Winter Wonders

A cold and snowy day. Is good!! For our health, “Winter personality”. Also in winter and they just have their own unique beauty “Snow White” isn’t limited to romance. Like the other seasons, in winter the treasures, miracles and of this miracle we need to take advantage of us. Winter winter only the miracles in the pharmacy are sold. Those pharmacies also in the mall, at the market, are being installed in the grocery store. Here you go…
Cabbage Female Health Guarantee
Cabbage is one of the bass players of our culinary culture. Like the salad, we’ll pickle it, but especially upon the expiry, we can’t never give up. Soup, boiled dishes make a note of watery cabbage, let’s get the health benefits.
The cabbage have a component in many health, and most importantly, indole-3-carbinol, also known as full natural… this article is a miracle, a complete natural remedy. We have hundreds of studies that prove especially cancer protective benefits. Works to prevent colon and prostate cancer, but studies show that especially protects women from breast cancer is remarkable. How much for the women so much if they run out of cabbage indole-3-carbinol, gaining protection from breast cancer is so strong that the chance to.
Cabbage juice is anti-estrogen it has been shown that other components, but indole-3-carbinol is a more important component. Also the calcium content of cabbage is an important detail. Especially women with osteoporosis should consume more frequent and abundant in cabbage.
The wealth effect is not limited to strengthening bones, calcium, vitamin K, cabbage is a food that is rich in. Therefore also when it comes to bone health, you already almost “double yolk egg” effect, he shoots two birds with one stone.
Store Cauliflower For Survivors
Cauliflower is one of winter wonders store for the survivors. He also has abundant calcium, indole-3-carbinol, vitamin K, vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals include, but is a separate wealth for survivors.
During the winter, be sure to consume lots of fresh cauliflower. If possible find fresh ones after cleaning and thoroughly cooking salad, yogurt dip enjoy your meal.
Please shed the water boil when you think about it. Best juicy pork, leek and cauliflower occasionally eat food; eat your bones feast!
Carrots, pumpkin and opens your eyes!
One of the dangers of macular degeneration in the eye waiting for significant age progresses.There are some effective natural components in the Prevention of this disease. Lutein and zeaxanthin at the top of comes. If you hold food that is most rich in the world, pumpkin and carrots. Start with pumpkin soup for a cold winter’s dinner table, complete with pumpkin dessert with no added sugar then it can be the perfect choice.
Popeye Spinach Power
Popeye The Adventures of our childhood reading I passed. The chief learned the power of spinach, the iron in the spinach comes from. However, in recent years, this traditional was missing a little bit of knowledge turns out, the rich iron content of spinach is not limited to only the power. There is a component much more powerful, energizing him: CoQ10…
CoQ10 fuels the mitochondria of our cells where energy is produced that need is one of the most important. So much intense energy that is able to produce more mitochondria. And probably one of the most powerful sources of this component of spinach Popeye, the iron in your biceps popping miracle it’s not, CoQ10 is associated with.
Eat plenty of spinach during the winter and more frequent, her scalding water shed, please. Tomorrow is our winter you will find other meds in our corner pharmacy.

10 Nutrients That Need To Be Consumed In The Winter

During the winter months to be consumed fruit and vegetables and their benefits Dr. Fevzi ozgonul describing, announced…10 amazing nutrients should be consumed
1-APPLE: Antioxidant power. It is rich in vitamin C and calcium. Next time, forget to eat super healthy food and enjoy eating an Apple.
2-Sweet Potato: a food that should be in every home. Because it is rich in vitamin A, rejuvenates skin, strengthens the immune system.
3-CARROTS: these are deep-rooted in this beautiful winter soups you can make with vegetables. Carrot, sweet food and extremely healthy. Also lifli. In the winter, everyone around you when you’re sick the only food that will allow you to remain healthy.
4-radish leaves: Radish is a vegetable very fantastic and delicious. Well did you know that’s the beat of the Leaf. Contains beta-carotene, C, E, B6, B9 and very good in terms of calcium vitamin is a vegetable. Radish leaves has the effect of retarding aging.
5-PUMPKIN: Pumpkin can’t be healthy without a list of winter foods. And also it is rich in all kinds of vitamins, especially vitamin store. Pumpkin is very healthy and will keep you warm during the winter months that accommodates all kinds of minerals.
6-tomatoes: tomatoes are vegetables, who can say no to tomato soup all summer warm in the winter. Therefore, our proposal is prepared and the type of tomatoes you throw it in the freezer for winter use. Tomatoes reduces the risk of heart disease.
7-BICEPS: vitamin K which is beneficial for bone health, contains. Is very beneficial to your diet, all the vitamins.
8-turnip greens: vitamin C, filled with a deep-rooted plant. Not just in the winter, every season is a nutrient that you need to eat. Reduces the risk of cancer of any kind, and extremely tasty.
9-Brussels sprouts: strengthens the immune system. Iron, potassium and vitamin K which is required for the repository contains the health of your bones.
10-POMEGRANATE: welcome to the house one you bought at the market, a thousand. Pomegranate pomegranate consume all the vitamins their body needs because they are from people, their immune systems get stronger, and become healthier people.

Your health store winter fruits and vegetables

With the fall season, the weather is getting colder, the diseases also starts knocking on the door. It gets cold thoroughly before it is necessary to take precautions against diseases. You don’t want to get sick and fall into bed through the winter, right? Then you should pay attention to your diet. If you want to add power to your immune system, each one useful consume vegetables and fruits. Make sure they’re in season fruits and vegetables which are a source of Natural Vitamin. You can spice your table with fruits and vegetables powerful antioxidant. Acibadem Acibadem Gokturk Medical Center and Medical Center nutrition and diet expert Müge Zekeriyakoy North Akansel, seasonal vegetables and fruits from the fall through the winter we can see the benefits of the stalls explained.
Fruits and vegetables strengthens your immune system!
Potato instead of pumpkin puree
Located at the beginning of the list of super foods, pumpkin is a rich source of beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant. Not only strengthen the immune system, but preventing the formation of cataracts by protecting the health of the eye. While maintaining the skin health and reduces the risk of cancer. Pumpkin, all because of high fiber content help keep you satiated for a long time. Also bowel movements constipation consumption shows also for organizing the healing effect. Pumpkin soup instead of mashed potatoes as mashed or in the form of meat dishes you can consume. Pumpkin dessert with no added sugar or sugar by utilizing their rates for meals except for breakfast of sugar-free marmalade you are ready to prepare.
The king of vegetables: Spinach
Lutein, beta carotene, vitamin C together with several kinds of spinach contain antioxidants, at the same time, a store of folic acid and iron. This content-rich spinach, vegetables in the front row supporting the immune system. High potassium in the blood pressure. Because it contains high amounts of purine with gout needs to be consumed in a controlled manner some of those.
A colorful meal?
Beets are rich in carotenoids, and zinc contents Polat when you are strengthening your immune system, colds and shows protective effects against cancer. Salads can be eaten alone may benefit from the antioxidant effects of using it for coloring purposes. If you consume beet can keep satiated with cheese meal together Dec. Thus, in terms of both flavor and image, Dec you can get a meal that makes you happy.
Cauliflower with weakened health store
Sulfate containing compounds with vitamins and minerals, cauliflower, vegetables of high antioxidant capacity. This vegetable is also quite high fiber content which, can be chosen easily by those with diabetes because it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. Because of its high potassium content, balances the blood pressure. Cauliflower, low-calorie diet is the crown jewel because of. Liver, kidneys and intestines to flush toxins, creating a detox effect is the convenience.
Cook the leek with lots of lemon
Sogangiller coming from a family of leeks contains vitamins A and C, antioxidant vitamins, but also strengthen the immune system, which contains a high percentage of flavonoids and gallic acid. Abundant Lemon by adding cooked leeks, improves your immune system by increasing vitamin C content. However, “I can’t stand the smell,” I don’t like to chop the onion instead of the leek if you say you can consume salads.
3 of them were equivalent to 1 slice of bread
The smell and taste is indispensable in the winter with chestnut, with high fiber helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. However, it must not be forgotten that it contains the carbs Chestnut. Therefore controlled eat chestnuts. 3 chestnut, on average, is equivalent to 1 slice of bread. Chestnut magnesium, iron and calcium. These nutrients, which are rich in potassium, helps in adjusting blood pressure.
Eat a quarter of a quince
Quince is rich in vitamin C and a, magnesium and potassium. The Quince, which is protective against cancer, balances blood pressure the potassium content. The antioxidant effect is also high, shows a protective effect against the common cold, while strengthening immunity. Contains a high percentage of soluble fibre pectin, so it helps lower your blood cholesterol level. Helping to relieve the digestive system. Quince itself is big and heavy, because the average 300-can be equivalent to 400G. At a rate of ¼ is equivalent to 1 serving of fruit a quince.
Orange instead of orange juice
Orange contains vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin A, which is the ingredient which these vitamins the immune system, creates a shield against respiratory infections. Structure with a high fiber helps you stay satiated for a long time. People on a diet to eat an orange rather than orange juice, the consumption of life by enabling them to benefit from prolonging the time of fullness. Also 1 cup orange juice, 2-3 oranges, more calories taken in, resulting from causes to occur.
Contains unique antioxidants
With the high antioxidant capacity of pomegranate, punicalagin contains a special antioxidant that is named. Phenolic compounds, this fruit is a source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system, shows protective effects against cancer. Embolism formation while passing in front of protecting cardiovascular health with blood pressure lowering effect. This fruit also contains higher antioxidant than tea Yesil anti-aging, anti-aging effect.
Enrich your salad with Brussels sprouts
All types containing active sulfur compounds such as cabbage, Brussels cabbage, a powerful antioxidant and a source of vegetables. Brussels sprouts have high fiber content strengthening effect on the immune system that regulates the functioning of the bowels. That is suitable for people on a diet because it is low calorie vegetable. In order to differentiate salads or meat dishes can be served as a side dish.