Weaken Here Are 10 Healthy Food!

Slimmer and fitter look, get rid of fat around the belly, is the dream of many people who have weight problems. However, to occur without adversely affecting health is also very important. Lose weight healthy and full of energy to spend longer 10 Super Summer Food…Dietitian Emre

Speed up bowel movements high fiber content and wash it next morning. Artichoke leaf has the effect of lowering cholesterol. Allows the excretion of toxins from the liver.
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A,B and C has a rich content of vitamins. Calcium, magnesium and iron. The content of folic acid helps protect the cardiovascular system by.
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Ensures efficient operation by regulating the kidney functions. It strengthens the immune system. Lutein protects eye health the content.

It is beneficial against arthritis. Cholesterol-lowering effect. Protects the health of your heart. To lose weight is helpful. For infections and inflammation in the body is good. Useful against poisoning. Prevents hair loss.
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Adenosine which is found in onions, reduces the risk of heart attack by preventing clot formation. Onion research also increases the level of HDL. Helps prevent high blood pressure.
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Rosemary has a decisive effect on weight and appetite suppressant. In the Prevention of cancer is a very strong plant. Strengthens the memory. Prevents allergies and infections. It strengthens the immune system.

Rich in fiber, because your digestive arrangement. Prevent cellular damage with the antioxidant capacity. Vitamin C normalizes the structure of connective tissue.

Daily vitamin C requirement too. Resistance against diseases increases. Helpful in maintaining heart and vascular health. Protects bone health because it contains manganese.
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Cholesterol-lowering effect. Reduces the formation of gallstones. Reduces inflammation in the body. Protects cardiovascular health. Regulate blood pressure potassium content. Low on the glycemic index.

10. Lemon
High blood pressure, obesity, dental problems, fever, constipation, indigestion, throat is beneficial in the Prevention of infections. Apart from this, lemon is also an important nutrient for hair and skin care.
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