You Can’t Stop Time

With aging “rough play”, resist him, the event was a “teen dream”turn wrong, useless, a futile effort. Because time is everything. More or less erodes the body and the soul. The rate of wear varies a lot according to the person and if they are active. Organ or tissue in which, when, how, what problems it will also be genetics, environmental influences, lifestyle choices, and mental health vary according to the state. This process of genetic heritage, lifestyle and environmental conditions affects. In short, “fabrication” not certain “the warranty period”.
In summary, aging health problems which have also appeared previously on “one hundred percent” we can’t predict. Which organ, which will in turn grow old and cry more often before we don’t know in advance. But I still think we can make an average “risk map”, we are able to draw. To be able to make these predictions isn’t easy. Serious knowledge, expertise, and time and effort wants. Even though you might imagine things from time to time you stiff your tongue, your mind can be limited. In these cases, Science and information and remains inconclusive. Then the circuit “Providence” is entering. After that, “Destiny” it’s called. A discretionary process becomes.
To alleviate the problems of old age, the delay is not due to chance only, to get old good and beautiful. Isn’t that how old you will be your only chance, you have a little bit. The basic starting point of knowledge and science of aging well. Hygiene, welfare, education, experience, and develop their human qualities. Carefully monitor your health, wise to take advantage of medical services, preventive health care to learn about, take seriously signs of disease, your doctor’s recommendations to implement, especially in the aging process is much more important. Enjoy your life while doing all these, the joy, the joy to make it to miss to be able to stay away from the bad thoughts and focus on living a peaceful and happy life, and of course it should be noted that belief enrich your world.
Still life of some “luck”, some “appreciation” a little, “faith chapter”. It is just as important these aspects, it is meaningful. For this “aging play rough with” him too much to resist, the event was a “teen dream”turn wrong, useless, a futile effort.
Information : Inflammatory’t fire?
Aging triggers, not only free radicals. Inflammatory processes that occur in the tissues that accelerate aging. Aging-related diseases in the majority of, i.e., Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis on the type of rheumatic diseases, even cancer, hardening of the arteries most of the times behind these two lies in the joint effects of enemies. There are many reasons of inflammatory processes. Excess sugar in the blood, tooth decay, gum disease, and nutrition mistakes, as many as your medicines can initiate inflammatory processes. If so, if you cannot be aware of your body can become a fire place. Moreover, this “long” quiet, unnoticed in the case of a fire easy. Is there any sign of return fire you because instead of your body the danger, however, you can realize after the fact.
Test : measure your rate of aging (Biological what is your age?)

Day 5 – 8 cups water, fruit juice, herbal tea do you drink?
Sleep before 22.30 p.m. and productive night do you sleep?
Do you exercise daily? (Dancing, running, walking, etc.)
Unlimited your eating habits did you avoid?
Can you shoot out your emotions freely?
Your challenge stress is fast enough?
Yourself find valuable and taking good care of yourself Are you?
Your diet is balanced? (Fish, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.)
Olive oil instead of animal fats do you prefer?
1 to 5 times per week on a vegetarian diet or fish instead of red meat do you eat?
Antioxidant additives do you use?
Respiratory exercise techniques do you use?
Are you afraid that you like to express yourself?
Can you laugh at yourself?
Do you think positive?
A regular diet with detox cures do you apply?
Do you have healthy social relationships?
Creative activities and take pleasure in your work do you show?
Healthy living family members over the age of 80 do you have? 20 – Peaceful?

Scores your answers

Never: 0
Rare: 1
Sparse: 2
Favorites: 3
Habit: 4

Collect points for your biological age

0 – 10: add 10 years to your chronological age. One
11 – 20: add 5 years to your chronological age.
21 – 40: your chronological age = your biological age.
41 – 60: your chronological age than 5 years remove.
61 – 80: remove your chronological age than 10 years.

(*) This test is to determine your biological age have been developed. The original belongs to Dr. Michael roisen. Chronological age age determined by your date of birth is the official birth certificate. Biological age is your actual physical age.