What We Should Eat Sahur

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and mostly is not given much importance iftar dinners, TV, celebs, and your body need to be able to withstand the rigors of fasting meal since it is real, it definitely should not be overlooked. During your hours of fasting, your body has to last depends on the durability of the food you consume. Summer days come while fasting and fasting, thirst and fatigue as the duration of the chance of problems increases gradually. Skip and take a nap during the meal might appeal to the more undivided, necessarily must rise. TV, celebs, to be able to withstand long hours of fasting your body enough energy it must be carefully crafted that will provide a hearty meal. Weight gain and unhealthy eating during the iftar meal at the same time will cause it to jump much.
If you are unable to cope with lack of food and water during Ramadan if you feel sleepy during the day, your faith and your life in this broken it’s not a weakness, relates biochemical. That you make simple changes in your diet and stay energized throughout the day you can spend with stomach scrapings.
The health benefits of morning prayer in the month of Ramadan are endless. Throughout the day, fatigue, drowsiness, headache and prevents us from. When beslenild correctly reduces the sensation of hunger and thirst. Prevents cell loss. It strengthens the digestive system. Fasting will help you prepare your body physically and mentally.
A healthy suhoor as required in our normal diet, should contain a balanced amount of healthy options from all the food groups. Unlike a normal meal, our body will quickly burn energy, we recommend choosing foods that are high in fiber and water.
During the meal before the sunrise to make it more durable during fasting, will. You can start your meal with 2-3 dates as iftar. It can be difficult to prepare the morning meal. Raw, or cold, choose foods that can be prepared within 10-15 minutes that you can consume. If you plan meals beforehand and know what to prepare when getting up at night and evening, according to him by doing your preparation, the less time you will lose. Eat a healthy diet and yourself and to those around you in the process that you are fasting with a positive attitude, energetic approach and with joy or care.
Necessarily Sahur vegetables or fruit, eat only fruit every morning of your choice. They help to keep foods full of fiber and slow digesting. Also contain ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that are vital for our body to remain healthy.
Every morning-fiber foods you must add to your dish. The normal way of running will get your digestive system as these keep you full. Legumes, whole-grain products, oats, brown rice, nuts, bananas, pears, apples, vegetables, and so forth-fiber, carbohydrate-rich foods takes longer to digest, keep our energy levels high.
Protein is also absolutely necessary to provide energy and the daily requirement to prevent a hunger crisis. Protein consumption also helps in the formation and repair of body tissues and strengthens the immune system. Eggs, yogurt, beans, soy, fish, lean red meat and white meat. great foods that you can get protein by blocking your fat intake. When eating eggs, especially whites, consume, and try not to prepare as boiled in the pan. When you change your blood sugar too fast a glass of milk, both liquid with high protein content that can keep you satiated for hours to meet the needs of people with support for sahur is an ideal option.
Be careful not to consume fries as iftar. You will need to survive for a much longer period compared to fried foods, avocado, nuts, olives, healthy fats such as olive oil consume. When you prepare cooked meals, cook with a small amount of olive oil.
Try to meet a portion of your water consumption eating. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, consuming foods that are high in water content like melons and oranges. Do not prefer fruit juice because it is high in sugar. During the meal, 2 cups each. Although usually the soup is hearty because it does not contain enough calories in the morning alone, do not consume.
Sahur meals are certain points that you should avoid; fried and fatty foods, too much tea and coffee, too much sugar and salt is consumed, sugar will trigger hunger thirst with salt.
A healthy, balanced diet aim for, but try to eat from all the food groups mentioned in this article do not over eat.