You Dukan Karatay?

This week, we have launched a policy paper in the peninsula of the sound. Dr. Canan Karatay unpublished anywhere so far we are both healthy living and a comparison of opinions about the Dukan diet the diet the first time as a team we share.
For sharing I think this will sound in the National Press.
“A summary of the Dukan diet and why it is not healthy:

Dukan: full grain prohibited
Karatay: the pulverized form of cereals, forbids. Vicious gives a recipe in the books!
Dukan: Legumes, lentils, beans prohibited on the most basic healthy foods, Karatay indeksli low, says you should eat as much as you want.
Karatay: legumes are extremely healthy, emphasizes that should be consumed without restriction. Legumes: vegetable oils containing Healthy, natural protein, natural carbohydrates and contains been crushed. Therefore, the restriction is incorrect.
Dukan: any and all carbohydrates specifically prohibited by
Karatay: natural, not refined, carbohydrates which are not treated suggests. Liquid candy, sugary drinks, fructose forbids.
Dukan: ‘aspartame by diet and drinks and food for free!!! For life!!!
Karatay: Natural or not, all kinds of artificial sweeteners, diet completely ban all kinds of drinks and food.
Dukan: salami, ham, sausage, and ham all contain toxic chemicals such as processed and red meat-free, for life. Lamb is forbidden!!!
Karatay: processed in the package any red meat, preservatives, chemical substances, because it is the cause of cancer, trans fats because it contains absolutely forbids. Free roaming small ruminants in pastures around meat along with the fat should be consumed.
Dukan: the Dukan diet consists of four circuits is filled with unconscious limitations and suggestions. The weight of any circuit is made free to eat anything for a day, is given the name of this award. However, in people who have developed insulin resistance, all the hormonal balance has been turned upside down. Liver, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands, fat is normal functions have been disrupted. So, already for a long time in the body, insulin resistance, and insulin resistance with an application in this way it’s triggered again and again. Again weight are being taken as a result.
Karatay: the Karatay diet is not a diet or a regime already. Karatay suggests ways to stay healthy, we are able to develop chronic diseases of chronic diseases and the genetics that explains that. Sugar the sweetest poison of Karatay reports. Chronic, degenerative diseases are caused by: excessive sugar consumption, and at the same time the rise of blood sugar and insulin the hormone, trans fats shows. Blood glucose-insulin-trying to fix the relationship between leptin and other hormones.
Dukan: the last circuit, i.e., for life to be applied in the circuit, only one day per week, Thursday day, it’s the day of protein!!! As mentioned above, he also recommended the consumption of harmful proteins. Quite artificial, and forcing the occupation to continue for so… life is already a suggestion that it’s not possible in terms of applicability, I think.
Karatay: dieting alone didn’t work, need to drink plenty of water on a daily basis the benefits of walking in the open air, swimming in the sea, such as healthy lifestyles based on scientific sources is essential to keep all the books in the reasons that explains.

The result:
Recently, the Karatay diet ‘the Dukan what fake says a lot. Karatay diet is packed with healthy suggestions the essence of awareness. Is a way of life. A balanced, healthy protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats should be eaten natural healthy natural necessarily says.
An old Chinese proverb according to a well prepared meal on your plate should include four important elements:
1.The colors should be able to be appealing to the eye.
2.Should be able to appeal to the delicious smell of the nose.
3.Should be able to cater to the crunchy sound by producing a sound.
4.Should be able to cater to the palate with the flavor.
There is a difference between Dukan diet Karatay, namely food and our food:

I’m saying that natural and good quality protein should be eaten. Protein for healthy, free-chicken eggs, regular fat cheese, lamb or veal, fish, bacon, house made sausage and yogurt and beat together.
I’m saying that carbohydrates should be eaten useful. The group of healthy carbs such as legumes, i.e., beans, lentils, pinto beans, black-eyed peas or nuts from a group of nuts, peanuts, walnuts and almonds, wheat and wheat can be consumed.
I’m not necessarily saying that we should eat natural and essential oils. Healthy fat natural butter and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil can be used. Omega-3 supplements can be taken.
I’m saying We need to get the necessary natural vitamins.
I’m saying that should contain necessary minerals absorbable. (Calcium, iron, etc)
The vital importance of vitamin D Karatay explains.

Dr. M. Canan Efendigil Karatay heart disease and inner specialist”