Type What Should We Eat?

Eat more fish type! Fish, especially oily fish is an excellent skin support. Fish is a food that has almost everything, are beneficial to the skin.
This week a short “Skin” series we have done. It was great! We haven’t had the opportunity to address this skin problems for a long time. It’s also summer you know. The sun is more intimate than usual, more intimate, gears. Ultimately, our skin more and more threatened and consider it. In short, being more familiar with the issues that prevents skin aging and support the skin for it’s time. Today, skin-friendly foods, we will talk about. The first fish we will. Fish, especially oily fish is an excellent skin support. The reason is obvious: to help protect skin from the fish is a food that has almost everything. The structure of quality protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and packed with minerals such as zinc selenium and vitamin D-rich composition and a powerful Omega-3 ownership structure, the fish oturtuveriyo right to the top of foods that are beneficial to the skin. You want your vacation to the Black Sea (Black Sea to cold water an awesome mullet omega-3 repository), the Aegean or in the Mediterranean Sea spend, on occasion eat fish. Just a reminder: to eat 100-150 grams of fish three to four times per week in terms of Health a perfect decision. My advice, Stay away from farmed fish as much as possible. “A fish that eats fish” and “large/giant pieces of fish, not small fry, or baby fish, not fish (for example red) is preferred. Prepared baked or grilled or steamed instead of frying the fish you should eat. Fish, especially fried in vegetable oils that has been used before to benefit from Don’t wait! Skin-friendly, in addition to other nutrients can be found in the boxes…
Sugar crinkles the skin (42-18293325) each fuel cell the most important of which is sugar (glucose) is not used, when it builds up in the blood, proteins, DNA and other molecules with the chemical compounds that can become harmful to cells and tissues by creating we know. “Glycation” or“; mix well-agdalasma-being caramelized, known as” the most important result of this chemical process, and disrupts the structure of the newly formed protein cross-links. Cross-linking, the elasticity of that substance, leading to an increase in the tendency to tear or crack. Remaining under the sun for a long time in your garden this dry and hardened in the sun can be compared to a garden hose or mop. Cross-linking the first effects of aging in a body, following hardening of blood vessels and joints, wrinkling of the skin also. The increase in blood sugar even to the extent of light accelerate the aging process is associated with this process. Sugary foods can cause insulin resistance and carbohydrate tolerance in delaying skin aging therefore be protected from that disorder is an important step. Carbohydrates will be protected from disturbance that may occur against the aging of the skin, it’s not only a tolerance, in fact is a measure that can slow down the aging process is completely physical. “For this there are three basic keys: the consumption of carbohydrates, especially to reduce the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index to give priority to the pulp -fiber high nutrition content and turn into a style…
Don’t give up yogurt (42-17620747) although it is not clear beautify and rejuvenate the skin kefir for yogurt until at least a scientific study available that I trust. Yogurt, full of skin-friendly because it is no doubt. Especially reduced fat if possible under 1% opt for those that contain fat – yoghurts a full skin-friendly. Yogurt contains good protein, rich in minerals and vitamins. Our suggestion: after age 30, every day a cup of low-fat yogurt to consume. “Yogurt, milk?” the answer to the question is very clear. Opt for yogurt instead of milk after the age of 20. Yogurt instead of buttermilk, kefir, too drinkable.
10 basic nutrition rules protective skin (42-28847957) 1 – vegetable proteins, carbohydrates (fruits and/or vegetables), olive oil or fresh unsalted nuts from essential fatty acids (gamma linoleic acid – GLA – Alpha linoleic acid – ALA) at every meal you should eat. 2 – three times per week, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon olive oil consume. You can eat yogurt for breakfast or between meals meals Dec. 3 women every day from 10 until meatballs lean protein, and 2 servings of fruit (1 apple or pear, half cup strawberries 1.5 cups chopped fruit or vegetables at least 4 servings should be consumed. Men consume the same amount of fruits and vegetables they should, but you should increase your daily consumption of lean protein a bit more (12-14 meatballs). 4 – 8-10 glasses of water every day. Yesil water instead of tea (2-3 cups per day), you can drink rosehip tea. 5 – 1-2 cups of coffee per day limit. The ones that prefer decaf. 6 – recommended vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements take the recommended dosage. (Vitamin C, vitamin E, beta Carotene, primrose oil, alpha lipoic acid…) 7 – Calories lean proteins, and carbohydrates should be taken from, the fat should be reduced, and the total calorie consumption should be restricted and spread throughout the day should be consumed by. 8 – to keep your blood sugar levels steady, don’t stay open for more than 3-4 hours without eating anything. 9 – do not add oil when cooking your meals unnecessary. Do not use butter and animal fat. 10 – do not consume excess calories. Do not take weight. Note that it is understood from your skin before your hips nutrition mistakes.