The difference between probiotics and prebiotics

Due to the similarity in name, it sounds like some people just a spelling error, as probiotic and prebiotic terms that are different from each other. Probiotic and probiotic foods, but has important duties to both the health of your digestive system.
Of bacteria in our body two types are available, one of the bacteria which cause the disease, and the second is found in the large intestine and digestive system beneficial bacteria to keep working properly. These good bacteria are called probiotics, and a healthy life is very important. Necessarily also consume probiotic foods for healthy digestion and protect against harmful bacteria which helps digestion because we don’t have these microorganisms in our body already. But the number of them to increase the digestive system and strengthen the immune system means that.
Probiotics are live bacteria that are included in fermented products such as yoghurt. Except for yogurt, kefir, boza, fermented cottage cheese and soft cheeses such as Gouda, pickles, tarhana soup with fermented foods that contain bacteria and active fermentation and sourdough bread. This healthy bacteria found in breast milk. In the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding to consume probiotic foods will be beneficial for you and your baby’s digestive system and the immune system.
We need to consume dairy products to 3 servings a day for healthy living. Protect your health by consuming kefir or yogurt in one or two of these portions. Probiotics can be destroyed by heat and stomach acid, so more is digested, they may lose their effectiveness. By regularly consuming moderate amounts can increase some of the effects.
Strengthens the intestinal walls probiotics, fibrous foods to digest, the intestines to work properly, B1, B2, B6 and vitamin K, iron, helps increase the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Those with problems of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, is good for urinary tract infections treats and prevents vaginal yeast infections. Prevents colds and flu by strengthening immunity, and reduces the effects. Our hormone regulates the production, creates a positive impact on mental health from digestion in many ways. Especially to consume probiotic foods during antibiotic use, because antibiotics destroy the good bacteria along with the harmful bacteria we have to be careful.
They are effective for the health of your digestive system probiotics, but also Prebiotics without quite useless. Prebiotics are special vegetable fibres that feeds good bacteria in the large intestine in a beneficial way. Your body is unable to digest these fibres, instead fermented in the large intestine they’ll be supporting the growth of good bacteria, the bad, and create an effect that prevents the development of bacteria that causes the disease.
Each fiber probiotic food. Probiotic fiber, apple peel, bananas, garlic, onions, leeks, sweet potatoes, asparagus, beans, especially bean varieties, wholegrain foods, oats, almonds and honey. You already you have enough of the probiotic fibers normal diet don’t you think? Unfortunately, all these foods only 1-2 grams of fiber per serving in the vicinity of keeps, and when that happens enough prebiotic fiber is difficult to digest. For an average adult to consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day is required, and a portion of the fibers, we must be careful to take it with probiotic foods.
Probiotics and prebiotics work together. Have a change in your health just by consuming probiotics, you won’t. Probiotics probiotic foods are foods rich in vitamins and minerals and also adding these foods to your diet plan daily so that not only you can contribute to your overall health to the digestive system big.