher amounts of. In infants, central nervous system defects, and prevents the formation of certain heart disorders. Low-risk tavsandudag that may occur in the infant, the protective effect against neural tube birth defects such as cleft palate and problems is quite high.
To be taken before pregnancy, folic acid should begin at least 3 months and are not stored in the body because it is a vitamin that should be consumed on a daily basis. The production of DNA and new cell formation is to help for those who want to get pregnant because it is of great importance. Most pregnancy doesn’t turn out as planned, the majority of birth defects folic acid deficiency during the first 6 weeks of the pregnancy occurs. This often is equivalent to the period you do not even know that you are pregnant, so especially with the possibility of having a child is an important vitamin in the daily diet of women.
Smoking, alcohol and certain drugs such as birth control pills may reduce the levels of folic acid. Ulcers, liver disease, lack of kidney dialysis can also be caused. Vitamin B12 deficiency also causes anemia of folic acid deficiency such as. Mostly not much sign, but can be seen on blood tests. Fatigue, paleness of the skin, cracks in the rim, the depression, and it can be cut to the quick of breath.
Eaten as a snack raw or steamed fruits and vegetables that contain folate. Because folate is a water soluble vitamin in the vitamin content when cooked will be reduced.
Foods that contain high amounts of folate and what will it affect?
Polat, from Folium leaf and folic acid is derived from the word Latin mean, and this indicates that you should eat lots of leafy vegetables Yesil us first. Spinach, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, celery, parsley and lettuce are rich in folate types. Okra, asparagus, mushrooms, beets, corn, carrots, tomatoes, and cauliflower are abundant in folate include.
One of the best sources of folate legumes that we can meet our needs. Lentils gets first place, her kidney beans, chickpeas, beans, Yesil peas, Black-Eyed Peas and red beans, followed by Mexican.
Many fruits contain folic acid but avocado, papaya and strawberries are the fruits richest in folate. Citrus fruits, especially oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, and lemon contains high proportions of folate. Grapes, melon, banana, raspberry, mango and pomegranate are also good sources.
Eggs, beef liver and kidneys, yeast, wheat bread, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, almonds, peanuts and other foods that are rich in folate. Limited in terms of the consumption of vitamin A in pregnant women it is recommended to keep the liver, excessive vitamin A intake, especially during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Which Fish To Eat When?

Fish is indispensable to our table. Options are multiplying, especially in the winter period with plenty of fish varieties. According to the flesh of some fish, frying, grilling steaming, it’s nice.
Marine fish black meat-white meat is classified as Indigenous and migratory. It’s easier than in the digestion of black meat white meat fish. They are convenient because they contain gelatin to scald. Frying, grilling grid is made only during seasons when they are greasy. Examples of these include red mullet, red mullet, sea bass, grey mullet, bluefish, turbot, Bream, sea bream, flounder, sole, we can show and swallow.
Bonito, bonito, mackerel, Koleos, sword, anchovy, sardine, smelt fish, dark meat fish such as can be very confusing. This white-meat fish are fattier than they contain less gelatin. Hazim and therefore are not suitable to scald is more difficult. To be oily is ideal for grating.
Kidney beans
The rock goat fish, goat fish, sand, Pasha goat fish goat weed, and because of it there are 4 varieties. The best one among these is rock goat fish. Red mullet with is very mixed. Tabby whiskers under the chin length, blunt head, and the first yellow kidney beans with black spots on the dorsal surface, are separated. Most of the time the fish goat fish is between the months of July October with delicious. In the meantime, frying, grilling and kebab in oily paper is very delicious.
Goat fish is very similar to and is a close relative of this fish, which is available in all of the seas. It’s the tastiest time of this fish that could be eaten in 4 seasons, like red beans from July to October between the months of. Pan and kebab in oily paper is very delicious.
The famous fish of the Aegean Sea, the sea and the farm are two types of. Sea bream and sea bigger and more delicious. This fish can be eaten with pleasure in all the seasons, grill, steam, soup, the oven is very nice. Elders should be preferred to be cooked in the oven. Available in all sizes for steaming and soup. Which has a delicious taste this fish, grill or in the oven to be eaten should be preferred. Lidaki annular sea bream and small varieties of this species.
Karagoz which is a close relative of sea bream, a fish that can be eaten in all seasons. In particular, may-July, except for the months of greasy and more tasty. Such as sea bream, grill, steam, bake, and the soup is very tasty. 1 kg or opt for a larger oven.
Also a lot of Flounder is close to the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Can be eaten in all seasons. The tastiest time is between the months of November and February. It would be very nice on the roof. Pus removed and the fillet of fog or tomato fillets can be done.
Black Sea anchovy is mentioned comes to mind. The Black Sea is very popular all over the country as a fish out of flour. Consumed by the masses is very broad due to the cheap price. It is cooked in almost every kind of anchovy. Grill, fryer, oven, paper kebab, steamed, stuffed, stewing, stew, soup, stew. Even dessert is made even of the Black Sea. It is very convenient for steaming, although it is a black-meat fish. In the summer months the grill instead of frying or steaming should be preferred because it was lean. Anchovy caught during the winter months the cottage example are stored. This is called Anova. Also used in the production of fish oil and fish meal.
In our country, plenty in the North Aegean Sea sardine is the most delicious season is July-October months. During this period, various grills, oven and kebab in oily paper, steaming, salted and pilaki can be made. November-June, however, if won’t taste as good as steaming and stewing can be made if the previous period
To the runt of sardines and sprat are called; it is cooked without cleaning, Ayvalik’s Cunda is one of the original flavors. Sardine Shad with the yahoos. There are bones in the form of clay and don’t taste like sardines.
It is very similar to kolyos, and it is a migratory fish circulating in droves. The most delicious period up to end the month of January the month of September when it starts to spawn. During this period, grill, paper kebab, stuffed meatballs and salted dishes are very tasty. In this season, because it is oily frying is not recommended. Losing fat can be fried by it from February. It is suitable for stewing and frying those caught during summer. Dried kippers return to the Black Sea in the spring. Original name of this skinny bastard in name only shortened and dried fish began to be called skinny.
Because usually the roof is made of is pretty lame compared to the taste of mackerel. The most favored time for salting the month of January is the ideal time. Salted dishes are very tasty.
From the middle of September until the end of January it is a time most of the time, greasy and delicious. In this circuit the grid is recommended. Snapper on the grill is very good, but its season is shorter when compared to bluefish. Begins to decrease from the end of November. Other times, depending on the size pilaki, steaming, rice, paper kebab and pan-fried. In the spring, as they are extremely lean frying, stewing and steaming should be preferred.
Acorns from the most delicious time of the beginning of September to the middle of February is the time. This season, because it is very oily frying. Therefore, grill and oven is recommended. Pilaki in the same season and stew would also be good. In other seasons it can be fried. Also meatballs are also delicious. Acorn is a black-meat fish, steaming and soup is not recommended.
Bass has a very tasty meat eaten throughout the year. The best season is the beginning of winter months and spring. Steaming any kind of food made in the oven and oily paper kebab are very delicious. Bass fish with mayonnaise, the wine and especially the food is good.
Horse mackerel
The most delicious mackerel caught every season is November-February is between the months of. Bake pan and is very delicious.
The flesh is white and very delicious. The Pan would be nice. It can even be grilled in the autumn and winter months. While cigarette butts in the grid can be extracted. It is subsequently cooked as the skin, bowels, and it is cleaned. Prepared by adding chopped parsley with lemon and olive oil. Stamps are carved, the skin of made jumpsuit by subtracting the Pan would be nice.
The most famous dish of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus. Shield hunted every season can be eaten all year round. The tastiest time is from mid-March corresponds to the end of January. It would be very nice on the roof. It can be steamed or cooked in oily paper. From the end of spring until the month of August captured the offspring of the shield are delicious when fried.
That is present in all the seas of fish. Fall, winter and Spring is very delicious. It would be very nice pilaki steaming and grey mullet. Also called likorinoz tutsulu also much appreciated. A type of grey mullet, which is the soldiers ‘ dried eggs are a very popular seafood appetizer. Yellow ear mullet fillet fried and grilled.
Although in all of the Seas, which is known as chicken fish, mostly Whiting in the Black Sea is provided. Except in summer, always the egg. Pollack egg on the pan, sauté the tomatoes, gratin would be nice.
Grilling and frying is not swallow. Steaming, especially the soup is very delicious. Cleaned the tub, boiled meat, mayonnaise or olive oil-lemon by squeezing the cold as an appetizer or as tasty can be eaten.
Scorpion fish, adabe
Even if they are not from the same family as scorpion fish and adabe and swallow their meat and seem to be very similar in terms of cooking. Scorpion in all of the seas, adabe on the other hand, are usually located close to the Aegean. Iskorpit dorsal spines are poisonous. Due to this, the fisherman ayiklatip, temizlettirilm should be.
Turkish seas (Mediterranean and Aegean Especially rare) a very tasty fish. In every season of the tastiest edible time September-February. This leaves the most beautiful bay becomes swollen with fish. Grid and paper kebab.

5 Ot Which Are Essential In Salads

The Cleveland Clinic’s Web page at famous flavor giving the advice have many health benefits that include both salads and five weed.
I wanted to remind you:
Basil or sweet basil “King of herbs” is known as. In addition to being a very strong antioxidant, calcium, potassium and iron is very rich. Your daily vitamin K requirement covers 85 per cent of a teaspoon of basil.
Parsley is one of the Greens for your salads also things ought to be. Vitamin A which protects eye health, carotenoids, vitamin K and contains.
Rosemary polyphenols and increase in intestinal gas and digestion reduce bacteria that strengthens the immune fitonutrient make it difficult to get close to.
Strong antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, Mint also relaxes the smooth muscles of the stomach and regulates digestion and to prevent nausea and. It should also be noted that the smell of mint and comforting influence.
Lavender is also accountable for reducing bacteria of intestinal gas is rich professors, helps support the immune system.
Let’s see the result
The money you earn with your effort a thousand vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fish oil pills not the grass of spend.
You keep your mouth in good health both both lezzetlensin.
What’s more!



Which Will Get Filled With Nutrients That Your Body Needs Water?

Water contains the most important minerals for our health. Drink plenty of water is important for our health in general. However, a lot of water with nutrients if you are unable to tuketemi you will receive a portion of your water needs you can meet.

In order to maintain the immunity of the body needs plenty of water. Various minerals in the water will help to protect the health of your skin health also to a large extent. Do not drink plenty of water you absorb from the food you eat a large portion of your water needs. Soon we’re going to count that you will meet your need for nutrients and water and healthy, you will be nourished.
Here are a large portion of vegetables and fruits that will meet your water needs…

Very low in calories tomatoes and lycopene-rich tomatoes in your diet you can consume safely. Tomatoes contain minerals that energy to convert into glucose in almost 94% of U.

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Carrots: Carrots a vitamin store. The benefits to both your skin and eyes as well as your body provides several benefits. At the same time, 90% water ratio.

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Broccoli: although broccoli is very important for your health very much loved the taste. Just log C and vitamin K broccoli in a bowl with almost half of you have met. Broccoli is 90% composed of water.

Strawberries: vitamin C, potassium, and contain plenty of fiber. Rich in minerals, this fruit is the %of 92% of water.

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Watermelon: eat watermelon to cool off in the heat on the top. Watermelon contains very powerful antioxidants, and almost 95% water. Watermelon also helps to remove the pain of arthritis.

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Spinach: spinach is one of the sources of potassium and iron, which is almost 91%. This will increase the amount of food to be consumed raw.

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