We Stress Eat!

Skipping breakfast, consume snacks at the table of the most frequent nutrition mistakes from employees. But also stress-induced eating disorders. Psychologist Dr. Feyza Bayraktar, “the easiest for many people is emotional eating anesthesia. This wont work without food made easy so that the person cannot cope with stress, could not sleep, and becomes unable to feel peaceful,” he says. Dr. Bayraktar, answered our questions.
The prevalence of obesity in Turkey?
The results of a preliminary study in 2010, according to data from the Ministry of Health in Turkey, the proportion of people who are fat overweight per cent of the total population and 64.9%, which accounts for it is believed that this ratio has increased in the last 4 years.
How much weight is in trouble with employees?
A prevalence study is not only in the business world stress-related eating and feeling so, depending on the situation that occur in the problem of excess weight with eating the role of business is large. Job stress, as well as stay in the office long hours, irregular eating and sleeping, frequent disruptions also cause me to gain weight and life can go on business trips.
Most who’s at risk?
Work load, stress, weight gain can be so high the more the risk of responsibility; doctors, lawyers, bankers, sales of the company and senior managers, architects, general high-risk group. The responsibility on the person and/or in the working environment as competition increases, stress-induced eating increases the risk of.
Unhappy people work in an environment where eating can be triggered by boredom, restlessness and is not satisfied with the job and the person linked to having a snack during the day. In order to create large portions of your work life, emotional swings, eating disorders, and weight gain increases the risk of.
Overweight people in business how much do they live? Recruitment, promotion do they experience discrimination?
People who are overweight, than women who are not overweight is not a disadvantage to get a job, a promotion, a raise with himself in situations such as that is less of a chance than people who are equally successful have been demonstrated by scientific studies. Overweight people can have a bias against people without being aware of it.
Studies obesity, laziness, flabbiness, having psychological problems, indiscipline, even more clever, even if it is not can be identified. People have unwittingly acquired this tagging business in the world against obesity, many overweight people can cause you to have trouble of course.
Weight-lack of discipline, laziness, iradesizlik ozdeslestirild in business life who are in the same position for an overweight person with a weak belief that it can result in a worse performance than a human being. In addition, overweight people generally in contact with the customer, especially for jobs that are not preferred.
For example, a client one-on-one work with the customer and make sales for years in the front office he wanted to, but weaker than the bully himself, he wanted him with a continuous excuse of his superiors employees had complained being brought into position.
Colleagues looking at how overweight employees are they?
Unfortunately, in recent years, as a society, we have become obsessed with weight. People saying hi to each other when we first saw each other, ‘weight’, ‘you’ve lost weight’ comments like they’re making. Your work colleagues or employees in business employees in the same position about the weight jokes, comments and criticism they can give; ‘not again I wonder if this one will last a few days you’re on a diet?’ or ‘you’ve got so much weight and still give you something do you eat?’ it’s like…
People with eating problems where should they apply?
Defines the behavior of an eating disorder eating more than what a person eats. Stress, anxiety, mood changes, relationship problems, environmental print, such as the circumstances that created psychological problems in people if that person’s eating behavior, body image affects, then you can talk about an eating disorder. The situation on psychological eating less or overeating and weight obsessions with eating disorders receive psychological support and at this point enters the field of life.
What do you advise to people who have an eating disorder?
Firstly, over-eating again after the diet after over-eating and psychological support to exit the cycle of feeling bad about yourself is essential. Emotional anesthesia is the easiest to eat, is easily accessible. For many people, a kind of food used as a method of relieving himself. This wont work without food made easy so that the person cannot cope with stress, could not sleep, and becomes unable to feel peaceful.
The first person to recover from an eating disorder when, where and under what conditions you need to realize that emotional eating is experiencing an attack, or goes to lunch. You can keep a daily chart for this; time to Eat, Place, amount, and identify situations that trigger eating, why your eating schedule so you can write.
After these conditions are determined, the person should consider how to deal with those situations. Breathing exercises, relaxation techniques may include methods of coping with stress and anxiety very commonly used. If it’s a possibility go for a walk, get some fresh air, and can help the person. Also mode, which will affect the daily activities of the person suffering long-term stress may increase the tolerance against so you need to think about. Exercise, hobbies, short term holiday rentals, and activities such as massage can also help.
Job stress is creating problems such as eating what?
More job stress, binge eating, emotional eating as a snack is creating problems. Alone from time to time, the other end of this situation because of the stress of missing his own body assy, working with a strict diet to lose weight, that can show itself in the form of doing extreme sports. The responsibility of the person increases as the environment increases in competition, as it can increase the risk of eating problems. Person as it increases accountability and competition and, of course, it depends on senior management to increase stress eating and the more common problems.