The List Of Benefits From Fish Does Not End Here

Vitamins and minerals from the sea, ‘Health’ brings. Health from the sea, shows a protective effect against cardiovascular disease, preventing memory loss and forgetfulness is effective against osteoporosis and bones… the mind nourishes the hair and skin by opening… sharp eyes…… missing the benefits of fish are ideal for your dinner table, you shouldn’t the list does not end here. Experts stresses that fish should be consumed at least 2 days per week. However, in order to effectively use these features most of fish, freshness of the cooking method it will be understood also how, in addition to several points need to pay attention to what should be consumed that should be avoided. Taksim Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet expert Kamuran digde I Ozkahya, explained the finer points of eating fish.
Gives a feeling of fullness
Polyunsaturated fat an omega-3 rich fish diet. Omega 3 fatty acids shows a protective effect against cardiovascular disease. That a study on 85 thousand postmenopausal women; 5 per week of any fish and those who consume more fish than those who consume 30 percent less risk of developing a heart attack was found. Omega 3 fish thanks to the memory loss and also the mind by opening it prevents forgetfulness. Omega 3 also has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. That are rich in phosphorus and vitamin A in the eye prevents the degeneration of occurring. Fish contains calcium to prevent bone loss makes it at the same time. Fish is a good source of protein which gives a sense of saturation in terms of content.
The fish eat what?
Eat lots of lime
Traditionally one of the foods we consume the most fish on the side of arugula. However, arugula, especially the calcium in the bones can be eaten with small fish that can be used by the body to reduce the minimum extent. Therefore, those who want to take advantage of a high rate of calcium in fish, choose fish with arugula shouldn’t. Squeeze the lemon on fish. Lemon and vitamin C in the body antioxidants in omega 3’s in fish use is growing.
If the fish is stale don’t eat yogurt
If the fish is stale, increasing the amount of histamine in protein structure. Much also suggests a toxic effect of histamine in the body. Yogurt when consumed high amounts of fish protein in histamine, histamine raises your. For this reason, “you can’t eat yoghurt with fish” is called. However, if you do not show toxic effects for fish fresh, with yogurt and milk Group food to consume before or after it’s OK. Fresh fish? Fish eye: must be vibrant and curved outward.Tap on the scales: Stamps should be vivid and bright. Stamps must not fall tapping.Hold against gravity: when the tail of the fish standing in a vertical position without sagging if you remove your hand, the fish is fresh.Check the gills: Fish gills is an indication that live is fresh red.Smell: the smell of the sea with fish, fresh is to point out that can be considered.Press: when you push your hand into the flesh of the fish fillet that have been the skin itself if it does become obsolete, that means it’s fresh.
How should a fish be cooked?
Proteins with heat it loses its specialness. In other words, a benefit for fish of the protein in your body it doesn’t. For this reason, using healthy cooking techniques such as cooking methods on the grill or in the oven when the fish slightly to stay hydrated, too fry cook.
To soslamay
Fish is a delicious food alone. Sugar, cream, lemon and soy sauce instead of vegetable garni oven with Cook your fish in the bag will become healthier and more delicious.
Protein and vitamins and minerals that is lost with high heat cooking method steam cook the fish for fish not only to remain in the water. When she is a small fish frying cooking method more often applied more preference is being used. Therefore, you can choose small fish big fish fillet.
Which fish should be consumed?
If you have omega 3…
The higher the amount of quality protein and omega-3 fish prefer. Mackerel, tuna, sardines, bluefish, salmon, anchovies with omega 3-rich fish.
High calcium
The absorption of calcium and vitamin D has a positive effect on each other. The fish naturally contain vitamin D. For this reason, the calcium you get from the fish is valued. Sardines, salmon, mackerel, anchovies, morino, Pike, herring and perch are among the fish that are rich in calcium.
‘Iron’ nutrients such as
Iron deficiency remains a major obstacle in achieving weight control. Iron with a high content of fish anchovy and squid.